SportsChump proudly presents your 2011 NFL Futures Contest

Ladies and gentleman, the NFL is finally back and I know I’m not the only one rejoicing.

This year at SportsChump, we’re going to try something a little different, a futures contest if you will.

For those of you who don’t know, a “futures” wager is a bet that you make at the beginning of a season and runs all season long.  For example, below you will find the amount of games Las Vegas predicts each NFL team will win, obviously out of their 16-game schedule.

Arizona Cardinals – 7

Atlanta Falcons – 10

Baltimore Ravens – 10.5

Buffalo Bills – 5.5

Carolina Panthers – 4.5

Chicago Bears – 8.5

Cincinnati Bengals – 5.5

Cleveland Browns – 6.5

Dallas Cowboys – 9

Denver Broncos – 5.5

Detroit Lions – 8

Green Bay Packers – 11.5

Houston Texans – 8.5

Indianapolis Colts – 10

Jacksonville Jaguars – 6.5

Kansas City Chiefs – 8

Miami Dolphins – 8

Minnesota Vikings – 7.5

New England Patriots – 11.5

New Orleans Saints – 10

New York Giants – 9.5

New York Jets – 10

Oakland Raiders – 7

Philadelphia Eagles – 10.5

Pittsburgh Steelers – 10.5

San Diego Chargers – 10

San Francisco 49ers – 8

Seattle Seahawks – 6

St Louis Rams – 7.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 8

Tennessee Titans – 7

Washington Redskins – 6

Well, this season, consider me Las Vegas.

Here’s how our contest will run.

You must choose ten teams from the list above and predict whether they will win either OVER or UNDER that amount of games.  Once you’ve determined the ten teams you are most certain about, rank them in order of confidence, 10 being the team you’re most confident about and 1 being the least.

For example, if you feel most confident that the Green Bay Packers, last year’s Super Bowl champions, will win more than 11.5 games, you would write GB – OVER 11.5 – 10 points.  If the team you’re second most confident about is the Carolina Panthers unable to muster five wins, you would write CAROLINA – UNDER 4.5 – 9 points, etc, until you’ve selected all your teams.

For your entry to be complete, you must submit 1) ten teams 2) your prediction of whether they’ll win either over or under their number and 3) confidence points (10-1) for each team you’ve chosen.  The maximum possible points is 55 (10+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1=55).  Pushes will be considered a win.  After all, this is a friendly league.

Please submit all entries in the comments section below.  They must be posted by kick-off of game one, Thursday, September 8.

At the end of the season, I will tally the points and not only proclaim the contestant with the most points our resident NFL Swami for the year but will also send you a fabulous, SportsChump prize pack.

And if I win, of course, you’ll never hear the end of it.

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84 Replies to “SportsChump proudly presents your 2011 NFL Futures Contest”

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  2. Thought I’d be first so everyone can see what a “real pro” thinks! LOL!

    10. Miami Dolphins – Under 8
    9. Denver Broncos – Over 5.5
    8. St. Louis Rams – Over 7.5
    7. New York Giants – Under 9.5
    6. Oakland Raiders – Under 7
    5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Under 8
    4. Tennessee Titans – Over 7
    3. Kansas City Chiefs – Over 8
    2. Minnesota Vikings – Under 7.5
    1. Houston Texans – Over 8.5

    And there ya go!

  3. And Dwin…. is in.

    Congrats on being our first contestant.

    We’ll see how far that gets you in the contest.

    And by the way, you just pissed off every single one of my Dolphins readers.

    Didn’t you hear LeBron’s kicking field goals for them this year? That’s gotta count for at least a half a win, don’t you think?

  4. 1. Miami Dolphins Under 8
    2. Seattle Seahawks Under 6
    3. Cincinatti Bengals Under 5-1/2
    4. Denver Broncos under 5-1/2
    5. Minnesota Vikings over 7-1/2
    6. Carolina Panthers under 4-1/2
    7. Cleveland Browns under 6-1/2
    8. Tennesee Titans under 7
    9. New England patriots over 11-1/2
    10. Houston Texans under 8-1/2

  5. 10.Miami-under 8
    9.Dallas-under 9
    8.Chicago-under 8.5
    7.Indianapolis-over 10
    6.Arizona-under 7
    5.Tampa Bay- over 8
    4.Atlanta- over 10
    3.Cleveland-under 6.5
    2.Baltimore- under 10.5
    1.Green Bay- under 11.5

  6. Chris

    As Standard & Poors are the center piece of the nation’s conscience at present is it OK to consult them on this ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Patriots 11

    Jets 10.5

    Dolphins 8

    Bucs 9.5-10.5

    Saints 10

    Falcons 10.5

    Cowboys 9

    Redskins 6

    Seahawks 6

    Lions 7

    tophatal ……………..

  7. Chris… You know you can’t let your heart be your guide on these things… I hated like heck to put the Buccaneers for under 8 but I’m thinkin’ the breaks are going to go the other way plus the Saints are going to be back in the thick of things.

    Notice I didn’t even put my favs (the Niners and Sea Chickens) in there… Or my no. 1 hate team (the Cowgirls). LOL!

  8. 10 points – Tennessee Titans – Under 7
    9 points – Washington Redskins – Under 6
    8 points – Minnesota Vikings – Under 7.5
    7 points – Cincinnati Bengals under 5.5
    6 points – San Diego Chargers – Over 10
    5 points – San Francisco 49ers – Under 8
    4 points – Arizona Cardinals – Over 7
    3 points – New England Patriots – Over 11.5
    2 points – St Louis Rams – Over 7.5
    1 points – Indianapolis Colts – Under 10

  9. Al…

    Either you don’t know how to follow instructions or you choose not to.

    I’m assuming the teams you selected are in the order of confidence but you must also choose whether those teams will win MORE or LESS than that number.

    Come on, Dundee. I know you can do this.

  10. Chris

    I’ll follow my heart on this .

    So what’s up the league (NFL) now testing the players on game day for HGH ? Policy comes into place at the start of the regular season schedule .

    This now promotes a really interesting season in more ways than one don’t you think ?

    tophatal …………

  11. Kick, nothing…ain’t my fault some of those numbers are more padded than a cheerleader’s bra on prom night.

  12. 10. Denver – Over 5.5

    9. Miami – Under 8

    8. Washington – Under 6

    7. Carolina – Under 4.5

    6. Jaguars – Under 6.5

    5. Bills – Under 5.5

    4. Titans – Under 7

    3. Vikings – Under 7.5

    2. Oakland – Under 7

    1. Bengals – Over 5.5

    A lot of bad football teams in the league.

  13. Chris

    So come opening day of the NFL regular season all players are subject to game day testing for HGH ? Now that’s sending a signal .

    Can’t wait to see if Stern will try to initiate the same thing within the NBA ! There’ll be about as much hope of success as there is in the Cubs getting over their perceived years of underachieving which is unlikely to change anytime soon !

    We Are Doing This Now Because It’s The Right Thing To Do ….. Or At Least We Think So ….. !

    tophatal ……

  14. Al…

    I heard the league was contemplating testing players immediately before the games? That’s ludicrous and something I can’t imagine the players’ union ever agreeing to.

    Drawing blood right before a game? There’s enough injuries now, never mind what can happen if they leave a player less than 100% at 12:45pm.

    I can’t believe that was even suggested.

  15. Okay, Al is in with unders across the board and yet another person who thinks the Dolphins won’t get to eight wins.

    I wonder if that’s because they stink or because they play the Pats and Jets twice.

  16. 10. Cincinnati Under 5.5
    9. Tennessee Under 7
    8. Miami Under 7
    7. NY Jets Over 8
    6. Buffalo Under 5.5
    5. New England Over 11.5
    4. Indianapolis Over 10
    3. Jacksonville Under 6
    2. San Diego Over 10
    1. Oakland Over 6.5

  17. OK…here is the winning entry. What is going to be in my prize pack?

    10 – Chargers – Over 10
    9 – Tennessee – Under 7
    8 – Miami – Under 8
    7 – Bears – Under 8.5
    6 – Washington – Under 6
    5 – St. Louis – Over 7.5
    4 – Philadelphia – Over 10.5
    3 – NY Giants – Under 9.5
    2 – Green Bay – Over 11.5
    1 – Seattle – Over 6

  18. Re: Stern, Al, we both know the Association has been lax on its drug-testing. It’s long been a partier’s league.

    I don’t think Stern minds his boys smoking a little weed every now and again, as long as they don’t start brandishing firearms as a result.

    I don’t think drugs are the issue in the NBA. This lockout is about money and the unhealthy amount of owners losing it.

  19. Chris

    Adolpho Birch chief labor policy leader for the NFL at the behest of the league hierarchy and owners insisted on this (HGH testing) . It was part of the renewed CBA between the league and the union. So there’s now no turning back .

    So the Eagles are still amassing pieces to their roster as yet another offensive player signed with them .

    Let me know what you think ?

    The Who Dat Boys Can They Make A Quick Turnaround ?

    tophatal …………………

  20. In the NBA drugs isn’t their biggest worry but the finances of certain teams are . Look at the mess that the Cavaliers are now said to be in ? Never mind the Maloofs with the Kings . The Hawks were just recently sold at a price way below what the owners were said to be seeking .

    tophatal …………

  21. 10 – Dirty Birds – Over 10
    9 – Jax – Over 6.5
    8 – J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets! – Over 10
    7 – Browns – Over 6.5
    6 – Daaaaaaa Bearss – Under 6.5
    5 – ‘Murka’s Team – Under 9
    4 – Aint’s – Under 10
    3 – Colts – Over 10
    2 – Fish – Under 8
    1 – Bengals – Over 5.5

  22. For better or for worse, Al, the NBA is a player’s league.

    Not sure how much that has to do with Stern choosing to market the individual athlete over the years, and not the franchises.

    The current labor dispute has to do with owners making bad business decisions and for that, THEY should be held responsible.

    Sounds like they’re wanting a bailout.

  23. So far in the pool….

    Harry Balzac

    If any numbers are mistaken on the over/unders, the lines I listed above will override those you submitted.

    That makes nine, excluding my eventual winning picks.

    Tell you friends, people. The more the merrier.

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  25. Arizona – Over 7 – 10 pts
    Miami – Under 8 – 9 pts
    Chargers – Over 10 – 8 pts
    Falcons – Over 10 – 7 pts
    Steelers – Under 10.5 – 6 pts
    Titans – Under 7 – 5 pts
    Cowboys – Over 9 – 4 pts
    Colts – Under 10 – 3 pts
    Jaguars – Over 6.5 – 2 pts
    Minnesota – Under 7.5 – 1 pt

  26. LMAO, what makes you think we’ll keep coming back to check and see if our picks pan out?

    Philly OVER 10.5

    Seacawks OVER 6

    Denver OVER 5.5

    DeTroit OVER 8

    Cleveland OVER 6.5

    Jacksonville OVER 6.5

    Houston OVER 8.5

    Kansas City UNDER 8

    Buffalo UNDER 5.5

    San Diego UNDER 10

  27. Oh, come on, Frank, they alllllllways come back if you give them what they want.

    Am I to assume you listed your teams in order of confidence, giving the Eagles 10 points and the Chargers 1?

    If so, make that 11 entrants.

  28. Hanahan says:

    “A lot of bad football teams in the league.”

    And you’re the fan of TWO of them….LMAO


  29. FtC is in.

    And Frank, clearly heathens are the only people who want Kyle Orton to win the Denver starting gig.

    Who’s going to circumcise Orton’s baby after birth?

    Timmy, that’s who.

    And he’ll be sorry if he takes Timmy’s starting spot.

  30. Chris

    It’s not as if the league will be drawing several pints of blood from each player . It will be enough to provide multiple samples for the testing . And if anything this wouldn’t have been adopted unless the executive committee of the union were in agreement with this all in the first place .

    So Woods is now blaming his equipment and his driving on the links for his latest faux-pas ? So you’re still of the opinion that not having a good caddy doesn’t aid the player ? I believe you intimated that it was all about the player’s abilities ? I’d say it’s a combination of the two ! As for the final moments of the PGA Championship itself , Dufner gave that tournament away with his errant play over the final five holes in regulation .

    The three hole aggregate playoff provided about as much excitement as watching paint dry !

    Change We Can Believe In … Uh , Uh !

    tophatal …….

  31. Chris

    You’d be hard pressed to hear the owners or anyone within the NBA hierarchy admit to the fact that they’ve been ostentatious in their spending . But somehow the new owners of the Warriors were assisted in the purchase of the team by the NBA .

    The bad business decisions made by the NBA team owners and league hierarchy are no worse than the recent decisions being made in the Senate and Congress ___ never mind Florida’s own state legislature . So just be thankful OK ? It is what it is !

    If you’re a Niners’ fan what’d you make of Harbaugh bringing in Culpepper for tryouts ? Or as the coach says ….” to kick the tires and check under the hood” . Mind you the performances in their first preseason game (against the Saints) by Colin Kaepernick and Alex Smith indicated to me that they’re in for a really rough and tough season .

    tophatal …………

  32. Okay, first things first, gentlemen.

    I have officially reviewed all eleven entries to date and it’s clear that some of us have never been to Las Vegas.

    Chap… please note that three of your entries were off. You have Fish under seven but their number is 8, so you actually bought yourself a game there. You also listed Jets at under 8, but their number is ten so you bought yourself TWO games there. And you had Raiders under 6.5 but their number is 7. Shame on you for betting against your team.

    And Al… what else can be said? Not only did you come up with your own numbers, but you went UNDER on every team you chose. That’s fine except that you took mostly teams that play within the same division. For example, you bet the Pats, Jets and Dolphins to all come under their number yet they each play against each other twice a season, so someone has to win.

    To each their own, sir. Just make a note that the numbers you’ve wagered against for over/under on the season are not the ones YOU selected, but rather the numbers I’ve listed in the post.

    Best of luck, gentlemen. I expect many more entries, including my own which will be up soon.

  33. Al…

    It’s primarily Mayweather’s insistence on drug-testing BEFORE THE FIGHT that has stalled his match against Pacquiao. I just don’t see how it’s healthy to draw even a touch of blood as these guys are putting on their pads.

    Woods is now blaming his clubs, huh? This dude is way past time for an intervention.

  34. Al…

    If the Orlando Magic aren’t willing to admit they made a bad business decision by signing Rashard Lewis to a six-year, $120 million deal, then eventually trading him away for Gilbert Arenas, then THEY are the ones living in denial and we should draw blood from THEM to check their sanity.

    I definitely like the 9ers under this season. I came to that conclusion as soon as I heard they were bringing Alex Smith back. The only things that scare me are 1) they play in a lousy division and 2) the Harbaugh influence.

  35. Chris

    You’re giving Mayweather way too much credit he’s not that smart to begin with ! He’s a guy who feels it’s OK to beat up on his kids and girlfriends as he sees fit , one of which was Chili (ex member of TLC) .

    No one ever said that Otis Smith was smart to begin with or anyone within the Magic’s management . Van der Weide as CEO is merely trying to be his father in law’s Rich de Vos (team owner) lap dog .

    There are few owners allegedly with that business background who actually know integrally the business of owning a professional sports franchise .

    Cuban might just be the only one asides from > Peter Guber and Joe Lacob .

    tophatal …………

  36. Chris

    Bringing Alex Smith back is one thing but Daunte Culpepper ? C’mon man ! Jim Harbaugh ought to know better than that shouldn’t he ?

    What there was no chance of getting either Steve Young or Montana to come out of retirement ?

    Dr Phil is said to be too busy to assist Woods with his problems as he’s got to deal with the likes of Dwight Gooden , Amy Fisher , Bai Ling and Michael Lohan who are all in celebrity rehab and part of this season’s self entitled reality show ” Celebrity Rehab” with Dr Drew . Need I say anymore on the matter ?

    tophatal …………..

  37. Al…

    How smart, or dumb, does a person have to be to turn down the biggest payday in sports history, because that’s what Mayweather did.

    And re: Otis, let’s hope he either starts making right decisions, or is gone before he can make anymore wrong ones.

  38. Al…

    I heard that news about Culpepper and it went in one ear and out the other.

    My question is, why did the 49ers re-sign Alex Smith to a one-year contract if they’re bringing in all these other has beens and rookies to compete for his position?

    Like I mentioned in our latest podcast, hasn’t the 49ers organization been watching 49ers football lately?

  39. 10. Detroit-Over
    -homer with this one.
    9. Packers-Under
    8. Patriots-Over
    6. Denver-Over
    5. Oakland-Under
    3. Saints-Under
    2. 49ers-Under
    1. Chargers-Over

  40. Here we go

    10 pts. Cards ov 7

    9 9ers un 8

    8 Skins ov 6

    7 Titans un 7

    6 Seahawks ov 6

    5 Falcons ov 10

    4 Raiders ov 7

    3 Bucs ov 8

    2 Cowboys un 9

    1 Saints un 10

    Book ’em Dan-o

  41. Find that Bucs ticket on the ground, did u? 🙂

    Remember, that was the Pats they were playing and they are a very young team.

    Bucs schedule strength is slightly higher this year, but I cannot imagine them regressing by 3 games or more. If they take care o’ biz week 1 v. Lions, they should clear 8.

  42. Yaz is in, giving us a cool baker’s dozen.

    Interesting pick going with the Kolbinals as your most confident pick. An ex-Eagle quarterback, no less? Isn’t that sacrilege?

    And no, a friend gave me those club level duckets.

    We drank for every Patriots touchdown so needless to say, we were stumbling by the end of the game.

    I also like how you took Cowboys under and Puckett took Steelers under.

    Dem’s fightin’ numbers.

  43. I, SportsChump, of reasonably sound mind and body, hereby present my over/under picks for the 2011-12 NFL season.


    Going with the TEXANS OVER 8.5 for TEN confidence points. Too much uncertainty about Peyton’s neck and this should finally be the year the Texans get it done.

    Sticking with the Texas theme, I’ll take the COWBOYS OVER 9 for NINE. ‘Boys should have a solid season. It’s their post-season we should worry about.

    49ers UNDER 8 for EIGHT confidence points. Good new head coach but does he want winners any more than Mike Singletary ever did? If so, why’d they re-sign Alex Smith?

    I’ll take DOLPHINS UNDER 8 for SEVEN confidence points. Sorry, Calvino. It’s hard to find wins for the fish on this year’s schedule, Reggie Bush or no Reggie Bush.

    The NEW ORLEANS SAINTS window isn’t as shut as most people think it is so I’ll bet SIX confidence points on the Who Dat OVER 10. They should come out barnstorming after losing that game to Seattle last year. Drew Brees won’t let them forget that all season.

    The CHIEFS snuck up on teams last year. That won’t happen this year. Besides, Charlie Weis now lives in Gainesville. UNDER EIGHT for FIVE confidence points please, Alex.

    The JETS are one of the best teams in the league, Super Bowl contenders. I think TEN sounds like a reasonable number so give me FOUR on them.

    I saw the BUCCANEERS play the Pats last Thursday and I’ve seen their schedule this year. As much as I hate to say it, I don’t see this team pulling out EIGHT wins so I’ll take them UNDER for THREE.

    Popular pick. LIONS over EIGHT for TWO. Why not, right?

    The BENGALS continue their dysfunction and don’t pull off 5.5 WINS so I’ll take them UNDER for my final point.

    Best of luck, gentlemen.

  44. Gts under 9.5(10) sans Tyree catch, Eli wudda been run outta NY long ago.

    Det under 8(9) What makes u think brittle qb stays healthy?

    Miami under 8(8) Sperano opens deli on Collins Ave by Xmas.

    KC und 8(7)

    SD over 10(6)At 10-6 Norv still is gone.

    Tenn under 7(5) Bud pays stiff Young telephone #s and ignores CJ??

    SF und 8(4)

    Clev over 6half (3) Colt ain’t bad.

    Chi under 8half (2)

    Oak under 7 (1)

  45. 10: Saints over 8.5
    9: Ravens over 9
    8: Browns under 7
    7: Lions over 8
    6: Colts over 9.5
    5: Giants over 7.5
    4: Eagles over 9
    3: Vikings under 7.5
    2: Dolphins under 6.5
    1: Patriots over 10.5

  46. Bubba…

    Either you’re smoking the same stuff Al is or something got lost in the translation.

    Saints O/U is not 8.5, it’s 10
    Ravens O/U is not 9, it’s 10
    Browns O/U is not 7, it’s 6.5

    Shall I continue?

  47. I’ll give it me best shot!

    Atlanta over 10 (10) – The NFC South is a toss-up every year, and this year will be no different. But the Falcons aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and should win at least 11 for the third time in four seasons. The real question is whether or not they can translate regular season success into postseason success.

    Pittsburgh over 10.5 (9) – Super Bowl disappointment will drive this team. Not that they needed an extra push, as talented as they are.

    Philadelphia over 10.5 (8) – If they don’t win at least 11, Andy Reid should get fired.

    St. Louis over 7.5 (7) – The Cardinals may have made a nice upgrade at QB with Kevin Kolb, but I like the Rams to finish at or above .500 and win the NFC West.

    Kansas City over 8 (6) – Charlie Weis’ departure leaves a big hole, but the Chiefs are on the up and up, and I see nine wins minimum for KC.

    Detroit under 8 (5) – Trendy pick to take a big leap, and there is certainly a ton of potential there. But I need to see Matt Stafford stay healthy and consistently perform before I become a real believer, and they also have an extremely tough schedule. They’re headed in the right direction though, which is good to see after the disaster that was the Matt Millen era.

    San Francisco under 8 (4) – Mike and Mike couldn’t get the Niners back to their winning ways, but I think Jim Harbaugh is the man to do it, and it doesn’t hurt that the NFC West kinda sucks. Buuuuut it’ll be respectability first and winning next. 7 wins will be something to build on for next year, much like I think we’ll see with the Rams from last year to this year.

    Tampa Bay over 8 (3) – Tough schedule, sure, but they’re young, hungry, and talented. If they can avoid the injury issues they had last year, they can certainly win 9 or 10. Doesn’t hurt to have five of their first seven at home.

    Dallas over 9 (2) – A healthy Romo should mean better results, but I’m not ready to pencil them in as a playoff team. And I’m a Cowboys fan.

    Denver over 5.5 (1) – Have the offense to win six, defense should be improved under John Fox as well. Should be 2-0, maybe even 3-0 out of the gate, with Oakland & Cincinnati at home and Tennessee away to start out.

  48. Well look what the cat dragged in.

    Webmaster EG in the HOUSE!

    And showing a lot of love while he’s in here.

    Going OVER on all but two teams, brother?

    You KNOW that ain’t gonna happen. Or do we?

  49. I was half-tired and forgot the stipulations. I’ll have my non-drowsy prescription of the NFL season up shortly

  50. Ladies and Gentlemen, the PistonsAffiliated Crystal Ball

    10: New England Patriots: OVER11.5
    9: Miami Dolphins: UNDER 8
    8: Pittsburgh STeelers: over 10.5
    7: Indianapolis Colts OVER 10
    6: Detroit Lions : Over 8
    5: Zona Cards: Under 7
    4: Jacksonville Jags: OVER 6.5
    3: Green Bay Fudge Packers: UNDER 11.5
    2: Kansas City Chiefs: Under 8
    1: Houston Texans: Under 8.5

    Bonus: Lebron James takes his talents to Lambeau Field and I learn to Dougie

  51. Unfortunately, folks, EG owns most of the SportsChump prize pack allotted for this contest.

    He’s purely playing for bragging rights.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  52. Fair warning: I did a contest similar to this once, where we guessed the records of each of ALL the NFL teams, and whoever was off by the least overall got to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings for Free. I was only off by 68 wins overall, which is an average of 2.125 wins a team. That was the year the Patriots went undefeated in the regular season, which threw off the count by quite a bit. So good luck to all.

  53. There ya go, people.

    P.A. has thrown down the gauntlet.

    All it’ll take for him to win is another undefeated season for the New England Patriots.

    Hey, the NFL players voted Tom Brady the best player in the league so I guess anything is possible.

  54. Actually, I used that as a season reference. I predicted 11 wins for them. A couple other teams I was off by 6. That year was rather screwy, needless to say. Oh, and I lost the SuperBowl Bet. Bye bye went my 75 bucks to my uncle.

  55. Actually, PA, my boys and I had the Giants at +250 that year so we cashed in nice.


    Once all the picks are in, I’ll put up another post with everyone’s selections and email you all so we can begin some healthy trash-talking.

  56. Short and sweet…
    10 pts Houston over 8.5
    9 Indy under 10
    8 NO over 10
    7 Atl over 10
    6 Cincy under 5.5
    5 NE over 10
    4 Philly over 10.5
    3 Sea under 6
    2 Oak under 7
    1 Jacksonville under 6.5

  57. Dave W is in and makes 19. Nothing like a nice, ripe prime number to kick us off. He also shows why it makes sense to let the whole post-season surpass before making picks, i.e., Colts under 10

    I’ll have a summary post up soon and send them out to everyone’s e-mails.

    Best of luck… coming in second place, gentlemen.

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  59. At the rate the Lions are going, 8 may have been too low of a number to bet over on

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