NBA All-Star Game Live Chat – Sunday, Feb. 20, 8pm

I have always loved the NBA All-Star Game.

I love it because it’s a collection of the world’s most talented athletes flying through the air with the greatest of ease.

I love it because it’s a slam-dunking free-for-all.

I love that the final scores are a Westhead-ian 165-163.

I love when hypocrites complain that nobody in the game ever plays defense, as if anyone ever attended a sporting event and uttered “Wow, I hope I see some great defense tonight.”

I love the fact that among twenty-four of the biggest egos on the planet, one superego will rise above and win MVP.

I love the fact that the league makes no apologies for the weekend being overly cheesy.

I love that Bill Simmons once called NBA All-Star weekend the ‘Black Super Bowl’ and didn’t get fired for it, probably because no black people read his material.

I love that the All-Star Game is the only place where the formerly feuding Shaq and Kobe can win co-MVPs, or where Magic Johnson can hit an otherwise meaningless three-pointer and have it mean the world.

I love seeing Tracy McGrady toss the ball against the backboard in the middle of the game, split defenders, then grab the rebound and dunk it over both of them.

I love ‘Nique-Jordan-Webb battles.

I love vintage footage of Dr. J’s flowing afro as he leaps to the rim from the free throw line.

I love Bird calling his shots in the three-point contest while wearing his warm-up jersey.

I love watching the crowd oooh and ahhh.

I love the fact that, like it or not, some of the most memorable moments in league history stem from this very weekend and we never know what will happen next.

So, if you’re not busy this Sunday evening, come talk some hoops, share some all-star love with the Chump and let’s see what the greatest basketball players in the world have in store for us all.

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11 Replies to “NBA All-Star Game Live Chat – Sunday, Feb. 20, 8pm”

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  2. The sad part of this all is it’s as close to my home as it will ever be and I can’t go!!!!

  3. That sucks, G.

    You must be losing your touch. Do you have prior obligations or just don’t have the connects you used to?

    Back in the day, there wasn’t a place in the ‘Ville we couldn’t walk into.

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  5. Chris

    The NBA All Star game for me was about as worthwhile as watching the Daytona 500 ! Who the hell wants to watch a bunch of highly paid egotistical athletes get off an event that wasn’t competitive much less all that enjoyable to watch ? The whole event and weekend was just another reason why I stated that the NBA has a credibility gap and image. Stern and the game’s hierarchy have become completely clueless ! . Look at the mess that the Kings are now in at present ?

    tophatal ………..

  6. The game was a little anti-climactic but the last few minutes were fun. It boiled down to Kobe versus LeBron, with Kobe winning as usual.

    In the waning minutes, the Eastern Conference offense looked like the Miami Heat’s season in a nutshell: LeBron trying to force his shot.

  7. Didn’t make it to the chat. Ended up watching it at a buddies house, maybe next time I’ll make it. Pretty entertaining game. I like this All-Star game as much as any. It’s probably better than baseball because you have the starters finishing the game instead of the one pitcher Kansas City got into the game! I hate Kobe, but was happy he helped the West win my bet!

  8. All good in the hood, Chap.

    I actually thought the East would take this one considering Wade and LeBron have played together for half a season now.

    That was until I saw Kobe go apeshit.

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