SNL spoofs Stephen A. Smith (video)

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  If that’s the case, I guess Stephen A. Smith has finally made the big time.

Once upon a time, Stephen A. would say something insightful on his old radio or talk show.  These days, however, he’s been reduced to out-shouting Skip Bayless on ESPN’s First Take.  The sportswriter-turned-television-analyst has essentially become a parody of himself.

Well now, Saturday Night Live has done a parody of him… and you’re guaranteed to have a hearty chuckle.

Last Saturday, on Weekend Update, SNL’s own Jay Pharoah put on his best Stephen A., probably doing a better Stephen A. then Stephen A. himself.  And nary a mention of Tim Tebow.


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36 Replies to “SNL spoofs Stephen A. Smith (video)”

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  2. Stephen A Smith , a self absorbed prick whose IQ is limitless in the fact that he makes the Rev Al Sharpton seem like a god-damn genius . I hear here that he and renowned plagiarist Jayson Blair will be getting together to write a self help book on the art of being a professional journalist … or not .

    At long last Magic COO Alec Martins does something right . He fires gundy/ Van Gundy’s dumb a_s and tells GM Otis Smith his services are no longer required . Unfortunately , that destination isn’t one of the most desirable in terms of it being deemed a great coaching opportunity for any ambitious or aspiring NBA coach. That team in its present guise sucks ! . And even if Howard is retained they still won’t be good enough to win an NBA title . The organization hasn’t had a great general manager since John Gabriel was running things and that is a fact . John Weisbrod was a joke ……….. and as for Smith , he couldn’t spot talent much less spell the damn word ! At some time the apathetic Magic fans will soon realize that what they have had within their midst has been one monumental friggin’ dud ! And to think that the city of Orlando spent in excess of $475 million to build the Amway Center which for all sense and purpose is now much better being used an arena for concerts rather than staging a regular season NBA game with the Orlando Magic being center-stage . Mayor Buddy Dyer has been one big joke in forcing that arena down the citizens’ throats .

    Calling It Like I See It …

    tophatal ……….

  3. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t see this as the ultimate form of flattery, but rather the ultimate form of distain? I for the life of me can’t understand why ESPN “re-upped” with this guy. I guess Skip Bayless requested someone else to share being an ass with. It’s a great imitation. The problem is it isn’t over the top at all. It’s how he really is.

  4. Al…

    I can’t watch Stephen A. these days any more either… but Pharoah’s impression was pretty damn good.

    Alex Martins, huh? He’s just the fall guy for the Magic brass, none of whom know how to make any damn decent, basketball decisions. They’re not basketball guys. They’re rich guys. Can we get some worthy basketball minds inside that organization before we end up in the same boat we’ve been in the past?

  5. SA…

    Good point.

    I’d be interested in checking out First Take’s ratings as opposed to the other shows in its lineup.

    That’s literally the only show on that network that I WON’T watch.

  6. Ironic, because Stephen A. Smith is the ultimate spoof of the angry black man. I never thought the dude knew anything about anything. When he’s on, I’ve never been faster reaching for the mute button.
    It was a very good night yesterday with the Celtics putting on a clinic for the 76ers and the Fakers getting trounced by the Thunder. Maybe I’ll win the PowerBall tomorrow night.

  7. Snake…

    I know this pains you not but, this off-season, it’s gotta be time for the Lakers to go back to the drawing board.

    We already know Stern shafted them on the Chris Paul deal this summer so they might want to consider wining and dining him before making any major moves.

  8. I’d wine him and dine him with rat poison. The Reichsführer is #1 on my hit list.

  9. C’Mon, Snake.

    You know we tribe members have to stick together.

    Besides, you should have renewed love for Stern for the mere fact that he vetoed that Chris Paul to the Lakers move.

    Remember, the grass is always greener on the other side, man. The sport is doing just fine right now under his watch. Who’s to say what will happen when his understudy finally takes over.

  10. I don’t have any ratings for their other shows to compare it to…maybe it’s their top draw these days for all I know…but the most recent rating for ESPN’s “First Take” I saw was a 0.3%. That’s exactly as it sounds…3/10ths of one percent of all US Households.

  11. Dwin…

    I’m in first place in my fantasy NASCAR league and will have a post coming up about it soon.

    Stay tuned. You’ll be sure to like it. I know I do.


    Honorary Lug-Nut

  12. Well, SA, I don’t watch it anymore and I don’t know of too many people that do.

    It’s neither entertaining or educational, just downright irritating.

  13. You have to remember how the team owner Rich DeVos started off his business career and went on to make billions. Soap and cleaning products . All of the detergent in world along with the cosmetics won’t take away that rancid smell of s_@t now emanating from the Amway Center .

    The Magic are a joke and that white elephant now known as the Amway Center that Buddy Dyer felt would be a major lure and tourist attraction for downtown Orlando would now be better off used for staging rap or rock concerts . He used $500 plus million of the public’s money and the Paramore district of Orlando is still a rat-infested and drug infested dump that’s within earshot of the venue . Gentrification by any means necessary with the dear ol’ Buddy Dyer …… that friggin’ hypocrite !

    Check this piece out as and when you’re ready and let me know what you think ?

    Calling It Like I See It … !

  14. Al….

    After watching the first part of Dan LeBatard this afternoon, I heard them raise an interesting point.

    In getting rid of Stan Van, the Magic got rid of the only person in that organization that would tell Dwight the things he didn’t want to hear.

  15. Chris

    Let’s put it this way …….. Howard marches to the beat of his own drum . The fact that he’s only the one who happens to listening may well tell you all you need to know about the guy .

    Here’s my take at present you have two damn ingrates who happen to be unhappy with their respective teams . Bynum and Howard ……. so why not make a trade , one for the other ? Salary wise the difference isn’t that great . The Lakers get a player they believe can give them an added appeal and reprieve and the Magic get Bynum , who if anything will provide them with some real offense .

    It’s good that the Rays are now picking up the tempo …….. as too is Pena !

    tophatal …………..

  16. I’d like to show my appreciation to Dwight Howard for doing what many may well have believed couldn’t be done . And that is within the past 24 hours …. is to send the Magic organization into a tailspin !

    Now comes word that revered former Jazz coach Jerry Sloan is interested in the vacant coaching positions with the Bobcats and Magic . I know there’s a law that can have someone committed for up 72 hours while they undergo psychological testing . Can someone “Baker enact ” Sloan for his own safety as he’s become an imminent danger to himself .

    Jerry Sloan should know and he deserves better . The Bobcats and Magic ? That’s no choice , it’s professional suicide ! . What his grand kids don’t need coaching in the nuances of the game of basketball ? But he’d rather go back to the pros and coach either the Bobcats or Magic ? God , his time in an enforced retirement must really be boring at the moment !

    tophatal ………….

  17. Old people move to Florida, Al. That’s what they do.

    While at first I might be opposed to Jerry Sloan coming to Orlando, think about it. Wouldn’t he instill the kind of discipline this franchise needs?

    Besides, who would your rather have? Sloan or Brian Shaw, or worse yet… Patrick Ewing!

  18. Chris

    To paraphrase Iverson ………” Discipline” …. we’re talking discipline </i< …… not playin’ ball but discipline. An act of desperation by Alex Martins and executives of the Magic if they think that by making Shaq their next GM things overnight becomes better . That’s sheer idiocy !

    First and foremost interview Patrick Ewing to gauge his interest in the vacant coaching position rather than looking to make the news .

    Dropping this major news story for you . Let me know what you think ?

    Courtesy of NY Daily News

    Yankees could be up for sale soon, as rumors swirl in baseball and banking circles: sources
    Hal Steinbrenner could put Yankees up for sale in wake of LA Dodgers’ $2 billion price tag

    Manhattan without the Empire State Building? New York without the Statue of Liberty? Brooklyn without the Bridge?

    The Yankees without the Steinbrenners?

    Rumors are flying in Major League Baseball and New York banking circles that the family that has owned Major League Baseball’s premiere franchise since Cleveland shipbuilder George Steinbrenner purchased the club for $8.8 million in 1973 is exploring the possibility of selling the Yankees.


    Multiple baseball and finance sources told the Daily News they are hearing that the team the Steinbrenner family has led to seven World Series titles could be put on the block in the wake of the record sale price of $2.175 billion the Los Angeles Dodgers went for in April.

    “There has been chatter all around the banking and financial industries in the city for a couple of weeks now,” one high-level baseball source told The News.


    Yankee president Randy Levine adamantly denied the rumors: “I can say to you there is absolutely, positively nothing to this. The Steinbrenners are not selling the team.” And managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner, George’s younger son, weighed in with his own denial Thursday morning, saying in a statement: “I just read the Daily News story. It is complete fiction. Me and my family have no intention to sell the Yankees and expect it to be in the family for years to come.”

    However, according to the sources, who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the situation, the recent sale of the Dodgers to a group that includes NBA legend Magic Johnson is just one reason why the Steinbrenner family may be looking to sell the team, which experts estimate could be worth up to a stunning $3 billion.

    Click on link to read in full.

    The Yankees without the Steinbrenners would be seismic within the game . If the Dodgers sold for $2.15 billion then the Yankees have to be worth upwards of at least $3-4 billion , if not more .

    tophatal ……..

  19. Al…

    I don’t know that I’d want Ewing as the head coach of the Magic. Look, the guy’s worked with Dwight for how many years now and we saw no improvement in his game but give him ONE off-season with Hakeem and he comes back a different player? I say give the damn job to Hakeem then.

    Or if you can get Sloan on the cheap, do that instead. At least you have someone established, a basketball mind and a disciplinarian that can right this ship. Throwing it to someone has no experience, in my mind, is way more of a gamble.

    And Yanks for sale, huh? Something like that would NEVER happen if big George were still around. Perhaps the family’s trying to get what they can for it before they run it into the ground.

  20. Chris

    We know Dwight listens to no one so you can’t apportion blame upon the shoulders of Ewing . It’s plain and simple the Magic as an organization were simply overrated unambitious and had no one with the basketball intellect to build a team from the ground up . It’s doesn’t take rocket science to realize that fact ! And that’s the idiocy of it all , with those buying into the bull_hit concerning the team and specifically Dwight Howard . As good as he’s been he’s simply proving that he’s an immature as_hole !

    Lupica the columnist has said that the Steinbrenners should take the money and run. I can’t see that happening at this juncture unless someone came out of the woodworks and made them unbelievable offer in excess of $4-$5 billion . The Yankees’ intrinsic value is worth more ” than that piece of crap “ called Facebook that Morgan Stanley ( as part of the IPO [initial public offering]) foisted upon the public as a worthwhile investment . The value has depreciate 35% since the event wiping some $38 billion of the value of the company and the share price is still sliding downwards. Great of the bank however to with-hold info concerning earnings’ projection and only passing that on to their high net worth customers private and corporate .

    The Celtics aren’t making life any easier for themselves are they ? The Sixers have them on the ropes , somewhat reminiscent of a boxer pounding on an opponent who on appearance has nothing left . Game 7 should prove to be really interesting .

    So Chris you tell me what you think Goodell is now trying to prove ? I mean he’s now 8 separate lawsuits in one form or another that has been filed against the NFL . Could it actually get any worse for the league ? Just asking that’s all ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!


  21. So, Al, in your mind, what’s the best offer out there for Dwight? I kind of liked the Deng-Noah straight up.

    Considering what Daddy Steinbrenner paid for the Yankees in the first place, I’d consider it all profit if/when his little ungratefuls sell.

    I think the Celtics will be fine in their Game Seven but that’s one more game of wear and tear they’ll have under their belt before facing a hot Miami team.

  22. Al…

    It’s probably a good thing Shaq didn’t take that GM gig but then again, at this point, there’s really only one way for that team to go.

    He probably couldn’t do much worse than Otis when it comes to scouting talent.

  23. I dunno, Sport.

    I used to listen to his radio show quite a bit. I even liked his old television show “Quite Frankly.”

    It just seems these days, on First Take, that all he does is shout and I can’t find the mute button quickly enough.

  24. He’s just a smug, self aborbed little jackass who doesn’t realize he’s a fool and a laughingstock.

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