And down the stretch they come: Your NBA contest standings

And then there were eight:  Clippers, Lakers, Heat, Pacers, Spurs, Thunder, Celtics and Sixers.

Since the season is coming to a close, the time has come to look back on our pre-season picks, and either congratulate or ridicule those of us who knew what we were talking about, and those who didn’t have a clue.


Currently, in last place, we have J-Dub, with 2 points.  The kid can write, and he knows more about Jamie Moyer than anyone else in the room, but he cannot pick games to save himself.  It’s time to sell that crystal ball, boss, although I bet you look pretty damn good in one of those swami hats.  Despite being the only person in this year’s contest (surprisingly) to pick both the Oklahoma City Thunder to win it all and Kevin Durant as Finals MVP, he did so poorly in every other category (he only got one question right!), he cannot garner enough points to pass the current leader.  No soup for you, Dub!

A special shout-out to James from Dallas Sports Rant, Alex from Die Hard Sport and Chappy from Doin’ Work who all chose teams to win the NBA Finals, but a player from a different team to win Finals MVP.  Gentlemen, that generally does not happen.  In fact, it’s only happened once in league history, 43 years ago, when Jerry West won Finals MVP but the Celtics won the actual Finals, but you already knew that.  Ironically, Jamie can still win the contest if Dwayne Wade wins Finals MVP, despite having chosen the Knicks to win the Finals.  Perhaps he’ll trade in his SportsChump prize pack for funds to take care of his delirium.

Chris Ross of Painting the Black also had Wade and the Heat but only four points out of a possible 39.  That’s worse than Dwight Howard’s free-throw percentage.

Dan Cohn, the only family member to participate, fared fairly well, still has the Heat and LeBron for possible points, but currently stands one point behind me, who…. has also been eliminated because we stand well behind another person in the standings who also has LeBron and Miami.  We’ll get to that person later.

Ronbets and Sports Attitudes have also gone fishin’ for the summer.  They both have Heat and Wade but not enough points to surpass Jamie from Dallas Sports Rant.   Once again, I’ll have to revise next year’s contest if a guy who chooses the Knicks actually wins the darned thing, even if Phil Jackson does come out of retirement to coach them.  Oh, and Sports Attitudes can take comfort in the fact that he edged Ronbets out by virtue of the tiebreaker.

And Aero, a valiant effort, also still having LeBron and the Heat alive, but you’re behind someone else who does.  Now, on to those who are still in contention.


Leave it to Bleed Purple and Gold to choose Kobe and the Lakers to win it all.  I mean, who else would he choose?  If Los Angeles (not the Clippers) does come out victorious AND Kobe wins Finals MVP, this tourney and trash-talking rights, are all Bleed’s.

Another homer, clear on the other side of the basketball spectrum, did NOT choose his Boston Celtics to win a title this year, but instead chose the, wait for it, Los Angeles Clippers.  Snake can still win this thing if the Clippers win it all BUT Blake Griffin has to win Finals MVP.  If that happens, he’ll end up in a tie with another contestant about to be mentioned who also has the Clippers but has Chris Paul winning MVP.

Okay, let’s stop beating around the bush, shall we?  That contestant is Full Court Pest, proud founder of No Drama Hoops.  He currently leads all of us with 23 points.  Not bad, sir.  But you’re done if the Clippers don’t win, or if the Heat or Lakers do.  I’d start watching Billy Crystal movies now for good luck.

As I mentioned earlier, Jamie from Dallas Sports Rant can win only if Dwayne Wade wins Finals MVP due to his outstanding early prognosticative ability.

That leaves us with one contestant, ladies and gentlemen, who might just reign supreme once it’s all said and done.  Aside from my immediate family, he is my most faithful reader.  You know him as Tophatal.  He is currently in second place with 20 points and has LeBron and Miami in the final two, untallied categories.  Don’t take a bow yet, sir, Bosh is hurt and there’s plenty of basketball left to be played, BUT if Miami wins it all, which I predicted they will, LeBron’s going to have to step it up a notch.  If that happens, a fabulous SportsChump prize pack, along with the pride of knowing you’ve bested us all in hoops knowledge, is deservedly yours.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

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34 Replies to “And down the stretch they come: Your NBA contest standings”

  1. Here are the current standings:

    Full Court Pest 23
    Tophatal 20
    Jamie DSR 20
    Aer 16
    Snake 16
    SportsChump 10
    Bleed 9
    Ronbets 9
    S.A. 9
    Dan Cohn 9
    Chappy 5
    Alex @DHS 5
    Chris Ross 4
    J-Dub 2

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  3. Alas, the story of my life. He gave a valiant effort, but……
    Good luck to everyone still in it and thanks to the good reverend for most of my basketball knowledge.

  4. Speaking of hoops knowledge, chime in, people.

    Some of us are having an interesting debate over at No Drama Hoops where many think LeBron is clearly better than Durant.

    Here are playoff numbers to date for the two of them. Feel free to discuss:

    Playoff stats so far:
    James 28.4 ppg; Durant 25.5 ppg
    James 47.1 FG%; Durant 48.1 FG%
    James 25.9 3FG%; Durant 34.3 3FG%
    James 77.5 FT%; Durant 82.2 FT%
    James 7.9 RPG; Durant 7.5 RPG
    James 5.4 APG; Durant 4.0 APG

  5. Here’s my prediction for the NBA Finals. Celtics-Thunder. A further prediction. If the Celtics win it all and his play stays what its been so far, KG (that punk bitch) will be Finals MVP.

  6. Still kicking but sure would have been nice to be heading back to LA with a 1-1 as opposed to 0-2.

    So much for the Kloser.
    The Mamba bit himself last night with that inbounds to KD’s outstretched mitt.

    Stole defeat from the jaws of victory in 2 minutes flat.

    Tall task for the old guys to win backs to backs, even in the friendly confines of Staples but I gotta believe they can and will.

    I recall the Sox digging out of an 0-3 hole against the Yanks a few years back, so the fishing pole stays in the garage for now.

    It ain’t over till Charles Barkley sings.

  7. Chris

    As things now stand the Heat may well be on the way out with that utterly inept display last night . As the Denzel Washington character “Frank Lucas” says in the movie ‘ American Gangster ‘ ….. ” .put a choke hold on it ” !

    Don’t hate the player …. hate the game .
    And One-Basketball doesn’t work in the NBA , especially in the postseason . And that’s for all the idiots who jumped on the Clip-joint bandwagon as they’re now getting their a_ses kicked all over the court by the Spurs . ‘nough said ! .

    Off topic briefly but what the hell is Goodell doing ? Right to the point all four suspended Saints’ players we know have right of appeal regarding the suspensions in question . But here’s the mess as it now stands this hearing /appeal will be heard by an arbitrator …. in this case it’s none other than Shyam Das the same arbitrator who heard the Ryan Braun case . And we all know how that turned out don’t we ? Das has since been fired by the league hierarchy in his position there as he was also a paid adviser to MLB . What would possess the NFL hierarchy to ask him to be an a case such as this after his recent dismissal ? Any thoughts on the issue ?

    How messed up is this potential case involving Torii Hunter’s son and the allegation of sexual battery , assault and rape ? Apparently one of the victims has now recanted her story . Whoa !

    tophatal …….

  8. Going to do a prospective piece on Rizzo and Johnson wanting to shutdown Stephen Strasburg even if the Nationals are in contention at the height of the regular season . They have categorically stated that rather than risk the player being injured they would rather curtail his innings pitched . (The player had Tommy-John surgery in 2010 ) What thoughts if any do you have ? And do you believe that the GM (Mike Rizzo) and manager (Davey Johnson) make a valid point concerning the pitcher ?

    tophatal ……..

  9. Bleed…

    Lost in the fact that the Lakers are 0-2, particularly after last night, is that the Heat, that’s right, that team with Wade and LeBron, scheduled to win not five, not sixx, not seven titles are down 1-2 to the Pacers.

    Most expected the Thunder to beat L.A. In fact, after the Game One Loss, the Lakers were 6 to 1 dogs.

    I don’t expect them to roll over but um… you might wanna start winning ballgames.

  10. Al…

    Even though I bet on the Heat, I do love the fact that the Pacers are not taking any shit off them whatsoever. They are NOT intimidated. On the flipside, it looks like the Heat are.

    I’m not sure what the answer is to turning things around, but they better figure it out quickly before their season ends.

  11. Re: Strasburg, Al, I’m sure the Nats have their reasons.

    I’m sure the kid’s been poked and prodded and they’ve determined what’s safest for his long-term availability.

    After all, what’s worse? That they curtail his innings or that they throw him too much and he blows out his arm again?

    Wins just aren’t that important.

  12. SA…

    Al’s right.

    Besides, Dub’s way too busy spending time counting Jamie Moyer’s wins.

    He’s becoming dangerously obsessed with the guy like Silence of the Lambs.

    It puts the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again.

    If Jamie Moyer ends up missing, we all know who did it.

  13. Stras’ is a free agent in 2013 I believe and Scott Boras is his agent as well as Bryce Harper’s . Need I say anymore on the matter ?

    That smell emanating now down on South Beach is LBJ’s shorts as he sent them home for his Mama to clean the fecal matter from it .
    D-Wade can count on the actress Gabrielle Union to do that for him like everything else .

  14. Al…

    Strasburg leaving DC was a concern for Nats fans as soon as he came into the league. I’ll be over to check out your take on him soon.

    Despite being down 2-1, the Heat are still favorites to win that series according to Vegas so they’re not panicking like everyone else is.

    Remember, Al, all Miami has to do is win the next game and everything will be fine.

  15. Wait a minute, Al didn’t pick the Spurs to win it all!?! Thanks J-Dub for taking over last place for me I was tired of that title in all these contests…

  16. I find the comments regarding Dubs’ diligent, detailed reporting on Moyer distasteful…yet potentially highly accurate as well. If Moyer was still in Philly I could keep better tabs on him. Now, I’m flying blind like the rest of us…except for Dubs of course.

  17. SA…

    I’m gonna get Dubs a Jamie Moyer rookie card for his birthday.

    I figure I can pick one up on eBay for about a nickel, but to Dubs, it’d be worth so much more.

  18. Wait…..

    So you’re saying I SHOULDN’T have put money on the Knicks to win it all when I was in Vegas this weekend??


  19. Snake and his Clippers, as well as Bleed and his Lakers, have both been officially eliminated.

    Pest is still in the lead but cannot collect any more points.

  20. Ladies and gentlemen, here are your final NBA contest standings in reverse order. Thanks as always for participating.

    J-Dub 2 pts (Nice work, dude! Way to pick up the rear)
    Alex @ DHS 5 pts
    Bleed 9 pts
    Chris Ross 11 pts
    Chappy 12 pt
    Snake 16 pts
    Ronbets 16 pts
    SA 16 pts
    Jamie DSR 20 pts
    Full Court Pest 23 pts
    Dan Cohn 25 pt
    SportsChump 26 pts (Congrats to me for finishing in 3rd)
    Aero 32 pts

    and our winner and basketball guru extraordinaire…

    Tophatal with 36 points, nailing 7 out of 10 questions correct. SportsChump prize pack out your way soon.

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