Just another Florida Sports Sunday, Part Two: The Gun Show

What better way to follow up watching motorcycles flying through the air on a steamy Florida afternoon than to visit the Suncoast Gun Show only thirty miles to the south.  I figured hunting’s a sport, right?  Besides, didn’t Ray Lewis recently warn us that, in the absence of an NFL season, we might see a dramatic increase in our national crime rate.  What better way to protect myself from job-seeking, Buccaneer linemen than to pick up a semi-automatic weapon from my local fairgrounds.

I’ve never owned a gun, nor do I have any plans to.  I’m actually quite opposed to gun use altogether but I respect the Constitution’s Second Amendment allowing us the right to bear arms so I’ll just leave it at that.  Feel free to debate amongst yourselves.

The gun show was just as you’d expect, except for the fact that it took place right next door to a high school graduation!  Only in Florida.  Beer bellies, mullets, camouflage baseball caps and an abnormally high sideburn per capita ratio accompanied customers and vendors reminiscing about the good ol’ times when “we used to have control of this country.”  There were enough people lined up at the NRA sign-up booth to make Charlton Heston proud.  Perhaps they heard that same Ray Lewis interview.

I know absolutely nothing about guns but there were small ones, big ones, vintages ones, semi-automatic ones, Dirty Harry ones, knives, brass knuckles, personalized Tasers, mace, bullets and slingshots.  Fifty ways to leave your lover.  It was a far cry from the baseball card and automobile shows I attended as a kid.

I mentioned to one of the show employees that I run a sports website and asked if they minded sharing some information, specifically how much money they estimated was transacted over the weekend and how many people passed through the turnstiles.  The gentleman politely declined, mentioning that was not information they were willing to share.  They also allowed no cameras inside the building.  Awfully secretive considering we need a license to purchase firearms in this country, don’t we?  Paging Plaxico Burress!

From my estimation, there were considerably more people at the gun show than at the race track and considering most of the guns on display were pretty darned expensive, I’d venture to guess vendors took in a pretty penny.

Now please let me know when I can get back to talking basketball.

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41 Replies to “Just another Florida Sports Sunday, Part Two: The Gun Show”

  1. Wonder what the grads were toting under those gowns?

    Great pix!! Love the signs! Good post … would like it much more if it weren’t so frightening.


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  3. I own a shotgun, and go skeet shooting from time to time when I lived up north. The hobby kinda died when I moved to LA. I’ve only been to one gun show, and have to say it’s a rednecks heaven. I never understood what someone would need an automatic weapon for, but I guess there’s still some really bad areas in the US that you need to protect your house!

  4. A baseball bat does just fine for my protection, Chap.

    Even though it’d probably take a few good shots to Ray Lewis’ noggin to do any serious damage.

  5. “Beer bellies, mullets, camouflage baseball caps and an abnormally high sideburn per capita ratio…”

    A Hanahan family reunion?

    The Talladega infield?

    Orlando Predators’ cheap seats?

    A Pinellas County cookout?

    Oh, a SoFlo gun show. Never mind.

  6. I imagine Ray Lewis is one of those people who’d feed off those shots to the head. Give his head a few home run swings and he’ll just come at you harder, teeth bared, eyes bucked, foaming at the mouth rabid dog style.

  7. Ray Lewis speaks the truth he’s become the NFL’s answer to Glenn Beck ! LOL, LOL !! Who the f_@k knows what’s he’s on at present ? Good ol’ Ray he gives a new meaning as to the dumbing down of America !

    So Kim Khardashian is suing a Pats’ player who claims he’s got pics of ’em having sex ? Isn’t this how she first gained notoriety through a sex tape ? So what’s the problem ? I hope that your namesake can handle this all ? LOL ,LOL ,LOL !!

    Programs now said to be looking over the shoulders all of the past winners of the BCS national title for the past eight years . LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Man up bi%%hhes and take your punishment like a prison inmate about to be buggered . Oh I forgot the NCAA is merely handing out a slap on the wrist nowadays and then they actually make an example of a certain program on a whim .

    Is this what collegiate athletics has now become about ? Make money and screw the education of the student athlete ?


  8. Based on the title, I thought this post was about your visit to my house. Dwight Howard has nothing on me…I’ll have to send you a pic of yours truly in a Clippers jersey.

    p.s. Did you happen to see Agent Zero there?

  9. Drew…

    When you send in that picture, be sure to be wearing your SportsChump hat for promotional purposes.

    I’m hearing Iguodala for Kaman trade rumors. I know Kaman’s a fan favorite but I pull the trigger on that deal. Are we smelling Clippers playoff seats next season?

    And I’m not too surprised there weren’t any Agent Zero or Delonte West t-shirts at the gun show. I’m guessing not too many people at the show were NBA fans. Not their demographic.

  10. Al…

    If I’m Kris Humphries, and I am, I’m making all new sex tapes with Kim to make those other ones look tame.

    It’s the BCS that stripped USC of their titles so technically they’re still national champions according to the AP, right? Not that any of that matters. I know what I saw those few years. Reggie Bush was THE best player in college football (until Vince Young beat him). Him taking money didn’t make him any better athletically.

    Sometimes I wonder whether the NCAA wants to even investigate its cash cow programs for fear of what it might find.

  11. Hey Chris. If you’re going to make some sex tapes with Kim “Junk in the Trunk” Kardashian, you’d better make them in 3D. You know what I mean. Also, I may be showing my age, but when I graduated high school, the only thing I had under my gown was a doobie and a bottle of Thunderbird (60 cents a bottle). Those were the days.

  12. Definitely smelling playoffs if Iggy arrives in SoCal!!

    Kaman, Aminu and a pick to Philly for Iggy and Speights. You heard it here first…

  13. Drew…

    As a Gator alum, I think Speights was underused in Philly, unless he was hurt this season.

    Kid’s got the length and should be able to contribute some quality minutes on a winning team.

    Of course, why would we expect the Clipper organization to make a move that makes any sense?

  14. Chris

    I know that NCAA President Mark Emmert wants …. change ………. about as much Obama allegedly wanted change . But what does it tell you when his proposals for paying the student athletes a per diem payment is immediately shot down big commissioners Mike Slive (SEC) and Mike Tranghese (Big East) ? They simply don’t want too many fingers in their honey pot and that’s it ! That’s why collegiate athletics will remain corrupt and why the graduation rates (amongst student athletes) will continually be on the decline which they have been for the last five years. As nationwide as a whole those very same rates have declined which is really a sad indictment of the education system at the collegiate level wouldn’t you say ?

    There’s a reason also why Education Secretary Arne Duncan said he’d like to see a change in the process for the criteria met for entrance into the NCAA Basketball Tournament amongst other athletic championships controlled by the NCAA and their associates . Once again there you had the usual cabal of coaches , AD’s and administrators saying it would be a non-starter . They simply are not interested in educating the kids merely making money off their backs like a plantation owner simply did off their slaves .

    Some of my US relatives are still waiting for their 40 acres and a mule by the way ? What happened ? Oh I remember it’s like the treaties signed with the Native Americans it simply meant f##k all to those who actually drew up the proposals in those treaties . Just like the sanctions mean absolutely nothing to the programs across the nation because it has never ever deterred a program from breaking the rules at all ! Until they (NCAA) are given teeth to monetarily fine schools and actually fine the coaches who break the rules …………….. collegiate athletics will remain corrupt . Those who view the present system as being fair are just myopic !

    Deuces …….. and two thumbs up to LBJ and the “ suck jobs” of the Heat !

    If a team was ever deserving of being exposed as a fraud and a bunch of a#s wipes it would be this Heat team ! They got off by believing in the print being written about them and at the same they have a pu##y as team President in Riley bitc##ng and whining when there’s any criticism leveled at any of his star players . What is it with Riles’ and his bunch of a#s wipes at present ? Have they had their gonads chopped off ? I guess they have given the fact that the Mavs are beating their lazy asses into the ground !

    tophatal …………………

    tophatal ……………..

  15. The Nets’ Kris Humpheries is he even able to hold an cell phone in one hand while getting Kimmy to show us all her wares ?

    Now there’s a rumor going around ’bout her and Pats’ player Brett Lockett having sex and he’s got the whole deal captured on camera . The Kardashians are said to be looking to sue the player . Why should I even be surprised when the mother (Kris) has ” pimped out” all three of her eldest daughters and is now looking to do the same with the (two) youngest she had with Bruce I’m A Flaming Dumb A#s” Jenner .

    tophatal ……………

  16. “There’s nothing wrong with shooting people so long as the right people get shot.”

    -Inspector Harry Callahan, a personal hero of mine

  17. Here’s my take on the series, Al.

    Free throw attempts.

    After five games, Dirk’s taken 44 free throws. LeBron’s been to the line 16 games. That’s only three a game.

    He’s not being aggressive enough, and as a result, they’re one game away from losing it all.

  18. Clint was as cool as they come, Dub.

    Not too many young actors out there like him.

    I mean, he was even cool in his sixties in Unforgiven, one of my personal favorites.

    Little Bill: You just shot an unarmed man!

    Will Munny: Well, he should have armed himself if he’s going to decorate his saloon with my friend.

  19. LBJ is not a personal hero of mine ! I think he’s a wimp ! Balls ? He hasn’t got any ! He and his plethora of a#s kissing fans are completely deserving of each other ! He was failure as a leader in Cleveland and he’s proving just as much of a failure in Miami .

    tophatal ……………

  20. LBJ coming up short again in Game Five, Al.

    A triple-double, but as we know, at this point in the season, the only statistic that matters in the one in the win column.

    I’m working on a piece about all the Heat Hate that’s going on these days, so stay tuned.

  21. With all those hits Ray Lewis has taken and given over the years, I feel like he’s a big time candidate for neurological damage…

  22. “abnormally high sideburns” LMAO

    Ray Lewis may be right, but not for the reason he gives. The world is a crazy place right now. And getting crazier by the day.

    Assault is a behavior, not a device.
    64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday.

    Guns have only two enemies:
    Rust and politicians.

    Gun control isn’t about guns, it’s about control.

    The American Revolution would never have happened with gun control.

  23. Heh, anything where you take living things out that weigh much more then you has to be a sport. 🙂 Back to hoops!

  24. Ya know, Chap.

    There were a lot of issues going into this NFL off-season that needed addressing, one in particular being how the league would address concussions and caring for the health of their players once they retire.

    I haven’t heard anything relating to how they’ve addressed these concerns, which leads me to believe they’re not quite as close to getting along as they’d have us believe.

    And that sucks.

  25. Pest…

    I’m assuming you don’t mean ‘take out’ as a date.

    Although I’ve had plenty of those over the years that I’d prefer ended before they even started.

    I didn’t bring a gun though.

    Just my cannon, if you know what I mean. HEEEY-OOOOOO!!!

  26. Chris

    It’s not so much the ” Heat hate” as it’s the complete lack of respect now being shown by certain players on the team who feel that they’re entitled . I mean Wade and LBJ’s latest antics show them to be nothing more than a bunch of friggin’ clowns . They’re mocking Nowitzki’s illness if anything they ought to concerned that their #ss is being embarrassed by a team that many believe they would actually have the better of .

    So Pryor was said to be charging in excess of $2,500 – $4,000 for signing sessions for Buckeyes’ memorabilia that a booster and alleged entrepreneur Dennis Talbot and Buckeyes’ accredited photographer as a go between was facilitating the sale to certain memorabilia outlets . Not only that but at the Scioto G & Country Club in Columbus , Pryor was seen with several teammates repeatedly being lavished with certain amenities per gratis and in some cases they were paid to be in attendance at the club.

    Pryor’s lawyer Laurence James in a response in trying to deny the numerous incidents tried to suggest that if his client were being paid then it wouldn’t have mattered . Funny thing is guess who else is said to be a member at the club beyond Talbot ? None other than Tressel , himself . Coincidence ? I think not !

    tophatal ………..

  27. I don’t disagree with you on that sense of entitlement, Al. As if they’re just going to give them the championship.

    They have two more shots at redemption. We’ll see if they’re able to make that happen.

    I understand that Pryor needs an attorney these days but how ridiculous is it that he actually has one?

  28. Chris

    I’m no lawyer but even though I’m employed by a law firm in their corporate affairs dept I think I could provide Pryor with much better legal advice than he’s now said to be getting !

    No the Heat won’t be getting a chance to redeem themselves at all ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Rumors are now circling that LBJ’s girl had the hook up with former Magic PF Rashard Lewis ? How nice ? I guess karma can be a real bitch can’t it ? LOL,LOL,LOL

    Way to go LBJ and Wade ! Love those postgame interviews by the way James and Wade came across as being befuddled and as dumb as a box of rocks !

    Can’t way to see if the meltdown inhouse will be reminiscent of when the Lakers got blown out by the Pistons . All the name calling and finger pointing couldn’t hide the fact how p#ss poor the Lakers were during that series .

    tophatal …………..

  29. Al…

    I want to know when it is that Pryor got himself this lawyer. Was it recently or was he contracting his services all along?

    Nobody will ever accuse Wade and James of being humble, even in loss.

    The Lakers were considerably higher favorites against the Pistons than the Heat were against the Mavs, Al. I remember because I had the Pistons at 5:1 in that series. That Lakers team had also been together for a while, and had won titles. This was this Heat team’s first shot and they were only -180 favorites to Dallas at +160, which unfortunately enough for me to bet on Dallas.

    Let’s just say I did place a wager on Dallas with a certain someone and that person will be paying up.

  30. Chris

    There weren’t that many pieces from the Lakers’ last title roster when they had the cabal of Malone and Payton join .

    I had no money laid in this Finals but simply once LBJ and Wade went off the reservation with their stupidity let’s just say my dislike of them both was ratcheted up several notches !

    Now LBJ is said to be p_##ed and blaming the press for the team’s woes ! What that yellow streak that’s suddenly appeared down the back of his spine ….. isn’t enough of a tell-tale sign to show how much of a pu$$y he’s become ?

    It’s The Results That Matter ……

    tophatal …………..

  31. Chris

    It’s as you’ve said humility isn’t something that either James or Wade have ever learned ! Now all of the ass wipes out there with the noses festered as close to LBJ’s a#s as was humanly possible having licked his sphin#ter can now shut the hell up once and for all .

    Now all of the post mortem and autopsy will begin as the Heat fans search for excuses to make . I dare say that Riles’ and Arison can’t be pleased with the end result knowing that they lost money last year and were looking for a major bounty from a successful run in the playoffs .

    It’s nice to see the real good guys winning for once !

    Mark Cuban has a message for Stern ……….’ how’d you like me now bit#h’ ?

    tophatal ………..

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