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  1. They ran, sprinted,leaped and galloped past TN.. REV. nice finally meeting the man behind the blogging! Pleasure was all on this side of the table 🙂


  2. Chris

    I was an invitee to the game courtesy of a work colleague as we each rode up on our bikes . His Suzuki 500cc and my Ducati 500cc . In all there were eight of us up there all cheering on the Gators . And then we partied overnight in Gainesville and also took in the Mayweather Ortiz bout . That fu_king thing was a real travesty ! Let’s just say I am now done watching boxing for good after that melee and the stupidity of both fighters !

    It wasn’t simply the Gators running over the Vols as they simply left roadkill there for the Vols’ fans to mourn over !

    The game wasn’t as close as the score 33-23 would seem to suggest but that’s simply the way things are !

    I love my life at present ! Especially given the privileges that come with the work .

    tophatal ………

  3. Groove…

    That was a great time. Thanks for bringing your boy out and oh, great Facebook pics.

    Didn’t mean to force-feed you all those Jaeger bombs but it was SEC football Saturday and that’s just what we do.

  4. You’re right about that final score, Al. I was never once worried about the outcome of the game.

    And I’d love to hear your take on the fourth round of that Mayweather-Ortiz fight.

  5. Once again you inspire us who live lives of quiet desperation to live vicariously thru those of you that know how to have a good time. I salute you sir.

  6. Aer…

    I hadn’t taken a Saturday night off in almost a year.

    It was good to see the boys and just be absolutely and totally irresponsible, if only for a day.

    One of these days, I’ll outgrow it but it hasn’t happened yet.

    We tipped back a few in your honor.

  7. Good to see you (however briefly) and get to meet your crew. Seems like a good time was had by all of Gator Nation. Even those sorry a** refs couldn’t kill our buzz 🙂

  8. For sure, Yaz.

    I just swung by the lot to say hey. Great to see you, Bill, J and the gang.

    And you’re right. I forgot about all those damn bad calls. Fortunately there was a pretty large disparity in talent level (and coaching) between the two teams.

  9. Damn Chris , how comes you never clued me in to the “talent “ up there on the Gators’ campus ?

    That game was simply over by the second half as the Vols had nothing to offer .

    As for the Mayweather Ortiz bout that should have ended in a disqualification of both fighters ! Both Money and Ortiz acted like thugs in the ring and as for the referee Joe Cortez I can only surmise that he was too damn blind to notice what went on in the ring ! Larry Merchant may well be an octogenarian but I’d love to see him and Money Mayweather square off in a ring ! Kind of reminiscent of when Pedro Martinez threw Don Zimmer on his a_# a few years back wouldn’t you think ?

    My take on the bout !

    Pitiful ……….. Well It Happens In The NFL And MLB & Other Sports As Well …….. ‘nough said !

    tophatal …………

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