Busting out the STFU Meter for Donovan McNabb and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Without getting overly vulgar on this family-oriented website, I believe we all know what STFU stands for.  If not, I’ll pause a second while you look it up.

( theme from Jeopardy plays softly in the background)

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on.

Far too often, we encounter sports figures we wish would just shut up, do their jobs, earn their millions and stop friggin’ whining for having jobs we’d all kill for.

It never ceases to amaze when some of these athletes say the things they say.  So from here on out, I will denounce them with the sacred STFU Badge of Dishonor.

This should be fun, so please join me in celebrating when athletes say the darnedest things.


There was a time when I would defend Donovan McNabb to the nines.  He’s had a bum rap ever since the 1999 NFL Draft where his selection at the two-spot garnered relentless boos from the Eagles fans in attendance (Like they’ve ever applauded anything).  Ever since then, McNabb has had a love-hate relationship with the City of Brotherly Battery-Tossers.

After eleven seasons in Philly, McNabb was traded to the Washington Redskins where he was benched last season for Rex Grossman, a move which caused quite a stir.

Now McNabb is at it again, verbally jousting with coach Mike Shanahan regarding his starting position.  McNabb griped “They’ll make their decision and whatever decision it is, I’ll keep on moving. … It really doesn’t matter to me. If I’m here, or if I’m elsewhere, I’ll be fine.  Maybe I’ll play for the Nationals.”

Oh come on, Donovan, really?  You are getting harder and harder to defend, brother.  STFU, do your job, train your tail off in the off-season and do us the favor of staying away from any stray microphones.  Prove to the few fans you have left that you are the quarterback you once were and that Rex Grossman is also.  The last thing any of us want at this point is to hear you gripe about your starting gig when there might not even be an NFL season!

All signs points to McNabb being traded yet again when the lockout is lifted.  Either way, it’ll be a while before McNabb and Shanahan kiss and make up.


The Hall of Famer formerly known as Lew Alcindor is the NBA’s most prolific scorer.  He’s a six-time MVP, a 19-time All-Star and a six-time champion, with five of those titles coming with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Now he’s struggling to get a little love in return.

Outside the Staples Center stand five statues.  Magic Johnson’s, Jerry West’s, Chick Hearn’s, Wayne Gretzky’s, and Oscar De La Hoya’s.  We are all familiar with Magic’s contributions to the Lakers.  Jerry West is the NBA logo, their former star player and GM.  Chick Hearn did play-by-play for the Lakers for over forty years.  Gretzky played for the Los Angeles Kings and is the greatest hockey player to ever put on ice skates.  And Oscar De La Hoya?  Well, he was a pretty decent fighter who I guess fought a lot at the Staples Center.

Abdul-Jabbar, on the other hand, remains statue-less and boy, is he unhappy about it.  The former Lakers captain recently said “I am highly offended by the total lack of acknowledgement of my contribution to Laker success. I guess being the lynchpin for five world championships is not considered significant enough in terms of being part of Laker history.”

Look, there’s no denying Kareem deserves a sculpture alongside the rest of those honored but his methods these days are questionable, if not pouty.

For one reason or another, Abdul-Jabbar has alienated many over the years (and obviously continues to do so), but that’s not the point of this exercise.  The point of this exercise it to tell Kareem to STFU.

Your statue will come when it comes, Cap.  To complain you’re not receiving fair treatment lessens the gesture when it’s finally built and trust me, it will be.  Remaining silent (too late) as the days go by, with no statue in your honor outside Staples Center (where you never even played a basketball game), will only make the Lakers organization look more ungrateful.  Running off at the mouth about how you feel disrespected makes them look justified.

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58 Replies to “Busting out the STFU Meter for Donovan McNabb and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar”

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  2. The big Muslim has a point… And ya gotta know, the dude has always been a pampered prima donna whinner… Maybe they oughta hang a statue of him doin’ the skyhook from the ceiling of the Staples Center!

    You failed to mention Rush Limbaugh’s characterization of Donovan… It seems from that day forward McNabb has been doing everything he can to live up to Rush’s criticism. Now he’s capping off a better than decent career by turning into a dirty, no good whiner… LOL

  3. I understand McNabb’s frustration, but I have no sympathy for someone that makes that much money. Grab a clipboard and STFU!
    Kareem pouting is what his statue should capture so the fans can walk by and tell it to STFU!

  4. Not sure why, but when I see Donovan’s name I stop paying attention… Maybe the same way you wince when you see the McCourt’s mentioned…

    Kareem deserves a statue, and from what I heard it was in the works there wasn’t a timetable for it. Now if he does get a statue, people will only think it’s there because he bitched…

  5. Chris, Jabbar has a legitimate gripe. Why? HTF can the LA Kings erect a statue of a hockey player that cut his bones in Edmonton and be placed on the LA row of fame? This Russian transplant has about as much right being with that elite LA group as……………well…… Don Mattingly managing the Dodgers. How ’bout Don Sutton doing Atlanta Braves broadcast?

    Kareem was as dominant in college as well as the NBA. He was the prime reason the NCAA banned dunk shots for quite a while.

  6. Dwin…

    I think Kareem’s statue’s coming as well. Magic and West both played their entire careers with the Lakers. Kareem didn’t. I’m not sure what De La Hoya’s doing with a statue out there. Maybe he built it himself.

    And I don’t know what to make of Donovan these days. There was a time where I’d have wanted him on my team. These next few years, he’s got something to prove, mainly that he can still play the game.

  7. Aer gettin’ all into the vulgarity, I like it.

    So a Kareem pouting statue and a Donovan McNabb holding a clipboard statue. Nice.

    I can’t wait for future episodes of STFU!

  8. Al…

    It wasn’t all that long ago that AC Green was bitching about all the girls Magic was taking into his hot tub either, ya know.

    And I have a feeling, whoever signs McNabb (when they finally can), will be hosting his last hurrah.

  9. Chap…

    Good comparison.

    Would McNabb start for the Raiders or is Campbell officially your boy these days?

    Kareem will definitely get his statue. It’s just a shame that we’ll remember his latest rant when he finally does.

  10. Russian Transplant. Nice!

    I obviously fired you guys up with this post.

    RB, you are welcome to trash hockey here any time.

    And yea, you’d think Kareem has enough hardware, he’d be able to melt it all and build a statue himself.

  11. Al…

    The Memphis Grizzlies still have West’s imprints all over them.

    I think bringing him into Golden State has to excite Chap just a wee bit.

  12. Chris

    There’s no truth to the rumor that chappy will be making a charitable donation Hugh Camping’s organization after his own personal rapture in seeing the Warriors signing West . What the f_ck was that about the world ending ?

    It’s good to know that though I’m perceived to be on the wrong side of 50 a can of ‘whup ass’ in any language when it’s given by an ol’ guy still looks and sound the same. B-Hop (Hopkins [46 years old]) literally beat the ” black ” off titlist’s Jean Pascal’s ass in obtaining the light heavyweight title against a kid that was eighteen years his junior on Saturday night.

    How ’bout the Lightning sticking to the Bruins ? Way to go boys ! And I ain’t that much of a hockey fan to begin with !

    tophatal …………..

  13. Chris

    I say Lance has some explainin’ to do because there’s no way in hell that either Hincapie or Hamilton want to run the wrath of the Justice Dept knowing that they could each go down for five years at a minimum for perjury .

    Is it me but in large part are sport’s fans here as dumb as a box of rocks ? Who the hell believes that a sports franchise owner simply goes into it merely for the love ? Only an a_shole has that mindset because an owner goes into it to make money the accolades and notoriety gained is merely the bye product from it all .

    tophatal …………

  14. Al…

    Not sure what that whole thing was about the end of the world. Just goes to show you how quickly rumors can get started and catch on. Glad to know both you and I have better sense than to get all caught up in that.

    Game Five tonight. Lightning-Bruins. Should be a wild one, man.

  15. Al…

    I’m trying to gather my thoughts on this whole Lance Armstrong thing.

    If I ever get a day off from work, perhaps I’ll put up a post about it.

  16. Chris

    I don’t believe Hincapie or Tyler Hamilton to be dumb enough to lie to either the attorneys or investigators from the Justice Dept knowing full well that a 5 yr minimum ( for perjury ) sentence would await them . At the same time the longer this thing went on the more mud we all knew would be chucked at Armstrong . He can’t have been that naive to think that he wouldn’t come under suspicion to begin with. I mean his stance is the same asinine one took by former sprinter Marion Jones and look at how things turned out for her a_s ?

    Oh wow Chris played like an All Star ! Now what ? Russell Westbrook says don’t blame him if he’s the only one on the Thunder hoggin’ the ball . Scott Brooks needs to kick him in the a_s and tell him that he’s on a team and that this isn’t the ‘ Russell Westbrook Show’.

    This series between the Lightning and Bruins is far from over but I can’t help but feel that Rollison will have to be at his very best for them to survive this series . Whoa Nelly this n_gga is goin’ way off track quoting the NHL teams and the players’ names . Pardon me while I hit another draw from this bong to calm my nerves and get back to reality .

    So Jean Pascal now felt he was cheated having lost his fight to Hopkins ? Hey Jean tu tombe’ est tu merde du chien !

    Well so Hugh Camping made another error with regard to “The Rapture” . How many times is that now over the last decade ? And this a_shole still has followers around the globe ? He makes Newt Gingrich seem plausible .

    Herman Cain is seeking the GOP nomination for the Presidency . What hasn’t he (Cain) learned about what Obama has had to face since succeeding Dubya ? Neither Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton are now said to be pleased about another uppity n__ga gettin’ more airtime than either could’ve mustered in the last two years .

    tophatal ………..

  17. I guess I like Campbell, but if we have a terrible year and get the #1 pick, I’d much rather have Luck!!!

    I’m pretty stoked about the W’s getting West on board. Hopefully teams and players take us a little more seriously. I wouldn’t have taken our old front office very serious unless I thought I could steal something from them…

  18. Al…

    Still not sure what to make of this whole, old teammates turning on Lance now. What’s the point?

    Bosh had a great game the other night, Al. You’re right. I’m really looking forward to this Miami-Dallas match-up. Should be some quality mismatches on both sides and a great NBA Finals.

    Brooks has his handful with Westbrook. I still have the feeling his will end badly. As Colin Cowherd points out, score first point guards don’t win big in this league. We’re seeing that now with both Westbrook and Rose.

    Tough loss for the Lightning last night but they’ve come down from steeper deficits before so fingers are still crossed.

  19. Well, good luck with Luck, Chap, and the Warriors future. There’s no reason to believe they can’t make the playoffs next season but we said that last season, and the season before that, didn’t we?

    I’m actually hearing rumblings about Tampa wanting a pro team. It’d be nice to have the Maloof brothers strolling around town and building up a few more casinos in the area.

    Or maybe… the Warriors? I guess professional sports leagues know something we don’t about the entire Northwest falling into the Pacific Ocean.

  20. Al…

    Be right over to check out your Rays piece, Al.

    Shields is an early Cy Young candidate but it’s a long season and the Sox and Yanks are about to hit their stride.

  21. Chris

    I don’t know ’bout ‘Shieldsie’ being a Cy Young candidate as of yet as impressive as he’s been . But you’re right without him I certainly don’t believe the Rays’d be where they are at present.

    Is it me but is has Ray Lewis gone off the rail tracks ? Oh , now the NFL lockout will contribute to a rise in crime ? I guess ….we the NFL fan ….. have simply nothing better to do but to go out and commit various crimes ? Thanks Ray ……..” now go f_#k yourself and the horse you rode in on “!

    Finally Mets’ Fred Wilpon owner starts to make sense ….. Jose Reyes in the midst of seeking a contract extension to his mind isn’t worth Carl Crawford caliber money ….. Beltran isn’t the same player they signed to a 7yr $119 million contract to ___ courtesy of his agent Scott Boras and last but not least he feels that David Wright can’t be compared to Derek Jeter . Clue me in Fred, because wasn’t it you who’ve essentially signed off on the checks for these players under the advisement of then GM Omar Minaya and then manager Jerry Manuel ?

    The lack of intelligence of an MLB team owner never ceases to amaze me !

    tophatal ………………

  22. If they do choose to erect a statue outside Staples Center in Kareem’s honor at some time in the future what form should it take ? Phallic symbol or something else ?

    And now that Oscar de La Hoya blames his recent misstep in cheating on his wife to his drug misuse (crack) what does say that say ’bout Arnold’s actions …… was he on oxycontin ?

    tophatal ………

  23. Chris

    I’d like to think that Thunder coach Scott Brooks has sat Westbrook down and explained to him …. ” kid you need to pass the damn ball “. I hope it didn’t fall on deaf ears ! But then again who knows ?

    Somehow if the Mavs and Heat once again the NBA Finals I expect the result to be the same as it was before with a 4-2 series victory by the Heat !

    tophatal ……….

  24. Heck, Al.

    After giving the Cy Young Award to Felix Hernandez last year, I imagine they’ll give the darned thing to just about anyone.

    Just joking. He was deserving… I think.

    Did Ray Lewis mean the crime rate would go up because of fans or because we’ll now have a bunch of former, professional football players on the loose looking for a quick buck. I’m more inclined to believe the latter.

    And ya know what? I’m just not paying attention to any of that Mets stuff. Not one bit.

  25. Chris

    It’s Ray’s insistence that the crime rate will go up if there’s no NFL games this season . How comes it wasn’t Jesse or Al Sharpton who came out with this bull_hit rather than someone like Ray Lewis ? An African American male man wants respect but instead as an athlete some of them tend to show their downright ignorance and complete lack of intelligence !

    Joakim Yannick Noah that’s not me ! Oh yeah show your lack of maturity by throwing anti gay slur at a fan just because they dislike the fact you’re the opposition . And the idiots who suggested Kobe’s taunt to an official was done in the heat of the moment ? What ass_ole is dumb enough to berate an official like that ? So much for the idiots who tried to defend Bryant at first .

    Fred was merely trying to extricate himself from the mess by teeing off on the likes of Reyes , Wright and Beltran . I mean the Mets have spent well over …… $ 200 million on bullsh_t over the over the last couple of years without getting anything tangible in return ! Take your pick ? Go figure ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    tophatal ……………

  26. If memory serves me correctly wasn’t Ray a stat himself as an assailant , albeit that he got off lightly in that manslaughter charge that two of close associates got sent down for ? Ray does know a thing or two about crime doesn’t he ?

    tophatal …………….

  27. Ray’s no snitch but from time to time he will come up some bull_hit ! In the last NFL stoppage I wonder if the crime rate went up or down ?

    In the cities such as Cleveland , Cincinnati , Denver and in particular Washington DC what are the homicide , suicide and burglary rates there ? I mean it’s been years since they’ve had success and I might hazard a guess that the fans there tend to just go off the rails a bit !

    tophatal ………………..

  28. Al…

    De La Hoya cheated on his wife? How in the world do you hear about all this stuff? I doubt, however, that he’s fathered a whole gathering of little baby terminators like Arnold has.

    You and I both know Brooks has his hands full with Westbrook. I’m telling you, Al. He won’t re-sign with that team when his contract is up.

    Luke’s running for mayor of Miami, huh? Interesting. Care to place an over/under wager on what percentage of the vote he actually gets?

  29. I’m surprised Noah went there, Al. He’s as liberal a cat as the come, plus, if you remember, he was heckled relentlessly on the road while at Florida.

    It’s okay, 50 grand out of his pocket and in another game or so, he’ll have an entire summer to think about it.

  30. Back to the topic of the statues at the Arena. Hmmm…actually none of those guys played a minute in Staples Arena since it was only built in 1999. I think they ought to have statues of office supplies, personally, if they are going to honor anything at all. A giant binder clip?

    How about a little “woman” power represented? Lisa Leslie…come on!

    It is used as much for musical concerts as it is for sports. Why they choose to only honor athletes is beyond me!

  31. Chris

    Travis Barker the drummer I believe for Blink 182 ? His ex Shanna Moakler has a kid by De La Hoya . They were never married but and apparently ditched he (De La Hoya ) her for his now present wife the Tijuana songstress Millie Corretja .

    Both are hotties ! Moakler has done her fair share of center fold spreads in Playboy Maxim and Lowrider Magazine. Git ‘errr done !

    Noah is very liberal and so was his father ex tennis player Yannick Noah. He (Yannick) partied like rock and simply fu&&ed anything in sight like a porn star . Met him on several occasion when I lived in St Germain en Laye a suburb of Paris . At the time I was for the Paris office of an old firm I worked for at the time .

    He (Joakim Noah) may well not have to retire because it now looks as if the NBA might follow suit with the NFL and shut down there as well . And no doubt next month on the 23rd they’ll still have the NBA Draft ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    What size shoe does Ray Lewis wear because I’m sure that his foot simply can’t fit into his b big ass mouth ? .

    LAPD Chief Charlie Beck hopes that the LA community will assist in the assailants of Giants’ fan Brian Stow ? When was the last time you heard of anyone in LA coming forward to snitch on a gang member ? Good luck with that Charlie ……..

    So the Lakers aren’t going to hire Brian Shaw but they will hire Mike Brown at $4 mil a year ? Let’s hope that their roster for next year will be an improvement on this one !

    tophatal …………..

  32. cont’d

    Tiger’s not too sure when he’ll be back on the PGA Tour but it’ll be before the US Open . To my mind does it really matter given how poor his form has been this season !

    tophatal ……………

  33. I think I might have said they had the ability to make the playoffs, but I think I knew deep down that they wouldn’t. By was a lot more positive than myself in that respect. They’ve had a lot of turnover with the roster and ownership.

    I don’t see the W’s moving to Tampa. The Kings might want to move there, but no way the W’s do. Leaving the fifth largest market in the US is probably a stupid idea for any business.

  34. Congrats on the engagement, you and Kimmy make such a wonderful couple . I wish you all the best ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!! I hope you get on with the rest of the Kardashian family ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    tophatal ……….

  35. What moron is dumb enough to invest $200 million to buy a stake in the Mets knowing that they’re defendants in a case where if the verdict goes against the team they’re liable not see that money again ?

    The reason why a statue was placed in LA of De La Hoya was because had it been erected in Mexico City it would have been defecated on . But wait there’s time yet for fans in LA to do the same thing there as well .

    Love ’em Or Hate ’em They’re Still Baseball’s MVP

    tophatal ………..

  36. Elizabeth…

    Lisa Leslie. Interesting. How long until you think that happens? Eternity?

    Actually, I heard the PTI guys announce that Kareem dated a young Pam Grier and that for that alone, he deserved a statue.

    Can’t say I disagree.

  37. Needless to say, Chap, I’d be ecstatic if an NBA team moved here but I don’t see that happening.

    The area can barely support its baseball team.

  38. Yes, Al.

    Look for me on the next “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

    Isn’t Bruce Jenner looking more and more like Fire Marshall Bill these days?

  39. Chris

    Every self politician has a cross to bare and Arnold has simply been n different ! Now John Edwards may well be up on charges wherein he may well have used political campaign donations (against federal law) to pay off Rhielle Hunter the mother of his illegitimate child . All this being done while his wife is dying of incurable cancer . What a scumbag !

    Cuban is good for the NBA but Stern simply can’t stand him, his money and what he’s been about !

    Once you’re in with the Kardashians your social standing actually goes up ? LOL,LOL,LOL ! Just think of it now Odom has something to fall back ……’cause his NBA career is all but over at this juncture ! The Lakers are old and decrepit .

    tophatal …………

  40. Edwards fall from grace is near complete, Al.

    As much as Stern may dislike Cuban and try to rule that league with an iron fist, even he would have to admit Cuban has made some great moves, except for getting rid of Steve Nash, of course.

    Do you think the Lakers will try to shop Odom, Al? And if so, what’s his market value?

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