Our First Annual Super Bowl XLV Contest

Before I get into the rules of our first official Super Bowl contest, here are some initial thoughts on the NFL’s final four….

If the New York Jets make it to the Super Bowl, wouldn’t it be awesome if Mark Sanchez showed up to media week wearing a mink coat and predicting victory?  If the Chicago Bears win the Super Bowl, would Lovie Smith march even a single step closer to the love Chicago fans still hold for Mike Ditka?  If the Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl, wouldn’t it be hysterical if Brett Favre sent Aaron Rodgers a congratulatory text… but mistakenly sent him the same text he sent Jenn Sterger?  If the Pittsburgh Steelers win their seventh Super Bowl, wouldn’t it be totally anti-climactic for anyone who’s not a proud member of Steeler Nation?

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I would like to announce our First Annual Super Bowl Contest.  The winner will receive a brand, spankin’ new SportsChump hat to call their own.

But we’re not just giving them away.  You must first prove your football acumen.

Below, provide the correct answer to the following four questions:

1)      Who will win the NFC Championship Game: The Green Bay Packers or the Chicago Bears?

2)      Who will win the AFC Championship Game: The New York Jets or the Pittsburgh Steelers?

3)      Which of those four remaining teams will win Super Bowl XLV?

4)      Who will be the Super Bowl MVP?

That’s not all that difficult, is it?

In the comments section below, I want a detailed, educated, yet obviously fortuitous explanation with each answer.  I will also need a tie break, in case more than one of you miraculously manages to answer all four questions correctly.  The tie break will be the FINAL SCORE OF SUPER BOWL XLV, not the total score.

Personally, I have NO idea who will be crowned Super Bowl champions and I’ve already called the Seahawks-Saints, Green Bay-Atlanta, Jets-Colts and Jets-Pats upsets.  Fortunately I already have a hat.

So there you go, readers.  The gauntlet has been thrown down.  Prove to us all you belong in the SportsChump Hall of Fame by properly outlining the winner of each remaining game and your Super Bowl MVP and you’ll have a piece of the Chump to call your own.

Here you have it, ladies and gentlemen.  22 entries!!  A fantastic turnout if I do say so myself.  As you can see, which is why I came up with the idea to begin with, the eventual winner at this point is anybody’s guess.

Keep referring to this page as I’ll keep things updated right here.  May the best prognosticator win and let the trash-talking begin.

So the Packers and the Steelers are in the Super Bowl, meaning over half the pool was eliminated in the first week.  Just as I thought.  A hearty shout-out to Chappy who was the only person to pick BOTH games wrong.  He runs a sports website, y’all.  And honorable mention to Jason who thought Cutler would win Super Bowl MVP.  I haven’t seen a quarterback pull himself out of a big game with a phantom injury like that since Colt McCoy did so in the title game last year.  Oh… my arm… it’s broken.

That leaves us with ten entries left, 6 going for Pittsburgh, 4 going for Green Bay in what should be a helluva Super Bowl.  All four Packers entries have Rodgers winning MVP while the Pittsburgh entries are split between Ben (4), Wallace (1) and Polamalu (1).  Best of luck, gentlemen.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our contest winner.  I would like to thank everyone for participating but in the end, there can only be one winner, one swami, one prognosticator extraordinaire, one person who knows  football better than anyone else, and that person is … Drew, the San Diego Sports Guy and only one of Shawn Kemp’s several, unfed children.  He is first on my blogroll and first  in your hearts.

Not only did he pick the Pack over the Steelers and Rodgers as MVP, but the Drewster was only a combined THREE points off the final score.  Quite impressive, sir.

So take a bow, Drew.  And don’t forget to e-mail me your address so I can send you some SportsChump gear to proudly wear out West.

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81 Replies to “Our First Annual Super Bowl XLV Contest”

  1. Steelers over the Packers 27-20.
    MVP Mike Wallace 2 TD Catches.

    Green Bay over Chicago. Kyle Orton cannot handle the big stage. It will be the same as a night game during the season. When highly televised he throws picks. Aaron Rodgers will lead the Pack to the Superbowl.

    Steelers at home, they will take care of business. Antonio Holmes had the last laugh in P-town when the Jets won in regular season. Not this time Holmey!

    Let me be the first to proclaim, “That makes SEVEN in Two Thousand ELEVEN”

  2. The Packers over the Bears, Rogers bests Cutler.
    The Steelers over the Jets, Sanchez folds under pressure.
    Packers over the Steelers in the Super Bowl, again Rogers too much in the zone to lose.

  3. Okay… Here ya go!

    AFC (Alphabetical… Nifty huh?)

    The bad mouth, bad boy Jets slide right into the big game by taking down the sex offender QB’d Stealers after several questionable officiating calls has Steeler Nation in a tizzy! HA! (It’s the only way the NFL REALLY gets to Big Ben… and it serves ’em right!)


    It’s road warrior weekend! Da Bears go down hard on the fronzen tundra of Lam… No, wait a minute… Soldier Field! It might be close for a while but a juggernaut is upon us in the Aaron Rodgers led Pack. The Pack is definitely back!

    Super Bowl (played in Jerry World! I love it that the only way the Pokes will be there is if they buy a ticket!)

    It’s a GREEN Super Bowl! The liberal’s oughta love it! Maybe Al Gore can do the coin toss! Oh, I’m hyper-ventilating… Whew… Now where were we? Oh yeah. Will the NFL let ’em play? Will the officials have a pre-conceived notion? Don’t forget, there’s a New York City team in the BIG game… Naw.

    This game is going to put cheese heads everywhere into 7th Heaven! Think of it as a Brett Favre exorcism administered by Aaron Rodgers! And if that isn’t enough then watch for a judgement call or two that act to take down the Jets… Do you really think the NFL wants to reward all the Rex-rated rhetoric???

    So, it’s gonna be the Packers over the Jets… 31-17

    And the MVP? You got it, Aaron Rodgers! Title Town’s new darling… Brett who? HA!

  4. 1. The Packers will pull this one out, mostly because Aaron Rodgers is on a higher level of FIGJAM than Jay Cutler.

    2. The Steelers will finally end this Rex Ryan debacle. Thank goodness as I’m sick of crappy foot jokes.

    3. Steelers. I’m only pulling for them because Mike Tomlin is such a handsome dude & I want them to continue to pull away from the hated ‘boys for most Super Bowls ever.

    4. Big Ben Rapelisraper. Or Roethlisberger. I can’t remember how to spell his name.

    The total score of Steelers-Packers? Eleventy hundred and seven. Or 48.

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  6. Packers 30 Jets 23

    MVP: Aaron Rodgers (although he still just doesn’t have “it”)

    That hat is headed to SoCal on 2/7/11!

  7. Aer is jumpin’ on the Rodgers bandwagon.

    I agree he’s playing some good ball right now but I can’t believe Vegas has made the Pack, a six seed, Super Bowl favorites.

    From the looks of the rest of these entries I’m about to tally, I now understand why.

  8. Dwin pops in and immediately suggests conspiracy theory. I like it. Unfortunately, as much as they might not like Big Ben’s raging hormones, the Steel curtain is still one the NFL’s biggest cash cows, so therein lies the rub.

    And we officially have another Packer vote. Will it be titletown once again?

    Very well done, Dwin!

  9. CC enters our second Steelers vote and nobody has yet to go with the Bears pulling it out.

    In fact, nobody has them even beating the Pack yet.


    I’m sure Ruben will pop in here eventually and straighten that out.

  10. Al…

    Be right over to check out your Pats piece.

    Hey, at least your Spurs are still good.

    Or perhaps, I should ask what the Spurs and Patriots both have in common. Might it have something to do with awesome regular seasons and early outs in the post?

  11. Unofficial tally…

    6 entries in.

    3 going with the Pack winning it all. 3 with Rodgers winning MVP.

    Now we know why Vegas has them as a favorite.

    Nobody even has the Bears making it to the Bowl.

  12. Chris

    At least the Spurs have remained consistent . Since Duncan’s entry into the NBA they’ve made the postseason of the NBA every single season .

    I’ll take the Packers to win a close game against the Bears as I simply don’t trust Cutler. And with the Jets Steelers my mind tells me Jets but I’m going with the Steelers as they’re the better team allround .

    tophatal ……..

  13. Sorry Rev, it’s that damn short term memory loss again.
    Packers 27 – Steelers 21
    I picked the Packers right?

  14. Crap, Rogers for MVP and if I forgot anything else just send me a hat so I can impress the people at the home.

  15. Pack over Bears 34-17
    Steelers over Jets 28-13

    Packers 31
    Steelers 34

    SB XLV MVP: #43 Troy Polamalu 2INTs(1 returned for TD)

  16. Is it me or is Mark Sanchez the most overrated QB in these playoffs if not the entire league? We will see his true abilities Sunday in the ‘Burgh(finally playing against a true defense)just like we saw Joe’Cool’Flacco’s. These two QBs are almost one in the same only they will be the same on Super Bowl Sunday, sitting at home watching.

  17. Packers have a complete team with James starks playing well. Jay Cutler looked erratic against the Seahawks, and that will not be good enough for Tramon Williams and Charles Woodson.

    I think the Steelers beat the Jets, just a hunch, but I think Rex Ryan has used up all of his magic this season.

    The Steelers will have a hard time winning against the Packers playing in an indoor stadium, and the Packers will be the hometown (Texas) and national favorite. But, I think Mike Tomlin does a very good job of keeping his team focused, and I don’t know if Rodgers can continue to have success passing, without more games like James Starks had two weeks ago.

    Big Ben will get the MVP if the Steelers win because he is their best offensive player, and defensive players almost never get the Super Bowl MVP

  18. Chris

    I’d sooner jump on the Rodgers’ bandwagon than jump on Jay Cutler . To me he’s this era’s Brett Favre without the baggage .

    At what time will it be relevant to stop ribbing LT and his situation ? At least he’s not using the Marion Barry take …….. “bi_ch set me up ” !

    Dan Gilbert now says he was misunderstood when he stated that the Cavs would win an NBA title before LeBron . Given the fortunes of both teams at present I’m not so sure that either will be in contention come the postseason . As good as the Heat are they’ve been more pratfalls by them of late than can be seen in a silent movie .

    Retreads can find jobs in the NFL such as Wade Philips and McDaniels but yet Ray Sherman can’t land a head gig as an NFL coach ? Screw the Rooney Rule ! It’s become let’s put the token ni__a out there just to quieten the masses !

    It’s as former Canes’ coach Randy Shannon said recently when you’re the token black up for a gig you simply know that you haven’t a cat in hell’s chance of getting the gig and it’s the same to an extent at the college level as well.


    Alan aka tophatal ………… 😉

  19. Actually, I just want to knock out the first series of questions…

    Yes, but it would be far more awesome (and completely within the realm of possibility) if Sexy Rexy rocked the mink instead.

    Yes, Super Bowl victories have this effect.

    No, but it would be hysterical if Brett INTENTIONALLY sent Aaron a congratulatory pic of his shriveled penis.


  20. This came to us from Kevin Paul, who still has not figured out how to leave a comment:

    OK, let’s try this out…

    First, you want explanations? OK. The Jets thrive on its run game, and Pittsburgh has the best run defense. Pitt shuts that down, they move on. Green Bay is red hot… the D is filthy and will force too many Cutler mistakes. The Chicago O-line gives up 5 sacks, 3 to Clay. Rodgers has another solid game, with help from Starks in run game. Pack move on.

    Steelers run D is stout, but pass D is beatable, especially with how many passing weapons the Packers have. Green Bay wins the big one. Now to my answers…

    1) Green Bay Packers

    2) Pittsburgh Steelers

    3) Green Bay Packers

    4) Aaron Rodgers

    Final: Packers 27, Steelers 17

    KP, over and out…


  21. I saw your post yesterday, but didn’t want to just throw my picks out there when I saw it.

    Since the teams I pick in the playoffs always seem to lose, I’m going to pick the opposite of what I think will happen for your game.

    Super Bowl: Chicago 15, Jets 12, yes a field goal charged Super Bowl. 5 FG’s for the Bears and 4 for the Jets…

    The Super Bowl MVP will be Julius Peppers…

  22. Come on, Al.

    Making the post-season in the NBA is less difficult than putting up a ceiling fan.

    You can be .500, or worse sometimes, and still make the second season. All a team needs is one perennial All-Star to do so and the Spurs have that in Duncan.

    It’s what happens when a team gets to that second season that defines legacy.

    The Spurs have been solid. In fact, I think they’re a very fair comparison to the Patriots. No wonder you like them both.

  23. BFunk is in and the first entry to go with Polamalu as MVP. Nice call, sir.

    Re: the overratedness of Mark Sanchez, all I can say is this, sir.

    He’s in his second year in the league and has landed his team two appearances in the AFC Championship game. How many of the other young QBs in the league have done that?

    System QB? Doesn’t matter. He’s still playin’.

  24. Mr. Brackney….

    Well thought out, sir. So you’re thinking the Jets are done just like Seattle over-extended themselves and fell well short in Chicago. Fair assessment.

    I do think they partied a little hearty after beating the Pats. After all, was that they Super Bowl or do they have loftier goals?

    FYI, I will need a tie-breaking score from you since someone else has your same picks.

  25. Al…

    Come on, man. You have to admit, Rodgers has proven the bigger guy over the years. He has had every chance to bitch about the Favre situation and never did.

    The Miami Heat are sliding again. Four straight losses? The team wasn’t all that deep to begin with. The losses of Bosh, Miller and Haslem make that roster even thinner. That will come into play if they don’t get those guys back soon.

    The Rooney Rule is the NFL’s version of affirmative action. Hopefully, years down the road, we’ll no longer need it. I still think it’ll be a while before that happens.

    And what’s Randy Shannon bitching about? Didn’t he get a job at one of the nation’s most prestigious programs and then not be able to keep it?

  26. Af…

    Thanks for being the first to comment on my initial thoughts. I know you like any opportunity to talk about Brett Favre’s private parts.

    Don’t forget to get back here and turn in your Super Bowl picks before kick-off Saturday.

    If you think you’re the shit in G’ville now, wait til you start parading around town in that fresh SportsChump hat.

    You’ll achieve Noah-Tebow status.

  27. Al…

    Nobody is denying the Pats and Spurs have been among the greatest teams in their respective sports over the past fifteen years.

    But you also know in this day and age of what have you done for me lately, when the Pats and Spurs both have incredible regular seasons and then come up short, questions will be asked.

  28. Steelers experience in these games will lead them to a big win over the Jets.

    Packers defense will take over and destroy Jay Cutler’s offense.

    In Super Bowl XLV, lets face it, Steelers have been here 7 times and lost once, it’s a no brainer that the Steelers would win.

    In a strong defensive game I take the Steelers 17-10 in XLV.

    Roethlisberger takes Superbowl MVP honors

  29. HAHA! I think it might land me a Sportschump hat!! No need for the tiebreaker. I doubt anyone else will pick the Bears to win the SB!!!

  30. Can’t argue with that logic, Seth.

    Steelers fans’ nipples are getting hard ’round the nation based on your analysis.

    I haven’t come up with my picks yet (just to be able to keep my own hat) but I may end up siding with the Curtain.

    Or maybe I’m just saying that to throw off the rest of the submissions.

    I’m shifty like that.

  31. 1) Who will win the NFC Championship Game: The Green Bay Packers or the Chicago Bears?

    2) Who will win the AFC Championship Game: The New York Jets or the Pittsburgh Steelers?

    3) Which of those four remaining teams will win Super Bowl XLV?

    4) Who will be the Super Bowl MVP?

    Matt Forte

  32. 1) Who will win the NFC Championship Game: The Green Bay Packers or the Chicago Bears?

    2) Who will win the AFC Championship Game: The New York Jets or the Pittsburgh Steelers?

    3) Which of those four remaining teams will win Super Bowl XLV?

    4) Who will be the Super Bowl MVP?

    Matt Forte

    Final Score: Bears 27 Steelers 17

  33. 1) Packers

    If Brian Urlacher were “Bryan” Urlacher I’d pick the Bears. “Y” you ask? Exactly.

    2) J-E-T-S

    Because rape is unacceptable.

    3) Packers over the Jets b/c the Pack have snot and mucus colored uniforms while the Jets just have snot colored ones.

    4) Aaron Rodgers b/c if a team is going to have snot and mucus colored uniforms, then the MVP has to be the one hurling it around.

  34. Patrick going with Forte as MVP, making him not only the first entry to pick him but also the first to even pick a running back as MVP.

    Which just gave me a great idea for a post.

    Thank you, sir.

  35. Pittsburgh over the Jets
    Chicago over Green Bay

    Superbowl…….Chicago over Pittsburgh 24-17

  36. Packers… 40
    Steelers… 24

    MVP Aaron Rogers…. come on, if the Pack wins he WILL be the MVP.

    Steelers 22

    As a Dolphin fan, I have always loathed the Jets (FTJ). How in the hell am I able to hate them even more each week than I already did? Steelers, please put Ryan out of my misery. Bonus prop bet … Over/Under of that Jets’ mook in the fireman’s hat appearing on TV during the game… 2.. bet the over.

    Packers… 24
    Bears….. 10

    The Bears bring some Cutlery to a gun fight. Won’t work two weeks in a row. Bonus prop bet… Cutler will throw twice as many INTs as TDs Sunday.

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  38. Han throwing out some prop bets.

    Nice cutlery line as well.

    We all know the Han likes to score. He’s the first entry to go over 40 points for the winning team.


    Here’s what’s up:

    GB vs. CHI: Packers gonna spank the Bears because they won’t be able to deal with the 3 WR and sometimes 4 WR set with a red hot Rodgers under center. Starks is also getting comfortable in the backfield at this point in time and eats up enough yards when needed.. GB defense is also aggressive and talented enough to deal with Cutler and his average WR corp. Cutler is having his most patient year under center but Martz won’t be able to game plan for the GB defense. They’re too quick from side to side and will pressure Cutler into mistakes. Kind of like when I pressure the Chump-Master into easy mistakes when I whoop that a$$ on the basketball court. Green Bay will win this one rather easily…

    Jets vs. Steelers: Man, I’m in a quandry here because I dislike both teams. As a Fins fan, it goes without saying that I wish nothing but broken legs for that team but I would still love to see Santonio stick it to Pittsburgh. On the other hand, I’d like to see my brother Tomlin get to another title game. I think a more relevant question here might be who will score first: Jets, Steelers or Roethlisbeger in a stadium bathroom? Heh heh.. I’m gonna go with that ferocious Steeler D and call it a close Steelers victory. Yes, the Steeler secondary can be exploited but Sanchez won’t have time when he’s on his backside half the game.

    Now on to the Big Show! There are gonna be fireworks when the Steelers & Packers get on the field. Deep balls will be flying all over the field (I’ll graciously leave that one alone). As a famous and wise man once said, “Always bet on black!” I’m going with the Steelers in a 27 – 21 victory!

    Me voy!

  40. Couldn’t miss out on this!

    1) Gotta go with the Packers in this one. I think Rodgers is playing too well. And even though the Bears are at home, they’ve been overachieving all year. They’re due for a good old fashion butt woopin. Rodgers continues his success and the Packers win this one easily.

    2)UHHHH…DUHHHHHHHHH. Who else would I be picking in this game. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS. A couple weeks ago I rewatch the imfamous (to jet fans at least) Doug Brien Game. Whatever happens, they can’t lose this game on a missed field goal. I just can’t go through that again. Especially if there isn’t going to be football next year. JETS ARE GOING TO THE ‘SHIP BABY!

    3)As if I haven’t been saying it all year. The Jets are the best team in football. They are loaded with talent, and have finally put it all together. Sanchez (aka the soon to be all-time leader in road playoff victories) needs to makea few plays, avoid mistakes, and bring the Lombardi trophy back to NY! THE NY JETS ARE THE 2011 SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!

    4)This one was tricky for me. QBs have a huge advantage in this category. But that’s a lame pick. I’ve been waiting weeks for a monster game from the best defensive player in the league. The odds must be crazy low for this to happen, but I really think if the Jets make it to the super bowl, Revis is gonna come up huge. Everything has been building up to him making a statement. REVIS ISLAND NEEDS THAT MVP TROPHY.

    Tie break: Final score: Jets 24- Packers 17


  41. Packers beat Bears

    Jets Beat Steelers

    Super Bowl: Jets 24, Packers 20
    LaDanian Tomlinson MVP

    But that won’t be the most memorable moment. That will be when Bart Scott completes his WWE transformation and cold-cocks Aaron Rodgers with a folding chair, shocking even “Mean” Gene Okerlund.

  42. Bears over Pack – Devon Hester is the difference

    Steelers over Jets – Steelers D shuts down Sanchez

    Steelers – 35 over Bears – 17

    MVP – Roethlisberger

  43. A hearty SportsChump welcome back to ACo everyone.

    You guys remember him, right?

    He’s still riding high off his 12-1 week back in Week 7, then made a mysterious disappearance without putting his money back on the table.

    That’s okay, always good to leave when up.

    Props to A for being the first entry to nominate Revis Island as MVP.

    Good luck, sir, and don’t be a stranger.

  44. BB….

    That it is.

    Everyone who chose GB has Rodgers as their MVP, meaning if GB wins and someone ELSE wins the MVP, all of SportsChump nation will go hatless. Otherwise, it will boil down to a tiebreak.

    As you can see, the Steelers picks for MVP are more spread out.

    Best of luck, sir.

  45. Super Bowl XLV is gonna be a hit. At our restaurant have 2 big groups of fans there watching the game , A Stealers group and a Packers group. Without a doubt it is going to become a crazy night. So just in case we are gonna have them seperated. It is going to be a great Superbowl.

  46. Congrats to Drew.

    Coulda, woulda, shoulda…. if only the Pack had scored a TD instead of that last FG, I woulda been in the mix.

    Fairly good game. Where would you place it on a list of best SB’s, Rev? Top-5, or just top-10?

  47. It was a pretty damn good game, Han.

    I don’t know if it was as good as Giants-Pats, Giants-Bills, Steelers-Cards or some of the early Steelers wins from back in the day but I was a little tipsy last night so much of the evening is a haze.

    I’d have to look at all of them a little more closely before I just go ahead and rank it in the Top 5.

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