My journey to Augusta National, Part One

With all this talk of a record Mega Millions payout, the news that I had struck lottery gold actually came long before that.

My lottery tickets, to Augusta National, arrived in my mailbox a month earlier.

I booked my flight, zero hour, 9 am. 

This trip was half a year in the making.  I’m no planner but this was to be a special occasion.  After all, it’s not every day one is awarded four passes to the Masters Par Three Tournament held every Wednesday before the real deal actually starts.

Tiger, Jack, Arnie, Gary, Phil, SportsChump, we’d all be there.

I had been to Augusta once before, America’s golfing mecca.  But 2012 brought Round Two.

On the invite list, Liar North, Brotha E and the Don Calvino, not only the best of friends for twenty plus years but a list of bourbon drinkers whose tolerance I’d pit against Jack Daniels himself.

Then came notice that the Don would be unable to make the trip.  The remaining three of us put our heads together to come up with a last minute replacement. Partykiller was a likely, yet dangerous, substitute because his overall temperament after too much liquor.  He’s been thrown out of sporting events before.  Notice I said events with an s.  In fact, Partykiller’s probably been tossed from more games than Ozzie Guillen.  His presence would be a gamble.  The last thing any of us wanted was an altercation at Augusta.  Nobody had extra bail money.

Confirmation on our fourth would have to wait.

Regardless, my goal on this trip is to eat, drink and golf merry.  To spend time with good friends, fit in at least 36, possibly 54, holes of golf in Charlotte before heading to Augusta and just enjoy my first vacation in nearly two years.  And oh yeah, also see some of the world’s greatest golfers play one of the world’s most beautiful golf courses.

The plan will not be deviated from.

The only thing for certain is that I’ll be shooting over par, the pros will be shooting under and we will all wake up every morning tremendously hungover.

Stay tuned for further details…

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28 Replies to “My journey to Augusta National, Part One”

  1. Look forward 2 the next chapter SC.

    Have a great X. Yr limo 2 & from the airport proudly awaits U.


    PS: this trip guarantees us all some great reads.

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  3. I sense a little Elton John theme here. The song that is. Man, what a great event to attend. Take this over any other mega sporting event. Have a blast. I will only be betting matchups. Too tough to pick an outright winner. Keep us posted on the behind the scenes action.

    Ps. Tell Partykiller not to yell “get in the hole” when Tiger tees off.

  4. RB…

    I believe El Tigre only reserves that for Perkins waitresses and porn stars.

    Thanks for the good wishes and um… who ya’ takin’ in the national championship game?

    You know I love to bet underdogs moneyline but at only six points, I can’t justify betting +250 on the Jayhawks.

    If you see a nice fat Par Three match-up though, let me know and I’ll bet it for shits and giggles, just to say I saw it happen live.

  5. Man, I really hate to miss this one. I guess getting a new pair of lungs is the only thing possible that would trump this trip. Trust that I will be there for the next one!

    Don’t forget to send me updates!

  6. Donny C…

    You don’t hate it any more than we hate you not being there.

    And we all know the real reason you’re not going is that Tiger probably won’t be there.

    Whoops? Did I say that out loud? Guess E won’t be going either.

  7. You and your boys look as if there’s going to be more damage done at the 19th hole rather than anything being accomplished on a golf course . Or am I mistaken in my assumptions ?

    What odds on Tiger winning his 5th Green Jacket and becoming second on the PGA Tour in terms of official wins ? Better than even odds you think ?

    tophatal …………

  8. Well get back honky cat, you sound like the madman across the water. Hey don’t shoot me I’m only the piano player.
    Seriously man have a great time down the yellow brick road. That’s it I’m done now.

  9. Played Rock Chalk Jayhawk for a herring @+6.5.
    Only matchups I’ll be involved with are the Thurs-Sundays. Individual rounds as well as final tourney results. Anything strong will let you know. Odds haven’t been posted yet as of early Mon.

  10. Al…

    When we get together, it’s not just the 19th hole. It’s the whole go-to-bed-drinking-wake-up-drinking sorta thing.

    Trip’s been a blast so far. Stay tuned for more updates.

  11. Aer…

    There are some beautiful golf courses up here, man.

    Of course, right about now, after yesterday’s round, they have a lot more divots than they did the day before.

  12. Dub…

    Speaking of high as a kite, I know you’ve seen the Stewie/Family Guy version of that, yes?

    And yes, I’ve officially had that song stuck in my head for days now.

  13. SA….

    Lost a fair amount of balls yesterday, not an obscene amount, but certainly enough to say I did.

    Today brings the next thirty-six so wish me luck.

  14. RB…

    I definitely would have gone the other way on that one. Loved UK minus the six.

    Wish we had talked. I would have done my best to talk you out of it.

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