Where NFL contest ends, NBA contest begins. Our futures recap, winner and NBA picks for 2011-12

There’s nothing like free swag, right?

Well, after his uncanny prognosticative abilities, someone here will soon be sporting some brand, new SportsChump gear, while bragging to his friends, family and the entire blogosphere that he knows more about football than the rest of us… as he should.

Earlier this season, I hosted my first ever NFL over/under contest to test the predictive ability of my faithful readers.  They showed up in hordes, if you want to call 19 participants hordes.

The tourney went down to the season’s final week before we were able to determine a winner.

So without further ado, gentlemen, in reverse order, here are your official results and their corresponding websites if they have one.  Be sure to show them some love.

Seth – 16

Chappy – 17

Aero – 19

Eddie Griffin – 20

Harry Balzac – 24

Dubsism – 25

Ronbets – 27

Drew – 27

Yaz – 27

Zbignu – 30

Frank the Crank – 32

SportsChump – 33

Pistons Affiliated – 35

Diehard Sport – 35

Tophatal – 36

Dwindy – 39

Dave W. – 40

Big Bubba Z – 40

Ladies and gentlemen, I could not be prouder than to present this year’s title of grand swami to a bad-ass mofo himself, the man with the plan.  He hosts his own weekly pick ‘em tournament over at Sports Review Magazine.  He’s a lug-nut and probably, personally responsible for me winning BallHyped’s Sports Blog of the Year tournament.  With 44 out of a possible 55 points, our winner….


Take a bow, sir.  Please e-mail me your particulars, sir, so I can mail you out some love.  I’ve been meaning to do it anyway but at least now, you can say you’ve earned it.

Alright, enough patting Han on the back as I’m pretty sure he’ll do enough of that himself.

I now segue into our NBA tourney in which we had nearly as many entrants: 13.

This futures contest ran a little differently.

I asked all of you ten questions about the 2011-12 season, then assigned them confidence points just as I did the NFL contest.  Here are our answers:


Best of luck, gentlemen, and stay tuned for updates.  Once again, a hearty congratulations to Hanahan and thanks for playing.

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24 Replies to “Where NFL contest ends, NBA contest begins. Our futures recap, winner and NBA picks for 2011-12”

  1. Way to go Gene! That’ll be your first new t-shirt in how many years??? The good Lord (and the SportsChump) takes care of everything!

  2. All right! 8 of my 10 picks were unders. I know a little about picking losers.

    Do the t-shirts come in flannel? Camo?

  3. Congratulations Gene and I have to say I’m thrilled that I didn’t finish in last place.

  4. J-Dub…

    You may not want to, although I’m surprised so many of us picked Minnesota to finish dead last.

    They do know that Ricky Rubio is here to stay, don’t they?

  5. Yea, Aer….

    You may want to hold off on that trip to Vegas.

    You only picked four out of ten right: the Browns under 6.5 for 8 points, the Falcons over 10 for 7, the Bears under 8.5 for 3 and the Dolphins under 8 for 1.

    You whiffed hard on the Packers and Ravens.

    It’s okay. We still love ya’, man.

  6. SA….

    Han’s still on a bender in celebration.

    Not to mention he had SportsChump as a long dog in the Blog of the Year contest so he’s probably in Thailand somewhere spending all his winnings.

  7. So, pretty much, I performed on a “Well, I just missed the wildcard, despite the fact that the #2 seed lucked their way through the year” basis?

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  9. Yessir, Jamie. Nice work.

    I can tell you that five contestants picked Durant to be the first to score 50 this season… and you were one of them. That’s a solid ten points and a nice early lead. I’ll have a mid-season contest recap soon.

    Actually, I was surprised to hear that 51 was Durant’s career high. Kid’s a scoring machine.

    And how about that move he had with seven seconds left in regulation to tie the game. Kid made it from basically half-court to the rim in about 2.2 seconds.

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