SportsChump not so proudly presents the Danica Patrick Chart of Ever-Increasing Annoyance

Some people just drive me batty.  I like to consider myself a pretty patient person but as I get a little longer in the tooth, I’m finding out there’s a lot more crap I won’t tolerate… and a lot of people that just annoy me.

As a result, I have invented a system to help quantify the extent to which others grate our nerves.  I like to call it the Danica Patrick Chart of Ever-Increasing Annoyance.  For example, as you’ll soon read, someone can simply be Calipari-annoying, or to a much greater extent, Kevin Hart-annoying, depending on how long you can stand to be in their presence.

Feel free to add any characters to this list I’ve forgotten.

1 – Not really annoying at all, only sort of – Coack K-Annoying

I actually happen to be a fan of Mike Kzryzewski.  How can one not be?  In this day and age of coaches doing the unthinkable, i.e., recruiting violations, investment scandals, pedophilia, Coach K has (fortunately) done none of the above.  He built a nothing program into a consistent national powerhouse.  At only 65, he’s already the winningest men’s basketball coach in history… and is still racking up victories.  But you have to think that hanging around him for hours on end might get a touch tiresome, going to bed early, getting a good night’s rest, cracking lame jokes around the fireplace over a snifter of brandy.  Or maybe he’d just piss you off because he’s better at what he does than you’ll ever be at anything.

2- Slightly more annoying but still bearable – LeBron James-annoying

I stopped feeling sorry for millionaires a long time ago but if I did have to feel sorry for one, it might just be LeBron James.  He’s probably the most likeable athlete around if he’d just stop saying and doing things that irritate us.  The poor guy has yet to find an identity he’s comfortable with.  First he’s a nice guy, then he’s the villain, then he seeks our forgiveness.  Even after a year and a half, his “taking his talents to South Beach” faux pas is still the talk of the NBA.  Maybe once LeBron wins his first ring (which he will, trust me!), he’ll finally be able to add some closure and a little definition to his life.  At that point, we’ll find out whether he moves up or down on our scale of annoyance.

3 – Starting to become annoying – Kobe Bryant-annoying

Seeing Kobe’s name on this chart will probably come as a surprise to many but think about it… is there a professional athlete these days more smug than Kobe Bryant?  Look, I get it.  He’s one of the NBA’s elder statesmen.  He’s the league’s leading active scorer and is pressing MichaeI to become one the most-ring-possessingest players in the modern game, but where is it written that such a player has to set new levels for dickishness and pomposity.  Kobe’s new Nike commercials portray him as more successful than Tony Robbins, who teaches people to be successful for a living, and the Virgin Atlantic guy who has basically accomplished every feat known to man.  The irony of those commercials is that Kobe will never be as successful as another Nike spokesperson whose legacy he’s been chasing ever since he came into the league.

4 – About to kick it up a notch annoying – John Calipari-annoying

You know certain coaches or players have been around too long when they start giving canned, insincere answers that fit nicely into one little sound-bite.  I know the media likes this but the educated listener can’t possibly.  Take a closer listen to John Calipari the next time he’s being interviewed.  He’s become the master of the sports cliché.  His formulaic responses are becoming more and more contrived, as if he’s rehearsed them in front of a mirror beforehand.  Just imagine how much worse he’ll get if/when he finally wins a national championship at Kentucky.  We may have to rename this chart when that happens.

5 – Okay, now we’re getting pretty annoying – Floyd Mayweather, Jr.-annoying

Let me get this straight.  There’s a sporting event that would raise enough money to end world hunger and we’re NOT going to have it?  That makes perfect sense.  A big reason behind this idiocy is that Floyd Mayweather, Jr., who by the way has been sentenced to 90 days jail time for domestic violence, is demanding more of a purse than his opponent, Manny Pacquiao.  Never mind the fact that Pacquiao’s probably the bigger draw… and doesn’t have a criminal record.  The next person to have any sort of sense in professional boxing will be the first, but don’t expect that to be Mayweather.  Hopefully, his incarceration will knock a little sense into him… and a little annoyingness out.

6 – The every time I see your face I want to cringe annoying – Bud Selig-annoying

Bud Selig is that itch square in the middle of your back that you just can’t reach.  He’s that unbearable, unpoppable, unhealable zit you get right before prom.  As soon as we all thought we were rid of him for good, Major League Baseball extended his contract.  At this point, if you could guarantee me we’d get this guy out of office before he turns 100, I’d take it just to be assured it would eventually happen.  His mishandling of the entire steroid scandal, from Barry to Braun, will forever taint his legacy, proving he continues to have no idea how to clean up his sport, as if adding a few more games to the post-season will make us all forget any of this ever happened.  Do you realize this guy has been baseball’s commissioner since 1992?!?  Isn’t it time for a change?  A refreshing face?  Someone who can once again make fans proud to say baseball is our national pastime.

7 – Drone techno beat aunce aunce annoying – DJ Steve Porter-annoying

Have you ever been out at a club until close only because a friend of yours, who’s becoming increasingly wasted, wants one last stab at the remaining three girls at the bar?  The techno beats are becoming progressively more annoying and your need for ibuprofen increases with every BPM.  Well, lucky for you, you can now hear those same beats in the comfort of your own home, every other SportsCenter.  Whether it’s Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin, the NFL Playoffs or whatever happens to be the hottest thing in sports at the time, it never fails.  DJ Steve Porter flips his baseball cap on backwards, steps up to his ones and twos, finds some short video clips of whichever sports figure he happens to be cashing in on, and remixes some tinny, techno-beats over the top of them.  At first, it was unique.  But after his eleven millionth video, all which pretty much sound the same, let’s just say I’m over it.  And you should be too.

8 – Please for the love of God please just shut up already annoying – Kevin Hart-annoying

I don’t know how many of you caught Kevin Hart at the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game but I can’t imagine I was the only one who turned my head, cringing every time Kevin Hart would act a fool.  Look, more power to anyone that can make a living by ensuring his mouth never stops moving, but goodness.  Watching that event, which I soon turned off BECAUSE of him, I couldn’t help but hope someone bigger than him, which was pretty much everyone on the court since he stands about five feet tall, would knock him on his ass.  But of course, someone would pretend to, probably secretly wanting to, then Hart would run away, put on a goofy face and find another celebrity to pester.  No wonder Ron Artest and Jermaine O’Neal aren’t allowed to play in this thing.  Perhaps we should allow them to next time Hart is in the event.  Now that’d be a melee worth watching.

9 – Slowly eroding the overall intelligence of our society as a whole annoying – The cast of ESPN’s First Take-annoying

You all know my schedule by now.  Work all night, sleep all day.  I keep my television, my little babysitter, on in the background.  It gives me something to fall asleep to.  That is, of course, until First Take comes on the air.  I have literally had this program on the lowest possible volume setting and STILL had to turn it down because talking heads like Skip Bayless, Michael Smith and Stephen A. Smith feel the need to shout over the top of one another to get their points across.  I have officially stopped watching this program entirely.  Riddle me this.  Since when did debate become one person shouting over the other until each segment becomes noise?  If I wanted non-stop arguing, I’d get a girlfriend.  What’s the point of even having Dana Jacobson and Jay Crawford there as moderators if they can’t control these guys?  Perhaps they should just give each host a cattle-prod to use on the panelists when they reach unacceptable decibel levels.  Then I’d tune back in.

10 – Please shoot me now annoying – Danica Patrick-annoying

I’m not sure there’s a sports superstar out there right now more annoying than Danica Patrick.  In that sense, she’s my imperfect ten.  I get it.  She’s a reasonably attractive female trying to make it in a male-dominated sport.  But her sound-bites are trite and lame.  Her voice is fingernails-on-the-chalkboard irritating.  I can’t hit the mute button on my remote control quickly enough before my ears start bleeding, and to make matters worse, I can’t ever find a channel she’s not on.  She’s Indy, she’s NASCAR, she’s Indy, she’s NASCAR.  When’s the last time you remember so many interviews with a sporting event’s LAST PLACE CONTESTANT?  In fact, at the Daytona 500, Patrick finished behind Juan Pablo Montoya who crashed into a damn gas truck and she was interviewed more than the guy who won the actual race!  It’s gotten to the point where I pray she doesn’t crash, finish first or last.  I just keep hoping for her to finish in the middle of the pack, consistently, around 15th to 20th every race.  That way maybe she’ll just disappear and her fifteen minutes will be up once and for all.

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58 Replies to “SportsChump not so proudly presents the Danica Patrick Chart of Ever-Increasing Annoyance”

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  2. Chris

    There’s a reason Michael Andretti openly criticized Danica . She may well brought in millions for his Andretti Green Racing Team. But one win in Motegi Japan didn’t amount to much . Never mind she’s been nowhere near the best female to drive in Indy (IRL) !

    Money Mayweather still the annoying ba_#tard who’s trying to differentiate himself from his father . There’s really not that much difference other than the fact that Floyd isn’t a chronic crack user . But in every other way they’re very much similar . Both are have been busted for spousal and child abuse . Need I say anymore on the matter ?

    Would it have been too much to ask if ” DWil” had dropped an additional 20 pts on the Bobcats instead of that measly 57 points ? I’ve not seen a defense “cave” like that since Custer’s last stand but I’m basing my opinion on the many movie portrayals . I mean who really knows what went on at the Battle of the Little Big Horn ? Was it really that bad a massacre ?

    That a## whupping that my Dukies got courtesy of the Tar Heels is a wake up call for Austin Rivers and Seth Curry . Man up $$$ches !

    Can LBJ come out to play ? I’ve got my own ball and net . The Heat defense looked god damn awful in the 1st quarter of the game against the Lakers . LBJ ain’t on Kobe’s level . Even Whiz Khalifa knows it .

    tophatal …………..

  3. Al…

    There’s no denying she’s bringing fans into the sport. And that’s fine. But one of those fans is not me.

    A buddy of mine just met Money May, Al. Let’s just say my boy said he’s more annoying in person than we even imagined he could be.

    And did you see those D-Will jumpers last night? I don’t think a single one hit the rim.

  4. I’m pretty sure the A. in Stephen A. Smith literally translates to Annoying.

    His is the only show I can’t listen to on sports radio. More arrogant than Kobe and far less accomplished.

    I’m no NASCAR fan but even I recognize Danica needs to go back to her true calling as one who would like to welcome you to munch-kin laaand.

  5. I think Ahmad Rashad annoying has gotta go on the list maybe one step under Coach K. He doesn’t do anything but toss softball questions at superstars he seemingly has unlimited access to and you never hate him for it. However when you watch ABC flub game after game, playoffs after playoffs and finals after finals, you realize that he was still better then the crap coverage you’re watching now which reminds you how you took Inside Stuff and Ahmad for granted.

    There’s not good reason to be annoyed, it’s your own fault, and that in itself is annoying.

  6. Isn’t this a sports blog? If so, isn’t it important to get your sports stats correct?

    In 09, 10 & 11 Danica finished 5th, 10th and 10th in points. That’s out of 60+ regular finishers on the Indycar circuit. Well above average on anyone’s scale. She’s also had 6 top 10 finishes, including 3rd in 2009, at the Indy 500.

    In her first full time year in Nascar, she captured the pole in the Daytona Nationwide race.

    To imply she’s not a good driver is unfair.

  7. Al…

    I’m torn on Stephen A.

    I actually used to like his radio show after he left ESPN the first time but his back and forth with Bayless is unbearable.

    And I’m okay with Legler…. so far.

  8. C’mon, Billy B.

    You should be riding high after that beatdown you just laid on the Dukies.

    Let’s see what happens when you guys play Kentucky.

    Oh, and we all know you own that URL.

  9. Bleed…

    I guess what amazes me most is that with all these sports fans totally over Stephen A., why he and Bayless are even still on the air?

    All they seem to do is bait athletes on Twitter or on their broadcast and force their own takes down others’ throats.

    One day, that network, will realize there are educated sports fans out there that can think for themselves.

    That’s not to say the four-letter doesn’t have good programming, such as Outside the Lines, E:60 and Bill Simmons’ 30 for 30 series.

    But even then, there’s plenty of sensationalism.

    Look, I have opinions. I just don’t force them down anyone’s throats.

  10. Flemm…

    First of all, thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

    Let me also say, in my defense, that nowhere did I imply that she was a bad driver or incapable or competing on the circuit. I wouldn’t pretend to know enough about NASCAR to make that assumption.

    I merely stated that she gets on my nerves, mostly because she’s on TV all the damn time.

    Again, more power to her, but I’m not watching NASCAR just because she’s there, nor am I buying a URL because she’s their spokesperson.

  11. Mostly perfect.

    I LOVE Kevin Hart! Didn’t/don’t watch the NBA all-star game, so I missed his act there… but his stand up and his facebook posts are GREAT!

    I saw a hypothesis somewhere that Bayless and Stephen A. are only on the air to continually play the race card… and thus increase viewership in Boston.

    Danica is the worst! Closely followed by nascar announcers trying to jet her non-stop. SHE HAS NEVER DONE SQUAT, AND SHE WILL NEVER DO SQUAT!!

    Looking forward to a gay, black, woman driver to enter nascar just so Darrell Waltrip’s head will explode from the hype!

  12. Hey Chris. Finally back, just returned from vacation. Anywho, love the concept of annoyance. Coach K probably would never be annoying to me, not because of his wins, but because the guy actually knows what he’s preaching.. I would personally love to learn from a person like that. I agree with Mayweather and Selig. Mayweather just needs to shut it up already and Selig needs to stop looking like a dummy all the time. The guy is supposed to be smart, yet he looks nothing like it. Last, but not least, listen… I am going to stick to my guns with Kevin Hart. Some people like the smart comedians, some people like serious comedians, and some are just dumb as nails. As you can see, I like to watch people make fools out of themselves. Kevin Hart does this with ease. hehe Good job with this man.

  13. Han likes Kevin Hart? Now THAT I never would have guessed.

    I do, however, like your Bayless-Smith hypothesis, which is probably more than a hypothesis at this point. I can’t imagine that show gets all that good ratings but who knows. I’m guessing I’m not their target audience.

    And I don’t know if you remember a post I wrote about five years ago about a fictional gay, black, Jewish NASCAR driver, purely meant as a joke, but it was pretty damn funny. I’ll have to dig that up.

  14. BS…

    That’s why I only ranked Coach K at one. I guess I could have put anyone there. Some readers suggested Tebow but my Gatorhood would never let me go there.

    Ya’ know, I was talking to a friend at work about this post and the first person that came to mind for him was also Mayweather. I mean, I know we all want this Pacquiao fight to happen but I didn’t realize how many people out there can’t stand Money May. I guess that makes perfect sense at this point. You do realize they’re both approaching their mid-30s so it’s not like either of them are in their prime.

    And how about if I replaced Kevin Hart with Dane Cook? Would that make you feel any better?

  15. I’ll discuss Danica’s achievements as soon as she has one. As for potential additions to the list, I am annoyed with Bettman, Goodell and Stern as well. Maybe it comes with the title of Commissioner…but I don’t recall being terribly annoyed with the folks who served before each of them. I am very annoyed with the “Four Horsemen” we have in place now. First Take is still on, huh? How ’bout that. 🙂

  16. knowing steve porter, personally, i find it pretty laughable and ignorant what’s written here. “techno”. oh, god. do you also walk up to DJs at clubs and say, “can you play something we can dance to?” while everyone else IS dancing?

    the man’s making a living. hey, if you want to blame someone for his success? blame the media for catching on to what steve does. he’s done it for a long time, and the hard work he put in all those years means his success is well deserved.

  17. You could just as easily do a sportscaster version. Start at Pam Ward (not terribly bad) and rise up the annoying scale through Dick Vitale, Stuart Scott, Brent Musberger, etc. all the way up to the worst of the worst in America, Joe “The Stick is Permanently Up His A__” Buck.

    Enjoying all the Duke-Carolina snark too. I wonder if those two will ever take up football?

  18. SA…

    Good call on Bettman but that’d mean I’d have to talk hockey and it’s already bad enough I’m talking NASCAR.

    As I thought, a lot of the Danica fans came out of the woodwork. You should have seen some of the comments on FARK.

  19. Walt…

    Please tell your good buddy Steven that I certainly meant no offense. I’m sure he’s a great guy. Nor am I blaming him for his new-found success.

    What I am saying, however, is that he’s a bit over-exposed these days, whether that’s his fault or ESPNs.

    And for some of us musical purists still out there, there’s nothing wrong with picking up an actual instrument.

    Have fun listening to your Moby CDs.

  20. CB…

    A LOT of people mentioned Buck but personally, I find McCarver a lot more unbearable. Definitely a combination of the two warrants turning the volume down.

    Remember when Buck got totally offended when Randy Moss fake-mooned Lambeau?

    That was classic.

    Like Buck’s never dropped trou before.

  21. and for some of us journalistic purists still out there, there’s nothing wrong with writing for a publication that can pay you to write more than a gossip column.

    have fun being angry at the world for irrational reasons!

  22. Walt…

    This is not a journalistic website, my man. Nor is it a gossip column.

    This is a sports blog.

    Nor am I angry at anyone or anything.

    I’m sorry to hear that you couldn’t find any humor in the post but I guess you can’t please everyone all the time.

    You can have your cover charge back.

  23. Chris

    Don’t get me wrong ” Money Mayweather ” can be an exciting fighter but as you and I know …….. it’s time to shut the f#_k up and give us the fight we want rather than continuing to malign Pacquiao . For $75 million apiece if you can’t get that fight done then there’s no need to be fighting tomato cans merely to pad your stats .

    Nothing but net for D-Wil ……. well when you’re playing the Bobcats just about anything is liable to happen . Your grandmother could have shot the lights on that Bobcats’ team and then some .

    Call me when Stephen A chooses to remove his lips from LeBron’s sphincter ? I know he can smell and taste what James has been cooking and doesn’t taste all that good after the team’s loss to the Lakers ! Can I get an amen on that ?

    The moment Danica’s fire retardant suit looks like a bikini then I’ll definitely take an interest in watching her drive in NASCAR !

    So Boeheim’s program has issues beyond Bernie Fine’s affinity for young boys ? Weed and other opiates were being used by Syracuse players ? Who’d have thunk that ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!! In collegiate athletics the adage is now if you can’t get ahead by cheating then get ahead by “getting a high ” .

    Greg Williams apologizes for the bounty on the heads of NFL players . Why wasn’t Dwayne “The Dog” Chapman involved in any of this ? I mean just like The Mounties (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) he’s been known to always get his man . This episode (bounty program) now makes “Spygates ” I (Belichick and the Pats) & II (McDaniels and the Broncos) seem mute don’t you think ? Another slap on the wrist courtesy of the gutless Goodell .

    tophatal …………

  24. Kevin Hart African America’s answer to Rodney Dangerfield in terms of being a comedian . Still yearns respect . Funny only in spats and not much beyond that !


  25. Al…

    This is why I’ve always suggested you should be boxing’s next commissioner. You’d get that fight to happen.

    And with all the distractions Syracuse has had this year, I can’t believe they’ve only lost one game. In any other year, that’d mean C.O.Y. for Boeheim but somehow, I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

    Personally, I’m over all the bounty talk. It’s caused way more of an uproar than I expected but I guess we need something to talk about, huh?

    And I’m not too sure I’d compare Hart to Dangerfield who had quite a successful career. C’mon, man. The guy was in Caddyshack. Call me in ten years when Hart’s on some reality TV show.

  26. Dangerfield’s shtick was that he couldn’t get no respect . Case with Hart ….. believes he deserves it when he’s not even remotely funny . He’s no Mike Epps or even Godfrey for that matter !

    I saw Money’s interview with Costas where he says he’s not willing to share the ancillary rights to the fight (as that’s where the money is to be made in these super fights ) . I say even if merely gives Pacquiao between 10-15 % (possible gross [$ 250 million plus with worldwide rights ]) it’s not that much overall in the big picture and landscape of things . Right off the bat with a guaranteed $40-$45 million that’s nothing to be scoffed at is it ? So how the hell can’t they get this fight done ? Bob Arum (Pacquiao’s promoter) has been known to pick the flesh off the rotting carcass’s of human remains and gorge himself on it . As for Leonard Ellerbe , Maywather’s business partner and adviser , well let’s just say as a lawyer he’s a bottom feeder of the lowest order . They’re type of guys within the legal profession who now makes local lawyers in the Tampa Bay area such as Brad Culpepper , Charlie Crist and John Morgan seem like guys you can trust with your life’s savings . Not that I’d even consider doing that to begin with !

    tophatal …….

  27. I wonder where I rank on this list… Oh yeah, I’m not popular enough for people to care.

    I think I’m the opposite with Kobe right now. I’ve been waiting for the season when they aren’t dominant again because he always spits out the best quotes. This year has been great for Kobe quotes.

    I actually didn’t mind Steven A for a while, but his act is pretty tired these days. No need to yell to get your point across. I can hear you just fine!

  28. Gotcha, Al.

    Well, he ain’t gettin’ mine. Call it a personal preference.

    And if that fight ever happens, you’d have to think everyone would be rooting for Pacquiao to knock him on his ass no?

  29. Walt…

    Here’s a link to Kevin Hart’s (no e) stuff.

    He’s pretty popular these days and he’s got a new movie coming out. Like I told Al earlier, call it a personal preference, I just don’t dig his schtick. And his act at the NBA All-Star game was over the top but not in a funny way, or not to me a least.

    Kind of actually served as inspiration for this post so at least I got something out of the deal, huh?

  30. I love this list. Stephen A. Smith is an infected hemmorhoid up the butthole of sports journalism, and you already know my thoughts on Danica Patrick.

  31. I left out Mayweather Jr.

    A class A douchebag.

    Spends more time running than fighting in the ring.

    Speaking of running, his mouth has diahrrea. Spews all kind of crap while he ducks Manny.

    Just fight already coward.

    …Tapping your girlfriends jaw isn’t quite the same.

    Paq will hit back and hopefully knock this punk out if they ever make it happen.

  32. Yes Triple SC, I meant what I said about Danica in that other post and truly enjoyed your annoyance chart. It’s primarily the media’s fault because they are acting like dogs running after a bitch in heat and Michael Waltrip drove me nuts during the Daytona 500 talking about Danica this and Danica that. Media needs to let Danica wear her big girl panties and stop with this special attention. I read your post to several NASCAR fans and they agreed with us.

    Another person I immediately thought of was Joe Buck and I see he has already been mentioned. It’s odd, but I don’t mind him so much for NFL, but he drives Yaz and I crazy during MLB games. We’ve texted often how Buck just needs to shut up.

  33. Love the list CHump… But I think you left one off.

    11 – The Yelling Ever Louder Because Nobody Seems to Care What You’re Saying Anymore – Dick Vitale Annoying

  34. Again, Dee, I tried to make this perfectly clear but a lot of people didn’t get it when they read the post.

    If anybody knows me at this point, they know I’m no hater. Far from it.

    More power to anyone who can apply whatever skill they have to make an earnest living.

    That being said, don’t expect me not to turn the channel when they come on my television.

  35. Mun…

    Here’s why I didn’t put Vitale on the list.

    He actually does some pretty inspirational stuff.

    Whether it’s working for the V Foundation or preaching to young high schoolers that are about to make it big in the college ranks, I honestly think he cares about that aspect of his life, giving genuinely to others.

    I’m not so sure I can say the same about too many of others that rank high on my list.

    Let it be noted, I’d love to stand corrected.

  36. Um…..I never mentioned anything about hate… Sorry you felt my post implied that…I just agreed with you on the annoyance factor, how the media is annoying me following Danica around and how I felt Joe Buck was annoying during baseball games. But apparently these annoyances aren’t so bad because I will still watch NASCAR and MORE hours than I can count of baseball, even Into the wee hours of the morning. Whatever annoys me doesn’t matter in the end because it’s my love of the game that keeps me going back. So, nope, I don’t turn the channel or sleep until my games are over for fear of missing that spectacular play or comeback. My husband says every year he is a baseball widower from April to November.
    Have a good day. DeeDee

  37. Oh, no, Dee.

    You didn’t.

    But plenty of others did.

    That’s okay. I’ve got thick skin.

    Let me know if you guys ever make it down for a Rays game.

  38. Chris

    At this moment in time I’m not so sure who’s actually more annoying ! Mayweather or Deion Sanders ? Mayweather we know now to be a proverbial pain in the ##s ! Deion’s problem ………. he ” nails” one of his wife’s best friends and he’s now p##sed that that she’s found out and now wants to take him to the “cleaners ” for $200 million (as part of their divorce proceedings) . LOL,LOL,LOL !!! What’s the saying …. “you don’t s##t in your own backyard under any circumstances and you certainly don’t start “ban#in’ one of your wife’s closest friends ! I think there’s a lesson to be learned there somewhere don’t you ?

    tophatal ……………..

  39. Chris

    Wasn’t there a pre-nup between Manning and Irsay ? Just asking that’s all ! Everything seemed so amicable but I’m sure the ##it has yet to hit the fan concerning this split !

  40. I’d say Deion probably was more annoying back in the day but now, you gotta hand it to Money May.

    Besides, since when is sleeping with your wife’s best friend illegal?

    It takes two to tango, doesn’t it?

    P.S. Looking forward to that episode of Springer.

  41. Chris

    Brothers for life man but the one thing you don’t do is ” bag-n-tag” your lady’s best friend ! You know that ##it’ll get back to them in the end don’t you ? LOL,LOL,LOL !! “Loose lips sink ships and relationships ” .

    I thought Irsay initially wanted Manning to be Colt for life ? At the time of the player signing that 5yr $100 million deal he actually intimated at that . But then again I could’ve misconstrued what the owner was trying to suggest . Let the “Manning-sanity” now begin ! As part of this now soon to be ongoing madness what will Manning’s agent Tom Condon seek from any team pursuing the player ? Your thoughts ?

    In no discerning order Condon might ask for their first born ……… donation of an organ …. and enough “cheddar” (money) to fill four Brinks armored vehicles and quite possibly two vestal virgins ? .

    tophatal ……….

  42. Al…

    I always thought the rule was you don’t sleep with your buddy’s girl. I guess I got the wrong memo. I mean, Deion’s wife’s friend is just as guilty here, no?

    And let’s just say the Manning sweepstakes should get pretty interesting here shortly.

  43. Well, Al, it’s the Magic. They’re a slightly above average team at best who have no team leadership and are in no way consistent.

    So losing to the Charlotte Bobcats is actually more explicable that not.

  44. Chris Reading lil’ tidbit on Calipari in USA Today makes for some interesting reading in more ways than one .

    The Filipino government is now after Pacquiao for none payment of taxes covering the last two years . Now what ? Manny Pcacquiao also happens to to be a congressman in their parliament (government) . For a guys who’s earned in excess of $85 million over the last four years if you can’t pay your taxes then stuff’s got to be happening . Think Wesley Snipes . Although Wes did ask the judge presiding in his case to consider his charity work in Africa . I guess that’s why his ##s is now doing time courtesy of Camp Fed ?

    Marlins’ COO Dave Sansom who also happens to the the stepson of team owner Jeffrey Loria calls the residents of Miami …. subhuman invertebrates who’ve no damn intelligence . I get the feeling that after their first few games of the regular season their new stadium will be sparsely filled Less we forget also the US Justice Dept is still investigating city of Miami government as to how they went about financing the stadium. Is this how they’re (Marlins) now paying back the residents and city council by denigrating the residents ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!! ‘

    Would castration be too harsh a punishment for Sean Payton and Saints’ GM Mickey Loomis in the aftermath of their joint communique` apologizing for “Bounty Gate” ? And fans were goading the Pats and Belichick for being a cheat in light of “Spygate” ? WTF ! The antics of Gregg Williams combined with what has been done by Payton and Loomis in suborning the acts is far worse then what had been done by Belichick !

    So Manning’s agent Tom Condon has told the Redskins to take hike ? Well that’s one down but who knows how many left to go ? Your thoughts ?

    Oh by the way though it’s not on the Magic’s regular season schedule next up they’re due to play the Tulsa Shock of the WNBA . It’s just a warmup mind you so that Dwight and the boys can hone their skills . Wha’dya think ?

    Discretion is the better part of valor …….. besides it just ain’t done . You don’t dip you pen in the your woman’s (best friend’s) quill . You simply get the “piece” on the “down low” elsewhere but that doesn’t mean you go out and do a Hugh Grant (picked up a hooker ) up or Eddie Murphy ( nothing ever good happens at 2am as in the case of Eddie when he picked up that transgendered she-male ) 3 mind you. Get my drift ?

    tophatal ……………

  45. How about the Brad Childress why does he get more credit than He Deserves annoying. A couple of years removed from the Vikings, Krusty the Clown receives more credit than he deserves. He was a terrible head coach of the Vikings and he helped destroy the franchise.

    This is one of the most annoying levels of annoying in my mind. Every time I hear a sso called sports expert giving him any sort of credit, my blood pressure boils and I become angry.

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