Twelve reasons why an 18-game schedule is good for the NFL

12 – Scientists and policy-makers could use all the extra concussions and ACL tears as a case study for modernizing health care

11 – Roger Goodell won’t have to take that embarrassing pay cut

10 – Two extra losses for the Bills would go so nicely with the miserable Buffalo weather

9 – Eighteen games would also give the New England Patriots that much more opportunity to win games in the regular season, only to come up short in the playoffs once again

8 – Two more weeks gives us more time to talk about the hair growth of Troy Polamalu, Clay Matthews and other things that have absolutely no significance to the game

7 – Speaking of hair, more football means eventually adding another day to NFL draft coverage, giving us extra time to stare at Mel Kiper

6 – Two more weeks of drinking beer, eating chicken wings and postponing housework is tough to disagree with

5 – The extended schedule would inadvertently lead to a college playoff system.  Hey, if the NFL players can play 21 games, why can’t college kids play 15?

4 – Two more games would give the NFL that much more revenue to ignore the needs of its veterans

3 – Two more full weeks of football to bet on means that many more casinos will be built in Las Vegas when the betting public continues to lose its hard-earned income on ill-advised three-teamers

2 – When Brett Favre returns, it will only take him sixteen seasons to break his own consecutive games played streak, instead of the nineteen it took him to initially set the record

1 – Two more weeks of Rex Ryan press conferences

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39 Replies to “Twelve reasons why an 18-game schedule is good for the NFL”

  1. Chris

    I think it commendable that Goodell is prepared to take a nominal salary of $1-00 should there be a work stoppage. Well it’s still at $39,999-00 more than the average US citizen makes in a year and ajudged against his 2010 salary of $12 million it makes you wonder why he’s bothering at all .

    Stern makes on avg $7-12 million without bonuses and Selig over the last three years has been compensated to the tune of $45 million . So someone must be doing well in the upper echelons of sports don’t you think ?

    The 18 game schedule is nothing but an end run in order for the league to eke more money out of the pocket of the fans while the product as such is on the decline.

    What concessions has either side that they’re prepared to make in the first place ? Will rookie salaries decline ? And will the vets get paid adequately never mind the fact that a great deal of the time they’re being denied their rightful benefits . It’s all one big crock of sh_t that’s merely self serving for the NFL !

    tophatal ………

  2. I like the preseason games. I’ve had a lot of fun watching guys playing their hearts out trying to make the team only to find themselves selling insurance come September.
    Have a great weekend brother.

  3. The commissioner of any sports league is going to make bank, Al. This should be an interesting off-season for both the NBA and NFL.

    I don’t see them expanding the season to 18 games. There’s too much on the table and even though it means more revenue for all involved, I haven’t heard too much support for it on the players’ side.

  4. Aer…

    I could take or leave the pre-season although I do like the fact that the Bucs always play the Jags and Fish. Makes for good in-state rivalries.

    They should just do that in the regular season.

    Enjoy the Bowl, sir.

  5. It’s been rumored that the NFL feels threatened by the competitiveness of the UFL and Lingerie League . I myself find the Lingerie League very entertaining ! Nothing says ….. ‘let’s get at it ‘ than seeing barely clad females grope and fondle each other while chasing down a pigskin …… not to offend the Jews out there mind you !

    Lingerie League vid spots

    Whoopee ! ……. Seattle vs San Diego And no I ain’t talkin Whoopi Goldberg !


    tophatal ……… 😛

  6. Goodell has major jack ! He didn’t work either as his wife is wealthy beyond our wildest dreams .

    Jay Gruden becomes the OC for the Bengals ? How’d you see that not coming and will it make them even worse than they already are ? Marvin Lewis is now clutching at straws and a damn pipe dream …….. crack pipe that is !

    Tiger Woods is now MIA on the PGA Tour ? Rumor has it that he’s offering and seeking an advice from Charlie Sheen while looking to improve his game both on and off the course !

    Andy Pettite is about to announce his formal retirement from the Yankees. And Roger Clemens is in search of a hitman from the Russian Mob or one of the South American drug cartels before Pettite gives his testimony in Rocket’s trial later on in April.

    Rays sign another player to their pitching roster ……. this now ups the ante for them to win more than 75 games this season. No word however if Friedman is considering signing Pedro Martinez and his midget sidekick to further bolster fan interest in the team.

    tophatal …………….

  7. The NFL and the NBA ‘tween ’em have revenues in excess of $16 billion a year ($16,000,000,000) and they and their respective unions can’t find some common ground ?

    Well it’s up to me to entice you guys into watching the Lingerie League ? The girls are hot and there’s an even money chance that at some point in a game there’s a wardrobe malfunction as they grapple and grope each other for the pigskin . What’s not to like about that ?

    tophatal ………..

  8. Are you suggesting Goodell has a sugar momma, Al? Damn, his job description just keeps getting better and better.

    Must work on resume.

    As you know Gruden’s a popular guy ’round these parts. I’m actually surprised no NFL team has given him a shot sooner. Either way, this season should be the end of the Marvin Lewis experiment in Cincy. The bar ain’t closed yet, but it’s most certainly last call.

    Pettitte could always be counted on in October, Al. His consistency will be sorely missed in that Yankee rotation. In my book, ‘roids or no ‘roids, he’s a Hall of Famer.

    Pedro has a midget sidekick? I forgot all about that. Well, I got that beat. I sang karaoke last night with Dabney Coleman.

  9. Al…

    You’re preaching to the choir. I’m amazed these people ever strike. I’m pretty sure logic could take over if both parties ever chose to use it.

  10. What kind of shit is this? Only a handful of your e-mails make me want to open up the article. I guess it’s good that you wrote shit, to make everyone read it.

  11. Chris

    Nah not a sugar momma …….. but she comes from an independently wealthy family .

    This is Jay Gruden who’s gotten the job not Jon . Jon’s still being paid by the Bucs and ESPN so why would he want to return to grind of being an NFL coach ? I can think of $ 6 million plus reasons why Chucky’s happy at this moment in time !

    Pettite wants to be at home with his family especially his young kids . You seem to forget that while he’s up there in the Bronx his wife and kids remained in Texas . He simply didn’t want the constant upheaval of moving them around the country . Especially in the case of the kids and with ’em being so young still in school and having made friends there.

    Aren’t you the lucky one to be duetting with Dabney Coleman ? Any offers of a contract from my home dawg Randy Jackson or Simon Cowell ? But then again as a claim to fame you could always say that you slept with Paula Abdul ? LOL,LOL ,LOL !!!

    Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz says he wasn’t aware that overworking his players during training and then with 13 of them having been hospitalized and now said to be suffering from serious kidney problems that there was a serious issue. And now a few of them have contracted staph infections while in the hospital . I smell a possible lawsuit coming down the line either against the college or against the hospital . Take your pick as both have got deep pockets .

    tophatal ……..

  12. All that old ‘Mo Smith and Roge keep saying is there is common ground.

    How about a little negotiating 101 – We’ll split it down the middle. 17 reg. season games, 1 extra bye week, 2 pre-season games. Players will get more money (play more games) and more time off. TV gets rid of useless pre-season games, live fans don’t go either so parking and concessions suck for owners.

    It just makes all the sense in the world.

    The Owners truly are the dealer in this poker game but there is so much money that even the pigeons get paid well.

    I think 18 games is too much all at once. Maybe try out the idea of an extra wild card team and nobody gets a bye. No extra week needed and everybody makes more money.

  13. I know which Gruden it was, Al. He was the old coach of the Storm, I believe. Trust me, JON Gruden isn’t taking any assistant job. Heck, the only reason this made news at all is because Jon is Jay’s brother.

    I can’t fault any athlete for retiring early. Heck, how much money has Pettitte already made over his career. How much does one need to get by? Maybe the Yanks can check on Brett Favre’s availability.

    And Al, let’s just say Simon and Randy haven’t heard of me… yet.

    Agreed, that Iowa story sounds real fishy.

  14. I hate to say I told you so, Al, but that trade didn’t do squat for the Orlando Magic.

    If you remember, I didn’t like it one bit to begin with. If you’re going to disrupt an entire roster’s camaraderie in the middle of the season, you better be damn sure it’s going to work. At this point, I can see Orlando losing to either Atlanta, Chicago, Boston or Miami if they have to play them early, which they will.

    I don’t care if it was Dwight that wanted the trade. He’s no GM. Otis will take the fall for this. Richardson, Arenas and that other PF scrub they picked up are pretty much useless.

  15. Dave…

    There ya’ go, being all logical and stuff. I mean, what are you thinking, man?

    A friend on another website (Dubsism) actually wrote a great point not long ago. His pitch was that fans really don’t want to talk about contract negotiations and strikes and other bullshit. Unfortunately, however, that’s a lot of what professional sports has become.

    If we actually sat and thought about it, how pissed off would we be if, in this day and age when the NFL is bringing in more money than ever before, if they canceled the season because neither side could come to any sort of reasonable agreement?

  16. Chris, I’d like to comment on a point that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made in answering a question posed by Bengals’ receiver Chad Ochocinco, representing his own OCNN Network, at the annual Super Bowl press conference last night.

    In defending the owners’ reasoning to go to an eighteen-game regular season schedule with just two pre-season games rather than the four now played, Goodell commented that all he has heard from fans is their disdain for meaningless pre-season games and that he (Goodell) does not want to put a product on the field that does not meet the highest quality standards of the NFL. The Commissioner said, “If we can’t do it right, we won’t do it.”

    Fast forward to the flag football game known as the Pro Bowl in which tackling is non-existent and the efforts of many players was little more than a Thursday afternoon walk-through covering the game plan for the upcoming week-end’s game. Compared to a pre-season game wherein many players are striving to do their best to either get in shape and/or make the team, the Pro Bowl, with defensive rules that forbid blitzing linebackers and limit nickel secondaries, is a total farce. The irony is that the Pro Bowl had twice as many viewers as a competing Celtics-Lakers game and PGA Tour event, combined.

    Your argument is flawed, Mr. Goodell. You can’t have it both ways.

    Commissioner, if you say that fans don’t want pre-season games because they are meaningless, how can you justify presenting a totally watered-down farce like the Pro Bowl?

    I suggest it is simply because pre-season games don’t make sufficient money for the teams’ owners while large viewing audiences for the Pro Bowl drive even higher commercial revenue for the NFL.

    Commissioner, your reasoning is totally disingenuous.

  17. I must be in the minority, Jimmy, because I watched every second of that Lakers-Celtics game but didn’t catch a bit of the Pro Bowl.

    That game is probably the smallest wrinkle all parties involved will have to face in the upcoming collective bargaining agreement. Ironically, it’s an honor for players to be selected but none of them want to play in the game.

    I think most would agree with your point. Goodell is not winning any friends these days.

    Perhaps we’ll see a new face emerge over the summer, someone who’s educated, diplomatic and convincing enough to get these guys to come to terms with what’s going on here.

  18. Careful, J-Dub.

    Your allegiances are starting to show.

    Hey, expect an e-mail from me soon.

    I was struck with another brilliant idea.

    But you know me… I’m full of ’em.

  19. Particularly enjoyed #4.

    BTW, I’m looking forward to reading your SB recap…and the paragraph giving props to your West Coast buddy (and Wisconsin native) Drew.

    Packers covering spread, winning 30-23, Rodgers MVP…I know…not that far out on a limb but still.


    Titletown, U.S.A.

  20. Chris

    I’d like to do something like that but take it on a more serious note ! Watching the game as such I felt that to an extent it was uneventful as it was littered with mistakes by both teams.

    Can you remind me why again the NFL sees it necessary to have a half time show ? The Black Eye Peas were good in part but I doubt that a number of fans there would actually know who they are . And what the hell was wrong with Christina Aguilera ? Did she actually forget the words to the national anthem ? Or was it that she wanted to conduct her own wardrobe malfunction and that this butchering of a cherished song would go some way in gaining her further notoriety ?

    Does Brett now get to call Rodgers and say ‘welcome to the club’ ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Ah the Magic once proving that you can’t dress a sow and call it a pig !

    tophatal ………..

  21. Not a bad game overall, Al.

    I didn’t have a problem with the Peas. Everything those guys touch turns to gold. I heard Rome trash them on his TV show today. I’m not exactly sure why. I actually enjoyed the performance.

    And yes, is there any way Sterger can get her hands on that congratulatory text Favre sent to Rodgers?

  22. I am indeed going to Disney World! (although Disney Land is right up the highway and much closer)

    Thanks…I will wear my Sports Chump gear proudly!!

    Please send to 10755 Scripps Poway Parkway #480
    San Diego, CA 92131

  23. Great, Drew. Now everyone one of my readers knows where you live. Careful, we have stalkers lurking.

    Let me ask you this. Does Brooklyn Decker still receive mail at your house or has the mailman been instructed to forward it?

  24. Chris

    The Peas were average at best but I think it came down to the fact that the sound engineer may well have been related to Hellen Keller !

    Aguilera really needs to get her act together either give the fans what they want or simply have a wardrobe malfunction. The latter to my mind would’ve been preferable considering she somewhat butchered the National Anthem to some extent . Who the hell forgets the words when you’ve had friggin’ weeks to prepare for the event ?

    Brooklyn Decker isn’t she the reason why Andy Roddick can’t even hit a tennis ball much less scratch his own ?

    tophatal ……………..

  25. Chris

    Brett was considering having a party and then inviting Sheen and his crew to it in order to get pictures of Rodgers in a compromising position. Charlie Sheen responded none of my bit_hes goes down unless there’s $5 k on the table . To which Brett replied ah well I guess two Thai masseuses will have to do instead !

    tophatal ………………

  26. I’m still against the 18 game season. There’s personal reasons why I should want it, but I think it will dillute the regular season that seems to have enough games already. Are the “good” teams going to rest players for four weeks and have a bye week too? Sounds lame…

  27. Al…

    I’m surprised I’ve received so much hate mail about the Black Eyed Peas. These guys are good. They put out nothing but danceable, singable hits. Wherein lay the problem?

    Or in the words of my old bar band, drink more beer, they’ll sound better.

    Brooklyn Decker dumped the San Diego Sports Guy for Andy Roddick? Really? Talk about a downturn!

    I don’t recall Roddick’s website being on my blogroll.

  28. Chap…

    I hate to break it to you, but your boys at Doin’ Work have secretly told me that you’re only against an 18-game schedule because they fear you going that far below .500 with your picks.

    You might want to bring that up with them.

  29. That address is where I pick up my mail. Brooklyn was a very private person so we never gave out our home address. After she left me for Roddick I decided to keep it.

    I still get mail for her from time to time and forward to Austin, Texas. No hard feelings at all and I’m very happy for her success.

  30. Well, Drew.

    I guess you’re telling us the truth. Either that or you have an unhealthy obsession with this woman.

    It’s not that I even think she’s all that hot or anything. I’m just shocked you dated her for some reason.

    Let me ask you this though. Did she feed you popcorn at the Super Bowl?

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