How sweet it is! Fan support vaults SportsChump to Round of 16!


I don’t know what to say.

When I first received word that I was nominated as one of’s Top 64 Sports Blogs of the Year, I took it as quite the compliment.

I rushed to share the good news, asking all of you for votes to help me advance.

I made it past the first round but ran into a tough competitor in the second, a Cleveland-based site with three contributing writers and an editor, all of them against lonely old me (and of course, webmaster and father-to-be, Eddie Griffin).

The odds were stacked against me.

I spammed my Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, every single sports forum and venue I could find to draw support.

And I must say, you all came through with flying colors… my own personal Santas.

My co-workers, friends, family, readers, fellow bloggers, people I see every day, people I haven’t seen in years, people I’ve never even met, all by my side.

While voter turnout was overwhelming and incredibly touching, I never needed Ballhyped’s seal of approval to tell me what I was doing was right on.  I already had your support.  Never was that more obvious than this week.

SportsChump is and has always been an avenue for me to express my thoughts, a place for all of you to hang, chill and discuss what’s on your minds: our own virtual water cooler, if you will.

Despite this Christmas miracle, voting goes on.  We still have a way to go, so please stay tuned.  Here are the upcoming voting periods:

Sweet 16: 8 games (Dec. 26-27)

Elite 8: 4 games (Dec. 28-29)

Final Four: 2 games (Dec. 30-31)

Championship, Consolation: 2 games (Jan. 1-2)


Click HERE to cast your vote for


Once again, my most sincere thanks to everyone who took time out of their schedules to click that button.   It let me know what I mean to you all… but you can’t possibly know what it means to me.


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28 Replies to “How sweet it is! Fan support vaults SportsChump to Round of 16!”

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  2. Great post. CONGRATS to a most deserving writer.
    We are all ready to vote again … our way of saying thank YOU for the fun & thought provoking entertainment SC brings our way.
    You deserve it!
    Now let’s go out there & win this one big! 🙂

  3. CDLR…

    Any friend of Dub’s is a friend of mine, even though that means they probably caught something from him.

    I added myself to your feed-burner e-mail subscription so you’ll be hearing from me from time to time. Careful what you wish for.

    Thanks for voting and stay tuned. I’ll need more votes in later rounds… assuming I get that far.

  4. Congrats on the continued forward movement through the tournament. Could not happen to a nicer guy.

    Fitting words for potential voters from the Colonel in FMJ: “Then how about getting with the program? Why don’t you jump on the team and come on in for the big win?”

  5. Han…

    Thanks much for the re-posts and spreading the word. I don’t know about all that nice stuff though. Obviously my ex-girlfriends haven’t gotten to you yet.

    If they do, you may want to pack a Tazer gun for protection.

    And at least you didn’t ask people who hadn’t voted yet what their major malfunction was.

  6. Ron…

    I’m tryin’.

    Let’s just say I was a big dog early but my first two victories have shifted the numbers a tad.

    Remember, I can’t do it with you, man.

  7. Chris

    It’s as I said in the return e-mail I sent to you , it was well worth the effort in showing my support for you ! I will be on hand in whatever way I can to make sure you make it deep into this tournament .

    Hopefully you and the family had a wonderful Christmas ? For myself it was one of catching up with relatives back in the UK as well those close to home here stateside and of course being with the girlfriend . Now it’s back to the grind of work ,albeit that 2012 is just around the corner .

    At present the girlfriend is trying to induce me in taking a New Year’s cruise around the Caribbean . She says it’ll be romantic and all of that stuff …… at my age it ain’t ’bout romance but simply enjoying life !

    So the NBA idiots(analysts) are back on that Heat ” bandwagon” for this season ? Ah well what’s new ? I haven’t bought a ticket as of yet because I am still not impressed but I’ve got to give it to “Riles” and Spoelstra they really want this ship to make that trip all the way to the NBA Finals to prove all the naysayers wrong . And that is in spite of the millions lost by the organization over the last four seasons prior to the acquisition of Bosh and James .

    tophatal ……….

  8. You look very studious in that pic what was going across your mind at the time ?

    So the NFL regular season seems to be all over bar the shouting ? Now what for the likes of the Giants and Cowboys should either fail to make the playoffs ?

    tophatal ……..

    tophatal ……..

  9. Let us all heed the words of Richard Daly or was it Al Capone who said “Vote early and vote often”.

  10. Nice Chris! I’ve given you a vote the last two rounds. Looks like this round might be tough to win, hopefully you can make the comeback!

  11. Al…

    You’ve been one of my most faithful readers. I can’t thank you enough for the time and support you’ve shown the site. Now let’s take this damn thing down, shall we?

    Thinking twice about a cruise, dog? C’mon, man. I’m sure you can both find middle-ground between romance and a little sookie sookie, but I do see your point.

    And I gotta tell you, man. I might be on that Heat bandwagon too. Battier’s a solid addition. LeBron is finally posting up. And Spoelstra’s got one more year under his belt so he’s not as wet behind the ears as he once was.

    I like their chances, man.

  12. Chap…

    So far, so good.

    The groundswell of support has been incredible but I’m sure plenty of people are getting annoyed already.

    “Yea, yea, I know Chris, another round starts tomorrow.”

    Oh, Chap, did I mention another round of voting starts tomorrow?

    Good. Just checking.

  13. Chris

    If she’d said she wanted to go the Seychelles then that might have been different ! I mean I was raised in the Islands albeit the land of my birth was England . Man our days on the ol’ Fox website was fun enough and I think we all learned a great deal from that experience . So you know I’ve got your back right through to the end ! That Cowboys Giants’ game will be an indicator as to what to expect and overall how bad the NFC East has really become ! All of this talk about that division being amongst the best in the NFL has become a complete joke ! Next you’ll be hearing idiots subscribe to the fact that Herman Cain was a viable GOP Presidential candidate ! His women are said …. ” to love fries “ alongside Cain’s burger ? tophatal ……..

  14. Chris So I can only surmise that being sartorially dressed while perusing porn on the ‘net is now the way to go ? I’ve always felt it’s something best shared with someone you want to go through the act of coitus with ! So at what point will Stern on the down low surprise us all and say that he’s folding the Hornets as an operation ? Still hasn’t found a bonafide and willing pursuer to buy the team but yet fans out there are of the opinion that the league can still continue to bankroll one of the league’s worst supported and financially unstable concerns . What’s up with that then ? I’ve made that point emphatically but nowhere have I heard anyone say anything to the contrary . Your thoughts ? tophatal ………………

  15. Al…

    Thanks again for the support. I have a healthy lead at the moment but obsessive me will keep checking the numbers.

    So they’ve flexed the Giants game to 8 pm and the Broncos play at 4?

    I’ll be at a bar somewhere watching them both, trust me.

  16. Re: Stern, Al,

    Maybe with all the attention paid to the Heat, the Lakers, Ricky Rubio, the Clippers, the Celtics and where Dwight Howard might land, maybe Stern can just have the Hornets stop playing, fold up shop, and in a few weeks someone would finally notice… like, hey, didn’t there used to be a professional basketball team in New Orleans?

  17. No money, sir, but as someone who runs a website, you understand the recognition and advertising possibilities that come with such an award.

    So far I’ve had amazing support from all you guys.

    I do believe they’ll feature my website on theirs, provide me which a whole bunch of swag, which I’ll wear proudly, and interview me for the site as well.

    Who’s the big winner in the casino tonight?

    SportsChump is, that’s who.

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