Sports Chump’s Free Fantasy Baseball Showdown Starts – Sign Up Now!

Raise your hand if you like baseball. Okay, good.

Raise your hand if you like free stuff. Even better.

Okay, raise your hand if you like baseball, free stuff, and having fun.

All of you who raised your hand for the last one will be excited to know that we’ve teamed up with the folks at for an exciting fantasy baseball game.

For those of you with short attention spans, don’t worry, it’s not a full-season thing. What we’re offering is a one-night showdown, and together with Draftstreet, we’re offering an exclusive free contest to readers. The freeroll will have $100 in cash prizes, the top 5 get paid, and it is totally free to sign up.

And for a little cherry on top, if you sign up and use the promo code ‘chump’, you get an extra deposit bonus. Free stuff on top of free stuff? This is a can’t-miss opportunity, so don’t waste any time with getting on it.

Click here to get in some free fantasy baseball!

Here’s how you play: Fill your roster (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF, 2 U, 2 SP, RP, P) while staying within the budget of $100k. Player salaries are set by DraftStreet based on fantasy production. So, if you want to put Roy Halladay on the mound it might cost you $16k, which means you’ll have to find some bargains to fill out the rest of your squad.

This event’s going down on Friday night, but you should sign up now to get a jump on building your team. You can tinker with your roster until the games start, and from there, it’s all about watching the money roll in. Or, if James Shields picks Friday night to become Dr. Jekyll again, banging your head against the keyboard in frustration.

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17 Replies to “Sports Chump’s Free Fantasy Baseball Showdown Starts – Sign Up Now!”

  1. You’ll be happy to know, Dub, that I’ll be writing about hockey soon, so stay tuned.

    And hey, how does this fantasy baseball thing work? It’s a new sponsor so I have no idea.

    Is there a specific league we’re supposed to sign up for?

  2. I’d like to play but I’m so lazy that I belong to a fantasy bowling league:)

  3. Is the beer in those leagues cold?

    I actually caught myself watching female college bowling on TV the other night.

    Is that a sign that I have a problem?

  4. Sorry man, I’m already at my max for fantasy baseball teams. I’ve told myself over the years that I can’t have more than two teams in each sport or it is too confusing for me haha!

  5. Chap…

    It’s a new sponsor and the site looks pretty cool. I’m with you on the fantasy stuff though. I usually don’t play fantasy sports at all.

  6. Jim…

    As I mentioned, this is a new sponsor and a site I’ve never used before. Looks pretty cool thought.

    I ended up joining one of the NBA leagues for tonight. Wish me luck.

  7. Al…

    I think Kobe learned his lesson about what to say and not to say on the basketball court.

    It’ll take all he’s got thought to be this Mavs team four times in a row.

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