Blindsided by Quinton Aaron

You guys remember that movie The Blind Side?  A film based not too loosely on the book by Michael Lewis and the life story of Baltimore Raven offensive lineman, Michael Oher?  Blind Side won Sandra Bullock her first Academy Award and marked the big-time, acting debut of Quinton Aaron, who played Oher.

Well, you guys also know I tend bar at one of South Tampa’s finer restaurants, right?  And you also know that I run karaoke Wednesday nights?  I mean, how could you not at this point?

Well, who would have guessed that these two star-studded events would eventually cross paths?

Aaron and the crew of his latest project were visiting the Bay area, doing some charity work and putting the finishing touches on their latest project.  They just happened to stumble into my bar.

I soon found out that, not only can Aaron act, he can sing as well.

As the crowd at the bar encouraged the six-foot-eight movie star to get on stage, little did any of us know what he had in store for us.  See, in my mind, certain artists are simply not to be duplicated, certain songs left unsung.  Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” happens to be one of those.  If you’re not going to pay it proper tribute, then just leave it alone.  But as you will soon see, Aaron did that and then some.

With his permission, I thought I’d share a little of his vocal stylings.  Thanks, guys, for a great night and… let’s get it on!

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36 Replies to “Blindsided by Quinton Aaron”

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  2. I like karaoke, but can no longer sing certain songs do due a sinus condition. On the bright side there is always Dylan and Petty.

  3. Guy’s got talent and then some ! It’s the same too with actor Rob Brown of ” Finding Forrester “ & ” The Express” fame . A talented actor and musician as well .

    Sad news about the death of former Chargers’ defensive lineman Junior Seau ! I still can’t believe that he’s dead or that this apparently came about from a self-inflicted gunshot wound . Suicide ? What might that indicate as to the suffering of these former NFL players in terms their long-term health issues ? Apparently there were no indications that he was suicidal or suffered from bouts of depression . But it was somewhat the same with Dave Duerson , amongst others (NFL players ) who’ve taken their own lives under such tragic circumstances !

    Junior Seau’s Death: Case Highlight’s Issues For The NFL

    By Mikaela Conley , ABC News

    The circumstances coming to light about the death of former NFL linebacker Junior Seau may highlight what some doctors see as a growing link between head trauma, mental illness and suicide, a connection that has come to the forefront of sports safety research in the last decade.

    Seau was found dead from a gunshot wound to the chest at his home in Oceanside, Calif. Wednesday morning.

    If Seau did indeed commit suicide, his death would bear a resemblance to that of other athletes in hard-hitting sports, including Chicago Bears football player Dave Duerson. Duerson shot himself in the chest in February of last year.

    Seau played in the NFL for 20 years for the San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots. On Wednesday, Chargers Chaplain Shawn Mitchell told that Seau died of a “self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest this morning.” Seau was 43 and leaves behind three children and an ex-wife, Gina Deboer .


    Click on link to read article in full .

    Nice play by the Magic last night , simply another reason to abandon the team and organization altogether ! .

    tophatal ……..

  4. Aer…

    Petty’s actually harder to sing than you think. So is ZZ Top.

    Guys and songs that sound low but they’re actually in the key of F.

    Be careful next time you try Petty for the first time in front of a crowd.

  5. DHS…

    He totally nailed it, man.

    And I was working that night so we were all introduced early in the evening. I was careful not to call him Michael Oher, you figure he’d have to be over that even though that movie put him on the map.

    He’s actually a really nice guy, although very few people wanted to get up and sing after him, he he.

  6. Al…

    Even after that first victory, we all kind of knew the Magic weren’t going to amount to much. If one victory is all Stan Van can muster out of that team, well, I think we both know what happens next. Not that it would have mattered anyway. Lame duck coaching can’t be any fun.

    And yes, horrible news about Seau. Just goes to show you that depression does not discriminate, not against rich or poor, black or white, male or female.

  7. Looks like a good time was had by all! Blind Side was a great movie based in fact… Good to see the Quinton and here’s hoping his career continues upward. Being 6’8″ probably doesn’t put a lot of offers on his table, but who knows? Dude can sing!

    I guess you took note of what the Buccaneers did yesterday signing Eric LeGrand out of Rutgers. A great gesture for a young man on the mend from a spinal injury… Coach Greg Schiano and the Glazers outdid themselves on that call!

  8. The Magic done because no way in hell should they make it to the conference semis can they be seen as a presumptive favorite !

    If I were to tell you that 8 members from that Chargers’ 1994 roster have died in the last decade through natural causes or otherwise what would you think ?

    I still work US military vets (primarily guys who’ve been in combat in Afghanstian and Iraq–recent conflict) who suffer from PTSD in trying to assist them in getting their rightful benefits denied through various governmental agencies . And their suffering is not unlike the crap we’re now witnessing engulfing the NFL and their old time veterans .

    If this autopsy on Seau proves it was a suicide , then in many respects it’s a sad indictment of the NFL and how it treats its players . Dave Duerson and Mike Webster immediately come to mind and how they died in deplorable circumstances !

    Let me know what you think ?

    Taking It To The House

    tophatal ….

  9. Chris,

    I think bartending is an honorable profession post Volstead Act. People skills with interaction and many PERKS(!!).

    What I don’t get is your perserverance with dealing with the public. Burnout happens quicker than many realize. Just ask veteran blackjack or dice dealers. The drinking and gambling intoxications are similar. How do you do it?

  10. Hello Triple SC,
    Do you know I have yet to see that movie…isn’t that sad? He sure did an excellent Let’s Get It On. Thanks for sharing. I’m in full baseball mode and “Lovin Every Minute Of It”…
    Going to Gator baseball game on Mothers Day- what more could a mom want? Yaz gave me the tickets for my bday. I’ll be looking at a Rays game this summer- I’ll keep ya posted. Then Im headed to Boston 9/21 for a conference, but visiting glorious 100 yr old Fenway Park for THREE games-2 vs Orioles and 1 vs Rays! I’m so excited and I’ve been trying to talk Yaz into going with us, but it will interfere with his football so he is gonna pass. 🙁 Holy cow! I can’t believe that! Take care, Dee Dee

  11. Regarding the Magic, Dwight may get his wish granted yet. Too bad he won’t be there to enjoy it

  12. Amare` says his wrists now hurt because of self gratification ! Ah well , he has to get pleasure himself somehow ’cause it’s not coming from his play , watching or from the play the Knicks during this playoff series against the Heat , that’s for sure !

    So the autopsy has been made official as to the cause of Seau’s death but the toxicology report details won’t be known for a number of weeks . So sad , but yet not necessarily unexpected !

    tophatal ………….

  13. Dwin…

    I was definitely impressed with Aaron’s vocal stylings although, as you suggest, he’s got plenty of body weight to pull from.

    Nice kid, too.

    Al and I have been talking lately about the early impression Schiano is making. You’re right. Class move by signing LeGrand.

    He’s getting the area psyched up for football and that’s something we’ve lacked here in Tampa for some time.

  14. Al…

    I had written off the Magic, as well as pretty much any team not named the Heat, a long time ago. Although after what OKC did to Dallas last night, Durant and Westbrook proved they’re not going to go down without a fight. Are we on the verge of witnessing an NBA rivalry that will shape the league for years to come?

    In fact, you just gave me an idea for a post. Nice work, sir.

    And I’ll be interested in finding out what the Seau autopsy discovers although, the thought of it just creeps me out. I know it’s for a good cause but still. It’s why I never went to med school

  15. RB…

    To be perfectly honest, I love my job. I did it for years putting myself through college and grad school, ended up getting a “real job” as they say, and realized after some time that I was never as happy as I was when I was behind the bar.

    I love the personal interaction, happen to work in a great place, but am also aware of the hazards that come with the job.

    Either way, there’s not a day (night rather) where I dread going into work and that’s gotta count for something.

    Quality of life, brother, keeps a man young.

  16. Dee Dee…

    Enjoy Fenway. That’s a great time.

    And do yourself a favor. When you get back into town and settled, make it a Blockbuster night and rent “The Blind Side.”

    And be prepared to squirt some tears at the end.

  17. PA…

    I’m trying to think of what else he sang. Oh, he did Maroon 5, actually pretty well too.

    And yea, dude, this is going to be a bad off-season for Orlando. Here’s hoping they can get something at all for him in return.

  18. Chris,

    You’re a lucky guy. Not many can say what you just wrote. When I got outta the service I was unemployable. Became self-employed. My draft-deferred(job) dad could never understand. RIP Pops.

  19. RB…

    I know, man. It’s the way I feel though.

    My dad always told me if I loved what I do, I wouldn’t work another day in my life.

    Between my job and the website, I’m doing exactly what I want to do, including living with a great, big smile on my face.

  20. So the Knicks won their first playoff game in just over a decade ? Can you remember where you were when that event took place ? Time is on your side .

    Durant and Westbrook are on a mission but I think when they face off against my Spurs in the conference finals they’ll be in for a dose of reality ! ‘nough said !

    That whole Seau issue is now going to “open up a can of worms” as far as the NFL and union are concerned . NFLPA Exec Dir DeMaurice Smith is questioning the veracity of the case that the league has against the Saints’ players. Shouldn’t he be concerned with the fact during the CBA (collective bargaining agreement) he in essence signed away his members’ rights in how they can have a right of recourse in such matters as it relates to how Goodell and the league hierarchy handle such issues ?

    So Mayweather took care of business against Miguel Cotto . Now I wonder if Pacquiao is still interested in that proposed super-fight ? For a guaranteed $50 million payday you can whup my a_s ’til the cows come home ! At least afterwards I can get to spend that money anyway I want …. even on he medical bills .

    Are you a big tattoo fan or aficionado ? Got myself another one this past weekend to go alongside my military service one and the pic of a Samurai that’s on my back .

    tophatal ……….

  21. If the Magic useful for me in terms of a tax write-off I’d welcome having them as a business expense . SVG and Dwight need to go along with Otis Smith !

    tophatal …………..

  22. Al…

    I was trying to recall who was on that Knicks team but couldn’t. Was that the Allan Houston-Latrell Sprewell-Antonio Davis team?

    COLOR me VERY impressed with the Thunder so far. I’ll have a post coming up on them shortly.

    And I didn’t get to watch the fight. I hear Mayweather won handily but also got knocked around pretty good in the process.

    Congrats on the tat. Post a picture when it’s healed.

  23. Re: the Knicks, Al.

    They’re going to need to figure out whether they want to continue this Amare-‘Melo experiment. Can these two co-exist? Can they find a coach to lead them? And was Jeremy Lin just a flash in the pan or is he for real?

    Whatever team they assemble, they’ll need to be able to compete with the Miami Heat roster who seem to have set the bar pretty high in the Eastern Conference.

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  25. The one trade I know that Otis Smith won’t be refuse is the one here he gets a Kardashian along with Lamar Odom along with one of the younger sisters sister to be named later . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    So it appears that the NFLPA (union) isn’t the only sports’ union with troubles of its own . Have you heard what’s happening with the NBPA (basketball players’ union) ? Whoa , this s_it is really getting out of hand .

    The Cuban Missile Crisis

    tophatal …………

  26. The judges had Mayweather winning the fight with a unanimous verdict but in my honest opinion that fight was a lot closer than the verdict given . Mayeather’s face looked as if he’d been hit by a Mack Truck .

    He may well have landed more punches than Cotto but many of them were just glances rather than really telling blows . Let Floyd fight outside of his hometown in Vegas and then we’ll see how he’d really do .

    As long as Bob Arum is promoting Pacquiao then a proposed super-fight between he and Mayweather will never take place . It’s no longer about the money but the mere fact that Arum dislikes Mayweather and his entourage vehemently with disgust .

    tophatal …………

  27. This’ll be an interesting off-season for the Magic, Al, beginning…. now.

    They’re going to have to give up some of the assets on their roster to get something in return. We’ll see who ends up on the better end of that deal.

  28. Arum… ugh, Al.

    If they were to offer you a tour of his mansion, one of many he owns I’m sure, how would you treat it?

    And before you lose your temper, keep in mind, I’d be there as your agent, discussing how to rebuild their sport.

    Of course, they wouldn’t listen as that would cut into their purse and we’d summarily be removed from their front doorstep as you choose to do your business on front carpet while removed by security.

    Good times.

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