Saturday Night Live spoofs Moneyball (video)

For those of us who work Saturday nights, watching Saturday Night Live has become a thing of the past.  Thank goodness for DVR.

SNL’s been spoofing movies for years and once again, this past week, they did not disappoint.  With Ben Stiller as guest host, the writers at Saturday Night Live came up with another gem: Tinyballs.  A spoof on Michael Lewis’ Moneyball , which hit theaters last month.

Moneyball is a film based on the story of how Billy Beane changed baseball in Oakland.  Tinyballs provides us with, shall we say… an alternate, yet perhaps slightly more realistic take.



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18 Replies to “Saturday Night Live spoofs Moneyball (video)”

  1. Bud “Lite” Selig takes another hit of reality. With his knowledge and tacit approval of steroids, how has he remained MLB commissioner?

  2. Snake…

    To make matters worse, his former team, the Milwaukee Brewers are contending for a World Series title.

    I wouldn’t mind them winning it if that meant him riding off into the sunset.

  3. Chris

    Funny stuff ! I wonder who Paul DiPodesta must feel having his portrayal in the actual movie be done by actor Jonah Hill of ” Supebad” fame ? Not only that they changed the name presumably because the former A’s GM wanted no part of being mentioned in the movie .

    $20 million can actually get you a great deal in life . I’m sending a begging letter to Theo Epstein .

    Did you by any chance get an invite to the Obama —- John Morgan bash in O-Town ? I hear the plate prices for the fundraiser went as high as $10k with the “bottom asking price” being $2500-00 .

    Care to guess who Morgan is now choosing to represent in her civil suit filed against her ? None other than the “much beloved ” or should one say despised Casey Anthony .


  4. Al…

    I’m thinking of waiting to see Moneyball until it’s played relentlessly on TNT in a few years.

    I wonder what kind of blank checks Chicago is going to allow Epstein to write. I imagine he’ll have free reign to sign whomever he wants.

    Mike Quade might want to mind his P’s and Q’s or he likely won’t be around long if they don’t see eye to eye.

  5. Chap…

    Are you going to be able to catch any of the People Under the Stairs shows?

    I just downloaded their latest. Tripper, more experimental than their previous efforts but definitely solid.

    Now if I could just find where I saved those damn files.

  6. I’ve seen them twice in LA the last two years, and three times while I lived there. They always end up playing what the crowd wants to hear and take requests for half the show, which is awesome. I might catch them up north sometime, but I’m not sure it will be able to top the ones I saw in their hometown!

  7. I remember when we all used to drop what (or who) we were doing too watch Saturday Night Live! Good Times brother, damn good times.

  8. Chris

    Well if there’s anyone who’s an online trader that uses the services of TD Ameritrade then looks for the fees to go up. (Ricketts’ family owned company)

    Aramis Ramirez , Carlos Zambrano and Alfonso Soriano should be asked immediately return at least 75 % of their 2011 salary ! Or is that way too high a figure ?

    I hear as a matter of goodwill and sense of forgiveness Steve Bartman will be asked to throw out the inaugural pitch of the Cubs’ first home game at Wrigley Field for the 2012 season . To err is human but to “forgive is divine” . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Well it’s a given (re-showing ‘Moneyball’ relentlessly) as TNT , TBS are major corporate sponsors of MLB . So there’s nothing new there !

    I’ve nothing against David Stern that a bullet between the eyes wouldn’t solve ! How much longer will the team owners > continue to endure his sheer and utter stupidity ?

    It’s brutal to think that with the loss of the first two weeks of the regular season schedule they actually want to ,lose that sort of money !

    The only other sort of imbecilic reticence I’ve witnessed like has been the idiotic statements rendered by Geithner ! Both Stern and the Treasury Secretary are cut from the same friggin’ cloth as they’re both as dumb as a box of rocks !

    tophatal ………………

  9. Isn’t SNL that show that used to be funny?

    Maybe it’s just me or the seriousness of the subjects or the comedians lack talent, but I dunno….it just ain’t that funny now.

  10. Aer…

    I was a little too young to really get into the first (Chevy Chase) season but when Murray came along, I was a huge fan.

    I really grew up on that comedy, which I guess, explains quite a bit, he he.

  11. Al…

    I gotta tell you. I was always surprised that Soriano was never able to duplicate the seasons he had in New York. I figured he would have been a solid investment. Guess all that protection around you in the lineup counts for something, huh?

    So now the NBA wants to bring in mediators? Let me ask you something. What the hell took so long?

  12. Harl…

    The show’s gone through its phases, that’s for sure.

    The original cast set the bar so high. They left, then it suffered, then Eddie Murphy came along. Then it suffered when he left until Sandler-Myers-Rock-Farley-Hartman-Spade came along.

    Then it suffered again and Will Ferrell came along.

    There’s a few decent skits on these days and those SNL Digital Shorts have their moments but it’s a far cry from what it was.

    Personally I think they’ve become too politically oriented. They never used to be like that.

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