Scenes from Monday Night Football: The freaks come out at night

One Peyton Manning fan obviously not too happy with his replacement.  I forgot to ask him how difficult it was to find Colts blue electrical tape.


Cheerleaders on the big screen!


The best looking cotton candy salesman you’ll ever see.


No, this was not my date.




A guy with a funny hat.

Another guy with a funny hat.


ANOTHER guy with a funny hat!


I’m sensing a theme here.


Fireworks after a Buccaneers win.  And a good time was had by all.


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24 Replies to “Scenes from Monday Night Football: The freaks come out at night”

  1. Chump you need to attend an Oakland Raider home game… I swear Hell’s Angels, the Mongols and the Sons of Anarchy are all in the stands… It’s called the Three B’s… Beer, Blood and Ballin’!

    Looks like a good time was had by all (especially the Buc’s fans!)…

  2. Chris

    Karl Lagerfeld , Coco Chanel and Alexander McQueen would have been proud of some of the ensemble (haute-couture) shown in this piece . I guess as Lady Gaga wasn’t at the Ray J there were no pics to be found of her then ?

    tophatal ……………

  3. I envy you guys. Young and single and high as a kite. Enjoy it because the bifocal years are soon approaching.I opted out of the single life mid 30’s and shortly thereafter submitted my resignation at a costly price.

  4. Dwin…

    I’m not sure Buccaneers fans have quite the fanaticism of other major NFL cities but, as you can see, we do get your fair share of freaks in Raymond James Stadium.

    I guess the only question is whether, if I were attend a Bucs-Raiders game in Oakland, I would I wear my Bucs jersey.

    After all, we are undefeated against them in the game that mattered the most, although saying that out loud might just get my ass kicked by an angry mob of face-painters.

  5. Al…

    I always figured Painter for more of a surf punk than a clansman, although you’re right, he is from Indiana.

    Yea, tough one for the Rays. Probably even tougher for the Sox though, and the Rangers advance again.

    The Rays HAVE to address their lineup in the off-season. They need a big bat in the middle of that order.

    While it’s a likeable team, a bunch of .220 hitters aren’t going to get it done in October.

  6. I haven’t been to Ray J in a while, but those pics make me want to go back again. I guess I’ll go out and buy me a funny hat:)

  7. Chris

    Are you sure that’s cotton candy you’re selling ? ’cause from what I hear the boys down in Barranquilla are missing some of their ” stash “ . And it could very well be some of that was found floating off the coast of Brevard Co and made its way into Hillsborough County and the city of Tampa in particular . Just sayin’ that’s all. LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    For me the problems facing the Rays will come down to the willingness of the front office to ” up ” the payroll by at least $15 million to $20 million next season. If they’re not prepared to do that then there’s no way that they can really make on allout onslaught for postseason honors .

    So now there’ll be no preseason to the NBA ? And if there’s no agreement in place by mid to late October there’s talk that the first month of the regular season will be abandoned altogether . I guess Stern really wants ” to stick it” to the players and the union ! That’s really nice of him don’t you think ?

    tophatal …………..

    tophatal ………..

  8. Aer…

    Tickets should still be easy to get. I predict that won’t last all that long though as this team appears to be well on its way to eventually contending.

  9. Al…

    The organization is shrewd enough to find a free agent bat out there and not have to drop $20 mil on him.

    I’m surprised there’s no young bats in the farm system.

    And my piece on the NBA lockout will be up tomorrow, so stay tuned.

  10. Chris

    For me the NBA is no longer omnipresent in my sphere of thinking . Stern , the league hierarchy and union ….. are a complete mess ! They have about as much business acumen at present as the guys who ran Enron !

    Is it me but are the Phillies intent on having their season become a complete joke ? Now they face against a series deciding game 5 in which the Cardinals have nothing to lose !

    Another team with a multi million dollar payroll that can’t seem to get the job done when it matters most !

    tophatal ……..

  11. Al…

    Are you telling me Public Enemy is coming to Tampa? Please e-mail me the details.

    And yes, Jennings came up through Tampa’s farm system and he hits for power but I wouldn’t say he’s a power hitter.

    I’m thinking more of a clean-up guy. It’ll be a while before Jennings gets out of that one-hole.

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