Pete Rose gambles… on a fashion statement

With all this talk about Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens cheating the game, we have lost sight of the man that made cheating fashionable… although after looking at the picture below, “fashionable” is probably a poor choice of words.  Seen here at opening day in Cincinnati, Pete Rose pulled this gem out of his closet. 

You may want to shield your eyes.

What exactly is going on here?  Is Rose channeling his inner Arsenio?  Is this an attempt to bring back the 80s?  And what’s he doing at a baseball game anyway?  I thought he wasn’t allowed to step foot inside a Major League ballpark.  Have they lifted his ban?  And if so, why didn’t they re-institute that ban once they saw what he was wearing?

This photo was too good to pass up, people.

The winner of this week’s caption contest will receive free fashion tips from yours truly…. as in, don’t ever wear a jacket like Pete’s.

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34 Replies to “Pete Rose gambles… on a fashion statement”

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  2. Way to start us out on the right foot, Donny C.

    For those of you who dont’ know EJ, let’s just say Donny is right on about his wardrobe, although it would take a truckload of bleach for Brotha Midnight.

  3. I saw that jacket at The Mall Of America $1200. I wondered who bought the XXXL

  4. Baseball stadium camouflage. The only thing worse than bad taste is no taste. Way to go Charlie Hustle.

  5. Chris

    You sure that’s Rose ’cause from here it looks like a misplaced member of the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade !

    Caption …………. I know Bobby Valentine wore a mustache to hide his identity but these panty liners and jacket make me feel so gay !

    tophatal ……………….

  6. Say what you like about Versace Rose, but he’s grabbing more chicks out here than all of us combined. It’s gotta be the attire.

  7. M…

    I get the double entendre but I don’t think anyone in their right mind would steal that jacket.

    But then again, we are talking about Pete Rose.

  8. Qhaddafi, huh, Jimmy?

    I guess I can see the resemblance.

    But I guess I always figured Qhaddafi to be more of a Yankees fan, ya’ know, Evil Empire and all.

  9. Chris

    I’ve never been to the parade and I’ve no desire to !

    More problems for Calipari it appears ?

    So Butler get another chance at the big ticket ? Let’s hope they do it b> ’cause I can’t stand either Calhoun or Calipari !

    tophatal ………..

  10. I had a jacket just like that one, but gave it to Craig Sager. I think Pete must’ve won some kind of bet for the ultimate prize that was my former jacket!

  11. Chris

    Richard Simmons says he wants his jacket and hat back . I’d like to see him and Rose throw down ! Who’d win that fight do you think ?

    tophatal …………….

  12. What’s been known, Al? That Richard Simmons often wears jackets like that? I’m confused.

    Will Calipari ever win a title? In fact, which college coach has the most wins without ever having won one?

    Any guess? I got it right… and I’ll give you a hint. Coach Cal is only 300 wins behind him.

  13. Chris

    John Calipari continually comes in to a program makes ’em winners but he has a tendency to do it dishonestly and then hides by his ignorance ! What might be even more troubling is that having seen him on a recent ESPN show in the wake of the MLK Day he says he….. feels honored to go into the home of young African American males speak to their parents or parent and tell them that all he wants to do is to make sure those kids above all get an education . Who the f_ck is he kidding ? What player has actually gone a complete four years graduate and then make in the NBA over the course of his (Calipari’s) coaching career ? His graduation rates at the programs where he’s coached is under the national average to begin with !

    Forever the bridesmaid never the bride that hopefully will be his legacy and the obituary on his tombstone !

    Lefty wins the Shell Houston Open but no sign of Tiger . I guess his game is something like Charlie Sheen’s at present somewhere in the bowels of Hades (hell) ! I can’t see Lefty or Woods being a presence at this week’s upcoming Masters !

    tophatal …………..

  14. Just to play devil’s advocate, Al, and you know I’m not a Calipari fan by any stretch, but he is not hired to graduate players.

    He’s hired to win championships… which he can’t do either.

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