Amare Stoudemire-Fire Extinguisher altercation sparks Twitter madness

It’s the NBA Playoffs.  Tempers flare.  Players are already exhausted from an intense and accelerated season; they’re going to lose their cool. 

So far we’ve seen Dirk Nowitzki and Kendrick Perkins go at it, Tyson Chandler throw a healthy backscreen on LeBron and Rajon Rondo chest-bump a referee.  But from my own, personal experience with inanimate objects, they generally win the battle against skin and bone.

Enter Amare Stoudemire.

Stoudemire was a key cog of a Phoenix Suns team that consistently threatened in the West, but never got over the hump.  Now he’s in New York.

In his second year in the Apple, Amare’s Knicks find themselves on the verge of losing in the first round of the playoffs for the second straight season, last year to Boston, this year to Miami.  Apparently, in a fit of frustration after losing Game Two Monday night, Amare punched one of those glass-encased fire extinguishers deep in the bowels of American Airlines Arena, cutting his hand and leaving him out indefinitely.

Guess he wasn’t too happy about being down 0-2.  Or perhaps taking 25 fewer shots than teammate Carmelo Anthony in the two games they’ve played had something to do with it, but hey, that’s purely speculation on my part.

After the Amare story broke, the Twitterverse went rampant.  That’s what people on Twitter do.

So without being entirely insensitive to Amare’s condition, here are some of the Tweets I found entertaining, including a few of my own.

@SportsChump: When the fist hits the glass, fire extinguisher intact, that’s Amaaaaare.

@MikeHillESPN: Maybe Amare saw the sign that said…”in case of emergency break glass”…..Down 0-2 would constitute an emergency, right? #Knicks

@sportspickle: Amare Stoudemire’s defense is so bad, the fire extinguisher landed more punches.

@SportsChump: When asked how the Heat were able to cool off New York, Amare pointed to a fire extinguisher as if to say, this is how. Just didn’t work out

@BenMaller: David Stern will wait to see if fire extinguisher suffered concussion before punishing Knicks Amare Stoudemire.

@TheFakeESPN: Amare hit the Fire Extinguisher because it called him the “N-word” without pronouncing it the friendly black way.

@SuryaHeatNBA: C’mon Amare, everyone knows you’re supposed to use that little metal thingie hanging off to the side with a chain.

@SportsChump: Amare Stoudemire has had about as much luck with fire extinguishers as Tiger Woods has had with fire hydrants

@FauxJohnMadden: The Bobcats would lose by 27 to the fire extinguisher Amare Stoudemire punched.

@pwnteam: New movie idea: Rush Hour 4, starring Amare Stoudemire and Jeremy Lin

@FakePatRiley: Amare cut his hand and everyone looked at Jeremy Lin, assuming he’s also a Doctor.

@EdgeofSports: Paramedics called to Knicks locker room because Amare cut his hand “punching something”. At least he’s finally hitting the glass.

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19 Replies to “Amare Stoudemire-Fire Extinguisher altercation sparks Twitter madness”

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  2. Why didn’t Amar’e just simply beat his _#$king head against the extinguisher as it might well have been far more creative and productive on his part ? . Another reason why Polk County , Florida just happens to be the armpit and anal cavity of this state ! Stoudemire is a Lake Wales native . Pretty much sums the “mentality ” and IQ for the county as a whole as it relates to certain areas of the demographics ! The dumb _ss jumped from high school straight to the NBA and his IQ is barely above that of a gnat ! Upon perusing that 2002 NBA Draft it’s not really as impressive as it first looks when looked at in depth ! Your thoughts ?


  3. Duly noted, Chris. Correction made.

    Had this actually happened in Madison Square, the fire extinguisher would have fought back and not been so offended at Amare’s comments about Fidel Castro.

  4. Amare is simply another reason why the city of Lake Wales ought to removed from all reference maps as it relates to Polk County Florida ! Other such Florida cities due for this distinction , Clewiston , Pahokee , North Miami Beach , Thonotasassa , Oakland Park , Sunrise , and a slew of others way too numerous to mention .

    tophatal …………..

  5. @ Alan aka tophatal As a 13 year resident of Polk County, I agree with you 100%. The definition of POLK is:”People Of Limited Knowledge.” Personally, I’d rather chest bump a ref than punch glass.

  6. Well the Heat were on fire and don’t some of those cases say in case of fire break glass.
    Ah, Polk County. Where men are men and the livestock are nervous.
    Hey don’t call my friend a dumby. He may be a dummy,but he’s our dummy:)… dummy!

  7. Funnnnny post!

    Some of those tweets are very clever too(U know who U R).

    Amazing the material these players keep giving U, huh?

    Nice job SC.

  8. Chris

    Club De Coty in Lake Wales is a cesspool . Gun violence , drugs , sex and debauchery and that’s simply amongst the church going congregation who’ve used the venue on the off chance of luring new members .

    So what if Amare` punched a fire extinguisher . It’s not as if he had an Arenas’ meltdown and pointed a gun at ‘melo’s head now , is it ? You gotta love the Knicks as only they can stink up the joint and look for ways to improve . ! ! Defense ? Can anyone on the team …. play the game in terms of that strategy beyond Chandler ? NBA DPOY 2011 ?

    My take on the Nationals and their play within NL East this season !

    Also let me know if the sales’ pitch using Denise Milani and Wendy Fiore would work well for the Rays as they look increase attendance at the Trop ?

    So Longo will be out for the Rays for anywhere up to two months if not more . Ouch !

    Mr Deeds Goes To Washington


  9. Chris

    If I’m about to chest bump anyone it’d better be a voluptuous female with ample assets who’s got ” some mischief ” on her mind ! What the hell was Rondo thinking ?

    Just the way I roll bro !

    So Silas is out with the Bobcats ? Word is team owner Michael Jordan is considering contacting his mentor and old coach Phil Jackson ? Ain’t gonna happen bro , not with Phil ” warming up Jeanie Buss’ tenderloins . See link for pics ?

    It’s also being rumored that Knicks’ owner Jim Dolan is also about send out “feelers” to Jackson to gauge his interest in perhaps coaching the Knicks ? That scenario won’t arise as the Knicks are at least two pieces short of being a legitimate contender for the NBA title .

    tophatal ……

  10. Al…

    The more and more I look at Carmelo’s stat lines, the more I think there’s no way in hell Phil Jackson wants any part of that team.

    I don’t think even the Zen Master could get ‘Melo to shoot less than 20 times a game.

  11. Al…

    The Celtics were able to get past the absence of Rondo in Game Two thanks to 36 from Paul Pierce, and that’s exactly what I’m talking about with the Hawks. They’ve assembled a good team, a competitive team, but not a great one.

    And I hear Jordan’s considering hiring Pat Ewing as his head coach. Explain that one to me.

  12. If Amare wasn’t happy about being down 0-2, try asking the Knicks players what they felt when he cut his hand. Definitely understand the frustration, but at this juncture, there is no room for stupidity. Not sure if you caught the interview with Carmelo Anthony, but when asked about the Amare Stoudemire incident, Carmelo couldn’t help to begin his response with a smirk.

  13. Of course not, Blog Surfer.

    Think about it. With Amare gone, Carmelo gets to take that many more shots.

    Think about it. If you were Phil Jackson, would you want any part of this team?

  14. If I ever become NBA commissioner, Plexiglass fire extinguisher cases. No questions asked.

  15. PA…

    They can’t dummy-proof the entire area, dude.

    Ultimately, these guys will have to take responsibility for their actions.

    And again, as I’ve tried to tell many a Knicks fan, it wouldn’t have mattered.

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