The angry golfer caption contest

Golf is a great way to spend an afternoon outdoors.  Those of us fortunate enough to live in Florida have the luxury of hitting the links year round.  Those of us who have ever picked up a golf club are also way too familiar with the inherent frustrations that accompany the errant tee shot.

Readers, meet Brandon.  Brandon is a co-worker who recently picked up a taste for golf.  It didn’t take him long to find out that he is not immune to the temper tantrums that come with learning the game.

After successive slices into the woods last week, Brandon, seen below, took it out on his driver.  As yet another one of his shots sailed deep into the trees, our golfing newbie slammed his driver to the ground, snapping the shaft off his over-priced one wood.  Here he’s seen holding the remains.

He reluctantly allowed me to post this picture for our latest caption contest, so be relentless, boys.  Let him have it.  Perhaps we can teach him a thing or two about the growing pains of golf.  Hey, even Tiger Woods is shooting in the 80s these days.

The winner of this week’s caption contest will win what’s left of Brandon’s driver and a bucket of range balls to correct that nagging slice.


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43 Replies to “The angry golfer caption contest”

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  2. Another golf story… A good friend playing in our foursome got so angry with his game one day (we were playing at River Island C.C. near Springville, Ca.) that he picked up his bag and dumped ALL his clubs into the river! It was a nice set of clubs so after a couple minutes of reflection he ended up wading in to the cold, hard running water to rescue said clubs! He’ll never live that down… Herman! If you’re out there, I haven’t forgotten! LOL!

  3. Chris

    Brandon looks as if he’s hit a few balls off the fairway and right into a couple of bunkers .

    Speaking of which …….. I’m heading up to DC to see the formal unveiling of the MLK edifice on the mall. That being said how is it that those behind the structure couldn’t find a US based artist/sculptor to sculpt the piece ? Instead the work was completed by famed Chinese artist Lei Yixin. WTF ? So there wasn’t a Caucasian or African American ….. ” artist” capable of doing this piece ?

    tophatal ……..

  4. Dwin…

    You know somehow, some way, that club will end up on eBay somewhere and will warrant top dollar.

    I look for Charlie Sheen to be the highest bidder.

  5. I saw that statue, Al. Looks pretty sharp.

    When I first saw it on TV, it was a closeup and I thought they were going to add his image to Mount Rushmore.

    Now THAT would’ve been something.

  6. Chris

    I don’t know about you but I wasn’t overly impressed with the MLK edifice ! Perhaps it’s because I found out it wasn’t a commissioned work completed by an American artist but a Chinese ? Is this country now even bereft talented sculptors ? What the hell is the country coming to ?

    Is it me but I’ve heard Colts’ fans saying that Manning will be OK over the course of the season. That may well be the case but there’s a reason he’s not being risked this preseason given the surgery he had to undergo ! Having vertebrae in the neck fused isn’t meant to be simply none invasive and a piece of cake . It takes time to recuperate from and for the player to get his timing back to his customary precision .

    tophatal ………….

  7. Chap…

    Whatever happened to judging a person not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character?

    Who the hell cares where the guy was from? Doesn’t that diminish the purpose of the act itself?

  8. If you could hit every shot like you want then you would be on the PGA TOUR ie chill..So the next game ur playing with CEO of have him show you how to “”PLAY/USE THE JD rules…””

  9. So Chris , Kerry Collins is coming out of retirement to helm the Colts ? What GM Bill Polian couldn’t tempt Brett Favre out of Hattiesburg to make a return to the NFL ? I’m sure Madden would’ve driven down to Mississippi to make an attempt to get Brett back into the game .

    God I love this game !

    tophatal ……………….

  10. Good questions, I think I’d challenge his shot selection first and foremost. I think he needs to learn how to hit a 3 wood straight before he moves on to a driver. Shanking two shots in a row is inexcusable 🙂

  11. Rockytop…

    These days, we’ve been playing SoCo rules, which are eerily similar.

    Unfortunately that day, Brandon didn’t drink enough which probably explains his temper flaring to that extent.

  12. Al…

    Don’t you think 8 out of 10 owners would rather have Favre starting over Collins?

    Not to mention what that would mean at the ticket booth.

    But then again, we wouldn’t want Robotron to lose his job to a 43 year-old now, would we?

  13. Chris

    The Ravens got Ricky Williams . But Bush’ll do his best to make the Fins’ fans forget Ronnie Brown (Eagles) and Ricky . Unfortunately the fans will still have to contend with having Chad Henne as their qb ? Need I say anymore on the matter ?

    I see that Canes’ qb Jacory Harris’ lawyer believes that his client will be fully exonerated ? Somehow I don’t remember Jacory wearing ……. Bruno Magli shoes or having a bloody glove like O J . Harris is so implicated in the Canes’ fiasco that if he’s exonerated there’s going to be some real s_hit hitting the fan !

    tophatal …..

  14. Yeah, Al, I obviously confused the two and realized that after I replied to you.

    I like the Williams pick-up. It can only help reduce a little bit of the wear-and-tear on Rice. And by the looks of the Fish in their game last night against Tampa Bay, it could be a long season for them.

    Speaking of exonerated, Al, did you hear Talib will get a zero game suspension?

  15. Chris

    But if Aqib gets exonerated by Goodell and the NFL what ought we to see with regard to the punishment meted out by the law towards the player and him mom ? After all she fired her weapon as well at the daughter’s ex boyfriend . Roger Goodell is an #ss !

    Does Harbaugh have to rethink the issue of Alex Smith being the starting qb on the Niners ? If his backup Colin Kaepernick is making him look less than average what does that say about the play of the qb’s at present ?

    Smith couldn’t hit paydirt if he were given an assist with the latest in military precision technology .

    tophatal …….

  16. Al…

    The whole Talib story is so weird. Guns don’t shoot people but apparently mothers of first-round draft pick cornerbacks kill people.

    Sounds like duo I don’t want to vacation with.

    Harbaugh’s decision to sign Smith makes me question whether he’s NFL ready. Again, who in that organization has been watching Niner football lately? Obviously no one.

  17. Chris

    Anytime I got into a beef with anyone I certainly didn’t have my mom backing me up with a gun . Maybe it’s because we dealt with our s_it ourselves without the use of weapons.

    Speaking of which I’ve just found out that the British PM David Cameron will be paying former LAPD Chief Bill Bratton several thousand dollars to provide the government with information as to how best to deal with gang violence that now seems to be rampant in my home country. Perhaps it’s me but I could’ve given the PM the names of at least a dozen people who could give him succinct information on the problem and at a small fee I’d have been happy to provide the info’ myself as well .

    Harbaugh’s getting way ahead of himself ! Five minutes in the NFL and he thinks he’s a damn expert of the qb’s playing the game there .

    Harbaugh should be looking at the stats of Smith and Kaepernick to realize that the two simply are not good enough at present ! And I doubt that they ever will be !

    tophatal …………….

  18. Chris

    Got an e-mail via facebook from a reporter with a local rag out of St Pete wanting to know where I got the info’ on Plant High School coach Bob Weiner concerning his involvement Nev Shapiro .

    Here’s his orig’ comment to me .

    “John C. Cotey

    John C. Cotey
    August 20
    John C. Cotey

    Hey Alan, I stumbled across your blog today, interesting stuff. And of course, the pictures are tremendous.

    Since I work for the St. Petersburg Times, local newspaper (and wrote something today on Weiner, in fact) that covers Plant, I had a question: where did you see Shapiro has named Weiner in a statement that has yet to be corroborated? Or that he has pictures of Weiner attending numerous events that he organized where the coach brought along some of his players?

    That’s juicy stuff. I thought I read that report pretty thoroughly, unless I just missed it.

    Care to share a link?


    Mike Deeson of WTSP , his piece on Weiner was succinct and really an eye opener. To my mind however the FHSAA are a bunch of idiots for the public statement issued saying that they do not believe that the coach has done anything wrong. If the players are consorting with boosters and quite possibly receiving monetary gifts directly or indirectly then it also becomes a matter of perception from the outset .

    tophatal ……….

  19. Chris

    The NCAA drags its feet far more than a drunken Lindsay Lohan or Snooki from Jersey Shore !

    If you think that the crap with the Canes is bad then what about LSU and their qb Jordan Jefferson ? What possessed this kid to think that he and a teammate could get away with beating up and stomping a guy in a nightclub ? By the way isn’t Jefferson underage to be consuming booze to begin with ?

    A slap on the wrist from the NCAA is akin to being given way more than a second chance .

    Have you seen any of ESPN’s asinine roundtable discussion on collegiate athletics ? A bunch of pompous a-hole college coaches and analysts who are so supercilious and dumb that it’s a joke to take any of them seriously ! Bo Pellini , Saban , Bob Stoops and Urban Meyer . God , their collective IQ might well have created the impression that Paris Hilton would be a suitable Ph.D or JD candidate !

    As for the Niners , Harbaugh must’ve been under the impression that he’d be coaching in close proximity of being like Andrew Luck ………… but instead he’s got Alex Smith ! ‘nough said !

    Luck will come out next year and will no doubt be a consensus top 5 pick in the NFL Draft .

    tophatal ……………

  20. Chris

    What a come down for the Rays ! They shellack the Blue Jays 12-0 and then fall back to earth by losing to the same team 7-3 to split the series . Still believe that they can get that wildcard berth in the AL ? The Rays will come up short ending the year for the fans in complete disappointment .

    tophatal ……

  21. That’s been the problem with the Rays all season, Al.


    They’ll score a ton of runs one day then give their starting rotation no run support the next three outings.

  22. Well, when I worked at Pebble Beach, I got some free lessons from some good instructors, and also got to play on the courses for free too. I’m sure if you had that opportunity your handicap would be a lot lower.

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