Ripping paper/laughing baby: A metaphor for modern sports

Aside from being possibly the cutest thing you’ve ever seen on the internet, it occurred to me that the following video serves as the perfect metaphor for sports today.

Here’s why.

Follow closely, people, as I demonstrate how the simple ripping of a piece of paper and the hysterically laughing baby that ensues, represent all of the following:

Paper Ripper:  Major League Baseball Hall of Fame voters ripping up their ballots now that Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa become eligible for induction in 2013

Laughing Baby: Bud Selig, Congress, baseball purists and any player who stayed clean during the steroid era

Paper Ripper:  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell tearing up a year’s worth of Sean Payton’s coaching salary ($6 million)

Laughing Baby:  Buccaneers, Falcons and Panthers fans

Paper Ripper: Magic Johnson officially bringing an end to the Frank McCourt era by purchasing the Los Angeles Dodgers

Laughing Baby: Dodgers fans and Jamie McCourt

Paper Ripper: Professional boxing ripping up its chances of ever becoming relevant again

Laughing Baby: UFC President Dana White

Paper Ripper: Two-time Super Bowl-winning running back Brandon Jacobs opting not to re-sign with the New York Giants

Laughing Baby: San Francisco 49ers fans

Paper Ripper: Rex Ryan holding open competition for the New York Jets starting quarterback position in 2012

Laughing Baby: Tim Tebow

Paper Ripper: The Miami Heat’s recent cold streak and LeBron James’ dwindling MVP hopes

Laughing Baby: Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant

Paper Ripper: The pressure on John Calipari when his heavily favored Kentucky Wildcats face in-state rival Louisville this weekend

Laughing Baby: Rick Pitino

Paper Ripper:  Denver Broncos GM John Elway tearing up Tim Tebow’s contract

Laughing Baby: Peyton Manning

Paper Ripper:  Father Time aging teams like the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs

Laughing Baby: The Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder

Paper Ripper: Tiger Woods erasing three years of his past by winning Bay Hill this weekend

Laughing Baby:  Tiger, the PGA Tour and golf fans everywhere

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16 Replies to “Ripping paper/laughing baby: A metaphor for modern sports”

  1. Paper Ripper: MLB announcing the addition of a second wild card spot.

    Laughing Baby: Tampa Bay Rays fans.

  2. Here’s the thing though, Aer.

    The Rays haven’t even needed that extra wild card spot. They’ve been doing just fine by themselves.

    Back in the day, the Sox would always be first team out, winning 90+ games but not making the playoffs because they were in the same division as the Yanks.

    There’s no doubt the AL East will continue to benefit most from the extra playoff spot… unless they soon get rid of divisions altogether.

  3. OMG hadnt seen that laughing baby video! That’s really hysterical!

    I want me one of those! Although nothing could be cuter then SC as a baby (don’t make me post pix! :})


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  5. Chris,

    Very clever use of video, sound, and metaphors targeting people and institutions deserving of such recognition.

    No wonder you are the number one blog site.

    Well done, Chris! Well done, indeed!!!

  6. Thank you, coach.

    How long until football season?

    And let me ask you this? Would any team in their right mind take Robert Griffin III before Andrew Luck in the upcoming draft?

  7. On the Luck vs. RG III question.

    I think the future of the NFL will be QB’s like Vick, Newton and RG III. Not all 32 teams, of course, but when a college player with the skills of those three is available, they will be taken first.

    As an investment, they have a much greater return because they can win two ways and the crowds will love them.

    Injuries to quarterbacks are always a concern but these guys are so big and so fast, they’ll weather the hits.

    And their passing skills are off the charts. If I am Indy, building a team from the ground up, I am going to go for RG III.

  8. Wow…

    It still amazes me that more and more people are going with Griffin. And I’m actually very surprised to hear you say that.

    We’ve seen what can happen when both NFL and NBA teams make the right or wrong choice with a high draft pick. Remember when the Orlando Magic opted for an unheard of high school kid named Dwight Howard over UConn’s starting senior Emeka Okafor who had just won a national championship?

    And then again, there’s the Colts choosing Manning over Leaf.

    I guess time will tell but Luck has been touted for so long, I just think it’s interesting that so many pundits are suddenly changing their mind to RGIII.

  9. Chris

    How many trees were destroyed by all of this (ripping paper) ?

    No truth to the rumor that Parcells will sit down with Brees and explain to him what he’d like to see out of the Saints’ offense this upcoming season .

    Justice a la the NFL , Goodell actually presiding over this farce of an appeal . I hear that they (NFL) couldn’t get the DA from Seminole Co, Florida to preside , as he was working on the Trayvon Martin case .

    Laughing baby , Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert because the more inconsistent the Heat now currently remain the bigger his statement can be somewhat borne out that his Cavs could win a title before LBJ and his cabal of under-achievers . Did you see the Heat’s #ss get blown out of the water by the Celtics ?

    tophatal …………

  10. I am pleased the “Laughing Baby” came into my life, albeit momentarily, because everything about sports is making me so freaking angry these days it makes me want to…well…rip paper. I mean, the very first comment under the post is about that f%#@&*g extra wild card slot MLB has crafted, resulting in a one-game “series.” I probably could create a post every day from Opening Day until the end of the Regular Season “ripping” over how insane playing 162 games is…to then allegedly make something called the playoffs…to then be eliminated in 24 hours…is. And then there’s the fact pro football is becoming flag football. Maybe I should stop watching all sports for a few months and just buy a few skids of paper…and start ripping it instead of sports.

  11. Both great points, SA. Selig will probably go down as a hero, as if adding an extra playoff series revolutionized the sport.

    And after last night, it looks like Calipari is both the one ripping the paper AND laughing.

  12. Definitely a cute video. Even funnier with your comedic ideas. The Buccaneers, Falcons and Panthers fans can’t laugh too hard, the “big Tuna” Bill Parcells might actually take the Saints job.

  13. BS…

    Always a good idea to click on that video when you’re down in the doldrums. That kid’s sure to knock you out of it.

    Either that or listen to some James Brown. That always works for me.

    I’m kind of surprised Goodell is totally hands-off on the Parcells hire. He was like, let them hire who they want.

    Maybe it’s because he realizes Parcells has more authority in the league than he does.

  14. Maybe Goodell sees the mess Parcells has left behind with his most recent gigs & just considers letting Parcells coach the Saints as further punishment.

    Love that video.

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