Second Annual March Madness Bracket Bonanza

Welcome one and all to SportsChump’s Second Annual March Madness Bracket Bonanza.

As you may recall, poker star, avid Chumpeteer and college basketball prognosticator extraordinaire, Stevie Y. (the handsome gentleman to your right), proved he was smarter than everyone else by taking home last year’s grand prize: a SportsChump t-shirt to call his own.  This year’s prize: FreeDarko’s highly coveted The Undisputed Guide to Pro Basketball History, a must for any Basketball Jones.

All you need to do is predict the future.

This year’s contest will be held exactly like last year’s.  The 2011 NCAA brackets are as follows:

Southwest Region:

In Tulsa
No. 1 Kansas vs. No. 16 Boston University
No. 8 UNLV vs. No. 9 Illinois

In Denver
No. 5 Vanderbilt vs. No. 12 Richmond
No. 4 Louisville vs. No. 13 Morehead State

In Chicago
No. 2 Notre Dame vs. No. 15 Akron
No. 7 Texas A&M vs. No. 10 Florida State

No. 3 Purdue vs. No. 14 St. Peter’s
No. 6 Georgetown vs. Southern California-Virginia Commonwealth winner (First Four game in Dayton)

West Region:

In Charlotte
No. 1 Duke vs. No. 16 Hampton
No. 8 Michigan vs. No. 9 Tennessee

In Tulsa
No. 5 Arizona vs. No. 12 Memphis
No. 4 Texas vs. No. 13 Oakland

In Tucson
No. 2 San Diego State vs. No. 15 Northern Colorado
No. 7 Temple vs. No. 10 Penn State

In Washington, D.C.
No. 3 Connecticut vs. No. 14 Bucknell
No. 6 Cincinnati vs. No. 11 Missouri

East Region:

In Cleveland
No. 1 Ohio State vs. Texas-San Antonio-Alabama State winner (First Four game in Dayton)
No. 8 George Mason vs. No. 9 Villanova

In Tampa
No. 5 West Virginia vs. UAB-Clemson winner (First Four game in Dayton)
No. 4 Kentucky vs. No. 13 Princeton

In Charlotte
No. 2 North Carolina vs. No. 15 Long Island
No. 7 Washington vs. No. 10 Georgia

In Cleveland
No. 3 Syracuse vs. No. 14 Indiana State
No. 6 Xavier vs. No. 11 Marquette

Southeast Region:

In Washington, D.C.
No. 1 Pittsburgh vs. UNC-Asheville-Arkansas-Little Rock winner (First Four game in Dayton)
No. 8 Butler vs. No. 9 Old Dominion

In Tucson
No. 5 Kansas State vs. No. 12 Utah State
No. 4 Wisconsin vs. No. 13 Belmont

In Tampa
No. 2 Florida vs. No. 15 UC Santa Barbara
No. 7 UCLA vs. No. 10 Michigan State

In Denver
No. 3 Brigham Young vs. No. 14 Wofford
No. 6 St. John’s vs. No. 11 Gonzaga

Your first task is to choose the ONE team from each foursome above that you think will reach the Sweet 16.  For example, for the games held in Denver, choose the one team (either BYU, Wofford, St . John’s or Gonzaga) you think will survive through the first Sunday.

NO points will be awarded for the winners of the Thursday/Friday matchups!!!  However, if any of your Sweet Sixteen teams fail to make it through the first weekend, YOU CANNOT EARN POINTS WITH THEM IN LATER ROUNDS.  There are no re-buys, ladies and gentlemen.

List ONLY your sweet sixteen teams in the comments below.  After the first two rounds are complete, you will then be asked to pick the winners of later rounds based upon which teams you have remaining.

Your Sweet Sixteen selections must be in by Thursday noon!!!  Bookmark this page for regular scoring updates and to select which of your remaining teams will advance.  Be sure to return after the first weekend to make the rest of your picks.

The scoring is as follows:

Three points will be awarded for each correct Sweet 16 team for maximum possible 48 points in the first round.  Five points will be awarded for each Elite 8 team you select, seven points for each Final 4 team, nine for each team you select in the final game and eleven points for picking the national champion from the get-go.

To the victor go the spoils, your name under Yaz’s in the SportsChump Hall of Fame, FreeDarko’s latest hardcover and bragging rights for a year.

Best of luck, Chumpeteers.  LET THE MADNESS BEGIN!!!


Here’s everyone’s picks.  Best of luck, gentlemen!


Have you ever had one of those friends as a kid, who would come over to your house and play with all your toys, to the extent that you no longer wanted to invite him over.

Well, people.  That’s Yaz.  I am going to have to stop sending him invites to my SportsChump contests because he is making a mockery of us all.  Last year’s champion is at it again, leading going into Saturday’s matchups with 15 of 16 teams remaining.

Congratulations, sir.  Keep up the good work.

Things get kind of muddled after that with ten of us having 14 of 16 left, including Mr. Balzac, aka Partykiller, who mistakenly thinks he’s “Winning” (see comments below).

Among those of us that know hoops, Heavy D brings up the rear with only 11 teams remaining, and in an effort to see how many teams he can actually guess wrong, Raybolts only has 8 of 16 teams left.  Stick to picking baseball and hockey, sir.

This page will be updated with standings either late Sunday evening or early Monday morning depending on how many mojitos I’ve had poolside Sunday afternoon.

Have a great weekend, gentlemen and Yaz…. Nobody likes you.


Gentlemen, read carefully because here are the rules for the following rounds.

Just like last year, you can ONLY USE THE TEAMS YOU HAVE REMAINING to choose your winners from here on out.  In the comments section below, I need you to fill out the entire rest of your brackets.  Pick your winners for the Elite Eight, Final Four, championship game and national champion and please do so in intelligible format.

List accordingly

Elite 8: Teams A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H

Final Four: Teams A, B, C, D

Championship Game: Teams A, B

National Champion: Team A

Again… if any of your teams have been eliminated into the round of 8, you CAN NOT gain points for that round.  If you can’t pick 8 teams for the next round, so be it.  Just list your possible winners.  For example, I selected neither Pittsburgh nor Utah State to advance in the top half of the Southeast bracket, so I cannot gain points for that particular (Butler-Wisconsin) game.  But as I still have North Carolina alive and not Marquette in the East, I will obviously choose North Carolina and hope they win to gain five points in that particular matchup.


Please ensure that I have correctly tabulated your total points and remaining teams below.  If not, let me know.

To review the scoring, five points will be awarded for each team properly selected into the Elite Eight, seven points for each Final Four team selected, nine for each team you predict into the final game and eleven for correctly picking the national champion.  As a tiebreak, please list total points in the championship game.

I need your picks for the rest of the tournament by no later than 7:00 pm Thursday.

Here are the updated standings…

Great tournament so far.  We have a four-way tie for first between some old school Gainesville folk: Balzac, Damion, G Mony and myself.  (Gentlemen, I’ve already read the book and would really like to give it away as a prize).

In second place, with nine teams correct (27 points), we have Brewer, Varnish, D, Yaz, Drew, Liar North and KP.

Picking up the rear, we have CgatorB and Raybolts.  Chip and a chair, gentlemen.

Good luck the rest of the way.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a new leader… and he even called his shot while picking his winners.

That’s right, the heaviest of all D has taken a commanding lead, and by commanding, I mean two points, but there’s more to come.  As the only person to recognize that Buckeyes do what they do and pick UK to advance over them, D shot to the top of the barrel.  He also has all four of his Final picks alive.  This thing may be over, folks.

Here are the updated standings:


Ladies and gentlemen, I would hereby like to congratulate our winner:  college basketball guru and game-picker extraordinaire ….  Heavy D!  Take a well-deserved bow, sir.

With three games remaining, D has already sealed the deal.  Not only does he hold a two-point lead, he is the only contestant who can still gain any points, as he chose UConn to make it to the Final game.

Congratulations, Dave, on a game well-played.  You can tell Yaz next time you see him that there’s a new sheriff in town.  Don’t forget to email me your address and I’ll get the book out to you asap.

Thanks again to all those who participated.  Wild one this year, huh?

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135 Replies to “Second Annual March Madness Bracket Bonanza”

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  2. Kansas… Vandy… A&M…. Purdue

    Duke… Texas… SD State… Cincy

    Ohio St… WV… NCU… Syracuse

    Pitt… Wisconsin… Mich St… BYU

  3. Chris

    All I know is having watched the PAC 10 title game there’s going to be one or two surprises coming out of the West . The projected #1 seeds are all deserving of their accolade.

    What the hell happened to Florida in the SEC Tournament ? Kentucky took ’em behind the woodshed and beat their a_s like a drum !

    Ohio St , Kentucky – Louisville & Kansas ( not at all sold on the ‘The Irish) ‘cuse & Washington – Georgetown & Texas A & M

    Duke & Texas – Pitt & Kansas St
    U Conn & San Diego St – St Johns & BYU

    Spent the weekend seeing Cotto destroy Mayorga and Sergio Martinez lay leather all over some East European’s a_s . Either Cotto or Martinez may well end up facing Pacquiao next . Care to take a pick which of two’d be favorable for Manny at this juncture ?

    Let’s put it this way Cotto would be like a lamb to the slaughter whereas Martinez ……… can really bang !

    tophatal ……….

  4. Kansas, Louisville, Notre Dame, Puedue

    TN, TX, Penn State, Uconn

    Ohio State, Kentucky, UNC, Syracuse

    Pitt, Wisconsin, Florida, St Johns

  5. C’mon, just because I left Fla off doesn’t mean I’m entirely wrong. It took much willpower to leave out ODU.

    Uh, unless you mean how I have ‘NCU’ selected instead of UNC.

  6. Washington looked pretty good against Arizona the other night, Al. I’m considering riding their hot streak in the tourney for a while. Oh wait, they play UNC in the second round. Scratch that.

    My take on Florida is this. When they’re clicking on all cylinders, they’re tough to beat. When they’re settling for jump shots, they’re horrible.

    I forget who was calling the ballgame yesterday but he said something to the effect of “If I were Macklin, I would stay in the paint every possession and get three seconds called on me until someone gets me the ball.”

    Al, your picks are in and I haven’t seen a good boxing match in a while. I’ll keep my eye out for Martinez.

  7. Considering Billy B (picks above) is a Tar Heel, I’m surprised he hasn’t said anything about it.

    Speaking of calling schools by the wrong name, I wrote a piece about Bobby Knight a few years back and made the mistake of calling his former school the University of Indiana instead of Indiana University (who is conspicuously absent from this tournament again). Let’s just say I never heard the end of it.

    And regarding Florida, you’re not accusing me of homerism, are you? Me? Never.

  8. And ya’ gotta love Billy B, the mayor of Gainesville and King of Grow Radio, showing his total hatred for all things Duke by picking them to lose to Tennessee (or do you actually have them losing to Hampton?)

    Good luck with that, sir.

    Will Bruce Pearl be coaching in this here tournament or will he break yet another NCAA rule over the next few days?

  9. Kansas, Vandy, Notre Dame, Georgetown

    Duke, Arizona, SDSU, UConn

    Ohio St., Kentucky, UNC, Xavier

    Pitt, Belmont, Florida, St. Johns

  10. Chris

    Martinez is looking to clean out the middleweight division of the dregs there before taking on the likes of Cotto and Pacquiao .

    Put me down for Lavin and his Red Storm boys of St Johns .

    I’d like to think that Florida can go far in the tourney but I want to see way more consistency from the team .

    I’d left you a comment on your previous post with regard to the union (NFLPA) decertifying as it gives greater flexibility in going after the league (NFL).
    This is going to get real ugly when it’s all said and done and it’s going to cost the league not only its already tarnished image but a great deal of money. Even the broadcast outlets that carry the NFL games as they too stand to lose millions .

    Advertisers may well now look elsewhere to get a bigger bang for their buck rather than sticking with them but that’d be predicated upon the likes of ABC/ESPN , Fox , NBC and CBS giving them sort of discount on their ad rates . What do you think ?

    tophatal ……………

  11. Public Service Announcement:

    Pick SDSU and thank me later

    UConn? Duke? Texas? No chance. Aztecs all the way

  12. Mostly chalk in defense of the belt…

    Kansas Louisville Purdue ND

    Duke Texas Cincy SDSU

    Ohio St Kentucky Syracuse UNC

    Pitt Wisconsin BYU Florida

  13. Kansas…Vandy…Georgetown…Notre Dame


    Ohio St…Kentucky…Syracuse…Washington

    Pitt…Utah st…St Johns…Florida

  14. Al..

    Let’s try this again.

    You’ve chosen St. John’s to advance, which leaves you to choose from either Florida, UCSB, Michigan State or UCLA to advance to the round of 16.

    As Black Sheep once said, the choice is yours.

  15. To date, with 6 picks in (minus Al’s corrections), 23 of 24 picks have the #1 seeds advancing with the exception of Billy B, who has the Fighting Bruce Pearls of Tennessee upsetting the Dukies.

    Keep ’em comin’, people.

    Don’t forget to check back as I post the Sweet 16 picks to verify accuracy.

  16. Ohio State, Syracuse, Kentucky, UNC

    Duke, Oakland, Uconn, SD State

    Kansas, Vandy, Purdue, ND

    Pittsburgh, Kansas State, St. Johns, Michigan State

    Michigan St. and Oakland are probably way off, but I’ll roll with it for this little game you got going…

  17. Chris

    MSU it is then ! Let’s hope that they can withstand the tournament .

    I don’t know ’bout you Chris but even having watched the ESPN 30 For 30 docs and the latest one on the Fab 5 . Let’s put it this way I admire Jalen Rose as a player but as an individual away from the game he makes both Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton combined have redeemable qualities about them !

    In a recent interview he gave , he stated that he hated Duke because they didn’t recruit him and that they only went after black players who were Uncle Toms ! I guess that the likes of Kyrie Irving , Nolan Smith and Grant Hill can really take satisfaction in that don’t you think ?

    That communications’ degree of Rose has really come in handy for him . Pity his (Rose’s) brains much less his game was never on par with that of Hill’s to begin with ! What a dumb a_s !

    tophatal …………

  18. The Dubsism Sweet 16:

    East Region – Ohio State, West Virginia, Syracuse, North Carolina

    West Region – Duke, Texas, UConn, Penn St.

    Southwest Region – Kansas, Louisville, Purdue, Notre Dame

    Southeast Region – Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, St. John’s, Florida

  19. Kansas-Louisville-A&M-Purdue

  20. Zbignu is also in and the only person as of yet to have selected both Mizzou and Marquette to advance to the round of 16.

    We’ll see how that affects him.

    That makes nine official entries, excluding my own as of midnight Tuesday.

  21. Chris

    He may not have been the first but it was the vehemency and venomous hatred with which it was said . What he got pis_ed because some other “brutha” got taken over him ?

    I mean apart from his college career what did he do that has been memorable as far as his professional career would equate ?


  22. Chris

    Guys like Rose with those comments make himself appear ignorant and that equates with idiocy in the eyes of most. Especially when they see it coming from what many deem to be an intelligent young African American.

    tophatal ……..

  23. Ohio State…Kentucky…Syracuse…UNC
    Kansas…Louisville…Georgetown…Notre Dame

  24. ohio st., kentucky, syracuse, N.C., Duke, Texas, Uconn, San Diego, Kansas, Louisville, purdue, Texas A&M, Pitt, wisconsin, St. John, Fla.

  25. Kansas…Louisville…ND…G-Town

    Duke..Texas…SD ST…Uconn

    Ohio State..KY..NC..Syracuse


  26. Two more entries (Brewer & Varnish), lots more chalk.

    I’ll have everyone’s picks posted, as well as a breakdown of the first two rounds after the games commence on Thursday.

  27. Kansas, Vandy, ND, Purdue
    Duke, AZ, SDS, UCoon
    OSU, KY, NC, Xavier
    Pitt, KSU, UF, BYU

  28. Kansas- Louisville-Notre Dame- Georgetown
    DUke- Arizona- San Diego State- U Conn
    Ohio St.-Kentucky-North Carolina-Syracuse
    Florida- Pitt-Kansas State-BYU

  29. I’m having flashbacks to a previous pool at Lillian’s :), but feel relatively confident I haven’t lost my skillllllls!

  30. Kansas, Morehead, VCU A & M

    TN, AZ Temple Uconn

    oh st., princeton, Ind. st. GA

    odu, ut st. ucsb, wofford

  31. KS, Vandy, ND, Purdue

    Duke, AZ, SGSt, Cinn

    Bukeyes, Ky, NC, Syracuse

    Pitt, Gators, KansasST, St John

  32. Kansas, Louisville, Purdue, ND
    Duke, Texas, UConn, SDSU
    Ohio St., Kentucky, Syracuse, UNC
    Pitt, Wisc, St John’s, Florida

  33. OK, so I’m listing my Sweet 16 from my original bracket – and that’s the one I wrote up before hearing Irving is likely to play… OK, here goes:

    Ohio State / Kentucky / Xavier / Washington
    Duke / Arizona / Connecticut / San Diego State
    Kansas / Louisville / Purdue / Notre Dame
    Pitt / Wisconsin / Gonzaga / Florida

    Here’s hoping this doesn’t go to your spam box again. Later – KP

  34. Partykiller, aka, Harry Balzac is in, and showing his homerism with three SEC schools making the Sweet 16.

    He obviously didn’t watch much conference basketball this season.

  35. G Mony is also in, giving us 15 entries and counting. Nice turnout.

    Given a few picks here and there, there’s not too much variation, which means picking in the later rounds could be key.

  36. Wow… the first person to really mix it up has entered the building: Raybolts.

    Either he’s a genius or utterly nuts.

    We’ll soon find out as he’ll either be atop the pool or at the very bottom.

    For some reason, I’m thinking the latter.

  37. Not to belabor this but to put things in their proper perspective, Raybolts picked Tennessee to reach the Sweet 16.

    Rocky Top GRADUATED from that school and even has Duke beating them.

    Either way, good luck to all.

  38. Liar North is also in and need I remind you, sir, that gambling is illegal at Bushwood.

    That makes 18 entries so far. Nice work, people.

    I’ll have the picks up in the main text of this post some time today so please swing back by to verify at some point.

    I know none of you are actually working today.

  39. KP is in, by virtue of finally sifting through my spam filter.

    I noticed he doesn’t have Penn State, his alma mater, making it to the round of 16 but he IS surprisingly the only person to have picked Gonzaga.

    Good luck, sir.

  40. Here ya go…

    St. Johns
    Kansas State
    North Carolina
    Ohio State
    SDSU !!!
    Notre Dame

  41. Ugly first day for some people.

    The biggest losers?

    Zbignu, Heavy D, CgatorB, Chappy and Raybolts who all lost three teams before they even realized what happened.

    The big winners on day one?

    KP, GMony, Partykiller, Varnish, Damion and defending Champ Yaz who all still have 15 teams remaining.

    No one made it through the first day unblemished.

    Goodness, how we all love March.

  42. Well, I’m glad my brackets did better than I did on these picks as I’m only down one team in my sweet 16 for them! I guess you think it out more when there’s money on the line 🙂

  43. I’m praying for a UCLA upset today. That would hurt a lot of brackets and hook mine up. I have them as an elite 8 team, because if they somehow beat Florida, they can beat BYU because they beat them earlier this year…

  44. Chris

    This tournament is one of the reasons why I stay away from it in terms betting ! It’s like trying to pick the pick the lesser of two evils when it comes to voting in a political election.

    Does Jamie Donovan of Pitt have a soul ? I can only assume the deal he made with the Devil didn’t pan out ?

    tophatal ……….

  45. Chris

    Explain to me what justification Rose had to be resentful ? I mean why is his situation any different from that of Hill’s or any other African American who’s played for Duke ? Grant Hill because he came from a familial environment where he had his mother and father together whereas Rose came from a single parent environment ? That’s so f_cking asinine ! Furthermore it only makes Rose come off looking like a complete a_s with this statement . And consider this also the ESPN 30 For 30 episode about the Fab 5 was actually produced his (Rose’s) company in conjunction with ESPN . If he wants the god-damn publicity that much then do so with something positive that can be gained from it rather than his insidious remarks which does more to harm the African American males than enhance their achievements . Rose makes Jesse Jackson’s remarks about Obama seem mild in comparison .

    tophatal …………

  46. Elite8=Kansas,N/A,Duke,Uconn,OSU,UNC,N/A, UF

    Final 4 = Kansas, Duke, OSU, UF

    Championship = Duke v Kansas

    Winner = Duke

  47. Chris

    Screwed up there saying Donovan of Pitt when it should’ve read Jamie Dixon .

    Caught the fight between Olander Solis (# 1 ranked contender) and one of the Klitschko brothers over the weekend for a version of the heavyweight title. There’s a reason why that scene is now a complete joke and the result was merely another reason that indicates why . Solis was knocked flat on his ass within two minutes of the first round.

    I ended up watching the UFC lt heavyweight title bout which was far more interesting . That too ended with a KO but that in terms of entertainment it was way more exciting to watch ( bout between Jon Jones [challenger] and champion Mauricio Rua ) . Rua got his damn clock cleaned by Jones brutally inside of three rounds . It was unbelievable and Rua was bloodied , battered and bruised in the end ! I won a bet with a guy in a bar watching that bout . Let’s just say he’s two bills lighter in his pocket .

    tophatal ……………

  48. Al…

    Rose was a broke kid, resentful of another who was considerably more fortunate. What’s so hard to understand?

    I’m not saying Rose didn’t have his own agenda with the 30 for 30 piece. I am saying I can see where he could be bitter about his upbringing when compared to Hill’s.

  49. Kansas, N/A, Florida, N/A, SDSU, Duke, Ohio State, UNC

    Kansas, Florida, SDSU!!!!, Ohio St.

    Kansas vs. Ohio State

    Kansas (141 total points)

  50. ELITE 8
    West…Duke and UConn
    East…Ohio State and UNC
    Southeast…Florida and Wisconsin

    Ohio State

    Ohio State

    Ohio State

  51. Ohio State, UNC, Duke, UConn, Kansas, x, UF, x

    Ohio State, Duke, UF, Kansas

    Ohio State, Kansas

    Ohio State

  52. elite 8 of what I have left:
    Ohio, North Carolina, Duke, UConn, Kansas, Wisconsin, Florida
    Final Four:
    Ohio, Duke, Florida, Kansas
    Championship game:
    Ohio, Florida :Total points 140
    National Champion:

  53. Elite 8 – Kansas, X, UF, X, Duke, SDSU, Ohio State, Marquette
    Final Four – Kansas, UF, Duke, Ohio State
    Championship – Kansas, Duke
    Champion – Kansas

  54. Elite 8


    Final 4


    Kansas vs UConn

    Champ Kansas

  55. Wow, Heavy D mixing it up a bit.

    UConn in the final game and selecting UK to knock off the Buckeyes in honor of Kentucky Bob.

    Good luck, sir.


  56. KP with picks…

    Elite 8: Ohio State, NA, Duke, UConn, Kansas, NA, Wisconsin, Florida

    Final 4: Ohio State, UConn, Kansas, Florida

    Championship: Ohio State, Kansas

    Champ: Ohio State

    Thanks… – KP

  57. I am trying to win. I want my picture plastered on the Sportschump webpage like Yaz 🙂

  58. KP is in.

    Sorry about the spam filter, bro.

    Look at you, you Gator from afar, pickin’ my boys into the Final Four.

    UConn in the Final Four too, huh?

    That now makes two of ya’ with that pick.

    Shout at ya’ tomorrow.

  59. Elite Eight:
    Ohio St., UNC, Duke, UCONN, Kansas,Wisconsin, Florida

    Final 4:
    Duke, Ohio St., Kansas, Florida

    Championship Game:
    Ohio St, Kansas

    Total pts 150

    National Champion:

  60. E8: OSU, UNC, Duke, SDSU, Kan, Wis, BYU

    F4: OSU, SDSU, Kan, BYU

    NC: OSU, Kan

    Winner: OSU TP: 147

    And yeah, I’d love to be wrong about BYU

  61. Can someone Fire Mike H. and get the Vols an AD…..

    SouthWest: Kansas
    West: Duke, SDSU
    East: Bukeyes, Ky
    Southeast: Uf

    Final Four: Bukeyes, Duke, Kansas, Gator
    Final Duke Kansas,,,Duke wins

    Oh Yeah! And a new coach for the VOLS…

  62. Kan… VCU… Duke… UConn… OSU… UK… BYU… Wisc

    Kan… BYU… Duke… OSU

    Duke… Kan



  63. Chris

    If Rose is that resentful perhaps he should look at his circumstance and don’t blame others for the choices made by a parent . Is it Duke’s fault he came from a home with a one parent family ? That’s asinine ! I don’t blame others for the circumstances I find myself in , I look to improve my lot in life as anyone should ! Here we’re seeing Rose show his stupidity and that it’s what we should have rather than working at improving his lot and those around him. Is it any wonder there’s a perception about the African American athlete in such instances especially when some who’s allegedly intelligent as Rose we’re led to believe makes statements that in the end make come off looking like a dumb ass !

    Both you and I believe were raised by a single parent and I don’t think that you or I blame anyone in part for our plight at all. If Duke didn’t recruit him so what ? He went to Michigan he made his mark there so why now bitch and whine like a damn pu_sy ? Because he no doubt wants the ‘ pub ‘ for his trite piece of pulp on the Fab 5 that his company (Three Tier Entertainment) produced for ESPN . That’s the only explanation I see for it and it comes off looking like crap on his part !

    tophatal ……..

  64. Yaz is in and the first to go non-homer-like and pick BYU.

    We’ll see if that costs him in the long run or wins him the tourney.

    Either way, he’ll have virginity to thank.

    Clearly not his own.

    If that sportschump t-shirt doesn’t get ya’ laid, I don’t know what will.

  65. Zbignu’s picks are in. Sorry it took me so long to confirm that. They must have been lost in the shuffle.

    For the record, a hearty congrats to Zbignu for being the only participant to nail all four Eastern Final Four picks correctly.

    In addition to that, he has Marquette advancing over North Carolina and is the only one of us that can collect points if that happens.

    I’m sure he’ll be watching that game intently.

  66. Han…

    I’ll restate the rules once again for the NASCAR fans in the bunch.

    You can only garner points in these next rounds for teams that you correctly picked to advance. So, for example, you cannot pick VCU if you didn’t have them going this far.

    Here’s what I did for ya’, since I’m a nice guy (sometimes).

    Based on your Final Four picks, you have OSU over UNC and Duke over SDSU.

    Best of luck, sir.

  67. Al…

    You must be hanging out at Han’s blog too much. Lugnuts rule!

    You can’t pick Florida as you had losing to Michigan State, remember?

    I’ve given you BYU (as that’s the only team you have left in the SE), OSU, Duke and Kansas in the Final Four.

    I need your final game, champion and total score to be complete please, sir.

  68. Okay, gentlemen, sorry for the lap-over. The site format doesn’t handle 100+ comments on one post very well. Guess SportsChump is too big for their bridges.

    Here’s who I have IN and CONFIRMED in case you can’t read the first 100 comments:

    Rocky Top
    Liar North
    Heavy D

    Here’s who I still need:
    Myself (will be in shortly)
    G Mony
    Billy B

    I’m assuming Raybolts has thrown in the towel to save himself any further embarrassment.

    Now excuse me while I send out a search party for those still missing.

  69. Elite 8 – Kansas, SD State, Duke, UNC, Ohio State.

    Final Four – Kansas, SD State, UNC

    Championship game – Kansas, UNC

    Winner – Kansas

  70. Ohio State all the way

    North Carolina beats Marquette but then loses to Ohio State

    Duke and UConn in the Regional final with UConn Beating Duke and then losing to Ohio State

    Kansas and Wisconsin advance to Final Four, Kansa advances to final, loses to Ohio State 81-74

  71. Here are the SportsChump’s official picks.

    Kansas vs. Florida State (yes, I’m forced to root for FSU which makes webmaster Eddie Griffin very happy.
    Florida also making the Final Four.
    OSU beating both UK and then UNC, a hearty feat.
    SDSU beating UConn then losing to Duke.
    OSU beating Duke.
    Kansas beating UF (boooooo!)

    and to Croshere’s delight, OSU besting Kansas in the championship game, ending their fifty year drought and raising the banner.

    Tiebreak 148

  72. Chap is found and in. Just need a tiebreak, sir.

    We’ll see how going 0-fer in the Southeast bracket affects his chances.

    SDSU making it to the Final Four might just make up for that.

    Here’s hoping his West Coast bias carries him through.

  73. The mobile GMony has sent in his picks.


    Final Four: OSU/Duke/Kansas/Florida

    In the final game, he has Florida beating OSU and all of us wearing two hats in celebration of such a glorious event. His tiebreak is 142.

    Best of luck, sir, and I mean that.

  74. Whoops I was commenting on someone else’s post and wrote it on this comment section with that last one hahah.

    My tie breaker is Kansas 79 – UNC 74

  75. Those awarded five points for choosing Florida:

    Damion 2.0
    G Mony
    Rocky Top
    Liar North
    Heavy D
    J Dub

    Gator Haters:
    Al & Chappy (who didn’t have them making the Sweet 16)
    Yaz…. No more love for our defending champion who hedged his bets against our boys.

    Yaz, sir, you are officially in time out

  76. Those garnering five more points for choosing UConn in the Elite 8:

    G Mony
    Harry Balzac
    Damion 2.0
    Liar North
    Heavy D
    J Dub

    Congratulations, gentlemen.

  77. Current standings (after UConn and Florida victories)

    Damion 2.0 40
    Harry Balzac 40
    G Mony 40
    J Brewer 37
    Varnish 37
    Heavy D 37
    Liar North 37
    KP 37
    SportsChump 35
    Drew 32
    J Dub 31
    Rocky To 29
    Zbignu 29
    Yaz 27
    Han 21
    Chappy 21
    Al 21

  78. The standings remain the same after the Duke loss. Nobody had Arizona advancing.

    Han had Duke as his national champion and is essentially fucked… as is Rocky Top, but he has to be way more concerned about the state of his athletic program than he is about winning some silly, little SportsChump tournament.

    After a strong start, Varnish also had Duke winning it all. I expect him to drop in the standings.

    The only people to benefit from the Duke loss are JDub, Heavy D and KP who all picked UConn into their Final Four for the West bracket.

    Good luck, gentlemen. Know that most of us are rooting against you.

  79. Likewise, not a single one of us picked last year’s runner-ups, the Butler Bulldogs, making it as far as the Elite 8.

    Not one of us gained a single point in tonight’s later games.

    Damn, we know basketball, don’t we?

  80. Chris

    Well at least I got to do my good deed for the day ! I stayed in O-town overnight at the girlfriend’s place and watched the Duke Arizona game . They went down in flames like Rome did as Nero played the fiddle.

    The girlfriend is a Pac 10 fan , graduate of UCLA and said to me before the game that the Arizona Wildcats would whup on Duke’s —- a_s like a pimp bit_h slappin’ one of his ho’s . Can’t say that she was all that wrong with that prognosis !
    C’est la vie !

    tophatal ………………….

  81. 32 and 13 for Derrick Williams, Al. Man’s game. He’s got pro teams salivating over him and now the Dukies are gone.

    Here’s hoping you didn’t mind losing that bet to her.

  82. Standings as of Sunday morning…

    Heavy D still leading, folks, with 59 points.

    Right behind him, tied for 2nd place are J-Dub and KP with 57.

    At first glance, people, it looks like it’s going to be hard for anybody to catch these guys, particularly D.

    We’ll have official standings after the completion of today’s games.

  83. Chris

    Not only are they salivating but I hear that a number of GM’s around the NBA have sworn off using either Viagra or Cialis after seeing the kid play as they’ve each got a hard on from it .

    My duo for the championship game I think’ll be Butler and U Conn . That being said I can’t stand Calhoun or Calipari for that matter and it all boils down to the lesser of two evils !

    Was to attend the Honda Grand Prix of St Pete …… hell when I realized that it’d be a nightmare getting parking much less a place to stay overnight what with the hotels overcharging for rooms _____ chose not to attend ! I’m in the doghouse with the ol’ lady as the invite came from a client of hers who lives in the area.

    tophatal ………………..

  84. This will help soften the blow from the refs robbing UF over the last 8 minutes of the Butler game.

  85. I actually forgot that race was in St. Pete this weekend. I would loved to have checked it out but missed it this time around.

    Maybe next year I’ll attend and bring my cotton balls.

  86. And D, come on, dude.

    You know the refs are always going to reward the team that hustles more. And I’m sad to say, it was Butler that evening.

    Think about it, we were THIS close (11 points up, mind you) from playing for another national championship.

    Don’t you think we could have handled VCU?

  87. Chris,

    I have UCONN to win it all in a contest over at view from vegas. I am in second out of 72, down by 10 points. If UCONN wins I do. Butler wins I lose by 10. Thanks for including me in your contest, YAZ has it going on, don’t ban him!!

    Could I get a consilitory shirt and hat for the effort, laughs, and picking UC to go the distance when NOT MANY thought they could.

    Thanks In Advance for your Consideration,


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