Presenting the Alex Rodriguez – New York Yankees – Home for the Winter Caption Contest

Far be it from me, a lifelong Red Sox and newly reformed Rays fan, to make fun of the New York Yankees the day after they were eliminated from the playoffs.

Oh wait, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

In yet another example of Money Can’t Buy Me Love, the Red Sox ($162 mil) and Yankees ($203 mil) have both started their winter vacations far earlier than expected.  Rich, huh?

While some high-priced rosters still remain alive this October, only Philadelphia ($173 mil) boasts the gaudy payroll of the other two Goliaths.

So to celebrate the demise of all things pinstripe, which is always fun anywhere outside the Bronx, I proudly present this week’s caption contest.

Seen below, after striking out for the second time in three innings with a chance to tie or win the ballgame, Alex Rodriguez walks dejectedly away from home plate while the Tigers celebrate.

If it weren’t for the fattest payroll and richest player in baseball, I wouldn’t kick a man, or team, while they were down.  But screw ‘em.  They’re the Yankees.  Have at it, people.

The winner of this week’s caption contest will receive box seats to see the Yankees play in the American League Championship Series.

Whoops, too soon?

*Photo courtesy of Barton Silverman – The New York Times


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57 Replies to “Presenting the Alex Rodriguez – New York Yankees – Home for the Winter Caption Contest”

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  4. “Ghost Stories”………..The late Boss did a 360 as “3pack” Valverde raised his arms in jubilation. BTW, the elevator to his(GS) suite also stopped simultaneously while to young punks were bad mouthing the Bronx Bombers.

  5. A-Rod.
    It’s not just a nickname, it’s way of life.

    My wife is a hardcore Yankees fan and both times this rod came to the plate she groaned knowing full well he would choke like Joey Chestnut at Weinerschnitzel.

    Highest paid player in MLB and the best trim he can pull is an over the hill skank pop star, an actress that is the epitome of butterface and looks like the Joker without makeup and Goldie Hawn’s so-so daughter with the buns of steel?

    What a rod.

    If Jeter’s Captain Clutch, this rod guy is Captain Crutch…Hampering the Yanks like a case of herpes…6 more years of mediocrity at 25 mil a year. I wonder how that breaks down by the choke?

  6. Chris

    They say money can’t always bring you happiness . The Yankees have now found that out with A Rod . $32 million (salary) this year alone simply explains it all .

    Now team president Randy Levine has already started with the asinine excuses as to the team’s woes .

    How ’bout them Phillies ? Can’t hit for crap ! I know it was Carpenter on the mound for the Cardinals but man oh man he made the Phillies’ offense look god damn mediocre .

    tophatal …………

  7. Cameron has to tell me how to ” hit it” in the bedroom but when I’m here at the ballpark I can’t understand the problem .

    Which is currently the best NFL rivalry ? Chime in with your thoughts .

    Come Get Some

    tophatal ………

  8. Chris

    In your honest opinion which of the three following teams has the most acute problems ? Red Sox ? Yankees ? Phillies ? Bear in mind also each has a multi million dollar payroll.

    Also provided in the links shown are current payrolls and future team commitments as well as impending free agents .

    tophatal ………………….

  9. Bleed….

    Actually, by the choke, the Yankee are getting a pretty good bang for their buck.

    Here’s looking forward to him batting seventh in the lineup next year.

  10. Al…

    According to that USA Today link, the highest payroll left in the playoffs is Detroit with $105 mil, which ranks tenth.

    I would imagine that’s something that makes most baseball fans happy, for it shows clubhouse camaraderie and astute general managing contribute more to building championship teams than writing a blank check.

  11. J-Dub…

    Just when I think you can’t stoop any lower, you manage to drop the bar to dance a little more limbo.

    Who ya’ got? Texans or Raiders on Sunday?

  12. Al…

    I look forward to that post.

    I’m not so quick to jump on the “Steelers-Ravens is the best current NFL rivalry” bandwagon.

    We still have rivalries in the NFC East, North and a few others in the AFC that have a little more historical value.

  13. Al…

    I wouldn’t say the Sox, Yanks or Phils necessarily have ‘problems.’

    They just underachieved this season.

    The three will all be back next year with monster payrolls and stout rosters.

    I haven’t checked who’s due for free agency but I expect both Boston and New York to be major players.

    I’m still interested in seeing who the Sox sign as their new skipper.

  14. Jeu…

    I’m pretty sure they’re not the best team in the world but I’m guessing you could get a few million people to agree with you.

    I just don’t happen to be one of them.

  15. Chris

    Epstein’s contract with the Red Sox is up and Tom Ricketts’ the Cubs’ owner has asked for permission to speak with the GM to gauge his interest in joining the club.

    Here’s another situation that we should also carefully keep our eye on and that’s Joe Maddon and Andrew Friedman with the Rays. The Astros’ ownership have been in contact with both to see if either would be interested in joining them .

    Maddon has yet to sign a contract extension albeit that he’s said he intends to go nowhere . Friedman it’s the same likewise but you can never tell if the right offer is made .

    Astros’ owner Jim Crane (owner in waiting pending the league approval [bid $680 million to purchase the ‘stros]) has more money than he could ever know what to do with and he wants to turn the organization into a ” winner ” .

    Well the White Sox went with Robin Ventura . Surprised ?

    The list of potential candidates on the market at present appears to be thin in terms of a new skipper for the Red Sox . So I’d expect Lucchino and Epstein to poach someone from another coaching staff around the league . Any suggestions ?

    tophatal ………..

  16. Chris

    I can guess that the Little Ceasar Pizza’s Chain has been good to Michael Ilitch’s ( Tigers’ owner) clan and the Detroit Tigers .

    But then again look at who the Tigers have as their GM ? Dave Dombrowski is no damn slouch when it comes to assessing talent and putting a team together . He was the primary architect of the Marlins’ winning two World Series . The first while he was there and then even after he’d left many of the young pieces on the second winning team ( was down to his astute drafting .

    tophatal ……..

  17. What A-fraud is thinking in this photo:

    These stupid fans think I don’t get paid the same ludicrous amount of money for each at bat, no matter if I make contact or not. Now how big is Derek’s new house again?

  18. I think it would be more fun to picture an after-life conversation between Al Davis, George Steinbrenner, and Marge Schott…

  19. Re: Epstein, Al, what sort of numbers are we talking about? What’s Boston paying him, what’s Chicago willing to and is Boston will to match that offer?

    I’m hoping the Rays keep Maddon around. He’ll be able to ask for a pretty penny if he wins Manager of the Year award.

    I haven’t heard too many names mentioned for the Boston gig. Whoever they land, he’ll have big shoes to fill.

  20. Putterman….

    A-Rod’s laughing all the way to the bank.

    His legacy will be interesting come Hall of Fame voting time.

    There was a time where he was unanimously considered the best player in the game. Not so much any more, huh?

  21. Chris

    82 ? Well I was doin’ time courtesy of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces in the Royal Marines (joined in ’78 –ended up spending almost 8 1/2 years) . In Ireland then served with them in Cyprus , Eritrea (Horn of Africa) , Germany , Ethiopia ( as part of a joint peacekeeping force ) and then spent time back in the mainland UK teaching martial arts to new recruits .

    You simply knew the Rangers and that pitching staff would get the better of the Tigers injuries or no injuries .

    I think that the Ricketts’ family can go toe to toe with the Red Sox in terms of money ( they founded online trading co TD Ameritrade as well as several other financial services companies ) . But it now all comes down to the relationship between Lucchino and Epstein as it isn’t what it once was during their glory years of winning two WS in the space of four years.

    When the Packers take on the Lions on Thanksgiving will both teams still remain unbeaten leading up to the game on that day ?

    And should we have to endure a dose of the Cowboys as well on the day ? I’m still not convinced that Jerry’s boys have what it takes even to be relevant this season !

    A WS featuring the Rangers and whomever comes out of the NL won’t be a ratings bonanza ! I don’t care if they parade models from Victoria’s Secret strutting their stuff half naked ( though that would be reason in itself to watch) !

    tophatal ………..

  22. Chris

    No truth to the rumor is there that A Rod will donate 99.5 % of his salary (this season [$32million]) back to the Yankees after his pitiful display this postseason ? Say it ain’t so ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    tophatal ………….

  23. Chris

    All I can say with some degree of certainty is that one of the participants for the BCS national championship will come from the SEC !

    Beyond that I can’t tell you anything else .

    tophatal ……….

  24. Al…

    The Rangers have themselves a nasty lineup.

    That Nelson Cruz grand slam last night must have given Rays fans nightmares of what he did to them last year.

    Right now the Tigers have to be wishing they had themselves one or two more Justin Verlanders. But alas for Motown, they have just one.

    They need to hold serve tonight unless they plan on pulling a comeback like the ’04 Red Sox.

  25. Al…

    We don’t need a 5-0 LSU or Alabama to know that one side of the BCS title game will come from the SEC.

    From what we’ve seen over the past five or six years, they’ve not only been in it, but won it.

  26. Chris

    The Rangers’ lineup is nasty from top to bottom !

    SEC rules ! And all of the changes in the conferences around the collegiate football landscape won’t changes things one friggin’ bit !

    In terms of the WS it’ll be good if it’s a Rangers /Cardinals matchup in terms of the fans concentration and viewership. But I think we won’t see a spike in the viewership baseball needs . Compared to last year the ratings are down on average over 35% . And that can’t be good at all for the MLB hierarchy . All this bull_hit about expanding the playoff format is a joke because the real issue facing the game as all of us know has to do with team finances . But there doesn’t seem to be a team owner or GM’s with the intelligence to acknowledge that fact . Because we already know that there’s no one inside of Selig’s ….. office who’s got any f_##ing brains to begin with !

    Replied to your comment on my piece on the Lions . Do you think that Rah and the Bucs have recovered from that 48-3 beat-down that came courtesy of the Niners ?

    Remind Bleed’ that A Rod is now “dropping and dipping his “rod” in Cameron Diaz’s fruit basket . Kate Hudson is once again a mother courtesy of Matthew Bellamy front man of the group “Muse” .

    tophatal ….

  27. Chris

    So Theo is going to Chi-town ? Who’s driving the Brinks Truck that’s heading to his home ?

    A Rod is philanthropic ……. I’ve seen it for myself first hand . Strippers love the guy when he makes it rain and racks on racks .

    College football is great when there’s an SEC team kickin’ a#s and taking names . Who wouldn’t want it any other way ?

    Matt Schaub are you a believer ?

    Now that the “Tebow era” has begun in Denver let’s hope that Elway can at least give the guy a few solid tips .

    We’re Getting There

    tophatal …….

  28. Al….

    I don’t know that any official decision has been made on the Bucs part yet regarding Tanard Jackson but as we both know, need determines decision-making.

    I wouldn’t be surprised one bit to see him in uniform this weekend.

  29. Al…

    I’ve read conflicting report on that final deal. Last one I saw saw 5 years, 20 mil.

    Sounds perfectly reasonable for the opportunity to win their first championship in over a century.

    The Cubs’ll make that back one hundred-fold if he can do what he did in Boston.

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