A Blogosphere Q&A… with me? Ballhyped interviews their Sports Blogger of the Year

BALLHYPED: Chris, first of all, congrats on winning the 2011 Sports Blog of the Year Tournament. How’s that new crown fit?

SPORTSCHUMP: The crown fits nice and snug.  I promise not to let my head get too big that I’ll need to re-order one complete with trucker cap, mesh back to adjust for mullet, or ego, expansion.  Ya’ know, when I first heard I was nominated for the tournament, I was pretty excited.  I immediately got the word out to my co-workers, family, fellow bloggers and Facebook friends.  It worked with flying colors, although I am on the hook for a few cocktails.  To be perfectly honest, I can’t thank them all enough.  I’m just glad people enjoy the site.  It goes to show all the hours I’ve invested are worth it.  That’s quite rewarding.



BH: It was a different kind of tournament this year, but the blog vs. blog matchups seemed to bring up some interesting conversations on Twitter, etc. Did you enjoy the engagement with the various bloggers this year during your run?

SC: Let’s just say I’ve gained a lot more Twitter followers and blogroll brethren over the past week-and-a-half.  I ran into a lot of sports-related websites I otherwise would not have, and in this day and age of social media, I understand traffic works both ways.  The Ballhyped tourney did a great job of generating that camaraderie.



BH: So tell us a little bit about yourself (your Twitter mugshot doesn’t give away a whole lot, so inquiring minds want to know who this Chump is) and this blog of yours. How it came about, the reason behind the name, SportsChump.

SC: I’ve actually used that picture since my Foxblogging days, which was a good four to five years ago.  Female readers used to tell me it was sexy so I kept it up there… or maybe they were just saying that to be polite.  Perhaps I’ll change the photo when my trophy arrives in the mail, but I always felt that picture served as a bit of a tease, ya’ know, the whole “Lone Ranger who is that masked man” sort of thing.  As far as the website, believe it or not, I ran into the brains behind the organization, Eddie Griffin of the Red Zone Report, on Craigslist.  EG does most of my HTML stuff, not to mention handling the advertising.  I used to contribute to his site regularly, but as soon as he realized that I liked to write about more than just football, SportsChump was born.  And Chump?  You haven’t figured it out yet?  My name is ­Chris HUMPherys, hence Sports CHUMP.  So here I sit, single-handedly trying to make ‘chump’ a good word.  This trophy will go a long way in doing so.



BH: What, in your eyes, was the biggest sports story of 2011?

SC: I don’t think there’s any argument that the Penn State scandal was the biggest sports story of the year.  It’s unfortunate that such a debilitating string of events overshadowed what was otherwise a great year in sports.  I have two friends that I correspond with online, Dubsism and The Wife Hates Sports, both with Penn State ties.  Let’s just say this story shook them to the core.  KP even stopped writing for a while.



BH: What are you looking forward to most in 2012?

SC: You mean aside from my trip to Augusta?  The best thing about sports is its unpredictability.  It’s why we’re all such avid fans, and also why there’s a new casino built in Las Vegas every month.  But I’m really intrigued with the future of college football.  Conference realignment has already made some strange bedfellows.  It’s too early to tell whether or not this will be good for the sport.  As it stands right now, there’s not a fan out there that has a single, nice thing to say about the BCS.  Down the road, and probably not all that long from now, college football will look a whole lot different, and people will likely still complain.  Interestingly enough, we’re also about to see realignment and divisional restructuring in the NHL and Major League Baseball, so it must be something in the water.



BH: BCS Championship Game: Who you got?

SC: Put me on the spot , why don’t ya’?  I think we’re in for another doozy of a football game but I’ll go ahead and take the favorite in this one.  Despite its critics, the BCS has still been effective in determining our past national champions.  If Alabama wins, that’s all thrown out the window.  The planet might just open up and be swallowed from the inside.  This is just one man’s opinion but, wouldn’t it be good to see Nick Saban lose twice in one season to the same team.  Wait, you don’t have any readers from Alabama, do you?



BH: NFL playoffs: Who do you like to go all the way and why?

SC: I hate to go chalk again here but the Pack look solid.  I know they give up a lot of points and the Saints, assuming they get both get that far, will give them one hell of a fight.  I just don’t think the Packers are as bad defensively as the numbers show.  They fared pretty well defensively in last year’s run.  I just have a feeling that side of the ball will be able to step it up when needed.  And Aaron Rodgers?  He’s pretty good.  But he’s never won Ballhyped Sports Blog of the Year.  So I got that going for me… which is nice.



BH: Now that you are the best sports blogger in the ‘sphere, what do you think makes a good sports blog?

SC: Honesty, commitment and interaction… as well as proper spelling, punctuation and a lack of run-on sentences.  Wait, I think that was one.  I recently wrote a piece reviewing Dan Le Batard’s new show on ESPN.  One of the things I enjoy about it most is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Neither does SportsChump.  Things will cross my mind that I want to put out there, a running diary of sorts.  I’m not here to break news or scoop anyone.  I share my opinion and listen to those of others, but we’re talking sports here, not brain surgery.  These things should be placed in their proper context, the more eloquently stated, the better.  Another factor that can NOT be overlooked, at least in my opinion, is interaction with your readers.  My philosophy is, if a person is going to take the time to read your stuff and then comment, the least you can do is answer them.



BH: What can readers expect from the Chump in 2012?

SC: More of the same, perhaps a format change, lots more podcasts, perhaps some more video projects as well.  I do plan on taking a few vacations this year, one to Augusta as I mentioned, another to Texas A&M to see the Gators play.  SportsChump has always been about my personal experiences with sports so I’m sure we’ll be seeing some posts from those roadies… assuming, of course, I remember them.   Details can get a little cloudy when the Chump hangs out with his posse.


BH: You have a pretty good handle on this blogging stuff, any other web-related or sports projects you have in the works for 2012 that you’d like to share with us?

SC: And give away my secrets?  Not a chance.  Now that so many eyes are upon me, I really have to dot my t’s and cross my I’s… or is it the other way around?  Either way, I look forward to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012.



BH: Anything you’d like to add, Chump?

SC: Just want to thank Ballhyped again for the recognition, as well as all the friends I asked repeatedly to vote.  The whole experience really showed me how many true friends I have and how many people cared enough to see me succeed.  That’s the best Christmas present anyone could ask for.


BH: Thanks again for getting Hyped and congrats on the blog of the year title!

SC: No, sir.  Thank you.



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54 Replies to “A Blogosphere Q&A… with me? Ballhyped interviews their Sports Blogger of the Year”

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  2. Beware my friend for uneasy is the head that wears the crown. I would stick to the Gators cap myself:)
    Have a good weekend and cheers!

  3. And a hearty well done, Sir!

    Now… Take a lap around the blogosphere wearing your crown high-fiving the gathered multitude! (or are you into the championship belt around your middle deal?)

    Great run and it’s nice to say I am the friend of the Sports Blogger of the year!

  4. Hmm, I think it may be getting to your head a little bit. Just kidding. Congrats again… oh, and thanks for the mention.

    I’m still recovering and trying to write more.

  5. Totally agree on the interaction part Chump… if I’ve learned anything from your site it’s that. From day one you’ve always been interactive and encouraging for my own blog by merely taking as much of an interest in what I do as what you do. I realized that’s where your most dedicated readers came from when I became one too. Be into other people’s stuff, they’ll be into your’s. Gratz!

  6. Ditto, Dwin, and thanks for all the Facebook re-posts.

    One of the perks of winning the award was them wanting to interview me for their site.

    I’m still waiting on that call from Katie Couric.

  7. Pest…

    I’ve done that from the very beginning.

    It cracks me up when you go to a person’s site and they either a) don’t respond to a comment you’ve left or b) get upset because you’ve left a link back to your own site about a similar piece you’ve written.

    The whole point is to generate traffic and that works both ways. The more sites you have linking into yours, the better your Google rank is, and vice versa.

    For example, watch this.

    Ladies and gentlemen, meet Full Court Pest. He runs two websites, the aforementioned FCP (http://www.fullcourtpest.com/) and another basketball forum called No Drama Hoops (http://forum.fullcourtpest.com/).

    See? Was that so difficult? How is listing that bad for me? Memo, it’s not.

    By the way, Pest, I plan on taking our fantasy basketball league and talking mad smack when I do.

    If you thought I was unbearable after winning this blogging thing, you just wait, he he.

  8. What a terrific Q & A!
    This is all so exciting & we are all so very proud of you SC!
    CONGRATS (maybe we should take a new pix of you with the crown? :} )
    We all know you will keep up the great work!
    Yr the best.

  9. Thanks for the mention, your worship.

    I think you know I agree with you on the magnitude of the Penn State story…lord knows, I’ve written about it enough…

  10. I gotta warn you man the place is packed at lunch time, but being royalty I’m sure that you have plenty of time for lunch. If Joe’s not there tell his son Mike that Brian says hey.

  11. Hey Chris! A chance at redemption! Gene’s running an NFL playoff tourny over at SRM! Show us your stuff while basking in your Sports Blogger of the year glory!

  12. Aer…

    Thanks for the warning. I should’ve known.

    We rolled in there around 12:30 on a Friday and the line was out the door.

    Needless to say the king didn’t get his seat.

    I’ll try it again some Tuesday around 3 and hope for better luck.

  13. Dwin…

    Thanks for the heads-up.

    I’ll head over to make my picks shortly.

    Here’s hoping I can’t do any worse than I did during the regular season.

  14. You’re planning a trip to Aggieland?????? Why????
    I’m sure the Gators have games in places much more exciting than College Station.

  15. Congrats! So proud of you. Of course, I knew from the beginning that Sportschump would be a hit!

  16. Humility in victory…Gotta love it.
    The Chump’s got class going back to the good ol days at FoxSports. Good times.

    It’s a testament to your affable nature and quick wit that so many of us ex-Fox bloggers stay in touch.

    Good point on the links to generate traffic. I love that merely clicking on a commenters name here, it takes you straight to their blog. That’s networking at it’s finest.

    Keep up the good work brother…And thanks for always taking my sick sense of humor with a grain of salt.

    (Shameless plug alert for Gene and myself)

  17. Beag…

    I’ve been to most of ’em: Tallahassee, Columbia, Jax, Knoxville, Baton Rouge.

    I have a buddy who lives in Dallas and some of us thought about checking out the flagship Aggie SEC home opener.

    Ya’ know… give ’em a warm Gator welcome.

  18. Chap…

    KP, Dubsism and I have done a few.

    Just working on the right scheduling and format.

    I’ll keep you posted on our next one so you can prank call us.

  19. Huge congratulations, Chris! I can say I knew you when…and now it’s nice that others have recognized your tremendous writing talent. I never knew what CHUMP stood for. And I do appreciate the time you take to read and reply to all the comments. I look forward to reading you in 2012!

  20. Nice job Chris!!!

    BTW, that avatar with the blue cap….that’s you? I cudda swore that was an old photo of Mike Love of the Beach Boys performing on stage. LOL

  21. A word of warning, the Aggies stand for the entire game (part of their 12th Man tradition). The visitor seats are usually behind a horde of Aggie students (and sometimes the Corps) thereby forcing the visitors to stand for the entire game as well.

    If you’re going to stay in College Station, I suggest you make reservations now. The Aggie faithful have a habit of reserving every hotel/motel room in Bryan/College Station to inconvenience visiting fans then cancelling the reservations 24 hours before the game.

  22. I sure enjoyed this Q&A, Triple SC! It was good info for a new reader. I am glad to have done my part – voting for you! A good winning choice, huh??? Similar to college bowl pickems…hmmm? I am super proud to have picked such great winners this year. 🙂 I’m still humming Queen! Sure looking forward to your future writings…
    Dee Dee

  23. Chris

    So after this win there’s no chance of you entering the fray of the GOP nomination process ? I mean you’ve no real skeletons in your closet … unlike brother Herman . But that’s another subject matter for another day .

    The judge in Nevada defrays Mayweather’s sentencing for three months . What’s up with that ? If I had verbally and physically abused the girlfriend or kids my #ss would be doin’ major time . This judicial system … specifically the judge has his priorities all wrong . They’re saying that the boxer’s popularity and his economic impact on the city of Vegas was why he(judge) came to the decision that he did . Can you say he’s ( judge) a dumb ass ?

    tophatal ………..

  24. RB…

    Mike Love? Beach Boys?

    You’re showing your age.

    So, did you make any money betting Tebow moneyline yesterday?

    I heard the Broncos were 120 to win the bowl before the playoffs started.

    Wonder what that number is down to now.

  25. Dee Dee…

    I bow in respect of your swaminess.

    Looks like I finished a close second, but you know what they say about second place.

    It’s the first loser.

  26. Al…

    That’s okay. Despite majoring in political science, politics is not my chosen profession.

    And I hadn’t heard that about Mayweather. Doesn’t surprise me all that much.

  27. Fortunately, SA, I have a media coach to work me through it all, a publicist of sorts.

    As I’ve been warned on occasion, I just need to watch the F and S-bombs.

  28. Oh no not rugby and soccer within Sportschump. And here’s me thinking that the annual Adult Entertainer of the Year Awards was worthwhile discussing within the site !

    The judge in the Mayweather case obviously is hoping for a ringside seat courtesy of either Mayweather or Bob Arum . He may well have been the same guy who presided over OJ’s case in Sin City .

    I’ll be hoping that when either Newt or Santorum chooses to address the NAACP about African Americans abusing the welfare system they’re also prepared to discuss the stat that 59% of recipients are Caucasians . How could they have blatantly ignored that lil’ fact ? I hope it’s not racially motivated on their part .

    Comedian Bill Maher won’t be offering an apology to Tim Tebow or his fans in light of the player’s performance against the Steelers . However he’s pursuing the Islamic radicals to issue a fatwa against Ben Roethlisberger . ‘nough said !

    When will the Falcons win a playoff game ? And if so will either of us live long enough to witness that ….”said event” ? Your thoughts ?

    tophatal …………

  29. Al…

    I’m sure that Vegas judge will be getting a little more than just ringside seats for his leniency.

    And reports of the Atlanta Falcons as Super Bowl contenders are once again premature.

    I loved the Saints to win that division this year, which they did.

    The Falcons aren’t nearly as good, and in fact, I don’t know that they could have beaten any of the other NFC teams that made the playoffs, never mind the Giants.

    A little tinkering goes a long way. I don’t think we’ll see either Smith or Ryan’s head on the chopping block, but… one more season of coming up short and that might just happen.

  30. It’s okay, Triple SC. You are in special and elite company with Yaz and Mac in that second place spot. I don’t believe dunkalicious is the word for this, yet. Maybe superyummybowlalicious fits best for this situation. I did select LSU as champs, oh well… There were several firsts in this championship game and I LOVE stats like that. I keep a baseball journal to log stats throughout the year!

    I have set the dvr for Le Betard and will find a time to watch it on your recommendation. I’ll be sure to let you know. Take care, Dee Dee

  31. Dee…

    Congrats on your pick ’em championship. Bragging right are yours.

    Yazoo has actually won a SportsChump tourney. I think it was March Madness last year so he’s either wearing a SportsChump t-shirt proudly or using it to was his car.

    Either way, it’s going to good use.

  32. Chris

    Falcons GM Rich McKay is said to be drooling at the prospect of making a return to the Bucs . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    The judge presiding in that Mayweather case is definitely no great judicial adjudicator . What the hell was he thinking ?

    Have you seen the list of candidates that the Bucs have been interviewing ? Talk about retreads ! Dominink’s intent supposedly is to bring in someone with name recognition and a candidate who’s able to work with young players . I guess that’s why Brian Billick , Mike Sherman and Brad Childress have been amongst those interviewed ? WTF ! The front office of the organization has become a damn joke !

    I might have to rethink the issue as to who may end up being the worst team (I’d suggested the Rockets because of their lack of offseason moves) in the NBA . I didn’t realize that Flip Saunders and the Wizards wanted to make the Sixers’ 73 record or the Nets’ dubious record (12-70) from a few years back seem in imminent danger of being surpassed . They’re currently 0-8 within the NBA and they look as if they stand no chance of winning on the road or at home .

    tophatal ……….

  33. Chris

    With ‘bama winning the BCS national title game ( 21-0 over LSU) ______ will we now have a controversy with the AP quite possibly naming Oklahoma State as their national champion rather than following suite with the BCS rankings and poll ?

    I thought that LSU was far better than what was said to be on display last night ? A can of whup ass and a half I think ! Co-joint champions now ?

    This wasn’t what the doctor ordered at all .

    tophatal ……….

  34. Funny, Al, or maybe not so much.

    McKay should have never left in the first place.

    And the Buccaneers should have thought about potential replacements (and the pretty weak list that’s out there) before firing Raheem.

    Let me say something about Schottenheimer and Phillips that I can’t believe I’m about to say.

    Schottenheimer got canned from San Diego and shouldn’t have. He still has to be bitter about that. Maybe he’ll return to the coaching ranks with something to prove.

    Same with Phillips. He got run out of Dallas and they’re now worse without him. In one year as Houston’s defensive coordinator, he turned the Texans into one of the strongest defensive teams in the league.

    So, where does that leave us? They both come with baggage BUT they might also come with a chip on their shoulder, and that might be something we need to right this pirate ship of ours that’s lost it’s way.

    Will I throw them a welcoming party? Probably not. But would I be surprised if they win a few ball games while they’re here? No to that as well.

  35. Al…

    I was surprised by the outcome of that game as well. At least we don’t have to hear talk about how this LSU team was one of the best in college football history.

    ‘Bama whipped that ass.

    And ya’ know what? The AP MIGHT just flex a little muscle of their own by voting Oklahoma State and Alabama as co-national champions.

    Either way, it’s clear the system needs more tinkering.

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