LSU, the BCS and some helpful hints to determine our national champion

With LSU remaining undefeated this weekend, and every other school fighting fruitlessly for position like presidential candidates at the Republican National Convention, the debate rages on over who should play the Tigers for college football’s national championship.

Previously undefeated Oklahoma State was the clear-cut winner until they lost to Iowa State Friday night.  Oregon also had a shot, but lost at home to USC.  Oklahoma would have been considered yet they lost to Baylor.  There was even talk of Clemson getting the nod but alas, they lost this weekend as well.

What we have here, other than a failure to communicate, are three college football programs within the same division – LSU, Alabama, and Arkansas – ranked one, two and three for the first time in BCS, if not college football, history.

Of course, the season is not over yet.  LSU still has to play Arkansas this Saturday.  Assuming they beat the Razorbacks (which is no safe assumption, after all… it is college football), they’ll have to play Georgia in the SEC championship game.  Two more wins and they’re in.  A loss, however, would really screw things up.

With all other contenders falling flat on their faces, and many college football fans opposed to an LSU-Alabama rematch, I thought I’d offer some helpful solutions on how to remedy this year’s college football madness.

  • Form an all-star team comprised of all one and two-loss schools and have them play LSU for the title

  • Have LSU play the Colts, only with Andrew Luck as Indy’s starting quarterback

  • Have LSU play Tim Tebow… by himself!  Nah, that’d be unfair.

  • Fly in the 1972 Dolphins or 1986 Bears and have them give LSU a shot

  • All in the same day, have LSU play one quarter, Diggstown-style, against the remaining teams in the top ten.  Appoint James Woods and Lou Gossett, Jr. honorary bowl co-chairmen.

  • Grant Alabama a rematch.  If they beat LSU, declare the Crimson Tide your national champion even though they couldn’t beat them in Tuscaloosa earlier this season, or better yet, have Bud Selig declare the season a tie.

  • Give undefeated Casey Keenum and the non-BCS conference Houston Cougars a shot at the Tigers.  Have Houston pay a cover charge just to be in the game

  • Schedule LSU to tour the nation playing the Harlem Globetrotters

  • Kidnap Les Miles for the day and see if the Tigers can win without their grass-eating, head coach

  • Simply declare LSU your national championship and not even play the game. Save billions of dollars on worthless advertising

  • Or how about this for a novel concept… INSTITUTE A PLAYOFF SYSTEM!!!

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22 Replies to “LSU, the BCS and some helpful hints to determine our national champion”

  1. Chris

    The determining factor has always been that the BCS conferences simply cherry pick whom they would like see play for the national title . Take the pretense and money out of this crap and level the playing field once and for all instead of this subterfuge as how a national champion is determined !

    See the response I left you on my most recent piece .

    I Can’t Go There Yet …

    The premise of 1,2 and three teams all from the same conference has happened before .

    Let me know what you think of the following ?

    Take It For What It Is

    tophatal ………..

  2. If Oklahoma State beats the Sooners they should get a shot at LSU, if the Tigers can beat Arkansas.
    Actually I wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch with Alabama, but I couldn’t stand the whinning of the SEC haters.

  3. I know how you feel about Cowherd, Dub, but he has raised an interesting question lately.

    He said college football is the only sport where fans don’t want a rematch.

    It happens in other sports all the time. Boxers get rematches, the NFL has its rematches. One team can lose to another twice in the regular season, play each other again in the post-season with the winner of that final matchup advancing.

    So what’s the big deal?

  4. “Fly in the 1972 Dolphins or 1986 Bears and have them give LSU a shot”

    LMAO, Chris you mean wheel them in. I’m afraid Shula wouldn’t wanna jeopardize a thing. Besides that ‘young’ mate he has is wearing the crap outta him.

  5. DB…

    That’s because you’re a Big Ten fan.

    For you, 9-6 football finals are the norm.

    To be perfectly honest, if LSU loses to Arkansas this weekend, the universe may implode.

  6. RB…

    It’s tough to justify anyone other than Alabama getting a shot at LSU at this point, but again, as football fans who question the BCS, I’m not sure whether we should be rooting for LSU to win or lose.

    Imagine the chaos. I may have to bar my windows.

  7. Chris

    You were trying to impress upon me why Eli ought to be thought of more highly this season ? What should I have taken into account with regard to his performance against the Eagles this past weekend ?

    tophatal …….

  8. If you want some honest west coast bias, how about give USC a shot at them! They could’ve beat stanford before overtime if they had called a timeout, and did beat Oregon! Both games were on the road to boot!

  9. SA…

    I know. That’d be much too logical, right?

    As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m not sure at this point whether BCS haters should be rooting for an LSU win or an LSU loss this weekend.

  10. Al…

    In that Eli post, I was merely saying that a) the conversation was actually pretty meaningless and b) that of the six active, starting quarterbacks in the league with Super Bowl victories, Eli is one of them, thereby making him by one strict definition of the word… elite.

  11. Chap…

    Have you been privy to all this Lane Kiffin love that’s been flying around lately?

    I mean, wasn’t it a little over a year ago that we were blasting this guy?

    And now he’s one of the top play-callers in the college game?

    I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

  12. Yeah I think it’s more so because of how he’s handled a team with sanctions. I mean, he’s got this team fired up to play every week even though they know they aren’t going to a bowl game. Maybe people are actually feeling sorry for USC, because the NCAA ruling seems a bit much compared to the crimes that they did. OSU, Miami, and Penn State have had much worse things happen that Bush getting some money from an agent….

  13. From what I’m hearing, Chap, Ohio State may soon be able to put their previous concerns to rest… by landing Urban Meyer as their head coach.

    That would have to leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth and make Nick Saban’s jump to Alabama pale in comparison.

    At least around these parts.

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