Second Annual NFL Playoff and Super Bowl Pick Em Contest

We had so much fun with this contest last year that we’re hosting it again in 2012.

Plus I like giving stuff away.

Last year, when there were only four NFL teams remaining, the Packers, Bears, Jets and Steelers, I asked all of you four simple questions:  Who would win both the AFC and NFC championship games, who would win the Super Bowl and who would be your Super Bowl MVP.

I also required that you leave a detailed explanation in the comments section below justifying your selections.  Don’t just leave picks.  That’s no fun.  Put some thought into it.

We had a whopping 22 participants last year with the San Diego Sports Guy coming out victorious, proudly wearing his stylish, new SportsChump cap to his local Fire Norv Turner meetings.

Another hat is up for grabs this year…. if you play your cards right.

We have four solid NFL teams remaining in this year’s playoffs: the Ravens, Patriots, 49ers and Giants, with the eventual winner anyone’s guess.

Answer me this, readers… who ya’ got?

Below, in vivid detail, I need your NFC Champion, your AFC Champion, your Super Bowl champion and your Super Bowl MVP.  I also need total points scored in the Super Bowl as a tiebreak.

You will receive 10 points for picking each championship game correctly, 15 points for picking the Super Bowl winner and 20 points for properly picking the MVP.  Here’s where the tiebreak comes into play.  I will subtract one point off your final score for each point you are away from the final score total, so you want to get it close.

Are we clear?  This is every football fan’s favorite time of year so show me your skills.  And may the best guess win.

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92 Replies to “Second Annual NFL Playoff and Super Bowl Pick Em Contest”

  1. AFC – Pats, cause they don’t lose at home.

    NFC – Niners, the more consistent of the two.

    SB – Pats, in a slugfest. Gronkowski MVP.

    Tiebreak – 65

  2. I’ll take the 49ers and the Patriots with the Pats coming out on top and close to 50 points on the board.

  3. I think senility has finally caught up to me. I’ll take Brady to bring home the hardware.

  4. Polish Army, dude. I can say it even if Gordon Gee can’t. 🙂 ‘Member when the Bucs won the SB (still can’t believe it almost 10 years later)? The MVP was a DB and Penn and Teller *still* got it right!

  5. Hey guys you’re making me nervous picking my Niners! (HEAVY PRESPIRATION!)

    It’s gonna be the most unique SB in history and will go down as the Bro Bowl! San Francisco gets bad Eli and Baltimore takes down the mighty Pats!

    Jim wins the rematch on a neutral field!

    MVP? Alex Smith follows a fine tradition of 49er QB’s with his first of ???

  6. Okay, Aer, you’re in.

    And the Polish Poker player is in as well.

    Dwin, you’re just about in, but I need a final score tiebreak. What’s up with you guys not paying attention to the rules these days. Bunch o’ rebels.

    I was wondering how long it would take someone to pick Alex Smith as Super Bowl MVP. Just SOUNDS weird, doesn’t it?

    Side note, three of us in and no Giants picks yet.

  7. Chump,
    To be honest I like the Giants in the NFC. For one, I think Alex Smith had his one shinning moment and will stink it up. Secondly, you’re about Manning the kid just gets it done. G-Men in this one.

    I think you gotta go with the Pats in the AFC. Although I would not be surprised if the Ravens won this one, Brady, Welker, Hernandez and Gronk are way way better than Flacco, Boldin, and Rice. As long as the Pats D contains Rice to >100 yards, Pats in this one.

    So there you have it, a rematch, but with the Pats coming out with victory in this one. First one seemed like a fluke game for the Giants, and with the undefeated season on the line that probably played a mental aspect for New England. MVP. Gronkoski with 2 TDs and a few giant holes in Indianapolis after his celebration.

  8. NFC: NY Giants.

    Both have great Dlines that can create pressure by rushing 4 or 5, with hard hitting pass rushers. The Giants actually have been using their 4 DE’s along the front 4, and by taking off the DT’s this has been creating havoc inside because of their speed. The NYG finished T-3rd in the league in sacks. SF finished T-7th. The pass coverage of each is pretty even, with the SF having the edge in INTs (23-20). On Offense the Giants boast both a brusing running game with 2 RBs, and little needs to be said about their passing game as of late. SF has Gore, and Hunter is effective in small doses, but for SF to win it’s going to be by the arm of Alex Smith. In this close game, I have to go with the exp. of Eli and Big Blue to go to the 2nd SB in 5 years.

    Final Score: NYG-27, SF-21

    AFC: Baltimore Ravens

    NE has been roasting teams on Offense, while the Ravens and Flacco have done what they have to do to win. But here’s a stat: in 45 Super Bowls, 37 winners have been teams that finished the regular season in the top 10 in total team defense. Litterally, offense wins games, defense wins championships. BAL finished 3rd with 4,622 yards allowed. NE finished 31st with 6,577 yards allowed. (BTW, GB was 32nd with 6,585 YA. Why are people surprised they lost?) I say Ray Lewis and Co. hold NE in check and Flacco shuts everyone up.

    Final Score: Bal-31, NE-24

    Super Bowl: Baltimore Ravens

    With the defense already discussed, I think that BAL can keep Eli in check and can create big plays if Eli starts to gamble on throws. Flacco manages the game and Ray Rice runs all over over 120 yards. Oh, and Ricky Williams will make a big play, and immediately retire after the game to fly to Amsterdam.

    Final Score: Bal-24, NYG-17

    MVP: Ray Rice, 127 rushing yards 1 TD, 23 rec. yards 1 TD.

  9. Aero used MY excuse! Sorry about that… It’s just that I normally just win outright… Ha!

    Hmmm… Defensive struggle… 34 total!

  10. AF…

    Nice analysis. Your picks actually look quite a bit like mine, except I’m waiting to list them well…. because I can.

    FYI… I need a tiebreak total score in the Super Bowl from you.

  11. See? This is the kind of stunning analysis you receive only at independent sports websites like

    Nicely done, Steve. You should win this contest for that alone. Oh, and nice call on Ray Rice winning Bowl MVP. I wonder how many contestants will go that route.

    Hey, when you run into Fried at the water cooler, tell him to get back here and give me his total points scored in the big game, will ya’?

  12. Dwin…

    I’m obviously gonna have to start sending out AARP material with each SportsChump description for you guys.

    Defensive struggle, huh? Interesting pick, which could turn out to be right, particularly if those two teams make it in.

    That’s five entries, sports fans. So far so good.

  13. NE 38-13. Brady’s a Mercedes and Flacco a used Camry. Rule changes make the game approaching Arenaesque. Defensive players must treat QBs & receivers with kid gloves. #52 getting old.

    NYG 24-21. Eli has made me a believer. Cruz comes outta the clouds to become premium receiver. NYG front 4 knock down many ASmith attempts.

    Rematch of 07 SB with different result. Brady wins shootout 38-31.

    SBMVP = WWelker with 9 catches 2tds and 140yds receiving.

  14. Six entries in, four have gone with New England to win the Bowl.

    FYI, Las Vegas agrees.

    Here are your current NFL Bowl futures according to Diamond:

    Patriots +110
    Giants +235
    Niners +240
    Ravens +610

    And still, no one here has picked the G-Men.

  15. NFC – 49ers. Who does it better than them? Noooooboooddddyyyy! I have my fair share of Niners friends, and I wasn’t a believer most of the season, but they sucked me in since the week they beat the Giants during the regular season.

    AFC – Baltimore. If there’s one thing you can count from a Raiders fan, you will never see them picking the Patriots outside of beating Tebowmania.

    SB winner – Baltimore, John finally does something better than his little brother Jim.

    SBMVP – Billy Cundiff

    Baltimore 9, San Francisco 6 kinda like the way the LSU-Bama game went the first time they played…


  17. Chappy is in, opting for the Harbaugh bowl but taking a SERIOUS gamble on the final score, considering the lowest combined total score in Super Bowl history was….



    21 points.

    That was….



    The completion of the Dolphins perfect season.

    Super Bowl VII, January 14, 1973.

    Dolphins 14, Redskins 7

  18. Poppa Gun, the G-Man fan is in.

    He also predicts that Pierre-Paul, a USF product will not only win Super Bowl MVP, but will set the single-game sack record, which is held by….



    Reggie White with three, against New England in Super Bowl XXXI.

    You are all welcome for this history lesson.

  19. Alright, Diehard’s tiebreak is in.

    And I like his reverse jinx Oh-I-probably-won’t-be-in-the-running-anyway philosophy.

    That officially gives us eight entries to date.

  20. Chris

    Lucas Oil Stadium is still standing ? I was under the impression that Irsay was about to commit insurance fraud by having the place burned to the ground in light of the mess now surrounding the Colts ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!! I guess Jim Caldwell won’t be sending his former employer a Christmas card this year !

    AFC championship game …….. Pats over the Ravens .

    NFC ………. Giants over the Niners .. (solely due to the experience of the Giants’ roster ) .

    SBXLVI champions . ………. I can’t go against my Pats as I believe they will seek and get revenge in the aftermath of the events of SBXLII (SB42)

    Superbowl MVP …….. Rob Gronkowski

    So for the mere privilege the Rangers paid the Nippon Ham Fighters $51.7 million as negotiating right to obtain Japanese pitching ace Yu Darvish . They then offer the player a five yr contract worth in excess of $60 million . Money well spent ? Your thoughts ?

    tophatal ………….

  21. Because all contests need a loser…and given my track record ion these things…

    AFC – Ravens

    NFC – 49ers at home

    SB – Ravens & 49ers: $9ers win

    Why? Because you never count out teams in the playoff who can run and play defense. Giants have consistency issues.

    MVP: Frank Gore

    Tiebreak – 47

  22. Wore the lid proudly at the Fire Norv meetings and it didn’t help. He’s like herpes…we just can’t get rid of him in San Diego.

    On to the picks. Let’s go with the G Men to beat the 49ers, the Ravens to top the Pats and Eli Manning to win the SB MVP trophy in a 31-20 victory over Ray Lewis & Co.

    So if you’re scoring at home it’s: Giants, Ravens, Giants, Eli and 51.

  23. I’m down with JPP, yeah you know me!!!!

    Another history listen….beat the GMEN in the regular season and then lose in the playoffs:

  24. Al…

    Let’s just put it this way.

    If I were a Rangers fan, I’d be real happy with what the team is doing right now. Plus they’re still in the market for Fielder?

    If that happens, you’re looking at 100 wins and potentially one of the nastiest offensive teams we’ve seen in recent decades.

    Hey, I need your tie-break for total points scored in the Super Bowl.

    Get that to me ASAP!

  25. SD…

    That’s pretty funny. I don’t think I’ve seen that skit. If I have, it’s been a while.

    I briefly tried looking up the video online to no avail. I know how NBC is about its copyrights.

  26. Dubs, officially the first contestant to go with Frank Gore as their MVP. And surprisingly we have three picks for Gronkowski.

    FYI, people. No tight end has ever won Super Bowl MVP.

  27. Last year’s returning champion chimes in with a G-Men victory and also, surprisingly, the first of 11 picks to go with Eli for MVP.

    Of course, if he wins another hat this year, he might just have to give it to Philip Rivers. Could help him throw better.

    Hey, Drew, let me ask you something. If you were a Buccaneers fan, would you want a 68-year old Marty Schottenheimer as your head coach?

  28. For amusement only, especially when they turn out to be dead wrong…

    AFC – Baltimore WOULD be able to run like mad on New England IF the Patriots feared anyone other than Ray Rice. They do not. They will stack the box and make Joe Flacco beat them. He will not be up to the task. I think the Ravens’ defense will confound Brady and Company early on…more than people might think. The Pats struggled against a couple of good defenses in 2011 and Baltimore’s qualifies. Will take some time to develop…but calling this one 31-21, Patriots.

    NFC – Maddening how the New York Giants just seem to turn talent on and off. Is it a lack of focus, a lack of coaching, a lack of drive? Eli Manning has the record for 4th quarter TD passes for a reason. They scrambled most of 2011 to win football games. The run they had a few years back (barely getting in and winning it all) works against them here because those players seem too confident going in, especially since they produced a mediocre season. They “finished” their year vs. the Packers and will be content. Alex Smith didn’t become a legendary QB after just one playoff win, but is more than efficient enough to manage a championship game. Frank Gore is a beast. Vernon Davis is a bigger beast. The 49ers defense is the biggest beast of all. Did you see the continual big-time hits they laid on the Saints last weekend? That group is controlled violence. Eli will be on his back, negating his receivers’ impact. The Giants running game has been MIA most of the season unless the passing game is wide open..but in this contest it will be bottled up. Giants didn’t get hit in the mouth last weekend. They will this weekend. 24-17, 49ers.

    Super Bowl – Patriots, 28-21. Why? Brady, your MVP. Finesse will eventually win out over power, similar to what the Pats will do to the Ravens. Make no mistake, the New England defense is god awful. The worst of the final four. However, Brady has that look in his eye and he would have put 100 on the Denver Broncos last weekend if allowed to. Even if I have the scores wrong in this tournament and the Pats give up more, I just think New England will find a way to score as many points as they need to…and the defense will be adequate enough to get the wins.

  29. Chris,Al,

    Darvish is GOOD, really good with an upper 90 FB. I was understanding that Ryan offered him 6 years and he wanted to sign for only 5. Either way great acquistion to replace CJWilson. This ain’t no H.Irabu.

  30. Sports Attitudes chimes in with some brilliant breakdown. I will agree with you on one thing, sir.

    The Giants did look a little extra celebratory after beating the Packers. I’m assuming that team is experienced enough to keep their eyes on the prize but the Niners are gonna want a piece and the Patriots, if they both get there, are going to want to exact some sweet revenge for that Bowl loss.

    Without revealing my picks as of yet (like anyone gives a shit – I’m 2-6 ATS this post-season), I’m inclined to go Giants-Pats in the Bowl and as good (or as you mention, inconsistent – they did lose to the Seahawks at home) as the Giants are, I can’t see Brady losing to them again.

    Oh well, food for thought.

  31. RB…

    From what I’m hearing, this ain’t no Dice-K either.

    Dude, Nolan may be more competitive OFF the field than he ever was on it.

    And they’re still in the running for Fielder?

  32. NFC Champion – San Francisco 49ers.

    This is a difficult game to call. Much has been written about the Niners’ D, but the Giants’ D has been wrecking offensive gameplans for two months now as well. The running game should even out.

    I think the difference will be the weather. Rain, rain, rain. Candlestick will be in rough shape, and I think that will give the Niners the leverage they need.

    AFC Champion – New England Patriots

    Gronkowski is going to be the key. The Ravens will either double him to keep him out of the endzone, which will leave Welker, Hernandez or Branch in single coverage… OR they’ll play him straight up and he’ll torch them. Believe me, Brady has heard all of the comments about his legacy being in question since he hasn’t won a SB in so long… He’s on a mission to make a lot of people eat their words.

    Super Bowl Champion – New England Patriots

    The field won’t be a muddy mess in Indy which means that all of Brady’s weapons will be ready to run. San Francisco’s secondary has been the only weak link in an otherwise stellar defense. They’ve been able to hold off Brees and the Saints, and I’m pretty sure they’ll hold off Eli and the Giants… But, it’ll catch up with them vs. the Patriots. Brady has too many weapons, and he’ll be taking a mental inventory of every naysaying comment he’s heard over the past two seasons with every pass he completes en route to another championship.

    Final Score – Total: 42 (28-14)

    Super Bowl MVP – Tom Brady. Read above. I may be coming off as a Brady fan here, but believe me… I am anything but. I just think he’s tired of hearing people discount his previous SBs since he hasn’t won recently. I don’t think he’ll allow another log to be tossed onto that fire by losing again. Not this year.

  33. Yes, on Marty. If you want to have a good record and get to the playoffs. No, if you actually want to win some playoff games.

    Since the Bucs rarely if ever get to the playoffs I’d say the answer is yes. Although a retread Marty is certainly better than most of the flotsam and jetsam…er…names I’ve seen floating around.

  34. Great analysis, Mun.

    Trying to think objectively about all this, it’s also hard for me to come up with a way Tom Brady WON’T win it all this year.

    I keep telling myself he’s just one guy and the Ravens D is well, the Ravens D.

    A Super Bowl win here clearly puts Brady in all-time elite status, if he’s not there already.

    Personally, I don’t think that’s what drives him though. It’s the ring, for sure, and you’re right, that burn he’s had since losing to the Giants.

    I’m still undecided though. Damn, this is tough.

  35. After giving Tampa Bay’s options some thought, here’s my take, Drew.

    Bringing in a Wade Phillips or a Marty might just do this franchise some good. As much as I’ve joked about Phillips in the past, look what he did with that Houston defense this year. After their experiences in San Diego and Dallas, don’t you think these two guys have a little something to prove?

    And how about this…

    Isn’t it possible that these two guys see this move as a step DOWN? That’s right, I said it.

    At this point, we’re not looking for a Super Bowl in this area. We’re just looking to be competitive again. I think guys that have been there before might just know how to make that happen.

  36. Okay Chris… (I’m surprised you haven’t gone here)

    As a Gator you should let the number of alumni with each playoff team be your guide. If you do, then New England will go all the way (NE=4, NYG=1, SF=1, & Balt.=0). Does that help your decision process???

  37. 3 weeks ago…..nobody liked the Niners….not even their fans because of Alex Smith. Then this week he has a monster game and now he’s Joe Montana. Good for the kid sort of like the Tebow syndrom.
    Harbaugh is a great coach…..But Captain Coughlin thrives in these spots…rain is in the forecast….Gore will be a non factor ask Michael Turner…The GMEN DLINE is SICK and Eli does not make the same mistakes he used to. The Patsies can’t stop the Giants D this has been proven twice recently. The key to the game is shutting down V.Davis….Does anybody really think the NINERS have better receivers and a RB than Atlanta or GB???? Better RB than GB yes they have a better back….But if Turner was a non factor neither will Gore!!!! HOW SWEET WOULD IT BE TO BEAT BRADY THE BRAT YET AGAIN OR RAY THE OCCOMPLICE TO MURDER!!!!

  38. Chris,

    Surprised little interest in Fielder? I’m not. Collusion? Maybe. Free swingers have produced too many bust outs like Juan Gonzales and Richie Sexton. Besides, his dad might steal more of his potential windfall.

  39. Dwin…

    You’re not assuming I would allow my Super Bowl analysis to resort to which team has the most Florida Gators on its roster, would you?

    (Oh, and by the way, if I do end up going Pats, it’ll be purely coincidence)

  40. Goodness, look at the GMen fan. No comments in two years and all of the sudden, the Giants make the NFC Championship game, he has a beautiful baby girl and we can’t shut him up.

    I will say this. I am definitely leaning Giants over Niners for exactly those reasons. Coaching, experience and um… as I’ll mention later. Alex Smith is definitely their quarterback.

    Actually, let’s leave it at that. I’ve officially released my NFC Championship game pick. Giants over Niners.

    I’ll be back later for the rest.

  41. Get a life GMEN… What’s this crap about nobody liked the Niners?

    Keep trying to talk yourself into a win (driven no doubt by all the east coast drivel we all have to put up with).

    I’ve been a Niner fan since before it was cool… Did you know Y.A. Tittle was with the 49ers before he got down graded to the Giants? I do because I’ve got his autograph on a football along with several other 49ers… That’s from over 50 years ago… I pulled for the Niners when John Brodie was their QB… Ever hear of him? Niner fans are just as passionate for their team as you evidently are about yours…
    Don’t rain on our parade dude…

  42. You’ll have to excuse him, Dwin.

    GMen is a… well… he’s a Giants fan.

    He is, however, right in one sense. Nobody expected the Niners to be anything this year. In fact, nobody expected them to beat the Saints. Nobody has shown them any love this year at all, start to finish.

    I doubt this team needs that sort of motivation to get past the Giants. If they do beat ’em, however, they’ll have made believers out of all of us.

    And GMen will probably remain quiet… as impossible as that may now seem.

  43. RB…

    I’m just surprised the Rangers would go after Fielder a) because where they hell are they getting all this money from all of a sudden, did Jerry Jones buy an interest in the team and b) if signing Fielder means they WON’T be able to re-sign Hamilton, are they okay with that?

    I thought Hamilton was their boy.

  44. Below, in vivid detail, I need your NFC Champion, your AFC Champion, your Super Bowl champion and your Super Bowl MVP. I also need total points scored in the Super Bowl as a tiebreak.

    Giants ride the momentum wave into the bay and the pass rush brings Alex Smith back from Montanaville. Both teams hit hard but Eli has proven he can do it more than once while under the gun.

    New Englands offense is like a Mike Tyson right hand in 1988. Unless Ray Rice goes nuts, Gronk, Welk and Brady prevail because B-more’s offense can’t keep pace.

    As much as I hate Boston, I have to go Pats. Revenge is an effective motivator and Brady seems pretty damn motivated if you ask me. Yelling at offensive cooridinators, making a midget of story of the year Tebow and bedding a supermodel tend to make you believe you can do anything.

    SB: Pats 38 Giants 24

    Brady cements his legacy with another S.B. MVP & joins Montana & Bradshaw on Mt. Ringfour.

  45. Yeah, I’ve heard of all those guys and have all there autographs myself because thats what I do for a living.Congrats on being a lifelong NINERS fan and I respect your love for your team win or lose. This coming from a guy who stayed up until 1am at an early age to watch his GMEN who were terrible on a MNF game against the then St. Louis Cardinals when Neil O’donohough then the kicker for the cards missed 3 fg’s in O.T.for the tie…And the GIANTS finished 3-12-1.
    But don’t tell me for a minute there is a NINERS fan alive that was pulling for SMITH not even his coach who is great and turned them into winners…..Just last year Harbaugh himself was hoping to have Andrew Luck as his QB in a year.
    Just remember the last time these 2 met in the nfc championship game…..matt bahr 47 yard fieldgoal with no time on the clock after Roger Craig coughed it up……Another great Giants-Niners moment when Bavaro dragged 5 Niners on his back for 25 yards…….I gave praise to Alex Smith….more than the NINERS fans ever did……gmen for life!!!!!

  46. Chris

    Total pts scored SBXXLVI ….. 41 .

    Let’s put it this way the acumen shown by the Rangers’ front office and that of the Dodgers is like night and day ! On the one hand you have everyone who thinks that they know something about business wanting lodge a bid for the Dodgers , meanwhile the team </a. itself isn't that great to look at on paper , or on the field of play.

    Four billionaires sit on the board of the Rangers and they also have that hell of a tv deal that would make the Rays’ front office envious .

    So Deion Sanders’ soon to be ex (Pilar) is intent on taking his a@@ to the cleaners ? Apparently the pre-nup is being reviewed by her lawyers with the intent to review it all , as she claims she was coerced into signing it . However what angers her more , is that Primetime was actually doin’ one of her best friends as well as several other “skanks” about town . That’s Deion alright , always wanted his up in lights . How many ways can you split approx $40 million …….amicably ? She’s bound to want to half isn’t she ?

    tophatal …………….

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    On a lighter note this weeks special is all NINERS gear is 75% off….kidding don’t get all excited DWIN!!! Got a great signed picture by Jim Burt you know the former NINER knocking out Joe Wyoming!!!! Just kidding DWIN….Good Luck Sunday and remember to eat your RICE A RONI!!!!

  48. Speaking of the Dodgers, Al, what is this I heard about McCourt wanting to keep the parking garage outside of Dodger Stadium?

    Reminds me of the end of “The Jerk” where Steve Martin is leaving his mansion and mumbling “All I need is this paddle ball-game.”

  49. 10% of GMen’s proceeds go to cancer research.

    The other 90% goes to diapers for his newborn.

    Either way, they’re both valuable causes.

    Wait a minute, she’s not going commando is she?

    Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I guess.

  50. “No tight end has ever won Super Bowl MVP.”

    Correct, since exposure to all those Catholic priests at Notre Dame followed by years in San Francisco loosened up Joe Montana’s end rather nicely.

  51. NFC – Giants
    49ers were lucky last week

    AFC – Ravens
    Because I need them in my fantasy playoff league

    Superbowl – Ravens
    Fuck the Giants

    Tiebreak – 51 pts

    MVP – Anquan Boldin – technically Flacco will win the vote but Ed Reed will intercept the trophy and give it to Boldin

  52. Wasn’t there a possibility that Dodgers’ Stadium would be turned in to a communal farm . I mean after-all this past season there was enough dung on show in terms of the performances by the team and front office both on and off the field . Can you imagine how fertile the ground would be with all that compost and manure ?

    Was Dodgers’ owner Frank McCourt’s marriage as “open” as Newt Gingrich’s second wife is said to be implying .? And what point was she clued into this all ? When Newt said … ” I want to see other women ” !

    Neon Deion in a MC Hammer video ……… brings back memories for all of the wrong reasons .

    So the San Francisco Giants’ Tim Lincecum is salary arbitration ? He got paid $11.5 million in 2011 but he now wants more “jack” as in $21 million for this season . I know he’s won two Cy Young Awards but someone should remind him about Barry Zito and his 7yr $119 million contract . How’s that working out for him since he signed it in terms of his performances for the Giants ?

    tophatal …….

  53. Zbig is in, giving us 15 contestants, and I must admit, I like the Boldin pick.

    I know I haven’t submitted my picks (only the Giants over San Fran so far) but if I were a betting man (which I am) with a betting account (which I do) with any money in it (which I don’t), I’d be very tempted to bet Baltimore at +600.

  54. Al…

    I wonder if Frank McCourt has a problem getting a table at posh L.A. restaurants these days. Not only did he ruin the town’s baseball team, i would think most restauranteurs fear his ability to pay the tab.

    And the Lincecum deal is just another case of an athlete wanting to get paid for past performance. San Fran might want to get that issue resolved. I’d say there are probably about 29 other teams that might be willing to pay him that.

  55. Make way, make way, former Sportschump NFL contest champion coming through.

    GIANTS slightly better offensively than the Niners. This game will be a classic as Eli wills the Gents to victory, late.

    NYG 28-26

    PATRIOTS blow out the Ravens in the friendly confines. Unibrow Flacco is picked 3 or 4 times after the Pats stuff Rice and get a double digit lead early.

    Pats 30-16

    Super Bowl rematch from 4 years back. Unfortunately, it will not be a rewind, as the Pats stop Eli. Brady goes off throwing TDs to 5 different receivers.

    Pats 42-31

    MVP… Brady

  56. There’s my boy, Han, and another reason I need to grab XXL t-shirts the next time I place an order. Everything fit alright, sir.

    I’m inclined to side with you on your picks although I am STILL sitting the fence on that Pats-Ravens game.

    I like the G-Men to advance but just have a problem seeing them beat the Patriots in two HUGE Super Bowl games.

    But I guess anything is possible… except for me getting my picks in on time.

    Maybe I’ll abstain. Naaaaah, we all know that word doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.

  57. Well, first time at the party… Let’s dance!

    NFC Champion: New York Giants
    AFC Champion: New England Patriots

    Super Bowl Champion: New England Patriots
    Super Bowl MVP: Tom Brady

    Super Bowl Total: 50 points

    Reason: The Giants will win against the 49ers. Yes, its at San Fran and yes, they have a better running attack and yes, they even have really good special teams. But guess what… when you’re hot, your steaming! The Giants are a team you don’t want to play right now… Eli is out of this world and the defense is starting to play like the “real” Giants defense. Close game… Somewhere in the 20s, but Giants pull it out.

    Patriots win against the Ravens. Why? Tom Brady. Next…

    I think it will be a rematch… Super Bowl 2 – Giants and Patriots with the Pats getting revenge and winning in Indianapolis. Tom Brady plays like GOD and wins the MVP…

  58. Everyone welcome the newbie, Blog Surface. Doesn’t that mean he has to buy the first round?

    Thanks for joining the fracas, sir.

    That makes one more Pats pick and one more Brady which means the tie breaker will most definitely come into play.

    Good luck, gentlemen.

  59. Love the baseball talk among another exciting subject… Championship games and upcoming Superbowl. Thought I’d throw in my two cents, even if only to tickle someone’s funny bone:

    NFC Champion: Giants, cheered for them too many times, for too many years, and excited to do it again. Loved seeing them win 2008 SB against the Pats while sipping drinks in the Bahamas.

    AFC Champion: Ravens , although 1) Tom Brady is mighty fine, 2) Gronk is very exciting to watch and 3) I’m even a Boston Red Sox fan, I STILL CAN’T bring myself to pick/cheer for the Pats-won’t do it!! Ever! And, I’m not proud to say it, but Flacco’s blue eyes had something to do with it too!!

    Super Bowl champion: Giants, because I want Eli to surpass big brother Peyton (and we all know Peyton never beat the Gators)

    Super Bowl MVP: Eli Manning, same reason …

    total points scored: 54
    Can’t wait for this Sunday and 2/5!
    Dee Dee

  60. Yeah Chris, perfect fits on the swag! Thanks a lot! Lotta fun to be found here sportschump!

    You run a tight contest good sir.

  61. Alright…

    I’ve held you guys in suspense long enough, as if any of you were actually paying attention.

    As you know, I’ve already selected the Giants to beat the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game and have been torn over Sunday’s other contest.

    I can easily see Tom Brady continuing his legacy with another Super Bowl appearance and Bill Belichick outcoaching John Harbaugh.

    I can also see the Ravens defense being too much for the Pats to handle. I mean defense does have to eventually come into play in theses here playoffs, don’t they?

    So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m taking New England in the AFC Championship game in this contest…. BUT I also placed a wager on the Ravens to win the Super Bowl at 6:1. That number was simply too good to pass up and I consider it hedging my bet.

    So that gives me Giants-Patriots in the Bowl. As difficult as it is to see the Giants beating Tom Brady and the Patriots again, I think on paper, they are the more balanced team, both offensively and defensively.

    And since nobody has taken Victor Cruz as the game’s MVP, I’m going to have to do that. I’ll take 52 as the final score’s over/under.

    And there you have it, people.

    Read it and laugh.

  62. Chris

    The Pats’ fans would like to thank Billy Cundiff for that magnificent effort at the end of the game !

    “Ode” to Cundiff ………….. Young Wild & Free

    On to Superbowl (SBXLVI) ………… set for vengeance and revenge ! Need I say anymore on the matter ?

    One of my buddies who’s the town manager for Dundee now owes me big time . He took the Ravens for the all-out win and needless to say he’s now whining as to the payout . It’s Bern’s and one of their famous steaks as the prize . Those porterhouse’s don’t come cheap do they ?

    tophatal …………..

  63. Is this country going sick or what? KWilliams getting death threats for the cough up? If that nonsense is warranted then Buckner and Cundiff should be strung up with piano wire……….. source Valkyrie

  64. While I,m at it you could also add Byner and a few ex-coaches on the list. Add Ted Ginn Jr.also for getting hurt and enabling Williams to return punts. Enough rambling. NENGLAND opens up as a 3.5 favorite and is viciously pounded down by GIANT money.

  65. Al…

    It wasn’t just Cundiff.

    In fact, I blame him the least.

    Had Lee Evans caught that ball, game over.

    Had Harbaugh called a time out to get his team set, Cundiff wouldn’t have had to rush that kick.

  66. Al…

    I can’t imagine Philbin going to Miami making all that big of a splash.

    So the Bucs wanted Chip Kelly and couldn’t get him, huh?

    What’s that say about the state of the team?

  67. RB…

    I guess there’s a thin line between free speech and threatening someone’s life verbally, huh?

    Who knew Ravens fans were that committed?

    Besides any knowledgeable sports fan knows it never comes down to just one play… and it didn’t in that game either.

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    gmen says:
    January 18, 2012 at 8:39 pm


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