College Football National Championship Pick Em Contest

Suddenly, I’ve found myself in a generous mood.  Consider it Christmas in July.  Since I can’t buy all my readers a drink at my local watering hole, which would certainly dent my wallet knowing some of you, I thought I’d offer up another contest.

This one is simple, and better yet, it’ll get you even more excited for the college football season than you already are.

We have just under two months until the first oblong object is officially kicked off, marking the beginning of another glorious college football season, and more significantly, the end of the BCS as we know it.  In case you’ve been living under a rock, the powers-that-be have decided to institute a four-team playoff beginning in 2014.  Whether that moves us one step closer to determining a true national champion or muddles things even further remains to be seen.

Regardless of where you stand on the BCS, the task that lay in front of you is simple.  Choose this year’s national champion and win a free t-shirt.

Here’s the catch… you gotta get your pick in quick.

Only one team per contestant!!!  Once one reader chooses a team, that team becomes ineligible for anyone else to selectSorry but I’ve chosen this process to reward my regular readers.  In fact, you may want to list a second and third choice below, just in case I run behind in approving comments.  Please check back to ensure your vote has been properly tallied.  Furthermore, since most of you are Gator homers, I am taking them off the board by selecting them myself.  It’s not like they’re going to win it anyway so consider this me doing you a favor.

There are no pre-season rankings out yet so you guys are essentially flying blind.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby invite you to join this year’s College Football National Champion Pick ‘Em Contest.  Just place your name and the school of your choice in the comments section below and um… best of luck.

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54 Replies to “College Football National Championship Pick Em Contest”

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  2. because you all selected my preferred picks…sneaky, quick bast…s Said withthe utmost affection.

  3. Hey! I’ve got my quivering lip going… My fav was taken by someone else… I protest! So now I’ve got to go with someone my heart doesn’t believe in. Is this fair? Well here goes…

    Oklahoma State Cowboys! They got screwed last year by the BcS…

  4. DAMN! Now I see the Cowboys are already taken… Sorry Chris… I’m out…

  5. Seems you could have some sort of tie breaker on this Chris… It’s sacriledge for Gene to have to take UGA or me to take anyone other than the Trojans…

  6. Well, someone already picked my USC Trojans and I will gladly let him have the shirt WHEN they take the national championship! Fight On!

  7. So I’ve now got to give an opinion for a team capable of winning the Bowl Crapshoot System (BCS) .

    Oh SEC …….. how do I love thee ? Let me count the ways … I’ll raise an Alabama but go with LSU but then again , no ! . Can’t see the Gators doing it this year , so it’ll have to be next year . Ah well , dear ol’ Nick Saban and the Tide ……. it’s got to be them and the coach taking his 3rd title in eight years .

    At home watching the Rays against the Yankees . This three-game series should tell us a great deal about the apparent direction many of us believe Maddon’s boys are going in .

    So the Rays won’t resign BJ Upton at the end of this season as is now being rumored . Once again it all comes down to money with the Rays and the possibility of losing a talented player who if anything just happens to be a better five tool player than Longo and he’s (Upton) who’s not as injury prone .

    Let’s Play Ball , Batter Up

  8. Chris

    We’re not one step closer to deciding anything within College Football , That’s like trying to pick the lesser of two evils between Obama and Romney . And it’s not in the details at all because it will always be about the money . The championship game itself is open to highest bidder for them to have the privilege of hosting that game . Really ……. what a bunch of bulls#it !

    tophatal …………..

  9. I’m going to have to think about this and come back, especially considering some of the teams that are already off the board… how long do I have?

  10. Good to see that CDR over at Blog Surface understood the rules, meaning pick a team that has not yet been selected, which several of you (names shall be excluded) have failed to do.

    Just pick one. It’s okay. There’s plenty still out there. Interesting how no ACC or Big East teams were taken, but then again, why would we?

    But really? No Florida State anyone? No Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Michigan State, or West Virginia? No Clemson?

    Feel free to take a stab. It can’t hurt, right? I mean, I’d hate for some school to come in, run the table or have one loss, yet make it to the national championship game and not have a single person in my pool pick them.

    Isn’t it about time, in this final year of our discontent, that voters sneak a non-SEC team into the championship game to win it considering the success (six straight) they’ve had in the past.

    Just to note: Dwin, Elizabeth, Al and KP, your picks are not official yet.

    Otherwise, this is who we got…

    SportsChump – Florida
    Zbignu – LSU
    Heavy D – USC
    SpeedBeagle – Alabama
    Phil Fowler – South Carolina
    Yaz – Oregon
    Coach Reese – Michigan
    G Mony – Oklahoma State
    Hanahan – Georgia
    Daybreak – Ohio State
    Blog Surface – Texas

  11. Chris, I’ll take Oklahoma. The last 3 times the title game was in Miami OU was involved. I like my chances.

  12. Sieve is in with the Sooners.

    Nice win last night for the Rays, Al. They were swooning in June. But they generally play the Yanks well, so that was good to see.

    And I’m not overly worried about Team USA’s chances. Even without the likes of Bosh, Howard and Rose, we’re still pretty stout.

  13. SA is in with FSU.

    That makes 13 officially entered.

    Can anyone name the last time a school not ranked in the top 13 pre-season won a national championship?

  14. Crap, OU is gone… not really a whole lot left, so I suppose that I have to go with those Badgers from Wisconsin, yah.

    Translation: I won’t be winning a Chump shirt. But I may have BCS representation…

  15. The Rays for the moment seemed to have regained their “mojo” but for how long ?

    Could things get any worse USA Basketball Chairman Jerry Colangelo ? Players are either dropping like flies with a communicable disease or they’re simply backing off from competing in London for Olympic basketball tournament .

    An Ill Wind Blows In The Windy City ..

    Let’s Play Ball , Batter Up ..

    A Deal Is A Deal , Or Is It ?

    Hey Kids It’s Story Time

    tophatal ……

  16. Rays two-for-two, Al. Can’t complain about that, huh?

    Perhaps, they should schedule the pinstripes 162 games a year.

    And as usual, with work, I’m about 100 e-mails behind on my reading. I promise to get there.

    Happy 4th, brother.

  17. Chris

    If the Rays can sweep the series </a< over the Yankees then all the better . It puts them in a much better position in the divisional and wildcard standings .

    How clueless are the Mavs’ front office at present ? Every potential high-profiled agent that they were keenly interested in they’ve failed to sign . GM Donn Nelson and Mark Cuban have no credibility left whatsoever . They hitched their wagon to Deron Williams without any assurance that they were in with a chance to acquire the player .

    Now D-Wil has re-signed with the Nets for the max contract and it also paves the way for the anticipated Dwight Howard deal , which will probably be a multi-player , multi-team trade .

    Jason Terry looks as if he’ll be signing with the Celtics and Eric Gordon gets a big payday with the Suns . It’s madness I telly you !

    And Ray Allen is weighing up offers from a number of teams including the Heat and Celtics .

    NBA news

  18. Did the White Sox actually slam the Rangers 19-2 ? WTF !
    The Rangers’ Roy Oswalt should hang it up . He’s no longer has what it takes to be a starting pitcher in the big leagues .

    The Cubs are still looking bad and then some .

    So the Bucs’ Eric Wright gets busted for DUI and then refuses a sobriety test having fled the scene of an accident in which a victim was seriously injured . I thought Schiano said he only wanted ” character guys” on the team ?

  19. What’s happening with the Mavs ? Their play for D-Wil is best likened to Herman Cain’s run at getting the GOP Presidential nomination . Ill timed , ill conceieved and totally bereft of creativity and intelligence .

    Well Dwight’ll be on his way to Brooklyn . I wonder how Spike Lee feels about that ?

    All the hype over Jeremy Lin and it now looks as if the Knicks are about to let him go . He’s visited the Rockets and at least two other NBA franchises .

    Nash if he has any common sense will sign the offer from the Raptors rather than go to the Knicks .

    The Knicks front office is a mess and they have to deal with their cap issue ($57.75 million) as it relates to the team’s salary . They have over $51 million tied up in ‘melo , Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler . The NBA cap level is just under $60 million . For each $1-00 they’re over the cap ….. a tax of $1-50 has to be paid as a lien to the NBA hierarchy .

    Knicks’ team salary

    Individual player salaries Knicks
    Individual player salaries

    NBA team salaries

    You don’t think that hurts teams such as the Lakers , Knicks and Heat in one form or another ?

    NBA team owners and general managers are not the most fiscally prudent individuals at all .

    tophatal ………..

  20. Two-for-two, Al, with Price mowing them down in Game three. A win would knock the lead down to a manageable 4.5 games.

    And yeah, I have a feeling this is the beginning of the end for the Mavs as we know them. Hey, at least they got one ring out of the deal, but I can’t help but wonder if Dirk finishes up his career there.

  21. Interesting list, Al.

    The Rockets are the 7th highest valued franchise in the league? That surprises me. And Golden State 8th?

    No big surprise that the poor Bucks are last. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Oscar Robertson are not walking through that door any time soon.

    No wonder Yi JianLian didn’t want to play there.

    And a happy 4th to you too, sir.

  22. Last team not ranked in the top 13 to win a title. Again I’ll go with the 2000 Sooners. Shoot they weren’t even ranked on the top 20. Without looking it up I don’t think anyone else has done it.

  23. That’s not a bad pick, Mac, unless you consider the fact that they just fired their head coach for wrecking his motorcycle and covering up the fact that he was banging an intern.

    Either way, you got ’em.

    Here are the official picks so far, people. T-shirt on the line:

    SportsChump Florida
    Zbignu LSU
    Heavy D USC
    SpeedBeagle Alabama
    Phil Fowler South Carolina
    Yaz Oregon
    Coach Reese Michigan
    G Mony Oklahoma State
    Hanahan Georgia
    Daybreak Ohio State
    Blog Surface Texas
    Sieve Oklahoma
    SportsAttitudes FSU
    Snake Boise State
    KP Wisconsin
    Mac Arkansas

  24. My vote doesn’t count because I slept in, but you KNOW I’m going with my SC Trojans to bring it home.

    Off probation on on the prowl….For National Championships and Heismans.


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