And then there were four

“Looks like we made it”

–          Barry Mannilow

What a long strange trip it’s been.

With everyone’s help, has gone from being an afterthought in BallHyped’s Sports Blog of the Year Tournament to knocking off website after website on my march to the Final Four.  Thanks to you, I am the little engine that could.  I am Rocky, Rudy and the Bad News Bears all rolled into one.

But we’re not done by any stretch of the imagination.  We have two more rounds to go!

Those left in the tourney have already seen what kind of support I’ve been getting (150+ votes per round!!!) and have to be Goliathly leery of this David.  It’s time to reload the slingshot, friends.

Click HERE to vote for

There are only two rounds left: Dec 30-31 and the Finals, Jan 1-2.  Voting runs from midnight to midnight Pacific Standard Time, so vote early, vote late, vote often.

Winning this tournament would be HUGE for the website, not to mention a personal honor and privilege.

I want to sincerely thank you all again for taking the time to vote.  Remember, one vote per e-mail address and please spread the word.

Thanks for the love… and let’s finish this thing.

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19 Replies to “And then there were four”

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  2. There’ll be a recount at some in the future because it’s just been reported that a number of ballot boxes were found dumped alongside US 27 in Polk County , Florida . Don’t look at me as I had nothing to do with it at all . tophatal ………

  3. In staying with this musical theme you seem to have going may I submit to you:
    “I write the blogs that make the youg girls scream” or “drivin’ that train high on rogain”
    Sorry man, couldn’t help myself.Good luck

  4. Chap…

    If I’ve learned anything from this tourney, it’s that…. wait for it, Lenny Kravitz… it ain’t over ’til it’ over.

    Or wait, was that Yogi Berra?

  5. KP…

    Thank ya’, bro.

    I’m thinking about a sports round table.

    We just gotta work on a time.

    Let’s hope we have a victory to talk about on our first new podcast.

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