And your Super Bowl Contest Winner is…

It’s been quite a run for the man they call “The Gun.”

Not only did he (well… not he)  just give birth to his first child, beautiful Baby Chase, not only did his Giants emerge victorious in Super Bowl XVLI, but he is also the winner of this year’s AFC/NFC Championship and Super Bowl pick ‘em contest!  I’m sure that honor ranks a close third.  Stand up and take a bow, sir… that’s assuming you’ve been to sleep yet.

The Gun held off last year’s champion, the San Diego Sports Guy by only three points.  SDSG jumped to the top of the standings with his pick of Eli Manning as MVP, but the Gun nailed (on the button) the total points scored in the big game while the San Diego Sports Guy missed it by two touchdowns.

Newcomer Dee Dee, the only female to enter the contest, finished third.   Talk some trash, girl.

A special shout-out to my boy Chappy who I think has now finished last in basically every contest I’ve ever hosted.

Congrats, Gun, on your G-Men, your prognosticative (homer) powers and the birth of your beautiful, baby daughter.  As the Gun has proudly pointed out, the Giants are undefeated since Chase’s birth.  We’ll see how old she is before they lose again.

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30 Replies to “And your Super Bowl Contest Winner is…”

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  2. Last night I thought it was a done deal and I had gone back to back in these Sports Chump SB contests! Oh well,I guess I was done in by that testy little “tie break.” It just wasn’t meant to be…maybe next year.

    p.s. That Chase is a cutie…

  3. Proud dad is gonna need all the perks he can grab. Keep the “Gun” handy, ’cause that cutie is gonna be popular with guys in another 15 or so years. LOL!!

    GOOD JOB!!

  4. Drew…

    Don’t feel bad. You already have a SportsChump hat to wear proudly around town.

    Give someone else a chance, will ya’?

    Hey, and let me know if you want me to change the URL in this piece to fantasy sports guarantee.

  5. Thanks for honoring me in your post! I thought we were supposed to pick the most unlikely scenario possible in these contests!?!

    Anyways, I do have a good feeling about the NBA one, so maybe this will be the last time I’ll be last…

  6. Chap…

    You’re probably pretty good at golf, huh?

    And I’m still waiting for someone to score 50 in a game this season.

    If that happens and I don’t hear about it, let me know.

  7. My thanks to Chappy as well. Don’t worry, DD will be talking stuff to me about these results for a while.

  8. Thanks Chris for the post……and to everyone else for their kind words on my little MVP!!!! I will cherish the CHUMP Gear and a onsie could be a good idea for her!!!! LOL!!!!

  9. Our pleasure, sir. You deserve it.

    Mozel tov on both your championships and don’t forget to send me your address?

    Are you sure I never gave you a hat and shirt when you were here?

  10. First off congrats to the new papa on the birth of his beautiful child. Second, nice job with the picks.
    And lastly even though I finished with 2-I’m proud to claim my rightful place in mediocrity.

  11. Everyone is asking where to get CHUMP gear and I think it would pass my SWIFT sales which I would never think was possible.

  12. Chris

    First of all I’d like to than Gisele for sticking up for Tom and then also inform here there’s something that I’d like to stick into her ! But that asides ………. it’s Groundhog Day circa 2008 and now 2012 concerning the Pats ! First David Tyree and now Mario Manning ham ? What is it with the Pats’ secondary and them covering an offensive player in the open field ?

    Secondly I’d like to thank adult star Bibi Jones for assisting in Gronk’s recovery of his high ankle sprain by giving him an inner thigh injury ! Also in thanking Ochocinco in being able to “tweet” about his experiences this postseason which as such , were far more entertaining than this contributions to the Pats this regular and postseason .

    tophatal ………… .

  13. Aer…

    I actually like the way I ran the contest this year, a little different from last year.

    It just goes to show how difficult it is to pick games in this league, even with only three remaining.

  14. So Al…

    Were those pictures of Gronk and that lineman dancing in the club with their shirts off taken the night after the bowl?

    I think I would have opted for the Giselle telling Brady “everything’s gonna be alright, honey” that dancing shirtless with an offensive lineman, but hey, that’s just me.

  15. Congrats to Poppa Gun And SDSG!I am proud to be the first female to play, and come in third was great news to me and yes, WHEN has a WOMAN not had something to say? SO here it goes:

    Twas the night AFTER Superbowl, when all through the world
    All Sportschump fans were stirring to hear the word
    Of the Top Winner on the Superbowl Contest
    With hopes they’d win from their best guess

    A true Sportschump fan, I was too busy to be in bed
    Because visions of WINNING danced in my head
    And still fuzzy and tired from a late night out
    I was anxiously awaiting word; trying not to pout

    When out of the phone there came such a chime
    I sprang to the phone – was the award mine?
    Away to the counter, I flew like a flash
    Ran over the kid and tripped over the trash.

    I reached for the phone, no harm done
    There was an email message, yes, just THE one.
    When, what news had occurred?
    But the words that I came in sweetly at third.

    With a big squeal, so loud and so long
    I knew in that moment, I was not wrong
    To play such sports games with a group of men
    And yelled out my 2011 wins again:

    Now! Basketball Bracket ended at FIRST
    And ended College Bowl Pickem also at FIRST
    But my Fantasy Baseball Team came in at THIRD
    And Superbowl Contest also at THIRD

    My eyes, how they twinkle, my laughter so sweet
    2011 is gonna be a hard year to beat
    But my lips still drawn up in a smile
    I will cherish this year for a while.

    Especially to know I placed so high
    Over many men, MY, OH, MY.
    A female playing – I’m proud to be the first!
    Cmon Triple SC, this warrants a free t-shirt.

    I’ll wear it well and proudly I may add.
    Yaz said he’d take a photo and you’d be glad!
    I believe it’ll be good for your site!
    Have a happy day and a super good night!

    Written by Dee Dee February 6, 2012

  16. Chris

    Bibi and Gronk got together before the game but I do believe she works on the “DL” as a physical therapist ? Hence the ankle sprain ending up being an inner thigh sprain for the tight end . I believed she’s worked the same miracles for the Braves’ Dan Uggla last season when they were said to be an “item” . Need I say anymore on the matter ?

    Was “Gronk” on the short list for this upcoming season for Dancing With The Stars ? Dancing with his shirt off with an O lineman ? Winner , winner …….chicken dinner .

    Tom gets to go home and “butter ” ….. Gisele’s biscuits . Would you be complaining if you were in his position ? ‘nough said !

    So Schiano can’t buy a vowel much less get someone to join the Bucs and become a part of his coaching staff . Now you know why I felt he should have remained at Rutgers ! The Bucs are going nowhere ! There’s no leadership or accountability to be found from anyone on that team ? Don’t you realize that to be a fact ? Barber is an a## with damn idiotic rhetoric and that moron Kellen Winslow Jr this past season has been about as productive as a damp squib during a fireworks’ display !

    tophatal ………………….

  17. Al…

    Even if healthy, I didn’t think Gronk would have made much of a difference.

    But to answer your question, I can see him on Dancing with the Stars in his future.

    And I don’t see him winning.

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