Bud Selig cares not about baseball fans and I have proof

I have a beef with the Commissioner. Not Commissioner Stern.  Not Commissioner Goodell.  This time around it’s the man, the myth, the-soon-to-be-retired-but-it-can’t-come-soon-enough Commissioner Selig.

Rays in, Sox out, miracles never cease

Wednesday afternoon, 161 games into the Major League season with only one remaining, I was psyched at the possibility of attending a one-game playoff between the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field.

Over/Under Contest Recap and the first two weeks of the NFL season

It’s officially time to review our 19 brave entries into SportsChump’s first ever NFL Over/Under contest.  Not a bad turnout if I do say so myself. 

Supply and demand in professional sports: The real meaning of worth

“The market price of every particular commodity is regulated by the proportion between the quantity which is actually brought to market, and the demand of those who are willing to pay the natural price of the commodity” -Adam Smith, Wealth Continue reading

Signs that SportsChump is getting old, Vol. 1: Cranberry juice and soda water

I must be getting old… which is funny because I don’t feel like it.  Sure, there are the traditional, telltale signs: the grey in the goatee, the aching back, the ever-receding hairline and the increasing frequency with which I’m called Continue reading