And down the stretch they come… Your 2011 NFL Over Under contest update

Since we last checked in to our first annual Over/Under contest, six more teams have hit their number, making it ten teams to officially do so with only four weeks remaining.  That leaves 22 teams hanging in the balance, meaning Las Vegas bookmakers have once again done their job by leaving us waiting until the season’s bitter end to collect our winnings.

Here are some observations for the six teams that just qualified and those of us who wagered properly, or improperly, on them:

  • The big winners in the casino this quarter are Dwin, Han, Dave W and yours truly who all cashed in on their nine or ten pointers.  Seven of us have yet to win a single point but don’t worry, there’s still plenty of football left to be played.

  • Remember back on October 30th?  We were all stuffing our faces with candy, putting the last touches on our Halloween costumes and the Buffalo Bills were only one win away from hitting their over of five on the season.  Well, not much has changed since then.  We still like our Reese’s, we’re still dressing funny and after losing five straight, the Bills are STILL one win away from their fifth of the season.  Considering they still have to play the Chargers, Dolphins, Patriots and Tim Tebow, that fifth win might never come.

  • The Tennessee Titans and Oakland Raiders both have seven wins on the season, and their number was seven, so if you had the over and either of those two, you’ve pretty much cashed in.  Same with the Miami Dolphins.  Their projected win total was eight and they’re currently 4-8.  They’ve won four of their last five, but with the Jets and Pats still on their schedule, one can only assume that ninth loss is inevitable, thus making their eighth win impossible and a winner out of anyone who had them under.

  • Behind the leadership of the saintly Tim Tebow, the Denver Broncos are becoming the most talked about football team outside of Green Bay.  After starting out 1-4, Denver has won six of its last seven.  The Broncos are now 7-5 and tied with Oakland atop the AFC West.  Their O/U for the season was 5.5 which means even Las Vegas wasn’t prepared for the coming of Tim Tebow.  Not surprising since it’s a town full of sinners.

  • Shame on anyone (Aero, Diehardsports, Pistons Affiliated) who questioned Green Bay’s greatness.  After only twelve games, the Packers have not only exceeded their projected win total of 11, but they’re also staring an undefeated season, as well as home field advantage in the playoffs and a repeat Super Bowl appearance, squarely in the face.

  • Despite losing key players, i.e., Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson, the Texans still reside atop the AFC North at 9-3 and have already passed their O/U total of eight wins.

  • Most of us figured the Minnesota Vikings would be bad, with five of us (Big Bubba Z, Zbignu, J-Dub, Han and Dwin) cashing in on their misery.  I’m not so sure any of us, however, thought Donovan McNabb would be unemployed by Week 13.  I hereby propose the question to you readers… Donovan McNabb: Hall of Famer or not?

  • Wow, the Chargers stink.  Do you think Drew Brees is happy he skipped town for the Big Easy?  Sure they beat up on the lowly Jaguars Monday night and the division is still (barely) within their grasps, but six of us felt San Diego was a lock to finish over ten wins.  Not gonna happen.  They’re currently 5-7 and still have Detroit and Baltimore on their schedule.  Either head coach Norv Turner or general manager AJ Smith should be looking for work this off-season, if not sooner.

  • Yet another disappointing year for the St. Louis Rams.  Four of us predicted they’d finish over 7.5 wins.  At 2-10, that is now impossible, as is any chance of them making the post-season

With only four weeks remaining, there are still plenty of points for us to cash in on, like a piñata that hasn’t yet spilled all its candy.  Here are your updated standings:

Dave W. – 19 pts.; 26 possible points remaining

Hanahan – 14 pts.; 41 PPR

Frank the Crank – 13 pts.; 32 PPR

Dwindy – 11 pts,; 41 PPR

SportsChump – 10 pts; 36 PPR

J-Dub – 8 pts.; 26 PPR

Die Hard Sports – 6 pts.; 37 PPR

Big Bubba Z – 3 pts.; 42 PPR

Zbignu – 4 pts., 43 PPR

Drew – 2 pts., 34 PPR

Harry Balzac – 1 pt.; 51 PPR

The pointless: TopHatAl (55 PPR); Yaz (46 PPR); Ronbets (45 PPR); Pistons Affiliated (44 PPR); Aero (42 PPR); Chappy (39 PPR); Seth K (37 PPR)



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46 Replies to “And down the stretch they come… Your 2011 NFL Over Under contest update”

  1. Al…

    The interesting thing about your picks is that, even after 13 weeks, you have yet to cash in a ticket. I guess with 19 of us in the pool, the odds of one person getting this far with all their possible points remaining isn’t that much of a stretch.

    Bottom line is, your score of zero is somewhat misleading and you do have the Dolphins under 8 for 8 points and the Bucs under 8 for 7 points, so all is not lost.

    And I’m not sure about those Favre-to-Chicago rumors. I’m inclined to believe they came out of his camp, not Chicago’s. We both know he can’t go that long without being talked about in the media.

    I’m also not so sure the Bears want to upset the applecart, considering a playoff appearance is still within their grasp. Although scoring only three points last week doesn’t help.

    With Matt Forte out, trust me, they have more to worry about than just missing their starting quarterback.

  2. Chi Bears? Don’t feel sorry for Cutler, rather for Caleb Hanie. Cutler’s doing just fine with that hot Cavalieri chick. Forte is the death blow to their run.

    Why is RG3 gonna take down the Heisman? Did you observe that fine showing by BGabbert versus the Bolts? There might be a correlation down the road with Luck IMO. FWIW, I made a limit play on RG3 today to win it.

  3. Hey, Ron…

    I haven’t checked Diamond lately.

    Can you throw me some Heisman odds?

    I was actually thinking Richardson to win. If I can get a good number on him, maybe I’ll make that play.

  4. Heisman Trophy Winner – Best Buy Theater – New York, NY
    Sat 12/10 17101 Robert Griffin III wins Heisman Trophy -600
    Sat 12/10 17103 Andrew Luck wins Heisman Trophy +600
    Sat 12/10 17105 Trent Richardson wins Heisman Trophy +800
    Sat 12/10 17107 Montee Ball wins Heisman Trophy +20000

    Sat 12/10 17109 Tyrann Mathieu wins Heisman Trophy +30000

    Note: A bet on RG3 requires a 6 to win 1 lay.

    Luck 1 to win 6

    Richardson 1 to win 8.

    I think the leak is out.

  5. Chris

    The Bears have lost Cutler quite possibly for the remainder of their season and Caleb Hanie in his debut threw three INT’s in the team’s loss this past Sunday .

    Lovie Smith if he had any sense would should peruse the free agent market in terms of the qb’s available rather than go down the Favre or McNabb route . The actual rumors actually came out of Chi-town and from a spokesperson from of the Bears.

    What’s this ’bout Manny Ramirez looking to be reinstated back into MLB (baseball) ? Manny’s needed back in the game about as much as Kim K needs to be seen walking down the aisle with another dumb #ss athlete !

    So the Marlins all of a sudden have over $100 million to throw at Jose Reyes and their intent is to offer Pujols a 10 year $210 million contract with incentives ? But rumors are now flying that the SEC (Securities & Exchange Comm ) want to conduct an investigation as to how the financing was raised for the new stadium (cost to the taxpayer $ 575 million ) . Will be doing a piece on that later once I delve into it all further .

    tophatal ……

  6. Very cool activity “for amusement only.” Good luck to all still in the running…and I’ll look forward to “running” in the Second Annual contest.

  7. Chris \

    Kristin Cavallari probably has more coordination of a certain part of her geni_alia than Cutler has in his entire body ! As for Caleb Hanie let’s just say he ain’t makin’ hay while the sun shines given the opportunity thrust upon him !

    tophatal …………

  8. Goodness, RB.

    I had no idea RGIII was that much of a favorite.

    We’ll definitely know the leak is out when they take it off the board.

    I’d still have to put some money on Richardson at 8:1 though.

    Ironic that Mathieu is probably the best athlete of the bunch.

  9. Al…

    I’m no Bears fan but it’s too bad they lost their best two offensive players. People keep forgetting this team made the NFC Championship Game last year.

    Re: Manny, do you think the Marlins’ll throw some money his way?

    At this point, why not, right?

  10. So you’re saying I still have a chance…right?

    Awful. Just an awful showing. Kind of like how the Chargers have performed this season. I hang my head in shame.

  11. Chris

    When the Bears’ season can be summed up on whether they might sign either Favre or McNabb then you something has definitely got to be wrong !

    You do know I detest the Marlins right ? Having supported the team since their inception ’til last year (shifted allegiance to the Braves) they’ve simply become an anathema to me with the lying and corruption within the front office . But now I wouldn’t put it past Guillen and the front office to look to sign Man -Ram even with all of the baggage he brings !

    A third suspension and lifetime ban is on the offing that’s for sure concerning Ramirez . Guy can’t leave ‘roids alone ! For him it’s the elixir of life .

    I wonder how Rocket (Clemens) now feels about his ol’ flame Mindy McCready being pregnant and still a friggin’ basket case ?

    tophatal …….. 😉

  12. Chris

    Angels’ owner Arte Moreno got his early Christmas gift eh ( easily way more than 12 days early ) ? Pujols , C J Wilson and a partridge in a pear tree . Loria and the Marlins as well as the blithering idiots within the Cardinals’ front office are now left to hold their d##s while checking to see which way the wind is blowing .

    All The Kings’ Horses And All The Kings’ Men Couldn’t Put Humpty Dumpty Together Again …

    tophatal ………..

  13. Yea, Drew.

    I expected better… from both of you.

    At least you already own a SportsChump hat of our own and perhaps, just perhaps, whatever housecleaning the Chargers do this off-season, will make you feel a touch better about things.

  14. Chris

    Not so much wild , as ” ridiculous ” especially in light of the serious issues now being raised concerning the Marlins . See my piece on the matter and bear in mind long before this all came up , I raised the point about what Jeffrey Loria had been doing concerning the team .

    That prospective Lakers’ deal never stood a chance of being passed by the NBA league hierarchy , not based on the premise being set . It was lopsided and failed to address much of the criteria set in such deals . And ESPN’s Chris Broussard given his acumen and insight should have known that . I would’ve expected that type of idiocy to come from Stephen A Smith ! And as you can see Smith is once again making a complete a#s of himself ! See link provided .

    Smith uses the “N word” on air live . Woe !

    All The Kings’ Horses And All The Kings’ Men Couldn’t Put Humpty Dumpty Together Again …


    Either of the links shown .

    tophatal ………….

  15. Chris wrote:
    I’d still have to put some money on Richardson at 8:1 though.

    DON’T DO IT!!

  16. Al, The Cardinals and the fan base would rather have Marv Thronberry playing first base on MLB minimum than pay Pujols mega-millions. Mindset of St Louis.

  17. Al…

    I am WAY behind on my reading. Four straight doubles on the job will do that to a guy, but I’ll get caught up hopefully soon.

    I also plan on catching that Stephen A blunder. I always used to like the guy but I actually have stopped watching First Take when he’s on. All he and Bayless do is shout over one another. Since when is that what debate is about? Someone get Frank I on that damn show.

  18. I love RB’s insider trading.

    He’s is our man on the scene when it comes to all things Heisman and Dancing With The Stars related.

    Of course, I’ll be hunting you down if Mathieu takes it down. You know that, right?

  19. A little early yet Chris. Prolly end of Feb or early March when rosters start to get filled in Spring Training. I was quoted a RSW(regular season wins) of 93.5 on the Angels. Didn’t bite. Seems about right.I’ll ship them when they are posted.

  20. RB is a pro, gentlemen.

    Remind me to have you on as a regular when we get the podcast up and running.

    You have yet to lead me wrong.

    Even though the scary lines pointed to RGIII, for us suckers that like to bet hard, dog moneylines, I could have easily been suckered into betting against him.

    I guess Vegas was just trying to make up for money they had already lost this season.

  21. Chris

    NL MVP Ryan Braun a ‘roider ? Say it ain’t so ? What the hell is the sport of baseball now coming to ? Oh and Man Ram has been reinstated by MLB .

    Now what ?

    Hornets’ GM Dell Demps is damn well delusional if he thinks trading Paul will make the Hornets better in the long run !

    tophatal ………


    Two more teams, both in Florida, cashed in on their unders in Week 14: The woeful Dolphins and the even more woeful Buccaneers, losers of seven straight.

    Here are your latest standings

    Hanahan 23
    SportsChump 20
    Dave W 19
    Dwindy 18
    TopHatAl 15
    Zbignu 13
    FtC 13
    Seth 10
    Drew 10
    Pistons Affiliated 9
    J-Dub 9
    RonBets 8
    Chappy 8
    DieHardSports 6
    Big Bubba Z 5
    Balzac 3
    EG 1
    Aero 1
    Yaz 0

  23. Gentlemen…

    With only two weeks remaining in the regular season, there are amazingly still 14 teams that have yet to hit their O/U. Nice work, bookmakers.

    Here are your updated standings. So far only two of us have been officially eliminated. And nice work to Han, who at this point, is a perfect 5-for-5!

    Also, don’t forget to enter my NBA Futures Contest at:

    Big Bubba Z 30, 15 PPR
    Hanahan 29, 26 PPR
    FTC 29, 5 PPR
    SportsChump 28, 18 PPR
    Dave W 28, 14 PPR
    Dwindy 18, 34 PPR
    DHS 16, 27 PPR
    Tophatal 15, 31 PPR
    Pistons Affiliated 15, 25 PPR
    Seth 14, 5 PPR (Eliminated!!!)
    Zbignu 13, 32 PPR
    Chappy 11, 26 PPR
    Drew 11, 24 PPR
    Aero 9, 26 PPR
    J-Dub 9, 26 PPR
    Ronbets 8, 25 PPR
    Yaz 6, 36 PPR
    Harry Balzac 3, 29 PPR
    Eddie Griffin 1, 27 PPR (Eliminated!!!)

  24. Entered the Futures Contest but I’m now hoping for a walk on part on Odom and Kardashian’s reality show . Lamar Khloe take on Dallas . It’s being reported that Khloe will sleep with the entire roster of the Mavericks if any of them hits a double /double in consective games this season . My role will be as the adjudicator and nothing else .

    tophatal ……..

  25. Okay, here goes.

    With only one week remaining in the regular season, four teams have yet to reach their over/under total: Cardinals, Cowboys, Falcons and Redskins.

    With 9 wins, tonight’s Saints-Falcons game will not determine whether they’ll officially hit over/under, yet a push may come into play.

    We also may end up with some other pushes so stay tuned.

    Here’s where we stand…

    Big Bubba Z 40, PPR 0
    Dwindy 39, PPR 0 (ELIMINATED!)
    Hanahan 36, PPR 8…. needs Redskins to lose
    PistonsAffiliated 35, PPR 5… needs Cardinals to lose
    SportsChump 33, PPR 9… needs Cowboys to win
    Dave W 33, PPR 7… needs Falcons to win at least one remaining game
    FtC 32, PPR 0 (ELIMINATED!)
    Diehard Sport 28, PPR 7 (ELIMINATED!)
    Ronbets 27, PPR 0 (ELIMINATED!)
    Tophatal 24, PPR 12 (ELIMINATED!)
    Drew SDSG 21, PPR 6 (ELIMINATED!)
    Chappy 17, PPR 0 (ELIMINATED!)
    Seth 16, PPR 0 (ELIMINATED!)
    Zbignu 13, PPR 21 (ELIMINATED!)
    Aero 12, PPR 14 (ELIMINATED!)
    J-Dub 12, PPR 13 (ELIMINATED!)
    Yaz 10, PPR 25 (ELIMINATED!)
    EG 10, PPR 12 (ELIMINATED!)
    H. Balzac 9, PPR 15 (ELIMINATED!)

    Well played, gentlemen!

  26. What’s that they say about the cream? LOL! Thanks Chris!

    And BTW your gracious offer of comp. drinks is going to go a long way toward winning the Sports Blog Award!

  27. Dwin…

    I’ve whored myself out plenty.

    Nice work collecting points in this tourney but I didn’t see your name in our NBA contest.

    I know you’re not a hoop-head that’s not a prerequisite for winning.

  28. 4th Tampa Bay Downs-6furlongs

    1A SportsChump 33, PPR 9… needs Cowboys to win

    Note: Ineligible for purse money.


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