Jeremy Lin Headband Xanga – 2004

Submitted to yours truly by DJ Arthritic Semitic himself, here’s a look at Jeremy Lin’s Xanga (blog) back in 2004, imitating headband styles of different NBA players, the same players whose jerseys he’s currently out-selling.

And in case you don’t know who Jeremy Lin is at this point, um… pick up a newspaper.

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24 Replies to “Jeremy Lin Headband Xanga – 2004”

  1. Floyd Mayweather and Jason Whitlock will take issue with this article because it denigrates African Americans . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!

    tophatal …………

  2. Snake…

    You and I both know the C’s are pretty set at the point guard position.

    You’re not ready to disown your adopted son for the next hottest thing, are you?

    And a Knick of all things. Shame on you!

  3. If it was me I’d go with the Derek Fisher style, a good way to cover these wind flaps I call ears.

  4. Aer…

    Are you sporting Martin Lawrence flappers? Nice! I need a flight to Charlotte soon, maybe I can catch a ride.

    And how about that first picture of Lin. I crack up every time I see that.

    Although on second thought, I’ve got some old pictures of me I could put on the site that I’m sure would get a rise out of this crowd.

    But I wouldn’t dare, would I.

  5. I knew all along Lin was gonna be good! People better start listening to me! Brother E knows hoops baby!

  6. The day I’ll take Floyd seriously is the day he squares off against Pacquiao ! And that ain’t happening anytime soon !

    I hear Kim K after being turned down by Tebow might now want to be on the end of one of the ” Asian persuasion’s” dunks ? Oh , that’s so nice !

    Jim Calhoun and the U Conn Huskies have suddenly brightened up my day !

    Is there now a wing at Kentucky . that’ll be named the John Calipari School of Ethics ? Inquiring minds need to know that’s all !

    tophatal ………….

  7. Whitlock is a contributor at Fox ? Well that explains everything from the get-go ! He’s now giving us every reason to find Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as men who are actually said to be enlightened ?

    tophatal ………..

  8. Al…

    Don’t you think it’s possible to restructure professional boxing so that fighters, barring certain circumstances (like the Klitschko brothers), HAVE to fight each other?

    Whatever happened to the days where number one contenders would run through walls for the chance at a belt?

  9. Whitlock is just there to move the meter, Al.

    I lost a lot of respect for him when he wrote that Serena piece a while back, talking about the size of her ass.

    Again, this is a guy who’s grossly overweight, calling the kettle black. Whoops, wait, I said black. That could be racially misconstrued.

  10. He is on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week, which used to provide the same type of cursed curse results as the annual Madden Football covers. I think this is a great story but I admittedly am now suffering through Lin-tigue like I did Tebow-tigue. Fatigue sets in when you can’t even turn on Brian Williams for the NBC Nightly News and not hear about him. That being said, I would very much like to see a game of 1-on-1 between Jeremy and Jason Whitlock. I wonder if Lin will be trying to get those published images back now that he’s big-time…those are hysterical. Don’t give ’em up Chris. Hold out for a big payoff to remove them from the site if anyone approaches you.

  11. Chris

    When you state restructure boxing is that like the federal government’s wish to make our lives more pleasant ? Because as we now know that’s like asking a hooker to reduce her price for services rendered because you were unhappy with the experience ! It ain’t happening Bubba !

    Whitlock wrote a piece on Serena ….. oh no ! How insightful was it ? I personally would like to see him write a piece insightful piece on the likes of Charlie Sifford , Lee Elder and Larry Doby ! People who’ve actually paved the way for African American sports and the participation of the minorities from that demographic in general . But then again I doubt that an a##ole like Whitlock would actually know who that trio were !

    Whitlock’s body of work has been a friggin’ joke much like his whole shtick as an analyst and contributor in general !

    Chris don’t worry ’bout the use of the word “black” I mean one of my favorite all time comedians Paul Mooney swore off using the word ###ga . We’ve got one in the White House but he wanted to see one in the Vatican . And that’s not going to happen anytime soon …….. son !

    tophatal …………

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  13. BS…

    You’re the second person so far to say that.

    Ya know, I’m half tempted to put some old little league photos up of me.

    Now THAT would warrant some comments!

  14. SA….

    Flipping through the channels the other day mid-day, I think I counted eight stations all discussing Lin… INCLUDING THE VIEW!

    Is it sign that you’ve made it (or not) that you’re being talked about by Star Jones and Whoopi Goldberg?

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