Hey, Brian, please stop spreading Carmelo Anthony-Orlando Magic trade rumors

I’m all for juicy trade rumors.  I’m even cool with rumors that are based in no truth whatsoever, simply because they’re fun to talk about.  But when a journalist from a credible newspaper continuously prints these kinds of stories, they get tired, almost comical.  And sports writers think bloggers are bad.

Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel must have an unhealthy man-crush on Carmelo Anthony these days because he simply can not leave the ‘Melo to Orlando rumors alone.  Never mind that he’s the only person writing about them.

As everyone knows, Carmelo Anthony will become a free agent this summer.  He will likely be coveted by every team in the league, even the ones that can’t afford him.  His current team, the Denver Nuggets, will make every effort to re-sign him or, depending on how they fare this season, trade him to get a return on their investment.

But Orlando?  How could that possibly happen and why would the Magic, one of the best teams in the league, want to totally disrupt a roster that already has a legitimate chance of winning an NBA championship?

Schmitz stands by his reporting.  “When I asked somebody in the organization about such a possibility, that somebody never shook off my sign, never flinched.”

Really, Brian?  Was this person a hot dog vendor?  Deep Throat?  Mr. DeVos himself?  Even if it meant landing one of the league’s best players, why would the Magic tear apart their roster to do that?  Weeks prior, Schmitz wrote that GM Otis Smith felt they can reach the Finals as they’re currently assembled.   So which one is it?  To ‘Melo or not to ‘Melo.  Besides, hasn’t the recent Miami experiment showed us what can happen when you stockpile talent without togetherness.

Look, I love Carmelo Anthony and I’d love him on the Magic, but I don’t know that I’d give up Martin Gortat, Vince Carter, Jameer Nelson, draft picks and my firstborn son to get him.  Orlando is 12-4.  They run ten deep.  Aside from the additions of Carter and Brandon Bass, this core unit has been together for a while and it shows in their play.  They’re the best team in the Eastern Conference and have both the Celtics and Lakers looking in their rear view mirrors.

I’ll apologize to Mr. Schmitz if Carmelo Anthony ends up in Magic pinstripes.  Until then, I’ll just leave him to his fantasy basketball.

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35 Replies to “Hey, Brian, please stop spreading Carmelo Anthony-Orlando Magic trade rumors”

  1. The one guy you didn’t mention in your article is Rashard Lewis and I believe he is the highest paid Magic player. He hasn’t quite contributed the way his salary might dictate that he should and there is a lot of speculation about him, too. The Magic need an agressive big guy to draw the defense away from Howard.

  2. I was skeptical when the Magic signed Lewis to that deal a few years back. That was a weak free agent market and Lewis was garnering top dollar. If not in Orlando, he would have gotten it somewhere else.

    I won’t totally hate on Lewis because a) we knew he wasn’t a rebounder/defender to begin with and b) he did show up big a few years ago when taking the Magic to the Finals.

    The Magic have Brandon Bass now to do their dirty work, and he’s finally getting minutes. Lewis just needs to keep stretching out opposing defenses while shooting a high percentage.

    I really like the way this team is assembled. As long as they can stay healthy, there’s no reason they won’t be able to give the Celtics or Lakers all they want.

  3. Schmidt must be holding seance with some sort of psychic to come with sort of clap trap ! Everyone who’s got some semblance of NBA knowledge that the Magic aren’t going to wade into the ‘melo sweepstakes. That’s not now how the organization operates to begin with and they’re not about to change . Who’d they look to give up in order to attain the player ?

    Schmidt needs to write about something that he has infinite knowledge about rather than making himself look a complete a_s !


    tophatal ………. 🙂


  4. Schmitz has written a few articles of the sort, both linked above.

    His colleague from the same paper, Mike Bianchi, even wrote the Magic have no interest based on what they’d have to give in return.

  5. That’s the difference between Bianchi and Schmidt at times . One knows how to use the English language and writes with a certain degree of knowledge while the other just appears to write about any piece of drivel that he thinks will garner the readers’ interest.

    So who’d you think that the Magic would be prepared to give up in order to get ‘melo ?

    Magic roster


    tophatal ………. 🙂

  6. According to Schmitz, Al, they’d give up anyone who doesn’t have HOWARD written on the back of his jersey, which I think would be a mistake.

    Did you see what they did to Chicago last night? That game was over in the second quarter.

    The Magic have eight players averaging over seven points a game and one of them is NOT Martin Gortat.

    At the beginning of the season, I didn’t give the Magic much of a chance over the Celtics or the Lakers but I might be slowly changing my mind.

    This kool-aid tastes pretty good.

  7. Chris

    Well considering the slurs now being leveled at Joakim Noah and his meeting in a Turkish bath with John Elway I’m not entirely surprised at the result ! BTW could Boozer have played any worse than he did last night ?

    The Magic right now may are the second best team in the conference . It goes without saying that the Celtics are atop of the pile .

    Glad to see that the NCAA as usual are up to their corrupt selves after their finding concerning Cam Newton . Hell , follow the money trail and I’m sure Cam’s prints would’ve been there somewhere ! It’s bulls_it to suggest that he was unaware that his father was doing all of that crap !

    I guess that O J Mayo and Reggie Bush have got to be miffed at these findings ?


    tophatal ……….. 🙂

  8. Both Boston and Orlando are 14-4 right now, Al. Seeding will be huge come June, not only for home court in that series, but also because neither team will want to play Miami in the first or second round. This is assuming the Heat will be able to get its act together, which it should.

    I really like the fact that Brandon Bass is getting more minutes. He’s exactly what this team needed.

    USC’s AD Pat Haden is not all that happy with the NCAA’s ruling regarding Auburn and Cam Newton and it sounds to me like he has a valid point.

  9. Al…

    In two years, the Cardinals have gone from playing in the Super Bowl to being one of the worst teams in the league. I still claim Warner’s retirement had a lot to do with that.

    And I’m not sure Leinart staying there would have made a damn bit of difference.

    And Plummer, isn’t he still technically a Buc?

  10. Chris

    Comparative records being one thing but simply look at the respective rosters and tell whose you think is better ? The Celtics or the Magic’s ?

    As for the Cardinals that train wreck was waiting to happen. If they couldn’t figure out that Leinart couldn’t beat out Warner then they’re deserving of their fate . Look at the mess that the Dolphins are in as they never sought to replace an old fossil like Dan Marino .

    Plummer is no longer on their books as he bought out his contract with the team.

    Nice to see that the NCAA Infractions Committee has once again been flouting its own rules. Newton should have been made ineligible given their own rigorous rules . Any time a player unduly profits from an action wherein there’s an advantage gained even if he’s not the proprietary conduit of that exercise then he should be suspended and made ineligible. It’s in their own damn bye laws.

    Yet recently an Ole Miss player was given a four game suspension for merely selling a jersey . Newton knew full well what his father had been doing but because he lawyered up and kept his mouth shut they simply did nothing and then come out with this ridiculous announcement that he is eligible ?

    With that ruling it’ll give USC and Haden to have part of the sanctions overturned that’s for sure . Mike Slive and the SEC also are a bunch of wusses as they ought to have sought sanctions against the player rather than leaving it to the NCAA .


    tophatal ………. 🙂

  11. Bucs’ game against the Falcons blacked out and once again the Glazers are nowhere to be seen. They could have sought an extension from the NFL as a leeway to see if they could be granted to sell the necessary tickets to get the game televised . They could even have perhaps lowered some ticket prices as a further inducement to get fans through the turnstiles.

    The Bucs’ ownership group are a bunch of low classed avaricious bast_ards and it’s time that the fans and business community in the area acknowledge that rather than continuing to kiss their a_s at every given moment !

    tophatal ……….. 🙂

  12. Heh… I dunno, the reputation of bloggers to me is getting improved more and more as people who make a career writing about sports are ultimately forced to sell some of their credibility to either prop up a player on name value cuz he’s popular (Chuck calling Kobe a top 5 all time player) or flat out inventing stories.

    A pro ‘needs’ readers because it’s his livelihood. Bloggers (the good ones anyway) tend to be much more honest.

  13. I will give Boston a slight nod at this point, Al, but only slightly. I know it’s early but I do see a determination in this Magic team I haven’t seen before.

    And I’m not all that surprised about anything the NCAA does these days. If they find alleged wrongdoing in future years, will they later apologize? Since they’re the one now letting him play, Auburn should be later absolved because the NCAA gave the go-ahead.

  14. This is essentially an elimination game for the Bucs, Al. I’ll be tailgating, drinking heavily and trying to find a cheap ticket into Ray Jay.

    See ya’ there.

  15. Pest… don’t kid yourself simply because you and I are among the best around (shameless self-promotion). There’s still a fair amount of hatred and resentment for guys like us among the old school newspaper sportswriter/journalists.

    But you’re right, we are seeing a trend towards the better. The medium is definitely changing.

    After all, somebody’s gotta keep those old farts in line, right?

  16. I swear, Chris, until the second paragraph I could’ve sworn you were referring to the Miami Herald’s love affair with Jon Gruden. Talk about erroneous reporting… The more interesting point – from an NBA atheist’s perspective, anyway – is your reluctance to “break up” the Magic to land ‘Melo (you know, on the longshot it was possible).

    It’s pretty clear to me that Orlando’s achilles heal is the lack of a go-to perimeter scorer (which, by the way, is an essential component to a championship winning team if history is any indicator). When Howard’s not making his free throws, who’s your primary scoring option? The Corpse of Vince? We saw how that worked out last year… And don’t get me wrong, Nelson’s a nice player. But I think you’re kidding yourself if you think he can keep pace with the likes of Kobe, Pierce, Wade/LeBron, Rose, Durant, etc. come 2 minutes left in a must-win.

    ‘Melo for Vince, Nelson, picks and the Polish Hammer… Yes, I’d throw in my firstborn if they could sign him long term. Can’t pass up the chance to pair one of the league’s premier scorers with one of its elite big men, especially when they’re both in their prime. This is how rings are won, no?

    Long, pointless rant over. Great blog, btw!

  17. Chris

    If Dwight or Jameer aren’t ballin’ night in night out then the Magic are merely an average team. When both are on their game then that’s when they ought to be feared.

    The NCAA are much like the members of Congress they simply wouldn’t know their a_s from a hole in the ground !

    So LeBron laid waste to the Cavs last night ? Pity that the Cavs didn’t turn up to play instead of admiring LeBron from afar. And Dan Gilbert is still bithchin’ and whinin’ like a bride who’s been left at the altar. Now he’s sent evidence of what he believes is tampering on the part of the Heat concerning LBJ. Can’t this guy simply move on instead of further making a clown of himself ?

    tophatal ……….. 🙂

  18. Afro…

    I can see this is going to be the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship.

    Glad Billy B hooked us up. You come highly recommended. We should first, exchange blogrolls and second, talk about invading his grow radio to blow that thing up.

    Now, on to Orlando.

    Never mind that Schmitz is more active in recruiting ‘Melo to Disney World than Donald Trump has been in bringing Mike Leach to Miami (still don’t understand that one).

    My only point is that disrupting what they have now for an ‘eventual shot’ at a title is still more a gamble than sticking with what they have now. This team is really friggin’ good.

    Even if they give up those guys for ‘Melo, they’d still need a better than serviceable point guard and have to find one for pennies on the dollar. With ‘Melo’s, Lewis’, and Howard’s salaries, they wouldn’t have much money to do so.

    Call me an idealist (go ahead, I dare ya’) but I think Vinsanity has enough left in the tank, and hopefully will realize this is his best, and likely his final, shot at career ring-demption.

    I’m telling you guys. The addition of Brandon Bass, or more the fact that Van Gundy finally decided to play him, will make things easier for everybody on the floor in pinstripes.

    I’m looking forward to you keeping me honest.

  19. Nelson and Howard didn’t play last night but still dominated the Pistons, Al.

    I know, it’s the Pistons, but still. The Magic are deep enough to handle below average teams.

    Health is a concern for every contender in every sport but the Magic, except for Vince, are a reasonably young team. They should be able to handle the wear and tear of 82 games better than both Boston and Los Angeles.

    And as I asked the guys on Sports Casualties, where does LeBron’s third quarter Thursday night rank as one of the most F.U. moments in sports?

    Sure, his leaving Cleveland for warmer pastures was a stout middle finger, but torching them in that third quarter just reminded them that they were, well… Cleveland.

  20. I always love me a good rumor. Sad to say it looks like we might be on our way to writing an apology post about Denver if they keep playing this good. I hope Melo gets traded somewhere so that doesn’t happen.

    I agree with you though about Orlando. They don’t really need Melo if they give up a bunch of the glue guys to get him. Orlando is a beast and doesn’t really need to change a thing!

  21. Chap…

    It’s not a done deal yet but consider it good writing practice.

    Look, that Denver team is still good. They only melted down last year when Karl got sick and Dantley took over. (Is he still on their bench?)

    I just have the feeling that all this ‘Melo talk is of the anti-climactic variety. Much ado about nothing.

    Looking forward to the traffic your piece will bring me.

  22. Chris

    The Pistons now are about as relevant to the NBA as fecal matter on the soles of one’s shoes.

    Jayson Werth gets signed by the Nationals to a 7yr 126 million deal . Now you know why I berate the idiots who run or should I say “ruin” baseball !

    Bucs lose a tough game to the Falcons but they’ve only themselves to blame.

    Tiger’s game is still on the ropes his confidence is definitely shot to hell !



    tophatal ………….. 😛 _ 🙂

  23. I was just thinking about the other day, Al.

    The Pistons are just bad. When’s the last time you remember them being this bad? I almost feel for guys like Tayshaun Prince. He always played on contenders and now that team just stinks out loud.

    I hadn’t heard that Werth signed elsewhere but Adrian Gonzalez should be a good pick up for Boston.

    We never made it into the Bucs game yesterday. Lots of people buying tickets and not too many selling. From what I saw outside RayJay, it’s hard to imagine why that game didn’t sell out.

    But yes, I imagine their playoff chances are over.

  24. I don’t know that it’s necessarily the owners, Al, as much as it’s the system.

    Free agency, arbitration and agents have escalated players’ salaries to the point that if one owner doesn’t cough up money for top (and maybe undeserving) talent, another one will.

    The owners really have no choice in the matter.

  25. Chris

    It’s the idiot owners ,GM’s and baseball’s hierarchy who let themselves get duped by the likes of agent such as Scott Boras . Now when they overpay and end up with players such Zito, Mike Hampton , Carl Pavano , Erik Bedard and Randy Johnson who were all extensively overpaid and failed to contribute a damn thing to their most recent teams then it tells you all that you need to know .

    As for Ochocinco he did have a strategically placed ball to cover his privates as part of his PETA PSA . Check out the piece I did also on the NCAA and FIFA and let me know what you think ? I’d left you an original link in a previous comment.

    Rays’ Andrew Friedman feels good about the offseason executive’s meetings as he made some good deals to add to the Rays’ bullpen . I too made a good deal myself as GEICO became my car insurer so how ’bout them apples ? Has that guy now become a complete moron ? That’s not going to get the fans interested in coming to the Trop.


    tophatal ……… 🙂

  26. Chris

    A_s whuppings don’t come any better than last night’s beatdown of the Jets by my beloved Pats 45-3 ? I thought I saw Rex Ryan crying on the sidelines ? Now the only people on Revis Island were the Captain , Gilligan and Ginger after last night’s debacle .

    tophatal ……….. 🙂

  27. I’d say the sports agents will get theirs, Al, when they all end up in the fiery place where the red-horned guy lives… but Boras, Rosenhaus and the like will probably end up running that joint too.

    And I’ll be very interested in seeing what the Rays draw next season and how they reconstruct that bullpen.

  28. Your Pats are looking pretty good, Al.

    Where does the combination of Belichick-Brady rank among coach-quarterback relationships in history?

    Gotta be top five at least, no?

    Walsh-Montana? Bradshaw-Noll? Any other suggestions?

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