Brett Favre… Just. Go. Away.

So I need to vent about Brett Favre. I can’t stand this guy and I’m sure most of you can’t either.

It’s really embarrassing how big of a joke that Monday Night telecast was. Every great throw that Favre made, Collinsworth and Michaels were so quick say something like, “So much for that elbow problem!” Yet after every dumb interception or overthrown pass, they would cut to him rubbing his elbow or limping over to the sideline or make some idiotic comment about how it was Harvin or Moss’ fault. Let’s completely ignore the fact that Favre was so over-the-top when it came to milking those injuries.

I’m not in his body; I don’t actually know how he feels. He has a legitimate foot injury, I think we can all agree on that. That’s fine, people get hurt, and that’s what happens in football. With that said, DON’T PLAY IF YOU ARE HURT.

It drives me crazy that nobody talks about when Favre was on the Jets. When he’s healthy, he’s an amazing quarterback. Did you see the numbers he put up last year!? But when he’s hurt, HE’S GARBAGE! Two years ago, Favre was playing some ridiculous football with the Jets. At the high point of their season, the Jets were 8-3 and in first in the AFC East. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing this was as a Jets fan. We were ecstatic! We were ahead of the Patriots AND we had a hall of fame quarterback. After their win over the first place Titans, something went wrong in the home loss to the Broncos. I was at the game and remember thinking to myself that Favre seemed off. He wasn’t attempting the long bombs he threw at the beginning of the year and he didn’t have the same zip on his passes. No matter, it was just one game and the Jets were sitting pretty with an easy schedule to finish the season playing the bottom of the NFC West. But the season didn’t end well. You can all probably remember the story. The Jets finished the season 1-4 and missed the playoffs

*Side tangent: the one win was against Bills where instead of running out the game clock, they elected to attempt a pass with JP Losman (you don’t hear that phrase much anymore). He was sacked, fumbled and the Jets returned it for an improbable TD to win. I was driving, on my way home from Michigan listening to the game on the radio. Needless to say I almost careened into the cement siding on the GW Bridge.

The traditional media (AKA beat reporters) had their story written for them. They blamed it on the Jets being unable to win on the West coast against crappy teams like Oakland and San Francisco (because of long flights? Really?) They wrote things like “Favre’s magic has run out.” Really? I must have missed the draft when the number 1 pick was a QB who cast spells to get the ball to his wide receivers.

In reality, there was a very tangible reason as to why the Jets finished the season that way. Brett Favre TORE HIS BICEP IN HIS THROWING ARM! WITH 6 GAMES LEFT IN THE SEASON! So our coach sat him right? NO! Eric Mangini, so caught up in pretending to be a mini Belichick, was secretive with his injury reports. So Brett Favre got a consultation, realized it was a serious injury and sat, right? NO! He was so obsessed with maintaining his warrior-like image and that meaningless streak of consecutive games that he insisted on playing. The rest, unfortunately, is history.

So I’m complaining, but in reality I shouldn’t be. The Jets backup, Kellen Clemens probably would have fared just as well as a broken Favre. Even worse, what if he actually succeeded? Any scenario in history that could have changed the makeup of this current team and/or Eric Mangini being head coach instead of Rex Ryan makes me want to vomit. This recap in Jets history, which I’m sure you all cared little about, was a way for me to vent, but it also has a point. Brett Favre has no business playing this weekend. He’s clearly too hurt to make a contribution that will help the team. Even if he is Brett Favre, if he’s a detriment to his team, then he NEEDS TO SIT.

With all that said, I offer one consolation prize to Vikings fans. This situation is eerily similar to what happened 2 years ago. And there’s a certain fat, boisterous, defensive coordinator who everyone is talking about becoming a head coach next year. SO…I say let Favre play. Let him destroy your season and let him take Brad Childress down with him. Once Childress is gone, you won’t get Rex Ryan, but you get the next best thing: HIS CLONE. A Ryan-led defense with Jared Allen and Kevin Williams and an offense with Adrian Peterson, Randy Moss, Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin? Take my advice, folks. Let him play. Or don’t. I don’t really care…just beat the Patriots.

I’ll put my picks in the comment section. I’ve been lazy and haven’t been keeping track of my record (don’t worry, it’s below .500). But I’ll be writing my mid-season recap soon and will figure it out then.

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21 Replies to “Brett Favre… Just. Go. Away.”

  1. Dear Brett…

    SportsChump cannot be held responsible for the views of its contributing authors.

    On a side note, ACo, with all the stuff that’s been written, or reported, or analyzed, or over-analyzed about ‘the gunslinger,’ I can’t say that I’ve read an in-depth piece about WHY we have such an obsession with number 4.

    He’s basically going to get away scot free with this whole Sterger thing. Imagine if Roethlisberger had done something like that.

    My extremely short take on him is that we, as Americans, tend to appreciate the blue-collar, hard-working, tremendously dedicated, put-me-in-coach, play-through-pain, give it your all, type of player and that’s why we still follow all things Favre, despite the fact that 99.9% of us are over his act.

    I have a good friend who is (inexplicably) a Vikings fans. At the beginning of the season, he was gung ho about Favre returning. When I spoke to him last, which was after that Monday night game, he was absolutely over him.

    All I have to say is his sinking the Vikings makes room for another playoff spot for the best team in the best team in the NFC.

  2. We’ve seen this before… An older player who’s been a super star and just can’t come to grips with the fact their physical abilities have faded. The difference being that with almost all a comeback has been short lived.

    Favre has been the exception and even now his arm is sound. The problem being the rest of his body has become frail. This guy took a beating on a regular basis and kept bouncing back up. The most resilient player to ever wear a professional football uniform player a position where the crosshairs were always centered on his chest…

    If Brett would give me the time of day I think I’d tell him to finally walk away with what semblence of grace he can still muster. Go home and make your peace with your wife…

  3. I personally have begun to pity Brett. He is tarnishing one of the great legacies of sport. Hanging on to lose is painful to watch….

  4. Pretty impossible to avoid Farvapalooza if your going to watch his games. I’m tired of him, but honestly he’s never played for a team that I cared or didn’t care for, so I think that’s why it doesn’t quite bug me as much as it does some people…

    That being said, Al Davis will probably give him a call next off season..

  5. My picks:

    49ers -2.5 over Broncos
    Jags +6.5 over Cowboys
    Lions -2.5 over Redskins
    Packers +6 over Jets
    Rams -2 over Panthers
    Dolphins +1 over Cincy
    Bills +7.5 over Chiefs
    Titans +4 over Chargers
    Bucs +3 over Arizona
    Raiders -2.5 over Seahawks
    Patriots -5.5 over Vikings
    Saints -1 over Steelers
    Colts -5.5 over Texans

  6. Chris

    And the survey says 9/10 NFL fans feel that Favre’s poll ratings are actually lower than that of Obama’s and the Congress . 7/10 women however over the age of 65 wouldn’t mind having a look at Brett’s shlong just to see what the fuss is all about. The other 3 seemingly can’t remember what part of the male anatomy looks like because of the age and memory loss.

    tophatal 🙂

  7. Bob…

    Making peace with Deanna at this point might be a full-time gig.

    You’re right, many of the greats have stayed in it too long and that appears to be the case with Bretty Brett.

    He said it best in his post-game presser when he told the media that sometimes he secretly asked himself what the hell he was still doing playing.

  8. Al…

    As always, thanks for the political and Brett Favre penis updates.

    You’ve got your finger right on the pulse, so you may want to wash your hands afterwards.

  9. Chris

    The only place I’m willing to place a hand on a person’s body is either my own or willing female participant.

    Speaking of things going South it’s being reported that the Vikes have waived Moss ? So much for things improving in ‘sota then ? More problems for Childress and Favre ! Couldn’t be happening to a nicer bunch of d_ckheads !

    🙁 * 🙂 * 🙁

    tophatal …….. 🙂

  10. Al…

    I’m having a tough time trying to figure out which is the NFL’s most dysfunctional team.

    The Broncos, Cowboys, Vikings, Bengals, Redskins are all circuses.

    Coaches are losing control. It’s kind of entertaining, isn’t it?

  11. Chris

    The answer to that question is the complete opposite to the stance taken by Richard Pryor’s character in Brewster’s Millions ……. the answer is ‘all of the above’ ! There are so many god damn awful teams in the league and some really dumb ass coaches as well !

    Pray do tell what is the difference between a cardio vascular deficiency and not allegedly being able to understand the ‘two minute drill’ as Shanahan claims in his benching of McNabb ? On comes Grossman as McNabb’s backup and he gets knocked flat on his ass .

    Childress is a dumb ass he comes down hard on Moss because he feels that the team’s morale is being undermined but yet when Favre has a pi_s poor performance he’s as quiet as a docile mouse ? What’s up with that ?

    As for the Cowboys they’ve stunk up the joint so much that that pharma-agriculture businesses up and down the country want to patent their crap and market it as fertilizer ___- ‘nough said on that particular subject I think !

    God bless the Bush’s for casting really bad omens on the Rangers. The team’s fate was sealed the moment Dubya threw out the ceremonial pitch in game 4 . After that everything went downhill for the team.

    The Sporting Weekend And All That It Entailed …………

    🙁 * 🙂

    tophatal 🙂

  12. Al…

    Did you actually just levy a “Brewsters Millions” reference? I was more a “The Toy” fan myself.

    Re: Shanahan v. McNabb, I’ll have my thoughts known shortly. As usual, I’m running a little behind on my posts. This damn thing called work keeps getting in the way.

    Childress and Phillips, Al. Isn’t it amazing these two guys still have jobs?

    And things didn’t go as badly for the Rangers as they just did for the Democrats this past Tuesday, Al.


  13. Chap….

    I should be so lucky.

    I was merely referencing ACo’s 12-1 performance this weekend.

    After last week, Kid’s gonna use SportsChump as a platform for his own pick-me-a-winner gambling service like Matthew MacConaughey in that bad gambling movie.

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