Live NFL Playoff Chat: Sunday, January 9 – Ravens-Chiefs; Packers-Eagles

Welcome one and all to SportsChump’s first official live chat.  Since we’re all broke, pull up your laptop, make yourself a beverage, turn on your tube and let’s talk some NFL playoffs. 

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30 Replies to “Live NFL Playoff Chat: Sunday, January 9 – Ravens-Chiefs; Packers-Eagles”

  1. I might be able to make it for some of the 2nd game. I’m going to catch Blake Griffin vs. my Warriors during that first game, and probably most of the 2nd… Hopefully there’s a long OT game that drags it out for me!!

  2. Heck with Sunday Chris!

    How bout those Seahawks?

    11 point home dogs defeat the reigning World Champs 41-36 in one hell of a game! Woo Hoo!!!

  3. Chris

    Since when did Marshawn Lynch become the second coming of Marcus Allen ?

    And if the Colts can’t stop the pass much what does it say about their defense all season ?


  4. Dwin…

    Even more impressive is that your boy called the upset… with the Jets… and have a Las Vegas ticket to prove it.

    I won’t tell you who I have today for fear of jinxing…. or will I?

    Stay tuned!

  5. Apparently frosted dread tips are in, Al. That Lynch run sealed the deal.

    Personally, I didn’t see those two upsets as shocking as everyone else did last night.

  6. Chris

    I’m not saying I didn’t see it coming but I’ll be now taking advice from Stevie Wonder when it comes to making picks !

    As to today’s games after the spectacle of yesterday ………. absolutely nothing is off limits .

    Is it me but Durant drops 40 and it’s as if what he’s been doing means absolutely nothing around the NBA . It’s all about Griffin and the Heat .

    tophatal ……….

    tophatal ……………

  7. Al…

    I’m still riding high from my upset picks from yesterday so if you need some good solid, football advice, the Chump is offering free locks until the hot streak runs cold.

    Hopefully that won’t happen any time soon.

    I think Durant had his coming out party last year, Al. Most people consider him a top 5 player in the league. What else ya’ want?

  8. I’d have Durantula top 3 at this moment in time ! Kobe sits atop of the heap then that patsy knowns as LeBron with the manchild in OKC #3 .

    The Saints’ defense ought to simply hang their heads in shame . If they can’t tackle then why the hell be on the field ? Lynch could’ve have stopped tied his laces and still made it into the endzone without being any serious danger to himself .

    Now that the York family have convinced Harbaugh to sign the dotted line in San Fran I hope their fans don’t simply think that it makes them a legitimate contender within the NFC West . Not with either of those Smith “bums” helming that team qb it won’t . Troy Smith or Alex Smith couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn if either of their lives depended on it !

    You Want An NBA Storyline .. ?

    tophatal …………….

  9. Al… I go Kobe, Bron, Wade, ‘Melo, Durant.

    We knew the Saints were beaten up going into that game, Al. Unlike the Ravens who looked insane in that 2nd half today. Goodness.

    And I don’t know what SF plans on doing about their QB situation but they better figure out something soon, unless Harbaugh himself plans on suiting up.

  10. Chris

    As good as ‘melo is, he needs to be in the right environment to complement his skills. Durant with his allround game could lift any team around the league .

    I know that the Niners’ fans will now believe that the future ahead for them is rosy but only if they get a damn quarterback with his grain of salt. Neither Alex or Troy Smith would be atop of my list to qb an NFL franchise much less a varsity team.

    Saturday and Sunday were meant to the appetizer or hors-d’oeuvre for this upcoming weekend .

    Had you heard the latest quite possibly about Dumars trying to get both ‘melo and Billups with Rip Hamilton and an assortment of players heading out of Detroit to Denver with the players mentioned going the other way ? Now that’d save Dumars’ job at this juncture if he were able to pull that off. Anyhow the Pistons’ management aren’t about to let him go not with there still being so much uncertainty over the ownership at present. Illitch who owns both the Tigers and Red Wings still hasn’t come to a deal with regard to buying the team and it doesn’t appear that Magic Johnson will be apart of the ownership group as he now seems to have set his sight on being part of the syndicate looking to bring an NFL franchise to Los Angeles alongside billionaire Philip Anschutz who’s co owner of the Lakers and whose company AEG owns the Staples Center , Nokia Theater and a slew of other sporting interests as well as Ticketmaster and Live Nation the rock concert promotion outfit.

    tophatal …..

  11. Chris

    I’d certainly like to thank Matt Cassel for proving to me why there’s only been one quarterback worth a damn to have emerged from USC in the last eight years and that’s Sanchez ! Where the hell are the others namely , Leinart , Palmer and which of those lame a_s Booty brothers ? Who the hell cares anyway ?

    Can we all take a moment to bow our heads and say a prayer for Raiders’ front office as mayhem now once again sets in within their midst ? Low and behold they’ve now rescinded the ;last year of Nnamdi Asomugha’s (team’s best all-round player) contract because he failed to reach incentives . The fact that he’d been on the team’s injured reserved list for much of the year would have had something to do with this but at the same time you can simply see why the franchise has been such a friggin’ mess .

    This’ll pi_s chappy and the guys over at to no end for sure ! But then again this is the Raiders we’re talking about where idiocy and lack of intelligence go hand in hand don’t you think ?

    tophatal …………..

  12. I’m not sure I get the whole ‘Melo deal, Al. He’s basically starting from scratch in New Jersey. Unless the Big Russian has convinced him he’s willing to pay the luxury tax to bring in top-notch talent, that cupboard is bone-dry. Any why is Chauncey bitching? It’s not like Denver’s proven anything in the playoffs since he’s been there.

    Re: Stanford and Harbaugh, would it surprise you if Luck reneged on his decision to stay in school?

    Remember how Larry Bird’s first move as Pacers GM was to fire Isiah? Don’t you think the same will happen with Joe D if Magic Johnson takes over?

  13. I don’t think anyone would argue that point, Al. In his second year in the league, doesn’t Sanchez already have more playoff wins that all those other USC QBs combined?

    And I’ve stopped paying attention to the Raiders and their front office moves a long time ago. I’ll leave that worrying to the Chapman.

  14. How did the Chargers do this weekend in the playoffs??

    Oh well, at least this Wisconsin native/transplanted Cheesehead still has Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

    Beating the Falcons will be a tough next weekend but GB is looking good. Who you got Chump?

  15. Considering I went to the window to cash a ticket this weekend, Drew, I’ll gladly give forth further knowledge, with the understanding that there are no guarantees.

    I’d stay away from the Jets-Pats game altogether but if you held a water gun to my head, I’d take the Jets and the points.

    I do like both GB and Baltimore to upset the home teams and I have to with Chicago to win as well. I think the Seattle slew has run its course.

  16. Chris

    I’m no betting man …… not that much but what was last night’s BCS championship game meant to be an advertisement for ? Boredom ? Or something else ? I know that these were the two best teams rankings’ wise but my God there wasn’t anything really suspenseful or intriguing to be had from the game ! Over 500 plus yards offense and neither side really showed us what they were truly capable of.

    There was more excitement to be had from watching a rerun of the Biden Palin debates from the Presidential elections of ’08 !

    The Nets are well within the luxury tax and salary cap ($57 million) and even if ‘melo signs the deal that in essence would be a three year $65 million which what the Nuggets have on offer that’s still within the NBA salary cap of $57 million per team as it currently is.

    I think Luck will remain in school I mean if he’s the first pick in the draft do you honestly believe he’ll want to play for the Panthers ? One more year I don’t feel will hurt him and given the falloff from the qb’s that will be left in the draft I for one don’t feel that there’s that much to really worry about. Not only that but if the negotiations now said to be going on are anything to go by the rookie salaries on offer now could be considerably pared down by the league with the NFLPA’s agreement.

    The Raiders are simply a law unto themselves Al Davis and Dan Synder are essentially cut from the same cloth ! I’ve asked chappy to explain to me how it is that they’re now showing frugality but yet they spent over $30 million plus on a bust like JaMarcus Russell but are now prepared to let Nnamdi Asomugha walk merely because he didn’t meet incentives of his contract. Memory serves me correctly he missed a couple of games due to injury . And this is the guy whom he espoused as being one of the better players on the team …… which I believe he genuinely is. If they’re look to resign him it won’t be at a discount price but I do see him ending up with a team in the league who’s looking for one of the better cb’s around the league.

    tophatal ………………

  17. Chris

    Qb’s coming out of USC are a dime a dozen but Sanchez is now proving that he’s the real deal . The others aren’t fit to wear jock itch must less strap on cleats and call themselves NFL quarterbacks !

    Wake me up when Leinart, Cassel and Palmer actually get a clue rather than miming that Hollywood ‘pretty boy thing’ they’ve now got going on ?

    tophatal ………..

  18. Chris

    So that BCS championship game had about as much excitement as the political debate that took place between Biden and Palin . Litany of mistakes and both came off looking like buffoons ! The Ducks and Tigers were simply no better almost a 1,000 yds of total offense and just as many mistakes on both sides of the ball by both teams.

    The one thing we do know however is Newton will be paid after his exploits as Papa Cecil will now definitely make sure of that with the upcoming NFL Draft in April .

    tophatal ……….

  19. Well, Al, Las Vegas certainly thought there would be more scoring. The over/under was around 72. They didn’t come close to scoring that many points.

    I thought Oregon would give Auburn a fighting chance, which I guess they did, but they were considerably smaller than the Tigers, and it showed.

    The ‘Melo deal still makes no sense to me. Who’s he going to be playing with that’s any damn good?

    It’s not like the Panthers are a horrid franchise, Al. I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t want to play for them.

  20. Someone made a good point on ESPN earlier today, Al, but I forget who it was, as I was half asleep while listening to it.

    Of course, Cam is innocent until proven guilty but we did just reward this kid with a Heisman, and a national championship, amid a cloud of potential wrongdoing.

    The NCAA better HOPE they don’t uncover any evidence of this kid taking money or knowing anything about his pops doing so, particularly since they allowed him to play.

    Of course, I’m sure they’ll just cover it up if they do.

  21. Chris

    Rumor has it that Prokhorov intends to use Snooki as a bargaining chip to lure ‘melo to Jersey ? No idea as of yet as to what duties she’ll be performing to get that deal done . But it’s been rumored that she’ll use that talents associated with Capri Anderson (porn star) and her meeting with Charlie Sheen in his hotel room .

    If that’s the case does that mean ‘melo’ll have to use a lil’ bit more SPF 30 to meet Snook’s needs when it comes to looking good ? I hear she likes her men well tanned and endowed ?

    Cam Newton is now in the same boat as Forrest Gump but in this case his mother won’t have to go to bed with a principal in order for him to move on to the next level . However Cecil (his father) is said to be quite willing to offer up one of the female members of his congregation for the right price in order for his son to be drafted as a top 5 pick in the NFL Draft. Make of it what you will .

    Rex Ryan says it’s now personal as to the matchup between the Jets and Pats. Let’s hope for our sake the game itself lives up to expectations . I just hope that Rex’s foot fetish doesn’t play a part in this and at the same time none of the Jets’ assistant coaches somehow get involved in any part of the game …… have a nice trip .

    If Hasselbeck and the Seahawks down the Bears what does that say about the NFL as a whole and in particular the guys in Vegas ?

    Jurisprudence tells that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty . Bull ! The law is an a_s that’s there to be perverted by whoever wishes to do so ! Look at what’ll happen when Loughener goes on trial for his acts in Tucson, Arizona ? His lawyer will suggest that he’s mentally unfit for trial and that he simply didn’t know what he was doing. Much as in the same way she represented Unibomber Ted Kaczinski , Tim McVeigh and Terry Nicholls (Oklahoma City bombers) and Susan Smith (infanticide — killed her 3 kids and claimed that she’d been car jacked by 2 African American males ). No one simply wants to be held accountable for their actions while the victims’ families get no closure whatsoever and the justice system become a complete travesty ! .

    tophatal ………..

  22. I’m pretty sure ‘Melo could do better than Snooki, Al, although she’s orange enough. He can probably spot her from Denver.

    This weekend’s Jets-Pats game can’t be any worse than the last one they played. I’m thinking the Jets will give the Pats all they want. I just don’t know if they have enough to get it done. Ryan sure is writing a big check.

    I had the ‘Hawks at home last week, Al, but from what I heard, everyone was loading up on the Saints. Personally, I thought that point spread was too high. I wonder if heads rolled over that.

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