Peyton Manning goes trick-or-treating

I ventured out this past Halloween to take in some of the local sights.

I’ve always loved Halloween.  It’s the time of year that allows us to use our imaginations and show off a little creativity.

I saw a fair amount of interesting costumes that night.  There were your rockers, your rollers, your French maids, your Angry Birds, your Mario Brothers, your Jersey Shore characters, but nothing that really stood out… until I met this guy who broke the mold.

His costume was simple enough.  Add one Peyton Manning jersey, one Indianapolis Colts hat, one neck brace, and voila… instant Halloween costume.   It also helps to bear an uncanny resemblance to the man himself.

It was by far the most, laugh-out-loud costume I saw this Halloween… or maybe I’m just too much of a sports fan.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present… the long, lost Manning brother.


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24 Replies to “Peyton Manning goes trick-or-treating”

  1. How is that CBS can get fined for Janet Jackson showing her off her hoo’-ha’s but a game such as bama and LSU is meant to entertaining but yet there’s no outcry when it ( game) simply stank ! What am I missing ?

    TO can’t afford to pay child support for his 4 kids but after earning $12 million with the Cowboys and then a further $ 2.5 million with the Bengals ………. he’s now got nothing ?

    With the ‘phins now back to winning ways does that now mean that Kim K will be back jumping back on Reggie Bush’s member as he’s now back in the spotlight ?

    So the NBPA (in particular union president Derek Fisher) felt that Stern’s offer was derisory ? Who many ways can you split $4.5 billion so that everyone is happy ?

    tophatal …………

  2. Peyton has 28 million reasons to go trick or treating …… as that’s what’ll be due to him in April 2012 . The Colts’ front office is filled with a bunch of boobs that are even bigger than Wendy Fiore’s .

    tophatal ……..

  3. As for your poll, “Will Payton Manning finish his career with the Colts?” I voted yes,because his career is already done. Cervical neck fusion isn’t going to help a middle-aged QB see the whole field. Stick a fork in him…

  4. Aer…

    The only difference was this kid was probably only about 5’9″ and as we both know, the Mannings are giants.

    Looks like this guy got the short end of the stick… he he.

  5. Al…

    I don’t know that I necessarily agree with you about the Bama game.

    Now, I was working BUT, from what I saw, it was pretty entertaining. If you were expecting a shoot-out going in, you were mistaken. That game had all the makings of an old-school, traditional, defensive SEC struggle. They all can’t be San Diego-Green Bay… fortunately.

    So T.O.’s broke? Does that mean he’ll show up on one of those celebrity boxing shows soon? Speaking of, wasn’t that Canseco-Dykstra fight this weekend? Who won?

    And NBA… Ugh!

  6. Al…

    The poll question (Will Peyton Manning retire as a Colt?) is obviously inspired by their record and the Luck situation.

    Even though the CBA has been changed, number one draft picks still get paid. Not Bradford money, of course, but Luck will get his.

    Paying him after what they paid Manning won’t be easy if they want to maintain a competitive, balanced roster.

  7. Snake…

    That’s obviously a loophole in the question so your answer is perfectly valid.

    If your theory is correct, I wonder if Indy will go after some of the money they paid him this summer and how ugly that will all get.

    Let’s assume Manning DOES come back healthy, either late this season or next and he can play. AND let’s assume they get the first pick of the draft based on their record. I could easily seeing that becoming a Joe Montana-Steve Young or Brett Favre-Aaron Rodgers thing.

  8. I am so glad that I read this blog today. I had never even heard of Wendy Fiore. Now I can’t get enough of her on Goggle Images. Thanks Tophatal. Now I have some new stroke material. LOL

  9. Chris,

    Lenny was a no-show for that event.

    FWIW, PManning’s value to his team is the highest in NFL history. The points drop off with him absent is double figures. The runnerup was the absence of John Unitas/GCuozzo in a title game. Halfback Tom Matte was the emergency QB.

    …………Too embarrassed to give latest DWTS odds. LOL

  10. The ? will PManning finish his career as a Colt? Someone commented that they draft Luck outta the Tree and Daniel Snyder will pick up the tab on Manning’s contract. Him and Shanny will last a year.

  11. Lenny was a no-show, RB?

    Let me guess. He couldn’t afford cab fare. Thank you very much, I’ll be here all week.

    Dude, I totally would have plopped twenty down on that event. Thank goodness I didn’t.

    Not sure if you read Snake’s comments above but he thinks Peyton’s career is over.

    Let me ask you this? Which Manning brother (excluding the guy in the picture) is more likely to win another Super Bowl?

  12. According to an interview with PM, he said the neck is healing but not as fast as anticipated. No way a competitor retires this easily. When it’s in the blood you find 2nd and 3rd opinions that suit your needs.

    Chris you ask which bro is likely to win another Super Bowl? Sure, Eli is winging it, but would bet neither and lay a big price against it.

    Lenny was pissed at Jose for exposing him in his book. Begged to fight Canseco and then forgot about the bout being secheduled or some other lame excuse.

    Lenny would come out to the Mirage during All-Star break during his playing days. He was the rudest and most demanding celeb guest surpassing BStreisand considerably.

  13. Chris

    When kickers in essence play a bigger part in the game (9-6) than the damn offensive players then you know that there’s something wrong . C’mon now ! That ‘bama LSU game wasn’t all it was cracked up to be ! Have you forgotten what the result was ? I know a win is a win but damn ! LSU over the remainder of their schedule had better take it up a notch or two at least .

    Look what’s happening to brother Herman Cain ?

    Herman had better have plenty of money ! . . Cause this sh_t ain’t going away anytime soon ! Remember Woods’ issues ?

    It’s up in the air I think as to whether or not Manning will retire as a Colt ? I do know this however Polian and Irsay have screwed up mightily ! Tom Condon is a good agent but there’s no damn way I’d have offered the player a contract extension worth that much knowing that he’d come off that type of neck surgery . That front office of the Colts is being ran by a bunch of fu_##ng numbskulls !

    You can’t tell me that their own on hand medical staff or at least a specialist can’t have advised them prior to this (surgery ) ? Never mind their legal counsel as to what the overall ramifications may well have been concerning the contract and its overall implications in case of a major injury ( nerve and tissue damage to his elbow and a neck vertebrae). They can cut the player but they would still be on the hook for the $28 million in large part .

    Andrew Luck doesn’t need the money . His family is independently wealthy . The patriarch , his father is a former executive is worth millions and I ain’t talkin’ chump change ! Pardon the pun there !

    Snake :

    Always happy to oblige ! Come on over to the site and drop a comment on anything that piques your interest . The firm I work for represents a couple of modeling agencies in Central and South Florida .

    tophatal ………..

  14. DHS…

    We’re currently witnessing how Cam Newton, even in his first year, is changing the mindset in Carolina and Luck is supposed to be ten times the QB Cam is.

    The next Elway, they say.

    I don’t see how Indy can pass up the chance at picking Luck unless of course, their coffers don’t allow.

    Regardless, NOT picking Luck, from everything we’re hearing about him, might be a bad, bad move.

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