Kobe Bryant, Gary Neal send message to Hornets, Grizzlies: It ain’t over ‘til it’s over!

Rumors of Kobe Bryant’s demise have been greatly exaggerated

Oh… and same goes for the San Antonio Spurs thanks to Gary Neal

After both being down in their respective series’, which top seed is most likely to advance to the Western Conference Semi-Finals?online surveys

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38 Replies to “Kobe Bryant, Gary Neal send message to Hornets, Grizzlies: It ain’t over ‘til it’s over!”

  1. I’m not sure which post-shot reaction is cooler.

    Kobe glancing back at his bench after throwing one down on Emeka Okafor or Gary Neal acting as if he hadn’t just saved the Spurs’ season.

  2. Spurs delayed but they’re done. I feel like the Lakers will fall in the semi. Thunder in the west final.

  3. Chris

    Like I said that the Spurs needed that kick in the a_s to get going . It may well be that there’s still a great deal to play for . So let’s wait and see .

    I like the fact Trump is becoming this generation’s answer to Strom Thurmond ! And he shows about as much intelligence as a f_cking gnat ! Wharton School of Business my a_s ………. highly over-rated as a place of learning when it comes to business !

    How the hell can anyone take the guy seriously to begin with as any type of candidate ? Never mind the fact that his knowledge of the political diaspora is about as succinct as watching Bush (Dubya) speak on the economy !

    tophatal ………………

  4. Al…

    I know the Grizz have outplayed the Spurs in this series but this is what the Spurs do. That’s why they’re four-time champions.

    And for all those who think the Grizz will still take this series, not so fast, my friend.

    Neal’s was the kind of shot that kills hopes. I don’t know that Memphis will be able to put that past them and regroup come Game Six.

    And Al, why do you waste time listening to Donald Trump?

  5. I feel like the Lakers are still going to represent the West whether they face Dallas or Portland next round.

    I think the Grizz need to win in 6 if they are going to take the series. If they have to go back to San Antonio I’d pick the Spurs…

  6. Chris

    The Spurs can’t afford to be complacent ! The great teams simply just don’t do that .

    As for Trump the moment he stoops to making his intonations racist then that’s going to p_ss me off ! Albeit that politically I’m no admirer of either political party here ! What’s Obama’s educational background got to do with his credentials as POTUS ? It’s not as if Trump attending Wharton has made him that great a businessman to begin with ! Less we forget he’s been bankrupt twice over the course of his business career and things aren’t looking all that great as he’s now claiming . Especially when it comes to his real estate portfolio .

    So Utah’s AG Mark Shurtleff is going ahead in his lawsuit against the BCS ? What chance do you think he has in being successful ? Middlin’ to none ?

    tophatal ………………

  7. The question is, Chap, can the Grizz win that Game Six after what happened in Game Five?

    I’m guessing no but it appears I’m in the minority here.

  8. Al…

    That’s the problem. This WAS a great team but they haven’t been for some time now.

    We all know the Grizz were a tough match-up for them but the Spurs of old, had they heard the Grizz intentionally landed the 8-seed to play them, would have swept them out of the series.

    These are not your granddaddy’s Spurs. Aren’t we about due for a Pop Tirade? Or is it too late for that?

    And at best, the BCS will take Utah’s complaints into consideration.

  9. Chris

    I thought with that young influx of youth as the main part of the nucleus we’d see the Spurs make great steps . But that clearly hasn’t been the case . Both Jefferson and McDyess are as stale as the rotting carcass in the entrails of a dead animal . Why they’re still on the team is something that for one have to question the mindset of Pop’ !

    I can’t put it anymore succinctly than that !

  10. A Grizzlies-Thunder series will be very exciting. What the NBA needs is some new blood. Not the same tired old teams that we always seem to get. Excepting the Celtics, of course. 🙂

  11. God bless the NBA Playoffs!

    I just left a comment on your Spurs piece, Al.

    Suddenly things are looking up in San Antonio.

    And the 18,000+ inside Memphis’ Fedex Forum will be a nervous bunch come Friday night.

  12. The Spurs have youth in some spots, Al, but the key positions, as you know, are still dominated by the creaky vets.

    Looks like the youthful Neal kept hope alive, however.

  13. Snake…

    How did I know that Celtics exception was coming?

    Like I said, I’m down for catching one of those games over Crown Royal.

    And for what it’s worth, I do like the C’s in a hard-fought series. Hope that doesn’t jinx things for ya’.

  14. I’ll go out on a limb and say yes the Grizz beat them in game 6 just like my Warriors beat Dallas in six games in the 1 vs. 8 match up three years ago. Granted the Memphis fans are weak compared to the Roarcle crowd, but they’ll be plenty fired up either way.

  15. Leave it to the Warriors fan in the crowd to bring up that series… but it’s perfectly appropriate.

    It’s all about the match-ups and that’s where the Spurs are suffering.

    Chap, my buddy Croshere, of Franklin and Cass fame, actually had some stout money on Golden State that year to win both Game One and the series.

    Needless to say, he went to the window with a big smile on his face.

  16. That’s a pretty impressive call! I wouldn’t have bet on them that year, because I would’ve been scared that would jinx them!

    I agree though, the match-ups are killing the Spurs…

  17. I think going into that series, Golden State had handled Dallas pretty well that regular season, which is what led him to make that bet.

    Plus, we’re always looking for a nice, fat money line that’s out of place…. kinda like the Hawks being 5:1 dogs against the Magic.

  18. Chris

    The vets on the Spurs can play . Ginobli and Parker have proven that through much of the season . Timmy on the other hand is beginning to look like one of the first Hyundai’s ever put on the road here that broke down with alarming regularity .

    So the Vikes took a flier on Ponder ? What’s next for him ? The way I look at it you wanna be the guy who took over from the guy who came in after “the guy” . He’s being set up to fail because if they can’t cut it this season he’s essentially done !

    So what now for SVG after this monumental failure ? Never mind the series’ loss but the Magic were never in this series . This team might as well have been put together by a damn retard !

    Now they’ve got to revamp and overhaul the roster . If they can’t do something to please Howard he will bolt and go elsewhere . His contract is up in 2012 and he can opt out so they’d better wrap their heads around the situation and put a team around him rather than mismatched pieces .

    All these people buying into the team and allegedly Dwight’s leadership . If he can’t motivate this bunch of misfits then that’s all you need to know ’bout the team and him as a player !

    tophatal ……………………

  19. Whoever wins that series is going to have a nightmare covering Durant. That was a sweet close-out game he played.

    I heard Ponder was flying up the ranks pre-draft, Al, but I’m still surprised to see him go that high. Then again, it’s the Vikes and we know they don’t know shit.

    I don’t know what the Magic are going to do and who will take the fall for this (more to come in my post), but it was Otis Smith that took a chance on Arenas.

    What I don’t understand is why Dwight, De Vos or SVG didn’t veto that deal to begin with.

  20. Chris

    For Smith to take that flier on Arenas the go ahead had to come from down on high as Pres &CEO Bob Vander Weide the owner’s (Rich DeVos) son-in-law . No way in hell that Otis Smith has that much latitude concerning the Mavs !

    The Magic have so much money tied up in existing contracts of J Rich , Q-Rich , Turkoglu and Arenas . What the hell are they thinking ? Dwight is due to be a free agent in 2012 but he can opt out if he so wishes . Way things are going I can’t see him remaining with the Magic because they simply can’t mesh a team around …. one start and have nothing their complement him . It’s asinine what they’ve done ! SVG is way in over his head ………. it’s there for everyone to see ! As good a coach as he is …….. he’s struggling to take ’em to the next level.

    Come next season the Magic won’t even be a top five team at best within the conference .

    DeVos has essentially handed over the reins of the team and major decisions to his son in law Bob Vander Weide .

    Now What ?

    As for Ponder I can only think that Viking’s management thought more of him than the likes Kapernick, Dalton and others of that ilk ! From my own standpoint I felt he was no more than an average college qb at best !

    West Coast offense or not what really matters is the talent he’s surrounded by and whether or not he can play at the next level .

    tophatal …………..

  21. Duh that should Magic not ….. Mavs .

    The girlfriend DVR’d over a movie I wanted to watch . She’s tapin’ the friggin’ Royal nuptials . What is it with you Yanks and the love of the monarchy ? I mean you over-threw the shackles of colonialism and a monarchy now you’re flocking around the British Royal family like flies around s_it . LOL,LOL ,LOL !!!!

    tophatal ……………….

  22. You’re not in the minority on the nuptials .

    As for the Magic with the money they’ve tied up in stiffs like both Richardson’s , Arenas and Turkoglu , then having to go into 2012 knowing that Howard’s contract is up and can opt out …….. now what ?

    Sad sight to see the Spurs handed their ass on a platter but that’s simply what happens when you go into a series complacent and underestimating an opponent ! Zach Randolph literally made the Spurs his ” prison bitch” …… throughout the series !

    tophatal ………….

  23. Chris

    Not since I was in the military doing my training was ….. “two to the head” become so relevant ! It was good to hear the news that Bin Laden met his fate in such a way !

    So now that LeBron has had breakfast courtesy of the Sixers does that mean that this series with the Celtics will be his lunch and dinner all rolled into one ?

    tophatal ……………………

  24. The almighty Zach continued his tear in Game One against the Thunder, Al.

    This is the kind of player Portland thought they were getting when they drafted him years ago.

    It’s only taken him, what, nine years to figure it out?

  25. Be right over to check out that Heat piece, Al.

    Wade was incredible yesterday.

    We’ll see what happens when Rondo plays more minutes.

    Either way, the C’s are going to have to figure out a way to win one in Miami.

  26. Al…

    I was working in the bar last night when Obama gave his speech. When the Prez came on, we turned down the music and the twenty people in the bar all raised their glasses and cheered.

    It was quite a moment.

  27. Al…

    I haven’t been paying too much attention to baseball yet as the hockey and basketball playoffs are in full swing.

    The Rays are still holding their own in that division though, something few thought would happen.

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