Blake Griffin dunks violently over Kendrick Perkins (video)

I’ve seen dunks and I’ve seen dunks, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anything thing quite like this.

Kendrick Perkins, meet Blake Griffin.

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of this dunk from here on out.

And Blake Griffin is a VERY bad man.


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30 Replies to “Blake Griffin dunks violently over Kendrick Perkins (video)”

  1. Aer…

    I was watching that game live last night.

    The L.A. crowd was already pretty hyped up because the Clippers were playing well.

    When Griffin threw that one down after a beautiful pick and roll and a slow weak-side adjustment from Perkins, I knew something special was going to happen.

    And once he dunked it, I knew it was a clip we’d be talking about for years to come.

  2. Speaking of Jordan, Mun, the kid played out his ass last night. 11 points, 11 boards, 3 blocks and really set an emotional tempo early.

    I mean, where did this kid come from? He’s averaging career highs in points and rebounds, which is no surprise.

    Chris Paul’s contribution to his growth cannot be understated. If this team can remain healthy and continue to gel, they won’t be an easy out in June.

    More importantly, they’re a helluva lot of fun to watch.

    The Clippers. That just sounds funny to say, doesn’t it?

  3. I’m pretty happy I got to see him play a couple time when I was living down there. Nothing like seeing him throw down a dunk as the whole crowd holds it’s breath.

    I wonder if we can get a 7 footer in the dunk contest for him to jump over?

  4. Chris

    Hasn’t Griffin been doin’ this to almost everyone in the NBA since he entered the league in 2009 ?

    If the Magic continue to lose in the way that they’ve been doing what signs are there that the world is actually coming to an end as we know it ? How much worse can this team actually get than it already is ? SVG …………. couldn’t coach his way out of a wet paper bag !

    tophatal ……….

  5. Filthy…Just filthy.

    Hard to believe this is the same guy that missed his rookie year with a broken leg. He shows no fear going to the rim…Like the broken stem never even happened.
    Dude is an animal.

  6. That is comparable to what Charles Gitonga Maina does in The Air Up There. I don’t think any other NBA player has made a dunk like The Air Up There.

  7. Chap…

    Very nice. Now you just need to catch him with the CP3 show.

    FYI… there’s a small possibility of me going to Orlando to check out the Heat next week.

    I’ll keep you posted.

  8. Al…

    I’d always been a Stan Van supporter but I have a post coming up that will offer up some cures to the Magic woes.

    Stay tuned as I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

  9. Al…

    Both dunks are similar in the fact that a) Blake jumped out of the gym to physically embarrass somebody but also b) both weak-side defenders were late getting to their position.

    I think it’s obvious now that if you’re rotating and you’re late, if you can’t establish position at least five feet between Blake and the basket, it’s best to just get the hell out of the way.

    ‘Cause you ain’t gonna out-jump him.

  10. Bleed…

    Great point. To think we missed a year of this.

    I wanna see Griffin eight to ten years down the road though. How he develops his game when he’s no longer able to jump out of the gym.

    And yes, sir, filthy is a very accurate description.

  11. Hey Chris,

    This dunk is truly amazing. I don’t think I’ve seen a dunk in this fashion for a very long time. Couldn’t resist talking about it as well on our site. Check us out, it seems everyone and their mother is talking about this right now.

  12. That was impressive but the victim is a mean SOB. Perkins is no Pao Gasol. Nobody likes being shown up, especially Perkins. Watch down for road for retribution.

  13. My problem with Blake’s more spectacular dunks is they continue unchallenged. The NBA has gotten so soft no one wants to take a shot at keeping him Earth-bound? On these plays, he seems to foul as much as the defender. Here I go with the “when I was your age” stuff…but he would have done that to the Detroit Pistons in my day (yes, that was a long day ago) once. Once. I don’t wish the kid any harm and I love watching him otherwise, but I do wish somebody would make him think twice about the attempt. Now THAT would be fun to watch. Maybe it was because I was a “defensive specialist” when I played. I loved taking charges, but I also loved making a guy think twice about feeling uncontested. Nobody was going to put their forearm in my grille and not have the favor returned.

  14. BS….

    Like I said, I was watching this game live on NBA TV.

    I also think we tend to downplay, or at least not give enough credit to, the announcers that are calling the game and can make or break a dunk.

    For example, a SPECTACULAR MOVE by MI-CHAEL JORDAN! Thank you, Marv.

    The hometown Clippers announcers definitely enhanced that dunk, although no doubt, it was pretty good stand alone.

    I’m behind on my emails but you know I’ll be over there soon to check you out.

  15. RB…

    Do you think Perk would risk a game or so suspension with a hard retribution foul on his Blakeishness?

    Keep in mind, it’s not like Blake is a small dude either.

  16. SA…

    We are definitely in a kinder, gentler era of NBA basketbal with the Detroit Bad Boys becoming a thing of the past.

    Stern had a lot to do with that. So did the Malice at the Palace and the Knicks and Heat of old.

    I agree that someone knocking Blake out of the air (if someone can reach that high) could hurt the kid but I’m with you, there’s nothing wrong with a good hard foul to let him know he’s not going to do that in your building.

  17. Chris

    Penicillin couldn’t cure what ails the Magic ! And it ain’t a nasty itch in SVG’s shorts at the moment that he’s now scratching , it’s thought that his nuts could be removed by the irate fans from the Paramore district of Orlando .

    Any opponent that Blake Griffin dunks on is simply happy to be a part of ESPN’s highlight reel as well as being the player’s proverbial bi##h ! What more can one say on the matter ?

    tophatal ……………

  18. Al…

    I’ll leave my comments to the Magic’s woes for my more recent post. As you can see, I’ve just about had enough.

    And Blake? How about Dwight and whoever else on that roster they want for Blake and Deandre Jordan like right NOW!

    If he wants L.A. so bad, send him to the clip joint.

  19. The Magic’s roster has about as much appeal as the campaign merits of Ron Paul and Rick Santorum combined !

    So Mitt pulled it out then ? Another 46 states to go and the nation is really succumbing this odious mess of a campaign process by way of feeling disengaged and disenchanted with a cabale of self serving jerks ! Not that the Democrats aren’t without their faults which are too numerous to mention that it doesn’t bear thinking about !

    tophatal ………………….

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