Geezers Gone Wild (video)

 “What’s the world coming to when two old geezers are fighting on stage?”

–          Mother of SportsChump

I’ve seen plenty of bar fights in my day, but most of the time they’re between drunken, college kids who have had one too many and don’t know any better, not between “two old geezers” as my mother so eloquently put it.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen the fisticuffs yet between the two “curmudgeonly nemeses,” but after hitting Youtube, the video quickly went viral.  After all, who in their right mind doesn’t like to watch old guys throwing down?   It’s why Holyfield-Foreman took in a fair purse.

Our flagship edition of Geezers Gone Wild took place between two retired Canadian football players, Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca.  The two apparently still hold a fifty-year grudge for a shot Mosca once took at one of Kapp’s teammates.  Perhaps it’s time to let it go, boys.

See for yourself but it looks like Mosca got the better end of this altercation.  After avoiding a swift cane to the head, Mosca drops Kapp like a bad habit with a single right cross.

Let’s get ready to rummmmm-ble!!!

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31 Replies to “Geezers Gone Wild (video)”

  1. When I saw the video the other day, I laughed so hard, I snorted beer through my nose. What a waste of some good Yuengling. I remember Joe Kapp as a hell of a good QB with the Vikings. Too bad he was overshadowed by Joe Namath in that era.

  2. I would have paid the cost of a season of NBA League Pass to see that fight. I’d even pay more to see Hunter tear Stern’s ugly face off and then piss on it. Ah, it feels so good to vent. Hey Reichsführer, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  3. That was Kapp dropping Mosca. You see Mosca made the mistake of waving the skinny end of his cane at Joe’s face when he should of let him have it with the business end. At least that’s the way that I handle mine:)

  4. It wouldn’t be in the same vein as with “Bud Lite” Selig, but I would look at a guy like Mark Cuban. First and foremost, he’s a businessman who knows how to get things done. If it means not owning the Mavs any longer, so what. He already has a ring. He’s the guy who could fix the NBA. He’s an owner but its widely known that he treats the players very well. Aside from Cuban for NBA Commissioner, I don’t have any other choices besides the aforementioned you or me.

  5. Chris

    I prefer my vids of fights to be between two human beings to be along the lines of two young nubile females …. barely clad “duking it out ” ! Not two old farts with the early onset of alzheimer’s disease who probably can’t remember what they’re fighting about to begin with !

    Responded your comment concerning my last piece .

    tophatal ………

  6. So funny. Did you see the part that said why he was on the stage. He was offering him some flowers from one of the center pieces as a peace offering!

    I think the best old people fights I saw was when I worked at a magazine stand in Santa Barbra one summer during my college years. Bums are hilarious to watch fight, have no mobility, and get tired because they’ve been drinking for a decade straight!

  7. And MMA is actually banned in New York State but boxing still gets a pass ? Never mind that a worthwhile bout hasn’t been staged at MSG in god damn years …….. world title bout of real relevance .

    WTF !

    tophatal ……….

  8. If Cuban became commish, there would be a plethora of betting windows at each NBA arena. OK hyperbole.

    BTW, how’s my NBA resumption bet by Xmas day look? Pay up bookmakers. My kid(o-guard) needs new shoulder pads to make holes for his quick soul brother running back team mates.

  9. RB…

    Good call on that one.

    Fortunately those guys came to their senses and are giving us a season.

    Half the fans already think an 82-game season is already too long so we’ll have a nice compact sixty some odd game season to sink our teeth into.

    Thank you, Santa Ronbets.

  10. Chris

    Propofol would be the cure for what ails Suh ! It worked in theory for Conrad Murray’s alleged treatment of “Whacko Jacko ” ! ‘nough said !

    tophatal ……

  11. My wife and I were so fascinated by it we started arguing about who actually should get “props” for throwing down first. We kept watching it over and over and taking sides for each guy as to who did and did not escalate the beatdown. Awesome stuff.

  12. Chris

    Suh is simply an idiot ! Were that Manning , Brees or Brady on the receiving end of his actions I seriously doubt that the leniency of that dumb a#s two game suspension would stand ! If anything there’d be sheer outrage , calls for a monetary fine and at least a 4 or five game suspension . Goodell is a gutless and spineless imbecile whose bark is worse than his bite !

    Kick Me And I’ll Punch You Back Or I Might Even Hit You With My Handbag ….

    tophatal ………

  13. Al…

    While I do think Miami will be considerably better than last season, there are still plenty of other teams in the East that will contend for that top spot. I’m not ready to hand the title over to them just yet but in the words of Denny Green, if you want to crown ’em, then crown their ass.

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