Gloria Allred Sexually Abuses Baseball Bat While Children Watch (video)

Attorney Gloria Allred has long championed worthwhile causes.  She’s at it again, but this time around, her methods can be considered somewhat questionable.  Watch the video below and not only laugh out loud but ask yourself, what the hell was Allred thinking?

Recently Roger McDowell, former Mets pitcher and current pitching coach for the Atlanta Braves, was accused of inappropriate behavior at a baseball game.  Allred is representing the family who McDowell offended.

Look, we all know baseball players do stupid things when they’re bored, sitting out in the bullpen with nothing to do.  After all, wasn’t McDowell on that ’86 Mets team with ballplayers who would routinely bang the wives of their opponents in their Shea Stadium locker room?

Either way, watch below as Comedy Central’s Norm McDonald nails this Allred press conference to a tee.  Sit back, readers, and enjoy.

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Wait What? – Gloria Allred Press Conference Antics
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26 Replies to “Gloria Allred Sexually Abuses Baseball Bat While Children Watch (video)”

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  2. I just don’t understand this. Why would anybody want to sexually abuse a baseball bat? People should stick to having sex with their batting gloves and leave the freaky stuff to the hockey players.
    Have a good weekend man!

  3. You know I’d take Allred more seriously if she didn’t come across as an opportunist ! This bi_ch was front and center with Rachel Uchitel after that skank came forward to say that Tiger Woods had nailed her a_s . But little did Allred do state that her client was a willing participant in the sexual tryst that she and Woods had . It’s lawyers like this b_tch that gives the legal profession a real bad name !

    Why doesn’t she simply just go away and die ? Is that too much to ask ? As for McDowell he’s simply an as_hole !

    tophatal ……………….

  4. Chris

    Got your money laid on the Bulls __ Heat series ?

    You know how much I like to look at all aspects of sports especially from the business side of things . But if I’d told you that McCourt and his ex- wife had siphoned off over $100 million from the Dodgers between 04-09 what would you have thought about that ?

    That’s one of the things we’re now finding out as to how bad the situation was and still is . Now it’s being said that the CFO for the Dodgers Peter Wilhelm is saying he knew nothing about this all. How the f_ck can that happen when he’s the chief financial officer and he’s the one who’s essentially in charge of making sure that things are above board financially for the organization ? This is all bull_hit !

    Now the league (team owners) will be the ones on the hook to pay for the Dodgers’ salaries for the next few months as the team hasn’t the cash available to pay its employees . No financing and their down to their last $5 million in solvency .

    I’m in the midst of doing a piece on ths .

    tophatal ………….

  5. Hahaha! Norm is pretty funny on his show. I love the dude standing there letting his had get violated by that bat. He didn’t look like he was enjoying it…

  6. Norm McDonald is really bad. And I don’t mean “bad” in a cool way. I mean “bad” as in his show really sucks donkey balls.

  7. Roger McDowell, a great ambassador for MLB. Imagine he told the dad that the ballpark wasn’t a place for kids.

    I’d fire his ass and pray I could find another pitching coach half as good as the “Rocking Chair”.

    Former Met prankster is a disgusting POS.

  8. Chris

    So Ocho wants to ride a bull within the PBR circuit ? Hasn’t he served up enough bulls_it in terms of his productivity last season with the Bungles ?

    So Frank McCourt and his ex borrowed $100 million from the Dodgers unfortunately they’ve yet to repay the loan back to the ball-club . Who here thinks that this as_hole ought to be still in charge much less own the club ?

    tophatal ……………..

  9. Al…

    The Heat, as expected, are favorites in that series, despite the fact that the Bulls have home court advantage.

    I’m trying to convince myself that the Bulls have a shot but they’d have to play perfectly to make that happen.

    I see Speolstra putting Wade on Rose to force him into bad shots.

    Two key factors in my opinion. Can Bosh handle Boozer? Probably. If Booze doesn’t average 24 and 12, this series is over. And if they do put Wade on Rose, Deng will have to step to the plate. 20 a night. Unless they just allow Rose to get his and have Wade totally shut down Deng. Either way, Chicago will need a full team effort. Otherwise, hasta la vista, baby.

    And nothing I hear out of the McCourt camp will surprise me any more. Very Madoff-like.

  10. Chap…

    I just can’t believe Allred did this.

    She had an open and shut case with McDowell running his mouth and instead she puts on this parade.

    Well, at least it made for good TV.

  11. Ronbets…

    I haven’t heard whether Selig commented on the matter or whether they didn’t want to disturb him in his crypt but yeah, the ballpark not a place for kids?

    Well then who the hell is supposed to show up?

  12. Chris

    That Bulls Heat series could come down to the Bulls’ defense and whether or not it’s as good as it has been during the regular season which is as a top ten defense . If not then they could end up on the wrong end of a sweep . Boozer had better bring his A game in this series !

    So Whitlock has gone of the rails once again with his statement that James and Wade are a much better duo than Jordan and Pippen .

    As of yet the Heat duo haven’t proved or done anything at all . Winning conference semi finals series counts for jack . What counts is winning the big one and last I looked MJ and the ‘Pip Man’ …… won six friggin’ NBA titles together !

    tophatal ……………..

  13. Looking forward to watching Heat-Bulls, Al. I have my popcorn ready.

    Game One might actually be the most important game of the series. Chicago HAS to hold home court tonight.

    Whitlock moving the meter again, huh? Well, surprise, surprise.

    Send me the link to the article, will ya’?

  14. So let me get this straight, Al.

    ESPN is REPORTING that a sportswriter, who doesn’t even write for them, said that Wade and James are better than Jordan and Pippen?

    How is that even newsworthy?

    I have a newsflash. Whitlock eats more red meat than me.

    News at 11.

  15. Chris

    Let’s put it this way when it comes to Fair and Balanced reporting ESPN makes Fox News seem like a mere novice. Their (ESPN’s) hockey analyst Matthew Barnaby was charged with domestic abuse over the weekend but they reported it as some non-descript byline story. Go figure this being the same venue where a litany of their on air analysts over the past few years have been involved in a litany of sexually improper acts with ESPN female employees as well as issues within their own homes .

    News flash the Bulls love to make fools of the idiots in Vegas and their odds with the over/under and the game result . Need one say anymore on the matter ?

    tophatal …………..

  16. Kev and I talked about Barnaby this weekend, Al.

    He’s another on a long line (Reynolds, Mariotti, Phillips, Salisbury, Irvin) who the network dismissed and never looked back upon.

    And the Bulls came out fired up in Game One. We’ll see if they can hold serve once again in Game Two.

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