Charlie Sheenisms and their equivalent in the world of sports

Like most Americans, I love a good train wreck and these days, we all have a ticket aboard the Charlie Sheen Express.  Every time the artist formerly known as Carlos Estevez appears on my boob tube, I find it hard to turn away from the spiraling descent that has become his career.

I know mental illness and drug addiction are no laughing matter but I stopped feeling sorry for millionaires long ago as I was riding my BMX to junior high while others were driving BMWs.  Hard work builds character, my folks would always say.  Well, apparently so do huge piles of cocaine.  It’s gotten to the point where Sheen is speaking in a language only he can understand.

I’m no psych major but this appears to be a classic case of ego gone haywire, fueled by fame, prostitutes and methamphetamines.  So to commemorate the ever-widening chasm that has become Charlie’s career, I thought I’d take some of his latest Sheen-isms and relate them to the world of sports.

Join me, won’t you?

“I will not believe that if I do something then I have to follow a certain path because it was written for normal people, people who aren’t special, people who don’t have tiger blood and Adonis DNA.”

for Tiger Woods

Like Charlie, Tiger Woods routinely behaved like he was above the law (or at least common decency) when he started bedding every cocktail waitress and porn star in sight, while his wife sat at home thinking she was actually married to a decent guy.  Woods might have been getting even more action than Sheen, or at least he remembered more of it.

Well, that ‘Tiger blood’ which I guess must be one part libido, one part ego and one part unlimited bankroll got both Sheen and Tiger into a world of trouble.  At this point, it’s hard to imagine either of them duplicating their earlier success.  Sheen’s #1 show has been cancelled and these days, Tiger’s lucky to finish tournaments in the money.

“Defeat is not an option. They picked a fight with a warlock.”

for Rex Ryan

Doesn’t this sound just like something Rex Ryan would say?  In fact, I think he may have at one point.  We should probably review some old Jets press conferences.  Perhaps Ryan can sue Sheen for plagiarism.

Even though Ryan, and Sheen, may think defeat is not an option, the Jets still lost in the AFC Championship game and at this point, it’s unlikely Sheen wins anything other than a return to Alcoholics Anonymous.

“I’m tired of pretending I’m not special. I’m tired of pretending I’m not a total bitchin’ rock star from Mars. People can’t figure me out. They can’t process me. I don’t expect them to. You can’t process me with a normal brain.”

for Dennis Rodman

We haven’t seen an athlete like Dennis Rodman since… well, Dennis Rodman.  It takes a lot more than just dyeing your hair purple to duplicate Rodman’s madness both on and off the court.

We celebrate Kevin Love’s rebounding totals this season, yet we forget that Rodman led the league in rebounding seven consecutive years, including three straight years of 17+ per game.  Say what you will about the man, but he was, and still is, marching to the beat of a totally different drummer.  He used to travel with his own personal bartender and has enough piercings and tattoos to make an entire goth club stop in their tracks and say, “Damn, that’s a lot of piercings!”  Oh yea, and he still shows up in public dressed in drag.

Rodman was the closest thing the NBA’s had to a ‘totally bitchin’ rock star’ in years.  I can’t think of any NBA player other than Rodman that would be caught dead partying with Sheen.  In fact, he’s probably at Sheen’s place right now.

“I’m an F-18, bro. And I will destroy you in the air. I will deploy my ordinance to the ground.”

For Blake Griffin

Is there any other NBA player this could apply to?  Bloggers internet-wide have openly confessed their man-crushes for Blake Griffin.  Since returning from injury, the Oklahoma product has been jumping out of the gym a la David Thompson but even more impressive is the fact that he’s made the Clippers watchable, which is no easy feat.

Some have complained this year’s Dunk Contest was rigged, that its outcome was predetermined.  It was.  If you didn’t think Griffin was going to win that thing going in, you were misleading yourself.

Now if only the Clippers can surround him with talent.

“I am on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen. It’s not available because if you try it once you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body. It’s too much.”

For Terrell Owens

It wasn’t all that long ago that Terrell Owens could actually play football.  It also wasn’t all that long ago that he was coming up with his own Sheen-isms, like “Get your popcorn ready” and “I love me some me.”

If talk about drug use in the NFL wasn’t taboo, Owens would probably have already popped out with “Yeah, I’m on a drug.  It’s called Terrell Owens.  I do sit-ups in my driveway.  Look at my abs.”

But Sheen beat him to the punch on this one.

Next question!

“I wish him nothing but pain in his silly travels especially if they wind up in my octagon.”

For Dan Gilbert

Sheen actually meant this quote for Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre but doesn’t it sound exactly like what scorned Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert, said as soon as he found out LeBron was on the next flight to Miami?

We know now who got the better end of the LeBron deal.  Nobody.

The Cavaliers are back to sucking as bad as they did before drafting LeBron and his new team, the Miami Heat, have lost five straight and can’t beat a decent opponent.

On a side note, UFC’s Dana White has graciously offered up his octagon for Sheen and Lorre to duke it out.  Talk about a publicity stunt.  First Kimbo Slice, then Brock Lesnar, now Charlie Sheen?

As ridiculous as that sounds, tell me that’s honestly something you wouldn’t watch.

“So what we all have is a marriage of the hearts. And to sully, contaminate, or radically disrespect this unit with a shameful contract is something I’ll leave to the amateurs and bible grippers. If he’s a businessman, then let him make some good business moves.  Like celebrating me.”

For Roger Goodell, DeMaurice Smith, NFL ownership and the Players Union

It’s bad enough football season is over, leaving most of us looking for a way to occupy our Sundays and Monday nights.  As the 2011 season hangs in the balance, ownership and players continue to toy with our emotions… and the future success of their league.

I’m sure the last thing either side wants is a strike but unless both sides can work out their grievances, that’s what’s likely to happen.

There have already been two extensions to the initial March 3 deadline, which I guess is a good thing.  I mean, they’re talking, right?

Perhaps we can get Mr. Sheen to talk some sense into them.

“I’m underpaid right now, sure. … I’m tired of pretending like I’m not special.”

For Albert Pujols

Cardinals fans these days have to be as nervous as a kitten in a roomful of rocking chairs.  St. Louis’ time to re-sign Albert Pujols, three-time MVP winner and hands down the best player in the league, came and went.  Now his future with the franchise remains uncertain.

In ten full seasons as a Cardinal, Pujols has barely missed a game.  He’s only 31 years old, has over 400 career home runs and an unearthly career batting average of .331.  Every other team (that thinks they can afford his price tag) has to be salivating over the thought of Pujols in their lineup.

Personally, I think he stays in St. Louis.  I don’t think there’s any way they let this guy go, regardless of how much they have to pay him to stay.

That won’t stop Cubs fans from dreaming about him playing ball in Wrigley Field next year.  Oh yeah, isn’t Charlie Sheen a Cubs fan?

“If you love with violence and you hate with violence there is nothing that can be questioned.”

For James Harrison

I don’t care if you are a millionaire.  Having to write a check for 25 grand every week has to piss off the wife.  Of course, 25 grand is just a night out for Sheen.

Harrison plays the game the way it’s supposed to be played.  With reckless, yet restrained, abandon.  He’s a guy you don’t want to have hit you… ever, yet the NFL docked him weekly just for doing his job, but doing it violently.

There’s no talk this off-season of granting Harrison a refund.  In fact, if there is a season next year, violent hits will probably be fined more heavily, meaning guys like Harrison might not want to spend too frivolously this summer.

“The only thing I’m addicted to right now is winning, just winning every second.  Winning, anyone?  Duh, winning!  Catch you in the rear view, losers.”

For Jimmie Johnson

Two weeks into the NASCAR season, Jimmie Johnson is 13th in the Sprint Cup standings, which is probably right where he wants to be.  It’s hard not to assume it’s only a matter of time before he makes a run at winning his sixth straight championship.

Johnson’s run of titles has become as automatic as Sheen speaking indecipherably and like Sheen, Johnson has a clear view of his competitors in his rear view mirror.

Let’s just hope Sheen doesn’t get behind the wheel any time soon.

“Women are to be hugged and caressed.”

For Brandon Davies

Poor BYU.  A school that once had a legitimate shot at a Final Four has suspended its second best player… and they have hormones to thank.

Davies was recently suspended for the rest of the college basketball season for having premarital sex with his girlfriend, which is against his school’s honor code and the Mormon faith.

You have to hand it to BYU for sticking to their principles and not putting financial well-being in front of their creed.  Don’t you?

“Hope is for suckers and fools.”

For NFL fans

While the NFL powers that be wear their suits, sip their Starbucks and try to fairly divvy up a nine billion dollar pie, football fans are left hoping both sides will make amends.

It’s not something we want to talk about.  It’s not something we want to read about.  It’s bad enough they took Two and a Half Men off the air.  Now they’re messing with our football.

We are all hoping Goodell, Smith and company don’t screw things up.  Football fans everywhere would give anything just to sit in one of these meetings and shout “Gentlemen, really?  We’re talking nine billion dollars here.  Figure it out.”

“We’re gonna kick ass and get it done.  We just need a forum to do it in.”

For the NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs

I know I’m not alone in looking forward to the Eastern Conference playoffs.  Aside from Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Durant, basically EVERY other superstar in the league now dons a uniform for a franchise East of the Mississippi.  The Knicks, Heat, Celtics, Magic, and Bulls (and I’ll throw in the Hawks for good measure) all have Finals potential.  None will be an easy out.

As the season progresses and these six powers get even more dangerous, playoff seeding will be crucial.  The top two seeds should have an easy time playing fringe teams (Philadelphia, Indiana, Charlotte) while seeds three through six will have to slug it out worse than a Charlie Sheen-Denise Richards separation.

Either way, I’m ready.  Let’s get this party started.

“I got magic and I got poetry at my fingertips.”

For Dwight Howard

It wasn’t long ago that Dwight Howard had one of the ugliest shots in basketball.  His offensive game was one-dimensional.

After spending an off-season working with Hakeem Olajuwon, Howard is stoppable in the post only when he stops himself.  He jumps higher than any big man in the league and is having a legitimate MVP season.

He’s second in the league in blocks, second in field goal percentage, second in rebounds and ninth in scoring.  I’d say that qualifies for a few MVP votes.

Now if only he could work on his free throw percentage… and his temper.

“I feel more alive, I feel more focused, I feel more energetic. I’m on a quest to claim absolute victory on every front.”

For Derrick Rose

The Chicago Bulls point guard is making things look easy this season.  With injuries to many of their key players this year, Rose has ensured the Bulls haven’t skipped a beat.  He’s averaging 25 points, eight assists and has his Bulls contending for the best record in the Eastern Conference.  They also have the second best home record in the NBA.

Chicago knew they were getting their point guard of the future when they drafted him number one three years ago.  They just didn’t expect for him to lead them into contention so quickly.

“Everybody thinks I should be, like, begging for my job back. And I’m just going to forewarn them that it’s everybody else that’s going to be begging me for their job back.”

For Carson Palmer

Oh look, another disgruntled NFL quarterback.  After playing for the Bengals for so long, can you blame the guy?

Cincinnati has been so inconsistent for so long, it’s hard for even the most discriminating NFL fan to determine how much of that was Palmer’s fault.

There’s no denying a change of scenery would do Palmer some good but why would Cincy give up on their franchise quarterback at this point?  Don’t they have a few more years of Sheen-like dysfunction left in them?

In the end, Palmer may go the way of Jake Plummer and ride off into the sunset but at least he won’t have to listen to Chad Ochocinco any more… and that’s gotta be worth something.

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48 Replies to “Charlie Sheenisms and their equivalent in the world of sports”

  1. Wow Chris! This is pure brilliance. Some of the best stuff you’ve written. You are on point with the athletes you have matched to the quotes. Really nice job my friend.

  2. Snake…

    These dudes came into my bar last happy hour and must have said “Winning” twenty times. They raised their glasses to it.

    Sheen hit a homer with that one. We’ll see how long it sticks.

  3. On the surface, Charlie Sheen might seem like he’s gone over the edge, but we will all see very soon that he will come back bigger than ever. Sheen is truly a man with a plan.

  4. I usually hate the 24-7, train wreck, celeb news, ala, Lindsey, Paris, etc. But, Sheen is interesting. I’ve been around a few coked out, would be, geniuses before, but none could touch Charlie’s insights.

    I’m beginning to doubt that he’s on coke now, though. This is a very long run without crashing yet. I’m thinking he may have a baseball size brain tumor.

    Great post, Rev. All your comparisons hit the bullseye like a jet fueled dart with a tiger blood GPS.

  5. I will say this, Snake. He’s definitely a draw.

    I don’t know that his head’s screwed on straight (who’s is?), but he’s definitely a draw.

  6. Yea, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with him these days. Maybe he’s just a loon.

    Or maybe we’re all the crazy ones and he’s the only sane one, right?

  7. Like Charlie, you have taken your vocation to the next level. I commend you and he for refusing to settle for mediocrity. My compliments sir.

  8. Chris

    First off kudos to the USF Bulls and their stunning upset of Villanova !

    Now on to your topic I’m not being ambivalent here but shouldn’t the Jets’ Antonio Cromartie be here merely because he can barely name all nine of his kids much less remember who their mothers are and the fact that he owes ’em child and spousal support ?

    I’d put the Bengals’ Carson Palmer here for merely thinking that the Bengals’ front office would trade him even with his threat to retire . Some guys will never learn !

    And kudos to Mark Cuban for showing why he’s a failure when it comes to conceptualizing business from what’s real ! He now wants to give Sheen his own reality show on his eponymous cable outlet HDNet . Is anyone actually watching the program content there ? Isn’t that where Dan Rather has gone to resurrect what semblance of a pi_s ant news’ career he once had ?

    I know people like to watch train wrecks but even Sheen now has become passe’ ! The one thing you don’t do in Hollywood is burn bridges and bite the hand that feeds you ! Have as anyone heard from Mel Gibson recently ? There’s a cautionary tale for Sheen to observe .

    If Tressel says he was unaware that there were recruiting violations at Ohio State should we actually take him at his word ? And if so then why is it that from his jail cell Maurice Clarett is said to be a little miffed at his former coach ?

    Serena Williams says she’s hoping to come back in the summer to resume her tennis career after her recent injuries . Does that mean that Common now gets to tap that booty with even more regularity ?

    If Woods doesn’t win a Grand Slam event this year does that mean Nike will finally rescind their contract with him …………just asking that’s all ?

    Should I even take Selig at his word when he says he has no reason to intervene in the present predicament of the Mets if it’s proven that both Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz (owner & team President) used the organization as well as their own investment company Sterling Equities to hide monies from the plaintiffs seeking the return of the money they got from the Madoff Ponzi —- Scheme ? That s_hit is now getting more disturbing by the second and it could end up with not only the team being subpoenad but also the hierarchy of MLB . Especially given the fact that they (Sterling Equities) did business with the league in terms of their so called investments . Makes you wonder what goes on behind closed doors within the league doesn’t it ?

    If during their deliberations the federally appointed mediator George Cohen says to both Goodell and Smith ………. I’ve had had enough’ but rather than rendering a verdict says to ’em ……..’I’m leaving you in this room for the next four days without food and water ” are the two liable to come to an agreement or would Cohen upon his return find the two actually spooning each other ?

    tophatal ………..

  9. Chris

    La Russa says he doesn’t Pujols to leave but he also says he doesn’t want the team to overpay for the player . Isn’t this the same guy who made the three monkeys seem (b>………’see no evil , hear no evil and speak no evil )………. redundant while he managed the “Bash Brothers “ and their steroid induced careers and later said he didn’t believe McGwire —– was on ‘roids even when he was with the Cardinals ?

    tophatal ……………..

  10. Chris

    Is that now five straight that the Heat have lost as I can’t seem to remember because of all of the bitchin’ and whinin’ said to be coming from within the team ? One of your patrons who made that rather neurotic statement about James being better than Kobe had better now revisit the issue. The only thing LBJ now seems to be better at is laying the blame elsewhere while an a_s wipe like Bosh whines about not being given more of an active role . Well Bosh how ’bout you approaching CBS and asking them about taking over Charlie Sheen’s role as Charlie Harper in “Two And A Half Men “ ? Who’d notice the difference to begin with ? Two talentless hacks whose thoughts about themselves have no validity or veracity to begin with !

    I’m waiting for Riles’ now to blow a gasket about fans and the press criticizing the team . Chris Webber was right the team is soft from its stars to the front office ! This team acts like Tarzan …….. but as of late they’ve been playing like Jane !

    tophatal …………..

  11. Chris

    I’m dedicating the following to Goodell and Smith of the NFL and NFLPA respectively !

    Goodell & Smith ………. ‘This Love ‘ . Perhaps they ought to try it as they just might like it ? It seemed to have worked for Ennis Del Mar .

    tophatal …………..

  12. Chris

    There’s not a cat in hell’s chance that Rah would even consider signing Tiki Barber is there in order that he can play alongside his Ronde on the Bucs is there ? Please say it ain’t so ?

    tophatal …………

  13. Wasn’t it Lombardi who coined the phrase …….” winning isn’t everything it’s the only ” ? It’s actually a common misconception because Lombardi used the term after it was first said by Red Sanders former UCLA coach.

    That being said teams such as the Heat , T’wolves and Pirates may well struggle winning during their regular seasons. And at the same time Sheen is now making winning a euphemism ! I wonder how his goddesses feel about that and him ?

    tophatal ………………………

  14. Aer…

    As always, sir, thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed.

    Going to check out Yanks-Phils today. I’ll report back on whether either can win the World Series.

  15. USF did well against Nova, Al, but they’ve been ripe for an upset. Haven’t they lost a few straight now? Heck, is Spoelstra coaching that team?

    Look, it’s only a matter of time before Sheen gets his own show, and people will watch. It’s no surprise someone like Cuban wants to back that idea.

    This whole Tressel thing is pretty wild. I missed what Meyer had to say about him on ESPN but I’m sure he had nothing but the nicest things to say. You know coaches don’t bash other coaches… unless of course it’s Chaney and Calipari.

  16. If anybody would know whether Pujols was juicing, Al, wouldn’t it be LaRussa?

    You and I both know he was well aware of what was going on in that clubhouse when Big Mac was doing his thing.

  17. Good stuff Chris. Looks like you got on a major roll after you did a few of them, and had so many you didn’t know where to stop! I enjoyed them all!

  18. Very well done Chump. Your posts have really improved ever since you started banging…er…spending time with Kim Kardashian. That is you, right?

    “If only the Clippers could surround him with talent.”

    Come on now. Surely you jest? My Clips are one player away (an above average small forward) from being a major player in the West. Gordon, DeAndre, Kaman, Mo…that is solid team my friend. (no, I’m not coming off a three night cocaine/booze/tiger blood bender)

  19. Chris

    I doubt that Pujols has hit the ‘juice’ ! Kid has been big from the get-go . And I seriously doubt he’d do it given the fact that one of his kids is mentally and physically challenged .

    Sheen is getting his own reality show apparently Mark Cuban’s cable networtk HDNet . Nothing has been inked as of yet but he apparently has approached him about it. Good that way we can get to see <b< Rachel Oberlin aka porn star Bree Olsen …… spread her wings ……. I know she ain’t been drinkin’ Red Bull to do that !

    Take Me At My Word ….

    Tressel once a cheat always been a cheat ! ‘nough said on the matter . So the Tigers’ Cabrera wants to do a Barret Robins ? How close did he come to getting shot by the cops ?

    Sunrise early in the morning and another NFL deadline has come and gone !

    La Russa ……… was and has always been a putz !

    tophatal ……………..

  20. Al….

    Looks like the Heat managed to break out of their slump tonight. I didn’t get to watch the game but a win is a well-needed win.

    As dysfunctional and one-dimensional as this team is, it’s still not a team I would want to mess with during the playoffs.

  21. William…

    Thank you, sir.

    How’s the Loaf treatin’ ya?

    And where the hell have you been lately?

    You must be behaving. I haven’t seen you out.

  22. Drew…

    I still haven’t taken advantage of that whole Kris Humphries-Kim Kardashian thing. I guess I should for the sake of whoring myself out to traffic.

    More interestingly, I’m surprised the kid hasn’t become more of a star because of her. Guess her Midas touch has run out… as if it ever existed.

    I know you didn’t just say the Clippers are one player away from being a legitimate contender.

    Who might that be exactly?

  23. I guess the question re: Pujols, Al, is how much of a distraction his contract will become during the regular season.

    And speaking of distraction, it’ll be interesting to see how the recent Ohio State stuff affects the basketball team in the post-season.

  24. Chris

    Let’s just say that “winning” makes everything appear better even if it’s only momentarily . This Heat team isn’t as good as is being advertised ! Bosh will still continue to bitch even though he’s the third wheel amongst the ‘Big Three’

    Pujols </b< isn't asking for the whole shebang just to be fairly compensated that’s all . He’s been more productive than A-Roid over the last few years and he’ s a leader on that Cardinals team . Unlike the narcissist we’ve all come to hate !

    As for Tressel with this latest malaprop well I firmly believe this isn’t the first time he’s actually done this wherein he’s hid the truth from his AD Gene Smith and university President E Scott Gee . But then again isn’t Gee the same dumb a_s who stated that the likes of Boise State and others from a lesser conference shouldn’t at all be BCS Bowl —- eligible because they play soft schedules ? Since when have the Buckeyes played anyone of relevance and actually won with any great margin of victory much less show their prowess ? When they’ve scheduled the Lil’ Sisters The Poor and Merciless I do tend question the sanity of the Gee and that coaching staff there within the state of Ohio !

    So how close did the Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera come to being shot by police here in Florida ? This guy now makes former Raiders’ player Barret Robbins seem sane ! I don’t care if you’r e blind drunk you don’t threaten a cop with physical harm and you certainly don’t throw expletives his way .

    Now the Tigers have all but shut him down it appears for the rest of their Spring Training schedule and it appears that there’s talk that they might look at ways either releasing him if at all possible . They still owe the guy three years on his existing 7 yr $119 million contract . Hopefully they had a buyout clause in there somewhere ?

    At this moment I don’t think that Buckeyes’ basketball team or coaching staff have anything to worry about . At least I hope not ! I mean it’s not as if they’ve got Tim Floyd in the building a llegedly handing out cash to players now is it ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!! But as we know stranger things have happened and usually do .

    tophatal …………………

  25. Still though, Al, it was a win the Heat desperately needed. Their problems are far from over but even a blind squirrel finds a nut every so often, huh?

    To your point on Pujols, that’s exactly why I think he stays in St Louis. Who’s his agent anyway?

    And you’re right, Al. Ohio State has not been getting any good pub lately. You’d think they might want to fly a little under the radar these days. I bet you the gang at Boise State is having the last laugh now. Too bad they don’t play each other early in the season when Tressell and Pryor are both suspended.

    I haven’t seen Cabrera swerving, I mean driving around Tampa these days, Al. If I did, I’d be sure to get out of the way.

  26. Chris

    Cabrera was further south in either Ft Pierce or Pt St Lucie . Pity that didn’t go down on Miami Beach as the PD there would’ve used him for target practice the same way they did with Barret Robbins .

    Tigers’ GM Dave Dombrowski is proposing that Michael Ilitch the team owner ask his friend Dick Cheney out for a duck hunt and have Caberera act as a decoy . Perhaps then Cheney can actually hit something in front of him that looks and walks like a duck !

    As for the Buckeyes after this fiascos their lame a_s fans can down off their high horse and smell the stench within the football program

    tophatal ……..

  27. Chris

    The Heat wins big so that now makes 2-8 against top five teams in the league ? Am I really suppose to be impressed by that ?

    What’s this ’bout Stern wanting to have a tete-a-tete with Van Gundy after his latest lambasting of the NBA hierarchy and the officiating ? Van Gundy had better not have either a Sheen or Gibson type meltdown or his a_s will most definitely be grass !

    tophatal ………..

  28. Chris

    Tressel is a man of very few words when it comes to telling the truth much as in the same way Clinton was over the Lewinsky affair , Pinocchio and his ever increasing nose , former journalist Jayson Blair and who can forget the claims of House Rep Mark Foley .

    tophatal ………..

  29. At least the Tigers have had Cabrera’s back through all this, Al. The guy made a mistake.

    And I’ll let my Buckeye readers respond to your comments on their own.

  30. The Heat still struggle, Al. All I’m saying is it’s a team nobody will want to face come playoff time. Would a first round exit surprise me? No. Would a Finals appearance surprise me? Only slightly.

    And that whole Van Gundy-Stern thing is nothing new. Stern’s been muzzling people in the league for years. SVG was just protecting his guy.

    Van Gundy’s right though. Howard is called differently.

  31. Chris

    But Van Gundy at times does act like a rabid dog …. he needs to calm down somewhat !

    I couldn’t care if the Heat is winning or losing as nothing is ever to change with regard to the psyche of that team. They initially started it all …….” it’s us against the world mentality “.. and they expected the fans to lap that crap up ! The problem being is that their psyche is soft and neither D Wade , LBJ , Bosh or Riley for that matter are mature enough to take the criticism when it’s dished out their way ! That’s the problem I have with the Heat and the fact they won’t even admit to the fact that the team is flawed .

    Riley built this team and he’ll have to deal with the outcome win or lose it’s as simple as that !

    The only reason the Tigers stood by Cabrera was that they weren’t fully made aware of the facts by the player. Now they know that not only was he threatening towards the police officers but he’d also threatened a restaurant staff it’s proprietor and several of its patrons before his run in with the law . And that’s what the Tigers are really pi_sed about also .

    Can you imagine if he’d been armed while either in the restaurant or when he was confronted by the cops ? That whole scenario would’ve taken a completely different ending don’t you think ?

    I see another baseball relationship has bitten the dust as Rangers CEO Chuck Greenberg </b< abruptly resigned from the organization . I wonder whether or not he was pushed out by Nolan Ryan or one of the eponymous billionaire backers of the team ?

    My How Times Fly And Things Change ……………….

    tophatal ……….

  32. Al…

    What you see is what you get with Van Gundy. He’s an emotional guy. I don’t have a problem with him going after Stern or defending Dwight Howard. But again, know who you’re picking a fight with. Judging by Stern’s comments, SVG might have gotten under his skin just a bit.

    Both were right, both were wrong. And considering the Magic are as inconsistent as they come, SVG might want to focus on his team’s results. They’ve now lost 25 games and three of their last four.

    Re: the Heat, Al, they are what they are. Wade and LeBron should be able to take over games. If you were an NBA GM, wouldn’t you have made a play at LeBron this off-season? We’ve all been counting down the days or Riley’s return to the sidelines for some time now. If they flame out in the post-season, I’m sure some adjustments will be made this summer.

    To be perfectly honest, I haven’t followed the whole Cabrera deal. I would imagine he’s being held on a pretty tight leash from here on out.

  33. Chris

    If I were an NBA GM this’d be my thing with LBJ …………. ” you’re in you’re now part of a team and I expect you to lead by example ” ! Not bitch and whine and make remarks in public indirectly ’bout the coach and coaching staff. It’s his ego that’s now pis_ing off people ! And the same with Bosh as well.

    As for Cabrera the guy needs some serious psychiatric counseling before he harms himself or a family member .

    As for SVG it’s to be expected as he’s highly animated and a great deal is expected of him and the team this season. But he does make a valid point but now it’s become like beating a dead horse way after it’s dead ! The fact of the matter is the officiating in the NBA on a good day is marginally above average and its worse it’s downright abysmal and insulting to the fans’ intelligence. But yet Stern …. continually stand by these officials . It’ll all be magnified once the postseason begins and then we’ll see some major controversies without a doubt . I mean it’s continually been that way for the last several years. Absolutely nothing is about to change at this juncture !

    I’d left a response to the Greenberg thing and the Rangers. I do believe the guy may well have been pushed out rather than him actually going of his own will. Him resigning only makes it look good from a PR standpoint.

    Oh so I should expect to see some intelligent responses from Buckeyes’ fans over the Tressel fiasco ? Isn’t that like saying the next utterance out of Sheen’s mouth will be discerning and intelligent ?

    Heavens Chris are you alright ?

    What we saw from Tressel was the guy’s true colors much as in the same with the likes of Calhoun , Calipari , Pearl , Carroll and Kiffin . These are the type of guys ….. who’d lie cheat and steal even from their dying grandmother and wouldn’t even flinch while doing so !

    And as I said in my piece I don’t expect the NCAA to really do much about the situation .

    They (NCAA) make the Keystone Cops seem almost legendary by their standards when it comes to conducting a meaningful and thorough investigation .

    tophatal …………….

  34. Chris

    Well it’s final ……… the NFL lockout is now here and if it last the season it’s going to hurt the cities where the stadiums are owned by them . chappy is under the impression that it won’t affect those communities directly but what he seems to forget is that over a regular season the cities and particular those municipal agencies gain millions in revenues for their respective communities.

    I’m going to try and throw up a piece within the next few days on the first Ali v Frazier ….. fight that took place at MSG (Madison Sq Garden) as it forty years ago last Tuesday right after Ali had been released from prison for refusing to fight in Vietnam as a conscientious objector to the ‘nam war .

    I’ll do the usual once it’s up . So be on the lookout for the e-mail . I know that you chappy , aero and I think ,a href=””> JW are still boxing aficionados aren’t you ?

    tophatal ………………

  35. Al…

    I think there are probably only a handful of GMs in the league that have either the know-how or respect to do that. I’m guessing Riles is one. But once again, isn’t this something that LeBron should already know?

    When Shaq went down there, they all had their little pow-wow and got it done. LeBron is a man. I’m assuming his goal is to be a champion. Should Riley REALLY have to tell him these things?

    Re: Stern and SVG, everyone knows you’re not allowed to criticize the officiating, even more so after the Donaghy scandal. Stern protects them with kid gloves, so basically any comment about their professionalism will bring his ire. This is nothing new.

    Looking forward to another one of your takes on the NCAA. This should be good.

  36. Al…

    My girl wondered why I wasn’t following the NFL negotiations more closely.

    This is what I told her.

    Either the NFL postpones its season and we all lose as fans. (So does the league).

    Or they resume play this fall and that is when I will follow the changes the league puts into effect.

    To follow the back-and-forth negotiations isn’t what I enjoy as a sports fan, so I’ll sink my teeth into following March Madness and the upcoming NBA playoffs.

  37. Chris

    There are those out there saying that this won’t hurt the NFL ! And it won’t but it will hurt them image wise and in the long run it will affect their pockets because when a consumer becomes dissatisfied they tend to turn away from the brand in part and here that’s when it comes to sales of merchandise and other forms of licensed NFL memorabilia . Never mind the 100,000 jobs that are indirectly affected by this decision . And then the fact that there’s the loss of revenue to the cities where the stadiums in question are actually owned by them . You think that the city of Tampa can do without the revenues that they get from Ray J during an NFL season given their present financial predicament ? That’s what the likes of chappy , classic17 and others don’t seem to understand other than the small business within close proximity who’ll see a large part of the revenues fall because of this lockout .

    And less we forget the broadcast networks that have paid the NFL in advance for the rights to televise the games . When there’s no games to be shown there now becomes a void that needs to be filled never mind that the networks can charge premium ad rates during these games . It’s a loss all round for everyone no matter which way you look at it . And that includes the fans in spite what many of them are saying .

    For two individuals whose background is the law Goodell and Smith come across as being completely clueless . I think that this all came down to a pi_sing contest between the two rather than it being about doing what’s right. Even the owners and the union aren’t without fault in this mess .

    Now we have Brees , Manning and Brady </b? filing an injunction against in Federal Court to stop the lockout . Well I knew that the sh_t was going to hit the fan the moment the union decertified because the league gave them no choice to begin with not even wanting play fair and actually let their accountants scrutinize the league’s finances .
    That told me all that I needed to know about this whole cluster f_ck to begin with !

    tophatal ………..

  38. Who is that’s saying, Al, that this won’t hurt the NFL? I’d like to hear their logic.

    I might agree that if they end up playing as scheduled, then much might be forgotten, but will we ever forget the greed?

    I agree with you. The indirect financial impact of a strike is immeasurable. And if I were the television networks, I’d sue the league for a refund. That’d make things REALLY interesting.

    And I’m still not sure I totally understand the whole logic behind decertifying the union. I thought that was something the players DIDN’T want to do.

    Like I’ve said in the past, I’m trying to pay as little attention to this as possible.

  39. Chris

    Those are nut cases who’ve no business sense !

    Decertifying the union makes it harder for the NFL to go after them legally within the court system from a legal standpoint . With the union dissolved what entity can the NFL go after as a defendant ?

    The players now can go after the league which I’ve no doubt that they will , and then challenge their antitrust status and perhaps forcing the league (NFL) to open up its books for public scrutiny and that’s the thing that the league and owners in particular have refused to do. Instead they’ve come up with numbers that absolutely no one can actually verify as to their financial plight. They’re pleading poverty when they in fact close to $5.5 billion of the $9 billion in revenue it receives each year ? How does that work ? Who runs thing there ……….. the former accountants from Enron and accounting firm Arthur Andersen who audited Enron and said that they were a sound business ? WTF ?

    I’d like see how Manning , Brees and Brady filed their suit and the language it took to see how they’re going after the league ? The injunction apparently suggests that they’ve acted outside their parameters as an entity. That I can’t see if the owners and league hierarchy are all in agreement .

    Well I’ve said it all along the two sides never had the wish to resolve their problems amicably. And Goodell in spite of his alleged legal mind , it was clear that DeMaurice Smith ate him up and spat him out like a piece stale food .

    tophatal ……………

  40. Al…

    I guess the fact that neither side can figure it out just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    Like I said, I’ll speak out on it eventually but there’s too many good things going on in sports right now (March Madness, NBA Playoffs, spring training) to focus on the bullshit.

  41. Let’s not forget who first compared Blake Griffin to a warplane.

    Nevertheless, sheer genius. I tip my cap, sir.

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