Memorable moments of 2010: The SportsChump Year in Review

The final days of 2010 are upon us, which means that SportsChump has completed its first full calendar year.  Thanks to all who have come and gone and ahem… come again.

SportsChump first went viral in April, 2008 which means we’re rapidly approaching our terrible twos.  Consider that fair warning.

Since the year is coming to a close, I thought it might be fun to review some of my favorite posts of the past year to see when I was spot on, when I laughed, when I cried and when I was completely off my rocker.

So join me, if you will, for our 2010 SportsChump Year in Review.

Predicting the 2010 McChumpies: A look to the future – January 3

Last year, when I compiled my 2009 Year in Review, one of the publications I write for asked me to predict what 2010 would hold for sports fans.  So I did.

I predicted Tiger Woods would win comeback athlete of the year.  He didn’t.  I also mentioned that Bosh, Wade and James would get filthy rich.  I just didn’t expect for that to happen all on the same team.  I also guessed a huge call would be blown in Major League Baseball.  Damn, I’m good.

A texting fiesta starring Boise State, John Cena… and Air Supply – January 5

Anyone who runs a successful blog site knows the importance of renaming jpegs to boost traffic.  Thanks to the popularity of John Cena, this post continues to get hits to this day.  Aside from showing Cena in his skivvies, the content itself is quite hysterical.

The concept was inspired as I sat in a bar, watching football and texting my friends.  Imagine that.  When I overheard one customer tell the bartender he used to be a roadie for Air Supply, well, that’s all I needed to hear to keep myself entertained for the evening.

A juicing Big Mac: Mark McGwire’s steroid use leaves more questions than answers – January 13

Steroid use in baseball has given us plenty to write about but when Mark McGwire finally came clean, none of us really felt any better.  Here are my thoughts on why I didn’t need to watch Big Mac’s press conference.  Plus I thought the title ‘Juicing Big Mac’ was clever.

The Pay-Per-View event we’d all like to see – January 15

This was my follow-up to the steroid scandal… and also, one possible suggestion to cure our economic woes.  Imagine how much money could be generated from a television event in which everyone in sports finally tells the truth about their cheating.  How much would sports fans pay for peace of mind?  I also love any time I can mix in a Night Shift reference.

My second mom – February 1

The passing of a loved one is always difficult.  When that person is your best friend’s mom and someone who had a hand in raising you, it’s even more so.  This was a tribute to one of the strongest women I’ve ever known.  If you plan on re-reading this one, you may want to have some tissue handy.

Leading a Tebow-less existence: The challenge that lay in front of Urban Meyer – February 12

It didn’t take a genius to figure out the 2010 Florida Gators would suffer mightily.  Here I compared Steve Spurrier’s inability to win after Danny Wuerffel to Meyer’s post-Tebow tenure, which as we now know, lasted only a single season.

Poker night at the synagogue: A study in unmenschlike activity – February 22

I know a temple is supposed to be a place of worship not conflict, but hey, he started it.  Besides, who plays cards in a house of prayer anyway?

Brushes with sports greatness, Vol. 2: Tiger Woods, Bay Hill and the origin of the Steve Lowery Fan Club – March 11

The Brushes with Sports Greatness are some of my favorite posts to write, mostly because they draw from interpersonal experiences with family and friends.  The Steve Lowery Fan Club, of which I am the self-appointed president, was inspired from two drunken afternoons on the PGA Tour where my friends and I were a little louder than we should have been.

Fun you can have when your friends leave their collegiate gear behind – March 13

This remains one of my favorite posts of all-time… and it was inspired by a single sweatshirt.  I got the idea when a friend left his Ohio State fleece over at my house.  When mom came over with a camera one afternoon, one little cut-out of Jim Tressel later and it was on.  My buddy Croshere, to whom the sweatshirt belongs, called this post the Mona Lisa of sports-based comedy.  I’m flattered, sir.

Sex scandals in sports: Ben Roethlisberger, Tiger Woods, Rick Pitino, TMZ and who is taking all these damn pictures? – March 26

It sure seemed like there was a whole lotta love in 2010 with a whole lot more people watchin’.  In this article, I asked where we draw the line between privacy and the professional athlete and when we should just put away the camera phone.

Tampa Bay Derby Darlins breathe new life into roller derby – March 31

This was another Creative Loafing assignment that got me in good with local skating community.  They even used this piece as the template for their fledgling sports department.

Phil Mickelson, the Masters and the reasons we watch sports – April 14

This was inspired after watching Phil Mickelson win his second Masters after dealing with personal matters off the course.

My morning spend upside down with Chuck Aaron and the Red Bull Bolkow aerobatic helicopter – April 17

The things I’ll do for material.  I actually brought my video camera on this excursion but couldn’t simultaneously focus on recording the trip and not vomiting all over the pilot.  I queasily present to you the day I hung upside down in a helicopter and lived to tell about it.

Remembering Hank Gathers – July 8

This article commemorates the passing of Hank Gathers and recalls when I saw Loyola-Marymount reach the Sweet Sixteen right after losing its brightest star.

Like the Heat, hate the Heat. Still undecided – July 28

I wrote this piece shortly after LeBron’s decision.  Ironically, a few months into the season, I still can’t decide how I’ll feel if and when the Heat win it all.

Does playing for the New York Yankees still hold the prestige it once did – August 5

The thing I enjoyed most about this piece was the reaction I got when I posted the link on a Yankees message board.  You can’t imagine the hostility it sparked.  Well, Lance Berkman is no longer a Yankee so maybe I was just a little right, huh?

Jay-Z leavesMel Gibson-like rant on LeBron James’ voice mail: A parody – August 9

It was right around this time of year when Mel Gibson once again showed us his true colors.  With the help of Visual Communications, I decided to parody LeBron spurning Jay-Z and the New Jersey Nets with a little Mel Gibson-style voice mail.  Earmuffs, children.

Defending the flop: A practical look at bending the rules in sports – August 16

If there’s anything NBA fans hate, it’s flopping.  I’m not crazy about it either but here I tried to put flopping in perspective by comparing it to any other sort of rule-bending in sports.

Has Cee-Lo Green written the best song ever? – August 20

I only included this link because I still haven’t gotten tired of hearing this song.

Dustin Johnson, parking tickets and the failure to pay attention – August 24

This post was inspired by Dustin Johnson’s disqualification at the PGA Championship and a parking ticket I got while at work, which by the way, I still have not paid.

Concert Review: Public Enemy – September 21

Since I work nights, I didn’t get the chance to see too many concerts this year.  I did, however, get to see one very special performance.

Who the hell is Maverick Carter – October 6

LeBron James said and did some stupid things in 2010.  From publicly humiliating Cleveland to calling for NBA contraction to saying the backlash from his Decision was racially motivated, the man chosen to protect James from himself is not doing a very good job.  At the time, it didn’t much seem to me like Maverick Carter was carefully crafting LeBron’s image.  It still doesn’t.

So you want to be Commissioner: A multiple choice test – October 14

This post was another personal favorite of mine.  In the aftermath of missed calls, skyrocketing ticket prices, drug scandals and potential work stoppages, I put together a multiple choice test to see if you, the fan, could do better than any of the four major commissioners.

Brushes with sports greatness, Vol. 3: David Stern – October 18

This post tells the story of how I almost landed a job with the NBA.  Their loss.

Debunking the myth of the Tampa Bay Rays fan – November 3

Tampa Bay Rays fans came under a lot of criticism this year for their lack of attendance.  This post intended to defend the fans who loved their team, but did so from a distance.

Change is good, isn’t it?  Urban Meyer leaves Florida… again – December 10

It seems like I’m always writing about the University of Florida and change.  This time it’s for good.  It’s the perspective of one Florida fan coming to grips with a new era.

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32 Replies to “Memorable moments of 2010: The SportsChump Year in Review”

  1. Chris Humpherys

    First of congrats on being around within the blogging community for so long . And while I’m at my heartfelt wishes to you and the immediate family and I wish you a Happy and A Prosperous New Year !

    On to some salient points ……….

    1) What a cop out by Goodell in simply levying a fine of $50,000 against Favre. And that’s meant to help out how ? Goodell states that because the player and his agent were uncooperative with the league’s investigation that was the only recourse he could take. That’s BS and simply how’s a fine of 50 large going to hurt Favre when he’ll earn in excess of $15 million this year ?

    2) Stanford ends the U Conn Huskies remarkable 89 game win streak . Does that now mean that Auriemma will still have something to bitch and whine about ?

    3) Shane Mosley says that he’s going to be the man to derail Manny Pacquiao’s plans. Something tells me that Sugar Shane will be in for a rude awakening when they meet next year 2011 .

    4) Vince Young certainly wasn’t atop of Jeff Fisher’s Christmas giving list . But I hear that Titans’ owner Bud Adams sent Young a Magnum of champagne and wished him the best for 2011. I guess that means that Fisher will be on his way out

    5) Now that UCF could be arguably considered to be the best football program in the state this season based on their record will they now get some ‘street cred’ ?

    6) Orlando takes down the Knicks and Van Gundy still isn’t pleased.

    7) LeBron’s ‘Decision’ hasn’t yet come back to haunt him but why do I get the feeling that Jim Gray still feels that his job is to now come to the aid of the player ? He’s saying that famed interview was worth it merely because of the notoriety gained . Ah well I guess when the content ESPN now has to sink to such levels of desperation then the next option may well be to have Erin Andrew reenact that peeping Tom scene from her hotel room in order to gain an even wider viewership amongst the public.

    8) Rah’s go for 10 is now looking mightily attainable but I can’t help the feeling that they let themselves down with a couple of needless losses earlier on in the season ? Facing a Saints’ team that’s now clicking on all cylinders I think that may well come up short of that goal and making the postseason as well .

    Have a great one Chris ’til Next Year buddy !

    😉 ___ 😛

    tophatal ……………… 😉

  2. Wow! This list reads like the Oscars! A Star studded line-up of entertaining & thought provoking posts.
    An amazing job Sportschump!
    Congrats on yet another great year … and thanks for all the great posts ( I had forgotten about some of those….).
    Happy New Year to you & yr readers. Look forward To SC-2011. 🙂

  3. Thank you, sir. I wish you and yours likewise.

    First of all, re: Favre, you and I both knew he was going to get off with a slap on the wrist. The NFL wants to uncover as little as possible when it comes to that incident.

    Not only did Stanford end UConn’s streak last night, they pretty much beat that ass. When Maya’s off, that team suffers. Anyone else think UConn winning another title is not a foregone conclusion?

    I’ll be looking forward to that Moseley-Pacquiao fight, Al, when both fighters are in their 50s. And Mayweather?

    The Titans have been in limbo for so long, it wouldn’t surprise me if they side with Young over Fisher. I’m just not so sure that would be the right decision.

    You mean UCF didn’t get street cred just for landing MJ’s son to their roster?

    No NBA coach is ever satisfied, Al, unless they end their season with a ring. You know that.

  4. Al…

    Can we guess which ludicrous, non-sports sporting event Gray will be the next to take part in?

    Bucs shot themselves in the foot with that Lions loss, Al, not that that would make winning in New Orleans any easier.

  5. Have a happy new year Chris. As for your blogs, they’re first rate. Sure beats working for a living. LOL

  6. That’s my boy! Always call it as it is.
    Keep on rolling. Happy New Year.

    Love Pops.

  7. Pops…..


    Here’s hoping the new year brings you everything you want and then some.

    We’ll hook up soon and ring in the new year in style…. with some cafe con leche!

  8. It’s been a solid year for the Chump blogging it up! Hopefully there’s another couple years left in the tank!

    Happy new years!

  9. Look, Chap.

    If Dwight wants a New Year’s Resolution, he needs to work on his free throw form.

    He can be as pleasant a player in the league, which he is, and still get T’d up by the refs on a bad night.

    That’s not necessarily something he can control. Shooting 70% from the floor is.

  10. Chris

    Is that meant to be a step up or step down for Weis ?

    What the hell was Nick Van Exel’s 18 year old son thinking ? He shot his friend with a shotgun and then dumped the body and hid the weapon elsewhere. He states to the cops that he simply panicked because at the time he wasn’t aware that the gun was loaded. Wasn’t that the same excuse Jay Wil wanted to use after he’d shot his limo driver ? He’s now free on $50,000 bail ? How the f” does that work ?

    2010 Was A Great Year In Some Sports And In Some Ways It Was An Unmitigated Disaster ….. Part Two !

    2010 Was A Great Year In Some Sports And In Some Ways It Was Also An Unmitigated Disaster !

    tophatal — 😉

  11. chappy


    Howard couldn’t keep himself out of trouble during a game if his life actually depended on it . Van Gundy while not wanting to rein him too much in reality really does need to sit the kid down and speak to him . Otherwise he’ll become more of a liability rather than an asset to the team .

    tophatal ……..

  12. Solid resolution for Dwight. Are you happy with the trades yet? They seem to be doing better than the guys that left over the last week or so!

  13. Chris

    I don’t see Howard leaving the Magic unless there’s a monumental fallout between he and the coaching staff as to the team’s philosophy.

    What a pity that the Bucs’ season had to come such an end ! They did everything within their power but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. One or two more wins and they’d have been a shoo-in for a playoff berth. Instead the Packers and the lowly Seahawks make it ! What pis_es me off is a team with a sub .500 record makes it and two teams such as the Bucs and Giants are denied merely because they didn’t win their respective divisions or more games !

    Bucs’ Mike Williams , LeGarrette Blount , Cody Grimm , Josh Freeman and a slew of others were exceptional this season. Who misses a butthead like Michael Clayton ? Wanted to be paid like a #1 receiver but caught balls as if he were handling freshly laid eggs.

    Morris and Dominik ought to be commended on a terrific season ! I can see both being named NFL Coach of the Year and Executive of the Year for the outstanding jobs that they’ve done .

    tophatal ……………

  14. I don’t see Howard leaving Orlando either, Al, but that doesn’t mean the franchise doesn’t, at least in the back of their minds, fear that possibility based on what’s happened to them in the past.

    Great season for the Bucs, Al. That Lions game still sticks out as the one that got away, heck, as do both of the Falcons games, but I would think the organization is pretty ecstatic about a ten win season.

    And I agree, Dominik and Morris should be shoo-ins for those awards, unless Haley steals it away.

  15. Pingback: Memorable moments of 2010: The SportsChump Year in Review, NFL | BallHyped Sports Blogs

  16. Chris

    Howard may well decide to leave if the team can’t get it done in the next couple of years. It’s not been made any easier for him with Bron Bron and the boys heating up the Eastern Conference at present.

    Is it me but with the Raiders blowing out Cable does that mean dear ol’ Al will come a knocking for Gruden once again ? Stranger things have happened !

    What’ll be the hardest thing for the Bucs to now do spend money bolstering the roster or upping the ante to retain Rah ? They’re close to $50 million under the NFL salary cap . In the case of Rah his contract is up at the end of this season.

    If Floyd doesn’t fight Pacquiao this year will you actually be willing to take a beating for $5 million ? I’m already in training and I think I can fake a dive just as good as some of these female p_rn stars have been known to fake an org_sm .

    tophatal ………….

  17. I guess it all depends on who’s buddies with whom and where the NBA free agents are at that particular time. That seems to be what the league has become.

    Funny, you mention Gruden to the Raiders, Al. He’s the first name that came into my mind but I really can’t see him going back there.

    I trust the Bucs will spend their money wisely. They did so this season. Just don’t be surprised, if, like the Rays, they play the “Well, nobody came anyway card” when managing their budget.

    Five mil for suffering a concussion, Al? I guess I’d have to consider it. I’d never have to work again, plus think about the opportunity I’d have for another post.

    And I though flying upside down in a helicopter was dangerous.

  18. Very solid year Chump. Looking forward to bigger and better things in 2011!

    How about your Orlando Magic? After a two game getting to know you period the newcomers are all starting to look pretty good.

    They are one trade (decent backup big man) away from being on par with Boston & Miami in the East. At least two of their stable of shooters are going to be on every night…and the wins are going to pile up.

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