One man’s quest to become Packer Fan of the Year

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Gary Green.

Like many of us, Gary has a bit of a sports problem, which he’ll soon tell us about.  By reading on, you’re going to learn about Gary, his family, and his quest to become Green Bay Packer Fan of the Year.  By winning this award, with our help, Gary would gain enshrinement into the Packer Fan Hall of Fame.  To think, we can say we knew him when.

I think you’ll find Gary makes a solid case, not to mention he’s promised us all cheese in return for our votes.

Without further ado, readers, I give you… Gary Green.

SportsChump:    Gary, you and I met through a mutual friend who informed me that you, Mr. Green, are not only the biggest Packers fan any of us care to know, but are also in a contest to become Green Bay Packer Fan of the Year.

Tell us a little about yourself, the contest, how you became a Packers fan and how often you wear cheese on your head in public.

Gary Green:  Being a Packer Fan is in my genes. I was born in Florida, but conceived in Wisconsin. My dad became a fan and at age 10.  I remember the Pack winning their first championship under Coach Lombardi. My son nominated me for this honor. He wrote an essay which was selected as one of ten finalists.

SC: Did your father ever take you to Lambeau Field?  Have you ever been and what was it like?  And have you taken your son there?

GG: I never went to Lambeau with my dad, but he and I went to the NFC – AFC Championship Game, also known as Super Bowl II: Packers vs. Raiders.  Ironically my first game at Lambeau was also the Pack versus Raiders.  It was just last month: Week 14, 2011. My son and I went together. It was a fantastic experience. Something he and I had talked about all his life.

SC:  Let me go ahead ask the obligatory question one must ask all Packers fans and get it out of the way.  What were your thoughts during the whole Brett Favre-Aaron Rodgers controversy and what are your thoughts on Brett Favre now?

GG: From what I understand about how Favre and the Packers parted ways, I believe the Packers made the right call. I really don’t believe it was a Favre/Rodgers controversy. The whole thing was really between Favre and the Packers.

I think Favre made some bad decisions.  I don’t dislike him and I think in five years he will be inducted in the Hall of Fame as a Packer and majority of fans will applaud him.  His Packer legacy is tarnished but not ruined.

SC:  With that being said, with one more Super Bowl victory (or more), does Rodgers go down in history as the better Packer?

GG:  As everyone knows, Rodgers has [put up] incredible numbers and Favre was 1-for-1 in Super Bowls, so even if Rodgers wins two, I think time will tell. Brett was an iron man.

SC: Way to sit the fence on that one, Gar. I’m wondering whether I should press you or not on which of them you like better but I’ll leave it alone. Instead, let me ask you…. who are your favorite five Packers in history and why?

GG:  In order…

#1 – Bart Starr, my first hero.  I remember hearing them say “nice guys finish last” but not in the case of Starr. His stats don’t compare to today but one I always remember is his low interception %. He was a nice guy, family man and leader on the field. I met him in 1985.

#2 – RG, Jerry Kramer.  Yup #2 on my list and #64 on the field. He and Fuzzy led the power sweep and provided “the block” in the ice bowl victory.  I read his book Instant Replay.  He also wrote one called Lombardi. That may be a big influence on why he is at #2. I met him in 1969 and had him sign Instant Replay. Did you know he is not in the HOF?

#3 – Brett Favre. See?  I don’t dislike him. He took the Pack back to the Super Bowl and is one of the greatest QBs in football history.

#4 – Reggie White. His leadership on the field, defensive stats and like Favre, he was crucial in getting [us] back to the Super Bowl.

#5 – Don Hutson, mostly because he is one my Dad talked about.  Obviously I never saw him play but I know he still holds [a number of] NFL records

How’s that for a list?

SC: Not bad. Not bad at all.

I just wanted to make sure you were gonna go old school on us.

How do you feel about fair-weather or bandwagon fans? For example, I was at my local supermarket the other day and overheard a customer at the deli tell the meat counter guy that he’s been a Packers fan “ever since the days of Antonio Freeman and Dorsey Levens.”

Now obviously the guy was younger but it gave me the impression that, particularly with teams like Green Bay, there’s a lot of hopping on and off the bandwagon.

Considering you’re a Green Bay Super Fan, and have been for some time, does that sort of thing bother you or do you embrace new fans as they come along?

And when’s the last time, if ever, you’ve had to show a fan up?

GG: I know there are plenty of people jumping on the band wagon and I try not to be annoyed by them. Everybody wants to be part of a winning team so this is to be expected. I don’t want a repeat of the 70s and 80s, but a fan like me stayed loyal during those times.  Where will these fair weather fans go? And yes, I think a lot of these younger types who wanna wear the team gear, which is great for the team, you know. $$$$$$$

And no I have never nor would I every show a fan up. I am not that type of guy.

Is this a good time to plug   Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but in the competition for Packer Fan of the Year, the guy that is leading in votes admits he has been only a fan since 2003. I am wondering if that ain’t a bandwagon fan.

SC: Actually yes, tell my readers about the site, the webpage and why they should vote for you.

Keep in mind, you might owe us a lot of cheese when this is all said and done.

GG: was created solely to make it easy for fans to register their email addresses and vote in the Packer Fan of the Year Contest.

The web page has the essay written by my son, which was selected by the Packers as one of ten finalists. From the click to vote link, the other finalists can be seen and their essays read.  Chump, I will save your readers some time. Read the one written by my son and maybe one or two of the others.  They can then decide.  Of course, mine is the best story and I am trying really hard to objective.    I would love to deliver truckloads of cheese if I could.  But better than cheese, each email address that votes will go into a drawing for 2 tickets to a Packer away game in 2012, travel and accommodations provided.  That should get everyone who reads this enough reason to vote… and vote for me.

SC: Okay, readers, there you have it. If you can find it in your hearts to vote for Mr. Green (who by the way did not change his name for this contest…. or did he?), we all get the cheese we can digest and the opportunity to visit Lambeau ourselves.

Gary, I won’t ask who you’ll be picking to go to the Super Bowl, that much is obvious, but I will ask you what you traditionally do for Green Bay games, where and with whom you watch them, and where you’ll be watching this Sunday.

GG: You gotta remember, I live in South Florida. Not exactly the Frozen Tundra. I don’t have the NFL Sunday Ticket (I hear them now, booo what kind of fan are you?)  I usually watch the games at home with my wife.  My 87 year old mother lives near me and you should see this lady on game day.  I should win just because of her.  I think she is a little jealous that my son nominated me and not his grandmother. Oh, well.  Anyway, she dresses up in all sort of Packer gear on game day and I think scares the heck out of some of the old folks in the condominium where she lives.

Last year’s Super Bowl was really special.  My son, Andy, his 4 year old daughter, my mother and myself all watched the game at my house. Four generations of Packer Fans.  Very cool!

On Sunday I will be in a sports bar with hopefully the majority of other Cheeseheads and friends.

GO Pack Go!

SC: Well, I’d wish you the best of luck this Sunday but I don’t want to alienate any of my Giants readers and trust me, they’re out there.  As you know, they’re avid as well.

I do, however, wish you the best in your contest. Readers, vote for your boy.

Gary, thanks again for the time, and be sure your mom doesn’t beat the tar out of any Giants fans this weekend.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

GG: No, that is all.

Thank you very much.  Win or lose life will go on, and I will remain a Packer Fan.

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48 Replies to “One man’s quest to become Packer Fan of the Year”

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  2. The last name’s the same… But our favorite teams are thousands of miles apart (in many ways…). Sorry Gary. I’m a Niner fan and REALLY pulling for the Giants if the 49ers get past the Saints. That way the Niners will be at home instead of up on the frozen tundra if they do get by the Saints and the Pack wins… My current favorite Packer has to be California boy Aaron Rodgers. My favorite old-timer has to be Max McGee… What a guy! Hung over, he had to play when fellow WR Boyd Dowler went down. Max responded by scoring the first TD in Super Bowl history in all his wooziness! (Something the Sports Chump can sympathize with!)

    Good luck Gary and I’ll go cast my vote!

  3. Gary…

    There ya’ go, two SportsChump faithful chiming in.

    Nice work, Dwin and Han.

    Wait! Dwin and Han! That sounds like a good idea for a cop show.

    Or better yet, maybe two of Peter Griffin’s newest drinking buddies.

  4. What a great interview- funny, warm and interesting- in the usual SC style! My vote’s definitely on Gary Green. Remember, we’re not voting on who’s going to win the SB, but on who the #1 Packer fan should be.

  5. Thank you SportsChump for a great convo and I hear ya Dwindy1. The Pack thanks Cali for Aaron Rodgers. Can you imagine Max sitting on the bench head in hands and hearing Coach Lombardi shout “MCGEE”!!!!
    I bought Super Bowl I on 8mm film and watched it over and over.

  6. Chris

    GG has my vote ! On the other hand let’s pray that the Packers makes this a game that the fans will remember .

    Also that Ravens Texans’ game looks really intriguing . It could go either way given the play of the quarterbacks in Flacco and Yates .

    tophatal ….

  7. Val…. thanks for introducing Mista Green to SportsChump Nation.

    My people will do the best they can to ensure his bust is properly polished in the frozen tundra.

  8. GG…

    I told you I had my people had your back, Packers fans or not.

    Keep spreading the word and keep us all posted on your vote count.

    The long arm of the SportsChump faithful reaches from South Florida to the Midwest.

  9. Chris

    Well here’s my picks for this weekend’s games !
    Tebow time comes to an end ……. . Pats

    This game is giving me nightmares ….. but I’ll take the Ravens over the Texans !

    Brees the “gunslinger” and his boys triumph over the Niners in a real ” gem “ . Saints

    It’s been the year of the quarterback . So why stop now ? Aaron Rodgers and the Packers need I say anymore ?

    So comedian Stephen Colbert wants to run for President of South Carolina ? I’m in ! The way the country is being screwed over ….. well let’s just say just for the idiocy of the political scene ………..hell I’d rather see a comedian actually show the idiot politicians how things should actually be done with intelligence and a does of reality !

    Warriors’ coach Mark Jackson isn’t exactly showing any insight as a coach ! That poly against the Magic bordered on insanity . Thanks Mark …… you are giving the Warriors’ front office reasons for them now to rethink that their original decision to hire you might’ve been a serious error in judgment .

    Where’s the intelligence amongst the Warriors’ coaching staff during the game ?

    tophatal ……..

  10. I’m voting every day for GG. He is a great guy and deserves this honor but on Sunday I’ll be puling for my G-Men!!!!

  11. Chris

    Decisions , decisions , decisions ! Can Tebow actually make one when he’s in the red-zone ?

    What an excellent game between the Niners and Saints . I was glad in the end even if it deprived me of my pick in terms of the result ! Too many turnovers by the Saints cost them this game but also Vernon Davis and Frank Gore were “beasts” .

    tophatal …….

  12. hey blog surface,you,re right about diehard fans. been a packer fan since 1944..waited 29yrs.between SBowls,nevergave took thekid(and his sister to#2…Vote,you guys,he,s a good kid!Mom

  13. Al…

    You were right about that Niners-Saints game being a real gem. When the Saints got the ball back with two minutes left, I knew that was too much time.

    Who knew that when the Niners got the ball back with under a minute left that they’d out Saint the Saints!

    And if Colbert running for office intrigues you, you should check out Robin Williams’ “Man of the Year.” Pretty good concept movie that mirrors real life where a comedian/political pundit, a la John Stewart or Colbert, ends up running for president.

  14. Al…

    It looks like the coaching gene runs strong in the Harbaugh family.

    Isn’t this essentially the same team Singletary had?

    I guess San Fran brass did the right thing by getting rid of him. After all, they want winners too.

  15. Blog Surface chiming in with a vote. Nicely done, sir.

    Meanwhile, Gary’s on his third draft beer, wings ordered, pacing up and down that sports bar, waiting for that 4:00 game to start.

    Here’s hoping his mom doesn’t start any bar fights.

  16. Speaking of Gary’s mom, how about THAT!

    Connie, thanks so much for swinging by.

    I hope you liked the piece. We had fun doing it and Gary was a real sport, as you well know.

    Best of luck to you all.

  17. Chump,
    You are amazing, were you at the Ale House with us. You nailed the description of me, and Mom didn’t get into it with any Giant fans, but boy you should have seen the look she gave some of them in the 3rd quarter.
    Still in a solid 3rd place.
    Packers season is over, mine isn’t VOTE EVERY Day until Feb 5th!!!!!

  18. SC:

    I figured I’d answer for GG since he’s probably drowning his sorrows in a nice Provolone right about now (after today’s loss)

    GG’s in 3rd place with 5393 votes.

    The 2 top contenders (both named Rick) are neck in neck with the vote count as follows-
    Rick Wilhzius has 7531 votes and Rick Steele who has 7247 votes.

    At least GG still has a chance to win a spot in the Packer’s Hall of Fan fame, even if the Pack isn’t going to the SB. It would help with the disappointment, for sure.

    <3 Reading all the sports banter!

    GooOOooooOoo Gary Green. Vote for #5.

  19. GG…

    The G-Men just had a better game plan yesterday and the Pack couldn’t seem to hold on to the ball at all.

    Please keep us posted on the vote total. We now have more important victories to think about.

  20. You’re barking up the wrong tree, man.

    If you recall, I tied you for last place at Gene’s SRM pick em. Last week I went a whopping 2-2…The .5 points killed me on the Ravens game…Just like I knew it would.

    This year has been brutal…Great football but upset city…The only saving grace was that I barely won my office pool overall with 170 wins…But that’s straight up pick em, no points.

  21. Did you hear the story of the Wall Street big shot who spent $240,000 on a roadtrip to Green Bay for the Giants game?

    I know that sounds like the set-up to a good joke… But it’s true.

  22. Sorrows are drowned.
    My game is in the 3rd quarter and I am down the equivalent to a 37 – 20 NFL Score.
    I still think I can win if I don’t drop passes or fumble any more.
    Or better yet how about an Olympic analogy. I am still a lock on the Bronze Medal, except PACKER FAN HOF only give a GOLD Medal. VOTE FOR ME!!! EveryDay!!

  23. Chris

    GG’s quest for inner peace is now over ! Namaste` , let me know when he heads out to the Himalayas on his retreat to seek further guidance .

    Yep them Harbaugh boys sure do know how to coach . It wouldn’t surprise me if they squared off against each other in the Superbowl ! So not only does Vernon Davis overcome his ego but now he’s the toast of San Francisco . Wow ! What a difference a year makes ! Last season he had a## chewed by Mike Singletary this season he’s layin’ down the pain all over the NFL .

    tophatal …………..

  24. Chris

    Williams in Man of the Year was downright hilarious ! That film with both Williams , Walken and Lewis Black was raucous and truly mirrored the political scene in the country .

    Now Romney has to prove himself as a true businessman rather than claiming to be one . Especially in light of the claims concerning the company he co-founded Bain Capital . Who amongst you were aware that the investment firm owned Clear Channel ….. who just happens to be one of the biggest political donors to the GOP’s cause ?

    tophatal ……..

  25. Bleed…

    Like I told Han, I actually picked games fairly well in my other pools.

    For some reason, he just had a knack for picking four games a week that I was way off on.

  26. Chump:

    Die hard fans like GG don’t choke in the 3rd quarter. They get mad, they blow off steam, they cool down, they strategize.. and then plan the come back.

    It’s great that there’s several days left to vote in #1 Fan contest because Gary’s picking up votes but is still in 3rd place.

    In a way, it’s almost a test of the #1 Packers fans fan’s (if that makes any sense)

    When I talk to people about voting for GG and the contest, inevitably it comes up that the votee is not a Packer’s fan. They always mention that the Packers won the SB last year and somehow feel like voting in this contest is being traitorous to their team.

    The point is- this contest is totally about being a FOOTBALL FAN and loving your team through good and bad seasons, injuries, ticket increases, trades and anything else that can possibly happen to a professional franchise.

    GG is the epitomy of a TRUE FAN and voting for him is not voting for the Pack- or against your favorite team.

    It’s recognition of GG’s loyalty. It’s about comradery.

    Just like this (well written and fun website) it’s the online equivalent of sitting down with a buddy, cracking open a beer and talking about how well (or poorly) your team did in Sunday’s game.

    SC Readers and fans, please take a moment to register and vote. The Packers site won’t spam you or send you any unwanted emails.

    Cross my heart.

    Together, let’s help GG fulfill his life long football fantasy. I know we can do it.


    On a side note, how do we get a picture of ourselves to come up next to our comments?

  27. Very well said, Val.

    GG, it looks like you have yourself a publicist.

    And Val, if I knew how to get my picture to come up on that avatar thing, I’d have done it long ago. Besides the objective is for me to attract people TO the site, not away from it.

    I think it has something to do with WordPress.

    Can anyone help Valerie out with that?

  28. Well, Igot the message on sun. Iam making plans to take the vitamins another year. gotta see my Pack in at least one more super bowl2013 wouldd be nice..Where are the votes you guys for the kid? You should have seen the looks on his face when Istarted to correct the manners of a cople of Giant fans…but I settled for a LOOk.

  29. Funny, Connie.

    I actually thought the Packers would repeat. They just ran into a hot Giants team with a great game plan.

    Plus they couldn’t hold on to the ball.

    You guys should get in the Super Bowl pool I’m hosting. Free to enter.

    I think at this point, picking the eventual winner is still too tough to call.

  30. Chris,many thanks for your support and vote getting for Packer#1fan,GTG.Really appreciate it,hi to Val.MamaGreen ….

  31. Connie…

    I can’t believe how many people are voting in that contest.

    I hope my people helped at least a little bit.

    We’re a small but powerful army, he he.

  32. Chris:

    You’re being waaaay too modest.

    Hey Momma Green! I haven’t seen you since Megan’s wedding. You must be so proud of your son and all the attention he’s getting.

    I’m glad to see he’s having fun with the whole #1Packers Fan experience.

    This article’s definitely helping! We really appreciate all the votes we got so far.

    However, the truth is that GG needs more votes SOON to pull it off a victory in Lambeau.

    Remember, you can vote daily, one time for each email you register. Vote for GG now at . You’re automatically entered in a contest for an all expense paid trip to an NFL game for you and friend(s) each time you vote.

    SC: I’m definitely checking out your SB pool.

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