Your Official Metta World Peace Throw Dem Bows Caption Contest

It appears good old Mr. Artest is up to his old tricks.

In case you weren’t watching Sunday’s double-overtime thriller between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder, you missed not only a fantastic basketball game but the return of the man behind the malice.

After driving the lane for an emphatic dunk, Ron Artest, who legally, and somewhat hypocritically, changed his name to Metta World Peace last year, threw a forearm shiver to the unsuspecting James Harden.  Harden went down concussed as the unremorseful Artest continued up the floor, pounding his chest, until referees blew their whistles to eject him from the game.

NBA fans everywhere watched on in disbelief (until they realized it was Artest they were watching), then debated the extent of the suspension the NBA would hand down to the Lakers small forward, who, aside from obviously being a very troubled soul, is largely responsible for the biggest blemish in the sport’s history: The Malice at the Palace.

In keeping with true SportsChump tradition, we hereby choose to (dis)honor RonRon with a caption contest.  Have at it, sports fans.  Ron deserves our utmost wrath in this one.  The winner of this week’s caption contest will receive a secret prize, which promises not to include an elbow to the forehead from yours truly, a pirated copy of Ron Artest’s poor-selling “My World” rap CD and a bottle of ibuprofen.

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40 Replies to “Your Official Metta World Peace Throw Dem Bows Caption Contest”

  1. And from Mrs. Dubsism

    You put your elbow in
    You take your elbow out
    You put your elbow in
    And you shake it all about
    You do the Hokey Pokey
    And you knock James Harden out
    That’s what it’s all about

  2. N_ga please , Peace means peace out !

    Now let’s see if Stern has the “balls” to throw the book at Metta . A fine ($25,000 plus) and a two or three game suspension won’t be enough ! It was blatant , in spite of the player’s (MWP) lame as “tweet” stating that he hadn’t realized that Harden was in close proximity of him . He drilled the player on the side of head causing a concussion and it could well mean that Harden could be lost to the Thunder for the large part of the playoffs . tophatal ……….

  3. MWP: “Remember what the doctor said James, never stick anything in your ear smaller than your elbow”

  4. Funny how the Palace Brawl video can hardly be found on the internet anymore.

    Although it was extremely dirty, this play might be getting taken out of proportion. Uncalled for, yes, but is this type of play really something we can’t expect from Metta World Peace?

  5. The bigger they are, they harden they fall, Dub?

    If you went out on the town drinking one night with Ron Artest, do you think you’d fear for your life? I think I’d feel like Dave Chappelle hanging out with Wayne Brady.

  6. Peace out! I like that, Al. Nice work.

    I just heard that Artest has been suspended 13 times in his career. Are we approaching Steve Howe status?

    And you’re right. If the Thunder lose Harden, that’ll be a huge blow for OKC… although good for your Spurs.

  7. Aer…

    I’ve seen the replay of the hit about 20 times now.

    Artest was literally atomic after that dunk.

    I love how everyone is saying how he’s such a nice guy off the court, that he’s done so much for this or that charity.


    I’m as competitive as the next guy and I understand tempers flare but I don’t recall ever wanting to beat the snot out of someone when I stepped onto a basketball court.

    Oh, that’s right, because I’m civilized.

  8. J-Smith…

    Tadpole, flagpole, J-Lo, halo, Cee-Lo, I’m sure I could come up with a few others.

    Remember, it’s the word orange that nothing rhymes with.

  9. DHS…

    Another great point. David Stern is like the Eraser.

    I can see him now commanding his staff to delete all remaining clips of that night.

    However, what he SHOULD have done is talk to the guy that made it all happen i the first place. Ron Ron himself. For yesterday, he reminded us of the kind of cat he really is. Certifiable. That’s what the back of his jersey should really read.

    I have a feeling Stern’s gonna come down hard on the guy. He has to, doesn’t he? Saying oh that’s just Ron being Ron is not an excuse.

  10. Bill Laimbeer was one of the biggest thugs? THE BIGGEST THUG OF ALL TIME. As much as I really hate Ron Artest, he’ll never be in the same league as Laimbeer.

  11. I think you’re biased, Snake.

    Where Laimbeer was dirty, and most certainly calculated, Artest is just a head case of the highest order.

    Remember, Laimbeer has become a coach and a pretty successful one at that.

    I don’t think anyone expects that out of Artest when he leaves the game. In fact, locked up in a shelter somewhere is much more likely.

  12. No, Laimbeer was a thug because that’s how he played. Artest thinks he’s a funny guy and what he does is just funny to him. Same kind of head case as Delonte West. Anyone want a wet willy? I’ll never forget when Artest pulled down Paul Pierce’s shorts during a game. He’s lucky it was good natured Pierce and not someone like Garnett who would have put the guy in a coma. I agree that he should be locked up. Anywhere would be fine with me. He dirties the game. As I’ve said before, he should play in the NHL.

  13. If I went out drinking with World Peace, I’d make sure I threw the first punch.

    That’s right, I’d sucker-punch World Peace.

  14. Snake…

    I think you’re on to something.

    That might be the perfect fine.

    Have Artest play one full game, in pads, on skates, in the NHL.

    Someone get me Commissioner Stern.

  15. MWP is a d_ck ! He’s the guy who acts tough but when confronted in a real fight he’d defecate on himself ! The Palace of Aurburn Hills melee` was a joke ! Artest as he was then known was throwing punches like a member of pre-op transgendered dance troupe . Did he break a nail by any chance ? .

    As for Harden if he’s lost to Thunder for a prolonged period over the playoffs it’s going to hurt the team …. immensely on both sides of the ball . Stern needs to show that type of behavior won’t be tolerated at all . Leave that sort of bs to the NHL !

    D_Wade hurt his finger ? Let’s hope that’s not the one he uses to insert into Gabrielle’s ” union “ freche` ? I hear she’s now become all the rage when sighted for the Heat’s home games ?

    SVG says he also suffers from back aches but he’s still able to perform his job admirably as coach of the Orlando Magic . Is that meant to be another “pot shot” at Dwight ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Did the Red Sox really believe that Valentine would be the savior of that team ? They’ve no heart , no soul and god knows after their two most performances against the Yankees at Fenway there’s not one god damn redeeming quality about the team much less about the manager , himself ! What an embarrassment !

    tophatal ………..

  16. Hello Sportschump. This is Reichsführer Stern. Vat is it you vont me to do regarding dat mashugga Metta World Peace? Oy, vat kinda name is dat? I thought ve ver done vit dat type of player when Rodman retired. I dunno, maybe I’ll call my lantsman Gary Bettman for some ideas.

  17. Al…

    I love the fact that the league gave Artest the Citizenship Award as if it were the league’s most improved player award. Reminds me of that that fateful, pre-Super Bowl night where Eugene Robinson offered to pay some woman for sex the day after receiving a similar award in the NFL.

  18. FYI, boys and girls.

    There all came from Twitter. Not bad.

    From tennis star Andy Roddick (@andyroddick): “I think metta world peace should change his name to holy flying elbow.”

    @sportspickle: “Disillusioned Metta World Peace changes his name to Military Industrial Complex.”

    @phabriss: “After that little elbowing incident Sunday, I think Ron Artest’s name should be Metta World War, not Metta World Peace.”

    @DanWolken: “If that’s what World Peace looks like, I’d hate to see what Metta Cold War is capable of.”

    @PatMcAfeeShow: “Metta world peace got a bit Ron Artesty didn’t he.”

    @JCLayfield: “Shouldn’t Ron Artest become Metta World Moron after last night’s flagrant foul? World Peace just doesn’t seem right.”

    @BleacherReport: “Oh the irony of Metta World Peace.”

    @NOTSportsCenter: “BREAKING: After seeing him knock out Harden, Vince McMahon has signed Metta World Peace to the #WWE, thinks his personality is a perfect fit.”

    @awfulannouncing: “How could Metta World Peace have a crazy Ron Artest relapse on Earth Day of all days? Cmon man.”

  19. Chris

    MWP got a Citizenship Award ? WTF ! I hear that that Syria’s …. Bashar Al Assad is on the short-list for the Nobel Peace Prize ? What were they thinking at the time when they doled out that particular award to the player ?

    You have to remember that Eugene Robinson then an avowed Christian , was simply carrying out God’s work . He wanted to relate his experiences to these young women (prostitutes) as what it takes to become a faithful and religious person . The fact that his pants just happen to have been around his ankles and these girls were being asked to perform a specific sexual act . Well we shouldn’t read a great deal into it at . Where’s Monica Lewinsky when you need her ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Mark Sullivan the Director of the US Secret Service apparently is interested in seeing what type of electronic device was being used by Saints GM Mickey Loomis ? Apparently he (Sullivan) wants to upgrade the counter-surveillance techniques of his staff so that he can monitor them with a great deal more scrutiny ? Obviously when they were in Cartagena , Colombia , it wasn’t working out all that well ? LOL ,LOL,LOL !!! $40 for a “round the world trip” ? Good God almighty , those prices obviously don’t take into account inflation > do they ? Or do they ? If you get my drift ?

    tophatal …………

  20. Yeah, Al, I’m not sure who’s responsible for giving that thing out but you’d think they’d want to let a little more time pass to see if Artest didn’t turn back into Mr. Hyde once again.

    As of late Tuesday afternoon, still no word of any suspension…. but it’s coming.

    And I don’t know who came out with the news about Loomis but I hope they got their facts straight because the Saints are going to come back strong… in court.

  21. Just when you thought Metta World Peace was rehabilitated, the guy goes out and does this. Really? The whole point of changing his name was so that people can have a different perspective about him. How funny is it that the guy who purposely hurt another player has the word peace in the back of his jersey. To me, that’s hilarious.

  22. Chris

    7 games (MWPs suspension) for a wantoned and premeditated act ? Stern is a ponce and an a_s ! However as a member of the US Secret Service …….. you drop trou’ and refuse to pay a hooker but in doing so you’re liable to lose your job . Go figure ? Never mind the fact you’ve got members of the Senate and Congress questioning the behavior of the the President’s protection detail. Did I miss something because that’s akin the “pot calling the kettle black” ……… or those looking through a window ” simply looking to throw stones” ____- when they themselves are not without fault as it concerns their own dubious behavior .

    Spoels’ and Riles saw fit to sit some of their star players in the game against the Celtics and came up way short . Not exactly the way this team ought to be going into the playoffs that’s for sure . Still of the opinion they’ll be there at the end for the conference finals ?

    Clemens’ lawyer Rusty Hardin seems to be delusional in part . He states his client’s testimony to Congress should have no bearing on this trial . What ? Rocket’s sworn testimony isn’t of relevance and then they (defense attorney’s) get to persuade the judge to side with them on the basis that Pettite can’t refer to anything has to whom gave him the illicit substances he used or whom he first was known to associated with before getting the PED’s . Wow that’s justice at its finest (sarcasm here ) when you simply throw out what’s actually relevant to the damn case itself ! More idiocy as it relates to the judicial system here in the US .

    Saints’ interim coach Joe Vitt says there’s no wrongdoing at all by Loomis concerning the eavesdropping allegations. How the hell does he know ? Especially when you take into account that both of these lying pieces of fecal matter lied repeatedly to the team’s owner and the league’s investigators concerning their involvement in the Saints’ “Bounty-gate Scandal ” . That franchise has now sunk to depths lower than the Lusitania and Titanic . No one there in a position of authority has a god damn ounce of integrity much less moral fiber !

    Wow the Rays put on a can of whup a#s and a hell of pitching display by Price in shellacking the Angels 5-0 .

    tophatal ………………

  23. BS…

    It’s pretty disappointing but I don’t think it really comes as much of a surprise to anyone.

    I mean, we all knew it was only a matter of time before he melted down again, didn’t we?

  24. Al…

    I’m really surprised Stern didn’t come down harder on psycho boy. Can we cry conspiracy going into these playoffs? We know the Lakers bring ratings. Without Artesta World Peace, how deep a run could they make? I haven’t heard Stern’s reasoning for the seven games but I’d love to.

    I’m not following the Clemens trial because I know exactly how it will end up, so why waste my time?

    And again, don’t be surprised when the Rays win close to 100 games this season.

  25. MWP also suffers from bi-polar disorder . Where’s Conrad Murray when you need him . Propofol for Metta me-thinks ! It served Whacko Jacko well in the end didn’t it ?

  26. Chris

    So let’s get this straight ………the Dodgers gets sold for record $ 2 billion …………McCourt walks away with close to $ 800 million after the sale and Selig tries to spin it all as a positive . Never mind the fact that a number of owners questioned Selig’s interference in the process prior to and after the winning bid had been lodged by Magic and his partners . Conspiracy theory or not this whole thing stinks to “high heaven” !

  27. I guess, Al, if he’s been diagnosed as such, but I’m still not buying it.

    And that certainly doesn’t excuse his behavior.

    Furthermore, in the case of McCourt, or any other billionaire for that matter, it shouldn’t surprise you when the rich get richer.

  28. Either that or he just forgot his medications that morning.

    Trust me, when your 7’1 friend who can bench-press 350 without breaking a sweat says that he wouldn’t fight Big Ben, it’s an indication that it’s a bad, bad, bad idea.

  29. PA…

    I wonder how much of a distraction it’ll be for L.A. when they finally get Artest back.

    After last night, the Thunder are certainly looking like a team not to be fucked with.

  30. this ron artest needs to go to jail for this. call me whevtear you want, but i sure don’t want my kid to see this kind of worldpeace , neither this kind of ball game. He did it on purpose, and he knew it since he was ready to fight ibaka the second after. NO DOUBT about his intentions, that guy is up to no good.Fuck it i Love the Lakers, but watching them win right after this just spoiled it, cuz it wasn’t fair to OKC, without the best 6th man in the league, it just ain’t right.

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