SportsChump named Sports Blog of the Year: A video celebration!!!

“I’ve taken my bows, and my curtain calls. You brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it. I thank you all.”

– Freddie Mercury



To everyone who voted, everyone I pestered, thank you, all, so very, very much.

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45 Replies to “SportsChump named Sports Blog of the Year: A video celebration!!!”

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  2. Congratulations to the Chump! Thanks for getting Hyped and congrats on a banner year in 2011. Here’s to another fun run in 2012!

  3. Thanks, Bri.

    You host one helluva tournament. I’ve been burning it at both ends.

    Look forward to the swag and I promise to wear the title with pride.

  4. Congrats…it’s good to know the BOTY is the only one I read…saves time 🙂 I hope your year on top is a good one! Now you can refocus on this weeks pro picks and perhaps regain the lead. Shake your BOTY!

  5. Chris

    You’ve been hoodwinked and hornswaggled as your namesake in the NBA wants half of your now notorious fame and fortune . Perhaps you and he can exchange some ideas on how he can get back in the good graces with the Kardashians ? LOL, LOL ,LOL !!! Congrats on the win ! I hear Rah’s new ringtone on his cell is TLC’s “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg ? LOL ,LOL ! What’s up with that ? And are the Glazers out of their god damn minds ? In 2012 they’ll be paying out $6.5 million to two coaches who are no longer part of the staff there . ( $4 million to Gruden and $2.5 million to Morris) . That’s real good business sense ….. you think ? But like I have always maintained the …. family have always done things on the “cheap” ! tophatal ……..

  6. WHEW!!!!

    Great post… love (& cried at) the sports clips!! Terrific picks!

    Yr a class act SC… always so creative, strong & sound writing … this “Best Sports Blogger of the Year” Award is just reaffirming what all of us already knew!

    You were up against 63 others who have staff, other writers, & have probably been doing it longer … BUT YOU WON!!!

    Congrats for this well deserved title! We look forward to yr future posts & we couldn’t be prouder!!!

    Congrats Chris!!
    A verrrrrry proud M 🙂

    PS: A huge thanks to all of yr fans & friends who helped by voting!!!! You are all a huge part of SC’s victory so THANK YOU all!

  7. Aer….

    Thanks to you, sir. You’ve been here for every post and that truly means a lot.

    Unless, of course you have nothing else better to do, which is also a possibility.

  8. Dwin…

    Much thanks to you re-posting and commenting on every one of my FB links. All those little things helped get me over the edge in this thing.

    And did you know that I’ve never even seen “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

    Is that un-American of me?

  9. Congrats to you, Oh ” Supreme Champion”!

    “SC” now has new meaning, huh? Or is it like knighthood and you will be forever referred to as Supreme Champion Sportschump- Double SC for short? Hee hee !

    Way to go!

  10. Dee Dee…

    I was thinking Super Cool.

    Much thanks to my newest subscriber for showing some love.

    Good thing you got in before I started charging a cover, huh?

  11. Al…

    Other than Jeff Fisher, I haven’t heard who’s on the list of potential replacements.

    I honestly think this next pick as head coach will go a long way in determining exactly how committed the Glazers are to putting a championship product back on the field.

  12. Good job man! I’m happy that not having me around voting for the last couple rounds didn’t hinder your abilities to come in first!!

  13. Dude, Congratulations! You deserve it. God knows you spend enough time on this damn thing!! Happy New Year!

  14. Chap…

    It’s getting tougher and tougher to keep track of your travel schedule these days.

    I just figured you were recovering from watching the Raiders cough one away.

    By the way, Tebow fans thank you.

  15. Orangeslicer…

    True dat!

    It must have been that video of Ari doin’ the Dougie that pushed me over the top.

    Did Di ever figure out what the Dougie is?

    White girls. What are you gonna do?

  16. Amie Stephanie…

    I rarely, if ever, let spam through but your comment intrigued me.

    First of all, you quoted Confucius. Second of all, I sing Amie every Wednesday night for karaoke. Third of all, I um… know a girl named Stephanie.

    And lastly, can’t we all use a good baked halibut recipe or two?

  17. Although I am an avid reader/proofreader =) I rarely ever comment , mostly because I wouldn’t know what the hell I’m talking about 😉 But this post is different of course…the sleepless nights and stress paid off , I had every bit of faith that you would win this – Hats off to you love, bask in your win .. It is well deserved

  18. C’mon, we know you’re just here for the baked halibut.

    On second thought, fuck the halibut.

    There’s no way I could have done this without you.

    Thank you, beautiful. For everything.

  19. Okay, I’ll step it up a notch to triple SC…Supreme Champion Super Cool Sports Chump…hmm? Do you like that better, oh worthy one? Ha ha ha

    Here’s another SC: Sports Chicks- and I’m one that is glad to get Manilow off the mind and humming Queen instead… Yaz and I enjoyed talking about your accomplishment first thing this morn! We both checked voting results first thing!! Happy New Year, Triple SC- Congrats to you…

    From your freebie new-bee SC, Dee Dee 🙂

  20. You guys totally rock, Dee.

    And if you and the gang are ever in Tampa on a Wednesday night, swing by karaoke night at my spot.

    I’ll be glad to put that Manilow right back into your head.

  21. Chris

    A list of replacements for Rah’s job ? Well here’s a suggestion why don’t you send your resume` to the Glazers and Mark Dominik to see if you can get an interview ? I hear that the going rate’ll be about $2 million a year for the position .

    Jeff Fisher wants no friggin’ part of that mess that’s for sure ! If not then they can always go for an applicant from the state mental facility because they’d have to be succeed Raheem Morris . The organization is a mess from top to bottom ! And as of now I consider Freeman to be a bust ! Reasons why …. his game has regressed and has lost all confidence in his game and he’s lost the confidence of his teammates . Besides who on the Bucs would you consider to be a vocal leader on that team ? It’s not that “wanker” Ronde Barber or that ingrate Kellen Winslow Jr . The Bears’ front office lost faith in GM Jerry Angelo and offensive coordinator Mike Martsz resigned . No big loss at all but they ought to now seek to get rid of that injury laden moron Jay Cutler ! Lovie Smith on the other hand should thank his lucky stars that he’s been given another season . Bill Polian and his son Chris won’t have Jim Irsay atop of their Christmas card list for 2012 . Albeit that Peyton is said to be unhappy but I believe that come March if the Colts choose not to cut him that $28 million bonus will come in real handy for Manning and his family . . tophatal ………..

  22. So, Al, what you’re saying is the Bucs job is only one step above the vacant Penn State gig, because they can’t seem to fill that position either.

    How about the fact that all three Florida NFL teams are currently looking for coaches?

    And at this point, if the Colts do decide to trade Peyton Manning, what sort of physicals do you think the other teams in the league are going to put this guy through?

    This should be a very interesting off-season.

  23. Chris

    It’s far safe to be a military member in Kabul than being a coach with an NFL franchise in the state of Florida !

    Gov Rick Scott when asked about the Bucs’ situation at present …….replied that he enjoyed Johnny Depp’s performances as ‘ Capt Jack Sparrow’ in the ‘ Pirates of The Caribbean ‘ series of movies . Need one say anymore on the matter ?

    An MRI would be worthwhile with Peyton before anything else don’t you think ? Or was it that the Colts and in particular the Polians simply ….. too stupid ?

    tophatal …………

  24. In lieu of gift donations to the Peyton Manning Foundation please send all monetary donations to Institute for None Too Sound Thinking c/o Rick Perry , Ron Paul , Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann . Or or send to direct to the GOP national headquarters where they’ll make sure how to disburse the funds in question . The quartet in question need all the monetary help that they can get ……… if not at all !

    Manning clearly doesn’t need the money as come March 8th the Colts will probably be paying him the $28 million due . If they cut him and he signs with someone else he’s still going to be paid by the organization . And if the trade him he won’t be losing out at all .

    tophatal …….

  25. Al…

    I haven’t listened to a single thing Scott’s said since he’s been in office. I’m afraid of losing the brain cells.

    I’m sure Peyton will be poked and prodded before Indy, or any other franchise for that matter, makes a decision on him.

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