How TNT stole my idea for Franklin & Bash

“Wash-and-Drys.  Did I tell you thought of them first?  Only they already had ‘em.”

Bill Blazejowski

Man, am I pissed.

Years ago, my buddy Croshere and I came up with the name for a police show.  We were stumbling around downtown Tampa late one night, well under the influence and looking for an after hours club to work off our buzz.  Someone we met earlier that evening told us of a place to chill.  It was at the intersection of Franklin and Cass.

Considering the fact that we both have vivid imaginations and were pretty lit up at the time, we ran with it… Franklin and Cass, two cops on the street.

I don’t think we ever found that nightclub, perhaps because we were given bad information or perhaps because we could barely walk a straight line, but that didn’t stop us from developing the personalities of the two bumbling police officers:  Detectives Franklin and Cass.

For years, we’d joke about the names, and the night.  Cassssssssssss….. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I wouldn’t go so far as to say we developed two entirely different alter egos, but one time Croshere came to visit, I met him at the airport holding up a sign that simply read “Cass.”

Then wouldn’t you know it?  I’m watching the NBA playoffs last week, minding my own business and TNT airs a spot promoting its newest hit show, about two bumbling attorneys: Franklin and Bash.

My jaw dropped along with the remote control.

I felt violated, even more so than when one of the talking heads from Around the Horn or Pardon the Interruption mentions on-air a point I wrote about only days prior.  You’re welcome, gentlemen.

Perhaps I should consult a good patent attorney or just resort to ending each future blog post with the line “Please don’t steal my shit!”

What’s worse is that TNT is now promoting this show relentlessly throughout its playoff lineup, as if to rub my nose in it.  Baaaaaaaaaaash…. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Even the actors they cast to play Franklin and Bash are disturbingly similar to Croshere and myself.  Bash is played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar and like Croshere, he is the taller of the two.  Franklin, played by Brecklin Meyer, is witty, charming and strikingly handsome.

Could it be any more obvious?  I think I’m going to be sick.

I’m pretty sure I won’t be tuning in to watch the television show formerly founded by yours truly, simply out of spite.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll just continue to come up with things for others to profit from, like Bill Blazejowksi.   After all, we’re both idea men.

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18 Replies to “How TNT stole my idea for Franklin & Bash”

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  2. Tango and Cash just texted from 20 years ago… they said, ‘hey, remember us?’

  3. Franklin & Bash have the greatest show teasers. The first one I saw, I thought it was a real commercial for a sleazy law firm. Based on that alone, the show should be a hit. I hope you can work out some compensation with the producers. Oh, by the way, did I ever tell you how I invented the wheel? Too bad someone already did it a few years earlier.

  4. Han…

    I fell asleep to some cheesy Kurt Russell movie last night. It was the one where Ray Liotta plays that dirty cop assigned to protect their house.

    Russell was wearing those cheesy, circular eighties glasses throughout the movie.

    It got me thinking, has this dude ever played a decent role in his life? Other than Snake Plitzkin, of course.

  5. Snake…

    You only invented the wheel to get around on your Harley.

    And I’ll keep you posted on my compensation efforts.

    Tell Ted Turner I’ll settle for a guest appearance on Inside The NBA with Chuck and Kenny.

  6. That show looks terrible. I guess I just don’t like the actors in it even though I was a Saved By the Bell fan. If you want to take credit for a show that’s only going to last one season, be my guest!

  7. Chris. Chuck & Kenny? Puleeze. I’d rather have the year’s supply of Turtle Wax.

  8. Cass and Franklin huh? I should have known you were part of that downtown crowd.
    Speaking of “talking heads”, did I ever tell you that I came up with the idea of wearing loud suits that were too big for me and David Byrne stole my idea. Although he did add the shoulder pads himself, which I thought was genius.

  9. A year’s supply of Turtle Wax, Snake?

    That can be arranged.

    But technically, if you don’t use Turtle Wax, wouldn’t one can be enough to last a year?

  10. Considering Groselaar’s last show on the network tanked after one season I’d say you’re lucky . But then again let’s put it this way at least you won’t be seeing Screech on his show allegedly .

    Isn’t Trump going to walk away from his show to consider that run ?

    It’s hard to believe that Buckeyes are that forgiving given all of the latest coming out concerning Tressel . Good God had he been a rapist there’d still be idiots coming to the defense of this a_hole !

    tophatal ……………

  11. Chris

    Not only is Tressel gettin’ a pass but I hear that the Pope and the Catholic Church will put him up for beatification so that he can be cannonized and then become a Saint .

    JW’s piece on the dirtiest school’s in college athletics was interesting that being said I think it’s all a drop in a bucket because college athletics is and has always been corrupt to begin with ! The NCAA continues to suborn the acts of not only the schools but also the AD’s and coaches . They make the hierarchy of MLB seem like a bona fide house of trust and where everything is above reproach .

    So the judge sides with the players in the mediation process ? What about the antitrust case that’s also taking place where those ten players including Manning , Brees and Big Ben are part of the contingency challenging the league’s antitrust status ?

    Nelson’s decision isn’t the end of this all as the owners will challenge it in the Appellate Court .

    tophatal ………………..

  12. Al…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all this is brushed under the rug, at least as much as is possible, but if any other dirt comes up, it’s going to become even harder to justify not levying any more serious penalties, including his firing.

    I told J-Dub I needed a bath after reading his “Dirtiest Programs” post.

    So, of the three teams struggling now (Orlando, L.A., San Antonio), who do you have advancing and who’s going home?

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