Brett Favre is back again… for the second time.

It simply would not be a summer without Brett Favre talk.  The former Falcon-slash-Packer-slash-Jet-slash-Viking is the gift that keeps on giving, the ultimate cure for writer’s block.

According to some television station in Philadelphia, probably looking to make a name for itself, the Eagles are gunslingingly interested in signing the perpetual retiree.  As soon as I saw that report flash across my television screen, my eyes lit up with joy.

The tractor jokes.  The Wrangler references.  Once they were lost but now they are found.

There’s literally nothing that can’t be said about Brett Favre these days that we wouldn’t find believable.  Favre’s backing up Michael Vick in Philadelphia and signs for the league minimum.  Done.  Favre beats him out for the starting spot.  Also done.  Green Bay signs him to a one-day contract so he can retire a Packer.  Why wouldn’t they?  Favre’s return is a secret ploy by the commissioner to help repair his image after a summer-long lockout.  A peace offering if you will.  Favre’s running on the Republican Presidential ticket in 2012.  The only way they stand a shot at returning to the Oval Office.

All perfectly reasonable possibilities.

In fact, I propose that we all secretly yearn for yet another, teary-eyed Brett Favre press conference where he does his best “I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack.”  We want him on that wall, we need him on that wall.  Note: back-to-back Jack Nicholson references are perfectly appropriate since both he and Favre are nearly the same age.

Come on, people, Favre is a helluva lot more fun to talk about than “collective bargaining agreements” and “labor disputes,” so let’s not roll our eyeballs just yet.

Even if none of this is true, at least it’s comical to discuss.  It’s time to give in, America.  Favre is with us and always will be, like a bad itch that just won’t go away.

The sooner we come to accept that, the better.

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27 Replies to “Brett Favre is back again… for the second time.”

  1. Nothing surprises me anymore as it relates to Favre ! There were those who suggested that when Gil Brandt ( Cowboys’ consultant) stated the player was mulling a return it was nonsense ! That being said ’til Chris Mortensen removes his lips from Brett’s sphincter and reports it as fact I’ll take the rumor as mere speculation !

    So Roethlisberger got married over the weekend ? Wonder how the actual proposal went to begin with never mind their honeymoon night ?

    Saw the fight between Zab Judah and Amir Khan over the weekend . The Englishman knocked Judah with ease and he could be a future opponent for Manny Pacquiao . That ought to be one helluva fight should it ever take place because Khan is as good as it gets within the welterweight division and then some ! He’s got major power in either hand he can box as well unlike the contenders within that division.

    tophatal …………………

  2. When will the madness end? There is no bigger attention whore anywhere and this will he/won’t he/where will he go nonsense will really ramp up in about week or so.

  3. Hysterical!
    And great job on the pix in this post.
    Good stuff ( the creativity remains really strong & probably helps to have a day off, huh?)
    Enjoyed it SC, nice work.

  4. Vick tweeted that he would be honored to have #4 as his backup. He then promptly pulled the tweet.

    Let’s face it, Favre’s ego couldn’t take being #2. Tell you what though, if I’m a GM and need an instant starter/leader I’d spend the boss’ money in a heartbeat. With the loss of practice time, offenses are gonna be in sorry shape. Yeah, he’s itching to play. Whatta you think Chris?

  5. Chris

    This is just what the doctor ordered so that the league has some integrity returned to it ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Nothing like another self serving as_hole looking for the publicity the way that Kris Jenner pimps out her kids !

    Can we have a quarter back ? I wonder how McNabb must be feeling right about now ?

    tophatal ………….

  6. It’s good that he’s coming back. I’m sure he will need the money after the wife gets done with him. My only hope is that someone takes his phone away from him.

  7. Drew…

    That’s why I decided to have a little fun with it this time around.

    I mean, there’s no sense bitching about it. It’s one of our few universal constants. The sky is blue, the sun is orange and Brett Favre will decide on a whim whether he wants to play another year of professional football.

  8. Al…

    Big Ben got married? I hadn’t heard that.

    Hey, when he’s out to dinner with his wife and he gets up to go to the restroom, do you think she gets nervous?

    Unfortunately I missed the fight, Al. It’s always good to hear of another upcoming, competitive fighter.

  9. Dub’s comparing Favre to a communicable disease?

    I guess that’s only appropriate since I compared him to Jack Torrance and Nathan Jessup.


  10. RB….

    To be perfectly honest, I’d have to look long and hard at my situation.

    If I had absolutely NOTHING to lose, I’d consider it. But if I had a strong nucleus intact, there’s not a chance in hell I’m wanting the media circus that comes along with Brett Favre in my locker room.

  11. Al…

    I’m wondering if Vegas has an over/under on how many touchdown passes Donovan McNabb will complete this year.

    I’m not sure whether to expect a good season from this guy or whether he’s all done.

    He certainly never had Shanahan’s blessing.

  12. Well said, Aer.

    In fact, someone just Tweeted “Just got a text from Brett Favre. He is not signing with the Eagles. He’s also not wearing pants, apparently.”

    Beautiful, man.

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  14. Too much exposure and no revenue coming in. Members is this generations Patrick McGoohan aka Secret Agent Man. He ended it lousy. The rank and file atleast needed some explaination. Oh wtf, we posters are like used paper plates just discard us in the dumpster. Oh, but someday a favor might be needed………

  15. Chris

    Having seen pics of Ben’s wife I’d definitely follow to a restroom ! And the rest well you can guess what’d happen ?

    Well now the rumor is surfacing that the Vikes’ are showing interest in McNabb ?

    Does that mean Brett could end up landing in DC with the ‘skins ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!! I wouldn’t out it past that crazy a__hole Mike Shanahan to approach the player and gauge his interest ! I mean when hasn’t Dan Snyder not been known to overspend on marginal much less overrated talent ?

    Dropped this dime piece on Iron Mike Tyson . If at all interested chime on in ?

    Not Anymore ……..

    tophatal ……

  16. Al…

    You and I both know the Vikes have been interested in McNabb for a while. They just couldn’t do anything about it because of the lockout.

    Latest word is that’s going to happen.

    And goodness, Favre to the ‘Skins? Let’s just say he’d fit their dysfunctionality perfectly AND, as I suggested in the post, he’d be one step closer to the White House.

  17. Repair the image? The dude texted a shot of his beanbag, WTF is that about?

    “Hey baby, how bout a bag of nuts”???

    Kind of reminds me of the rednecks who hang a latex sack (simulated “balls”)from the bumper of their BONE STOCK F150’s.

    Do ladies really dig nutsacks over the love wand?

    Maybe the nuts was bigger than the bolt? Just sayin….

    Anyhow, I see O.J. Simpson having a better shot at a repaired IMAGE than Brett Favre.

    Old hillbilly Haddock called BS on Favre a long time ago. I thought it was the meth or moonshine talking but dag-gum-it he was right on the money. BTW (Them is South Carolina monies we’re talkin bout…..bottle caps and ball bearings used as sling shot ammo) Who’d have though that? I think he did make it past the 8th grade, pretty decent considering his backwoods upbringing and all.

    Here’s a DIVA reunion: Favre to New England, where he, Albert and Chad can shop for panties together after practice. Brett could buy the crotchless one’s so his PRIZED fuzz balls could be proudly displayed at all times.

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