Leading a debt-free existence

I shed a tear as I wrote the last check.

Pay to the order of Discover $817.35.

This feeling has been a LONG time coming, twenty or so years, the culmination of balance after transferred balance after transferred balance.

Today, I celebrate, for at 43 years old, I am officially debt-free.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not living in the lap of luxury.  I still owe plenty on my condo and have payments left on my car, but to the credit card companies, the Capital Ones, the Bank of Americas and the Chases of the world… I owe you nothing!

And that, for me, is a major accomplishment.

This post has nothing to do with sports (unless you include the countless thousands I’ve put on those credit cards at sporting events around the world) but there was a point in my life when I was over $20,000 in debt.

Not anymore.

I would hereby like to thank all of my employers, especially my current one, for allowing me to prove my worth.  Without them, this would not have been possible.  I’d like to thank all of those who helped me get through a tougher, financial time.  You know who you are.  I would like to thank my faithful SportsChump advertisers.  I would also like to remember every bar tab, tuition payment, hospital bill, elaborate dinner, ill-advised casino trip, grocery bill, pair of slacks I didn’t need but had to have and lastly, raise a ceremonial, middle finger to my ex-fiancee who helped put me in that massive debt in the first place.  Who’s laughing now?

Now that I’m getting older and no longer have to shell out that stout, monthly nut on credit card payments, I’m looking for something to invest my money in, perhaps some sports betting websites.  I’m guessing with Bosh out, the Heat are no longer a sound investment.  I have years to go before writing the great American novel, then retiring off that fortune, so for the financially savvy of you, throw me some words of wisdom on how to continue adding to my nest egg.

Oh, and next time, drinks are on me… and I’ll be paying cash.

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33 Replies to “Leading a debt-free existence”

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  2. My best advice for staying credit card debt free? Cut up those credit cards and just use your bank debit card. Once you have a zero balance, you’ll be tempted to use them again. DON’T DO IT!!! Don’t ever spend more than you have. If you must bet on who the next NBA champion is going to be, just put it on the Celtics. You’d be making both me and my son happy.

  3. Sage advice, sir, except for that whole thing about the Celtics.

    Actually, dude, with no Chris Bosh, and the Celtics wanting to exact a little revenge from last year’s outing, the C’s in the Finals might not be all that far-fetched.

  4. My advice to you young man is to invest heavily in wine, women, and song for life is short and the end is always near.

  5. I haven’t had a credit card in years…

    I’ve watched people in casinos go up to the ATM and start going through their cards until one of them finally results in a cash advance… Un-f’ing-believeable!

    If it makes you feel any better my ex-wife (behind my back mind you) did a balancing act with 4 credit cards trying to look fashionable while running her business in the ground… She had all 4 cards maxed up when she finally came clean… $35K…

    Congrats to you Chris… Screw the credit card companies and their endless finance and interest charges!

  6. Dwin…

    If you think convenience fees at casinos are bad, you should check ’em out at strip clubs.

    Of course, that’s just what I’ve heard.

    I think the local Hard Rock charges about $4 per transaction but certain gentleman’s clubs in the area can charge up to ten or twenty.

    Again, that’s just what someone told me.

    Why do I get the feeling that your ex and my ex crossed paths in a mall somewhere?

  7. I remember how good that felt. I shredded all of my credit cards and never kept one again. My best advice? Find a good financial planner not named Madoff (with references you know) and don’t play games with your money. Congrats, and good luck!

  8. That’s a major accomplishment for anybody! You should be very proud, indeed. Congrats, Chris!!!

  9. Congrats, Rev!

    It’s a great time to buy foreclosures in Florida. Don’t be afraid to low ball the bank. You could be a wealthy slumlord in no time!

  10. That’s super cool Triple SC…Congrats to you. I just paid approx $900 on my Discover bill to pay for 7 Fenway Park tickets and as good as THAT felt, I bet paying it off would feel mighty good too… I hope someone will sing this for you on your karaoke night!
    Money by Pink Floyd…
    Money, get away
    Get a good job with good pay and you’re okay
    Money, it’s a gas
    Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash
    Etc…Congrats to you!! Enjoy your freedom from credit card debt!!

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  12. Prior to the do’s, I’ll give you some don’ts.

    Don’t get swindled into buying Iraqi dinars. Big Ponzi scheme. If Don Henley was singing, it would go something like this. “You can cash out anytime you like, but you can never receive.”

    Stay away from IPOs. Penny stocks steal your dollars.

    Do’s are a matter of personal tolerance.

  13. Couldn’t be prouder of you my SC. Great post… terrific topic & accomplishment.

    And BTW, tell Pops that its ok for him to pick up the tab.

  14. Dee Dee…

    The only Floyd I sing on karaoke night is “Wish You Were Here” but perhaps I’ll give “Money” a shot this week.

    Thanks for the kind wishes and have a blast at Fenway.

    Take pics!

  15. RB…

    So how about the Clippers coming back a whopping 12:1 against the Spurs?

    Would you consider that a sound investment? Probably not, but one I’m going to play regardless.

  16. Al…

    When asked at the post-game press conference, Kobe said the Lakers could not cover the Thunder. Was he trying to fire up his teammates or was he simply telling the truth. After watching the game last night, I’d say the latter.

    And I literally waste none of my time following the exploits of one Terrell Owens.

    Fortunately, the Rays have enough depth at starter to stem the tide of Neimann’s injury. We’ll see who gets the call-up as that fifth starter or do they just give that spot to Davis?

  17. Al…

    I expect the Lakers to put up a fight. I could be wrong but I just don’t see them going out like that.

    Owens wants back in to the NFL? Who cares?

    The Rays could afford to lose one starter but the injuries are starting to pile up. They’re gonna need everyone healthy if they want to make a run at the AL East.

    I heard that about Strasburg. Kid gloves, Al, but understandable considering he’s the future of the franchise.

    And what’s to say about the Heat that hasn’t already been said? They lose this series to the Pacers and that’d be a colossal underachievement.

  18. I think we’ve all been there at one time or another and it is such a great, great feeling when you “finish.” (LeBron, are you paying attention…?)

  19. I don’t know, Al. I mean the Lakers had that game wrapped up last night.

    Up seven with two to play and what happened? They melted down. Or the Thunder took it from them. Whichever you want to believe.

    I have to say this Thunder team is growing up before our very eyes. Whoever assembled this team did a fantastic job and Kevin Durant is slowly becoming the best player in the league. LeBron MVP, huh? That’s funny.

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