The “I Wanna Be Like Mike” Caption Contest

We’re going to try something new here at SportsChump.

Many of you have sent in interesting photos for caption contests in the past.  None of you have ever submitted photos of yourselves… until now.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet DJ Arthritic Semitic.  Loyal reader, good friend, past caption contest winner and future mayor of New Orleans.  Not only does he own one of the most impressive collections of vinyl you’ll ever thumb through, he also does a near perfect imitation of Mark Jackson at the free throw line (minus the 77% career shooting).

On a recent trip to the basketball Hall of Fame, DJ was spotted striking a pose and has graciously donated his picture for the SportsChump faithful to poke a little fun.  Don’t worry, guys.  He’s got thick skin.

So have it, kids.  The winner of this week’s caption contest will receive a collect call from the man himself and a side of fried okra, that may or may not keep upon delivery.

Laissez les bon temps roulez!

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43 Replies to “The “I Wanna Be Like Mike” Caption Contest”

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  2. Be over to check out your latest soon, Al. Work’s got me behind on my reading again.

    And like I said earlier, anyone who’s got a future bet on the Pirates to win that division might be laughing all the way to the window.

    That’ll pay NICE if they can close out the season.

  3. Chris

    I want no part of the Pirates at present ! Hell with the prophecy of doom and gloom , the end of the world a few months back . If they were to win the NL Central it could very well point to an apocalyptic event of seismic proportions .

    Who in Vegas had them winning it much less quite possibly having a winning record ? Wonders will never cease .

    Can Aqib Talib plead guilty by reason of mental defect in his upcoming trial ? I mean who goes out with a fully loaded semi-automatic not meaning to shoot anyone when you’ve had a physical altercation with the victim prior to the actual shooting ? His mama was with him and she had a couple of weapons of her own when the incident took place in Garland , Tx.

    So the NFL is going to set aside a $ 1 billion to assist the retired veteran players ? So it takes John Mackey and now Forrest Blue to have their lights snuffed out while living like drooling vegetables ( in assisted living facility [Mackey dies age 69 -Blue dies age 65]) before the league and union does anything proactive ?

    The only thing the league has simply cared about is their bottom line and the profits gained by their operations !

  4. Chris

    You’d better slow down on the work front and become Kirstie Alley’s ” boy toy”. Her inner cougar is now on the prowl on the streets of (residence in St Pete/ Clearwater) St Pete and Tampa as she’s looking for a sex object that’s desirable to her. Don’t worry she’s dropped over 75 lbs and she’s said to be looking real svelte and alluring . Perhaps you can give her the big one she so desires ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    I could see you taming her wild side and getting the cougar in her to really work it !

    I think that the Rays are now in for a hard time ! They need to take the decider in this series against the Yankees . However , it’s been the bats that have really let them down . But the middle relief also has to tighten up as well .

    Crap The NFL Could Be Back In Business …..

    tophatal ……

  5. Wow, you guys are gettin’ on him pretty good. And still no response from our supermodel himself.

    FYI, his caption, which surprisingly nobody has guessed is…. “I love Jordan THIS much.”

    Come on, people. We can do better. We haven’t made him cry yet.

  6. “World’s tiniest human poses with life-sized poster of Jordan”

    “Still angry at not being selected in the 1984 NBA draft, DJ attempts to prove he’s ‘Like Mike'”

  7. Chris

    Curtis Granderson in a recent interview stated that when he’s at the plate and steers off into the stands he can’t understand why doesn’t see many black faces in the stands . I guess he wasn’t made aware that segregation is now back amongst the attendees . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Oh The Tom Foolery …

    tophatal ……

  8. Al…

    It’ll be tough for the Buccos to hold on to that top spot. Milwaukee’s already tied ’em and with a healthy Pujols, St Louis still has to be the favorite in that division.

    I think what Pirate fans want to know most of all is whether they’re going to start keeping their talent, like Andrew McCutchen, or continue to ship them off.

  9. James with a double-whammy. Nicely done, sir.

    Pretty safe to say we wouldn’t be calling Sam Bowie the biggest bust ever if he had been selected second by Portland and the Bulls went with DJ AS third.

  10. Chris

    She (Kirstie Alley) has a place in St Pete as well by all accounts from a settlement with her ex Parker Stevenson (Hardy Boys’ fame).

    The division is too topsy turvy at the moment and there’s no saying how things will pan out. Especially with the Brewers as they have to make some serious decisions by the trade deadline as it relates to Fielder . They’ll no doubt keep him as they’re in the thick of things but I can’t count out the Pirates as of now not that they’ve complete believers out of me . They just seem to find ways of winning when all seems lost.

    If Granderson did see a black face in the stands at the Trop I can assure it wasn’t mine . It could have been a minstrel though but then it might not .

    So all we’re now waiting on are the players to vote , recertify the union and that ought to be it . All this after 120 plus days ?

    Out of The Chaos Now Comes The Bedlam And A Great Deal More

    In The Words Of Steve Urkel …… Paraphrase ….. Did They Just Do That ?

    Oh The Tom Foolery …

    tophatal ……….

  11. I forgot Kirstie was a Mrs. Hardy, Nancy Drew plus a twinkie or two, if you will, Al.

    And speaking of the Rays, Al, a nice start from Jennings last night but if they keep this up, their playoffs chances will soon be out the window, and so will Shields and Upton.

    I don’t expect them to make it through the week in a Rays uni.

  12. I’ma go with,

    let me demonstrate the range on my jumper


    I should listened when they told me all that smokin would stunt my growth


    damn my arms hurt, how did mj do it?

  13. Chris

    I for one feel that if the Rays aren’t within two games of the wildcard then we could see them begin to off load some talent . Upton seems to be the obvious choice but there could very well be others joining him as we saw at the end of last season when the Rays had their yard sale .

    It’s crazy to think that for the last two seasons the fans should to have to put up with seeing the roster depleted because of financial uncertainties . I still believe that Sternberg ought to bring in someone with deeper pockets than he and his partners have !

    tophatal ………….

  14. This road trip, Al, is tougher than people think. Even though KC and Oakland aren’t all that good, any time you go on a West Coast road trip, no game is a gimme.

    The Rays are now ten games back, five games over .500 and fading fast.

    Expect them to unload roster spots.

  15. Had to look up “Corky” and whatever show that was you’ve been rocking on Hulu. Guy’s got some nice hair – respect. Still, I think I could take him… Unless he brought Frankie Muniz or somethin’

  16. Don’t kid yourself, people.

    El Jefe has every season of “Life Goes On” in his DVD collection, right next to “Greatest SLam Dunks of the ’80s.”

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