They said what? Another glorious week of sports sound-bites starring Albert Pujols, Bob Stoops, Derek Fisher and Rex Ryan

Meet Albert Pujols, new master of the understatement. 

After slugging a record-tying, yet otherwise meaningless, three home runs on Saturday night, the St. Louis Cardinals superstar was asked about joining baseball legends Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson as the only men to accomplish such a feat.

“Those guys were great players,” said the stoic Pujols.

Great players?!?

Perhaps Albert was caught up in the emotion of being only two wins away from his second World Series ring.  Maybe he realized that Saturday’s heroics, aside from making history, had also likely made him another fifty million dollars in his upcoming contract negotiations.

But, Albert, never… NEVER in the history of sports talk in this country has Babe Ruth been called just a ‘great player.’  That would be like calling The Godfather a good movie, a Lamborghini a fast car and a Reese’s peanut butter cup a tasty chocolate treat.  One of the greatest ever would be a far more accurate assessment.  Ruth revolutionized the sport and to this day is still considered one of the top five players the game has ever seen.

Pujols is inarguably the best player this century but he might want to either pick up a history book or start working on his superlatives.



After losing at home to Texas Tech Saturday night, Oklahoma’s head football coach Bob Stoops uttered these words at his post-game press conference, probably to the chagrin of Sooner fans everywhere.  “I don’t know why that [loss] has to be all that surprising.”  Of course not, coach.  Four touchdown underdogs regularly knock off preseason number ones in their own stadium, not to mention the fact that this was Oklahoma’s first home loss in 39 games.

After joining the Sooners in 1999, Stoops won a national championship for Norman the very next year.  Since then, even though consistently ranked in the top ten and boasting an impressive overall regular season record (129-31), Stoops has earned a reputation for not being able to win the big game.  He has far more Big 12 Championship Game victories than any other school since the game’s inception but has lost five of his last eight bowl games and won nary another national championship.  These days, that’s what Sooner fans have their sights on.

College football’s a fickle game and on any given Saturday, any inspired team can knock off a heavy favorite.  Sooner fans are just hoping it doesn’t keep happening to them.


“I just want to make it very clear.  Y’all have been lied to here today,” said Derek Fisher after the latest NBA impasse.

Look, I don’t mean to belabor this whole NBA lockout thing more than I already have.  Both players and owners are standing firm with no resolution in sight, leaving mediators and NBA fans dumbfounded.  But in case you haven’t noticed, we’re starting to see a shift in fan sentiment, moving our support from the players to the owners.

When this whole thing started, everyone supported the players, holding the owners largely responsible for bad decision-making in signing bloated contracts for second-rate players, inevitably putting them in a position to fail.  But slowly, we’re beginning to understand that, for the long-term health of the league, players might have to start making concessions for the NBA to once again flourish.  No one in their right mind ever thought Rashard Lewis was worth $80million, but again, that’s what the market bore for his services at the time so that’s the check they wrote.

The bottom line is, Derek, yes, we’ve been lied to… by both sides.  We’ve been cheated and treated to no basketball.  So until you gentlemen can figure it out, please don’t expect any of us to care.


After Marty Schottenheimer was inexplicably fired in San Diego in 2007 after chalking up a 14-2 record but losing in the first round of the playoffs, several coaches, including Rex Ryan were considered for their new head coaching vacancy.  Norv Turner got the job.  Ryan, as we know, was eventually hired by the New York Jets.

This week, prior to the Chargers-Jets game, Ryan was asked about not getting chosen for the San Diego gig.  In response, Ryan purported that had he been hired in San Diego, he “would have had a couple rings.  Those teams were loaded.”

Upon hearing those comments, Turner responded with “I was wondering if he had those rings with the ones he’s guaranteed over the past couple of years.”

That’s almost as juicy as last week’s post-game tussle between Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh.  Can’t these NFL coaches just get along?

Not too long after the verbal jousting, Ryan apologized for his comments but got the last laugh on Sunday as his Jets held serve at home, beating San Diego 27-21, officially making neither of them any closer to winning their first Super Bowl trophy.

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25 Replies to “They said what? Another glorious week of sports sound-bites starring Albert Pujols, Bob Stoops, Derek Fisher and Rex Ryan”

  1. I feel for Norv Turner …….. ’bout as much as I feel for my ex ! He and Tony Sparano give credence as to why the league is a joke when some form nepotism and the good ol’ boys’ network remains in place

    I’d like to ask both Fisher and Stern to open up their books for public scrutiny before I can believe the bu___hit they’ve been shoveling and placing out there for the public’s consumption !

    Answer me this question but is Lou Holtz dead from the neck up or from the waist down ? If not both ? He’s off on another of his lame a_s rants after ND got their a_s (31-17) handed to them by USC this past weekend ? The unfortunate thing here is that all the Fightin’ Irish have to do at a bare minimum to make the postseason is to win 6 games . And this bull_hit is meant to be fair for all FBS programs ?

    What a joke !


  2. Al…

    Ask the San Diego Sports Guy how he feels about Norv Turner.

    Exactly my point about the NBA these days, Al. These two sides are duking it out with no positive end in sight. Even if we end up with a shortened half-season, what’ll be the point? I’ll certainly watch it with scrutiny.

    And when Holtz talks Notre Dame on ESPN, I generally walk away from the television.

  3. NEW RULES: NFL coaches aren’t allowed to talk about other coaches ever again, under penalty of death. The game isn’t about coaches. Its about the players, with the exception of Bill Belichick. That goes without saying.

  4. The Cards’ll definitely pony up for Pujols, Al.

    What will be interesting to see is how many other teams try to drive up his market value by bluffing an offer.

    Perhaps St. Louis can take some of their pitching coach’s salary to send Pujols’ way since that guy will likely be fired after this series and the miscommunication that occurred in Game Five.

  5. Snake…

    And people say athletes have egos.

    I’m not sure there’s any bigger egos in professional sports than NFL head coaches.

    I say, let ’em jibber-jabber. It gives us something to talk about.

  6. Oklahoma hasn’t had a perfect season since 2000. The Sooners always seem to have one upset a season now.

    2011: Texas Tech
    2010: Texas A&M
    2009: Nebraska
    2008: _
    2007: Colorado & Texas Tech

  7. Rob…

    I went down to Miami to see the Gators play Oklahoma in the 2009 BCS title game.

    I have to tell you, they were some of the nicest fans I’ve ever met.

    At that point, they hadn’t seemed to tire of Stoops for he had gotten them (finally) back to the big game.

    Maybe they’re a little TOO nice.

    I’ll tell ya’. When Spurrier first resigned, I wanted Stoops more than anyone to take his place, yet he snubbed us. His name came up again after Meyer stepped down and most of us in Gainesville had changed our mind about him.

    I’m not sure how the whole Stoops regime in Oklahoma will end. I mean, only one team can win a national championship ever year so maybe it’s unfair to expect Stoops to have rattled off any more than he has.

    That being said, losing to Texas Tech is gonna leave a mark AND make winning the Big 12 a little less meaningful.

    I can tell you, however, that Boise State is happy.

  8. I can’t believe the Raiders didn’t come close to taking advantage of the Jets beating SD.

    I hate the players, owners, agents, mediators, Stern, and everyone involved in this lockout. I still contend they showed way too little urgency over the summer when they had only something like two meetings.

    I still can’t understand how the Cards are in the WS. I wrote them off with a month to go in the season!

  9. Chap…

    From the looks of that scoreboard, I’m not too sure the Raiders could muster much of anything against the Chiefs last Sunday.

    You were spot on with your NBA assessment in your latest post. These are issues that should have been tackled long ago.

    And the Cards might not be in it for much longer.

  10. Looks like Fat Albert is back on the gas.

    maybe OK should join the SEC…. at least one of their teams are guaranteed to get into the BCS championship every year… and win it!

    Not so fast, my friend…. not Everyone was on the striking players side…. I am ALWAYS on management’s side in ANY union sanctioned work stoppage.

    I hate to admit that I was thinking the same thing as Norv when Rex popped off. In fact, I’m thinking that the Jets have had better players overall than the Bolts for the last couple of years.

    If Rexy ever does luck into a SB win, will his wife get a championship toe ring?

  11. Han…

    There’s only so much Albert can do when he’s being intentionally walked but it certainly looks like momentum has shifted in Texas’ direction.

    And you were one of the few siding with the owners in the argument but you’re definitely not the only one now.

    If Rex’s wife does get a championship toe ring, let’s hope coach is careful enough to swallow it.

  12. With Holtz(devoutCatholic), it’s not the team so much that commands his loyalty, but rather the religion.

    Oklahoma? Their fans have contracted the LA disease. There was a mass premature exodus Sat nite. The Sooners were an on-sides kick away from a tie or victory. The Norman radio crew got all over them and rightfully so.

    I made a prop play that the NBA WOULD be playing on Christmas day. The odds are going the other way, but they still won’t let me press the bet. Dunno about our nations BMs?

  13. The boss said,
    “The Cards’ll definitely pony up for Pujols, Al.”

    You might be a big favorite here BUT I’m willing to wager a Beck’s Dark to your double shot of Crown he goes elsewhere. I’ll be down there some time within the next few years to p or c. lol

  14. Interesting play on the Association, RB.

    Let me know next time you decide to place such a wager… although I have a feeling that was the optimist in you doing so.

  15. I know exactly how Drew feels about Norv Turner ! Let’s just say that if the Chargers’ coach were to meet the same fate as Muammar Ghadafi , Drew and his entire family might be throwing a block party in the streets and invite Chargers’ and none Charger fans . .

    So Rosenhaus sent out an invite to all 32 teams in the NFL for them to witness TO’s workouts and the fact he wants back in the NFL . Apparently not a single coach or GM turned up in Calabassas , Ca for the event .

    It Is What It Is …. ! It’s The AFC West For God’s Sake Damn It !

    So if LaRussa messes up again concerning his bullpen decisions what’s the likely outcome of him being disparaged in a similar vein to Bartman in Chicago ?

    As far as the NBA lockout is concerned it has about as much interest for me now as an invite from the ex to talk over our past ! I’ve no wish to even talk about it at all !

    tophatal ………

  16. So much for the continued career of T.O. then, huh, Al.

    Lots of athletes these days just don’t know when to hang ’em up, but I guess that’s nothing new.

    Despite his screw-up the other night, I doubt anyone could reach Bartman status. I mean that guy essentially exonerated Buckner and we all thought that was impossible.

    Hoops isn’t looking good for this season, Al. I’m going to have to brush up on my Lightning knowledge. At least they’re worth the watch.

    Next thing you know I’ll be writing about hockey. Lord, what’s the world coming to?

  17. Why hasn’t Bob Stoops done better at OU since 2000? I can answer that question in two words:

    Mike Leach (pirates rule!!!)

  18. Chris

    Stern shot himself in the foot due to his damn arrogance ! And there’s nothing that he can do now to turn things around . The NBA season for 2011-12 was due start 2nd November I believe . Even if they postpone the month of November’s schedule that already devalues the season , no matter what they try to do publicly image wise .

    TO is too damn stupid for his own good . Has not learned anything from the way Randy Moss and Barry Sanders stepped away from the game ?

    You Pay You Get What You Deserve …..

    tophatal ……….

  19. Been hearing he’s being considered for the head coaching job at Arizona. He’s also doing a book tour. The court case against the university is still going strong. The state appellate courts keep wanting more information before they’ll make a ruling. It’s absolutely infuriating the university- they, of course, wish it would all go away. And the state legislature is considering amending the “you can’t sue the state” doctrine by allowing state employees to sue for wrongful termination, and yes, it would be retroactive to include Mike Leach (and Craig James thinks he’s going to be the next US senator from Texas- HA!!!)

  20. Pujols being humble is about as surprising as T.O. being brash…The guy is a class act and a pardon the pun, “great player” himself.

    Stoopid is as Stoopid does.

    Fish looks professional and carries himself as such most of the time but using the phrase “Y’all” in a business negotiating setting like that made him look less than impressive.
    …Speaking of which, who knew Baron Davis was related to Ice Cube AND Urkel?

    I think Ryan meant toe rings….Those beach front vendors down in laid back San Diego don’t cast judgement on those with toe jam eating disorders.

    …(If the millionaires and billionaires ever decide to occupy game street and take the 99%ers money to watch it)

  21. Speaking of Stoops and Leaches, I imagine ‘Zona would be a pretty good fit.

    He’s a wild dude.

    I wonder if he’ll have a head coaching gig back in college football before Jim Tressel.

  22. Bleed…

    From everything I’ve seen during these negotiations, many of the players are clearly telling Stern to stick his dress code where the sun doesn’t shine.

    I’m sure Carmelo’s plaid shirt probably cost him $350 but wearing it to a court proceeding, even though he’s got his shirt buttoned all the way to the top, isn’t exactly prim and proper. That and the shades make him look like an East L.A. gangsta. Oye, vato!

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